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50 Beautiful A Line Bob Haircut Ideas

a line bob haircut

The A line bob haircut is making a comeback at the end of the 2010s. So get your Victoria Beckham on, ladies, because it’s time to stack that bob! We have put together a list of the best, most beautiful, and most creative A line bobs to help you find your inspiration. Just take a look below at all the goodies!

1. The Classic A Line Bob Haircut

Even though we have tons of cool and creative ideas to show you, let’s begin with a classic a line bob. It has a short back and longer front sides that descend into sharp angles toward your shoulders.

2. Long A Line Bob Haircut

This is a long and disconnected a line bob with beach waves and caramel highlights. It’s a great color for the fall and a perfect, simple look for the office or for school. It’s a traditional choice that you cannot go wrong with.

3. Blonde A Line Bob Haircut

More than just a blonde bob, this is a glossy blonde a line bob with jagged ends that has a very edgy and rock’n’roll vibe to it. You can start with a darker, caramel brown base that will play nicely off the shiny blonde.

4. Skinny A Line Bob Haircut

This type of bob is perfect for women with thin hair. The volume in the back will make it look like you have more hair than you do in real life, creating an optical illusion that you have always wanted.

5. Layered A Line Bob Haircut

Contrary to popular belief, not all a line bobs are layered. But this gorgeous example is. It’s a platinum blonde haircut with plenty of layers to go around as well as choppy ends that make it look stylish and bold.

6. Vanilla A Line Bob Haircut

Speaking of platinum, extreme blondes have been this year’s star color. With that idea in mind, you can also try this vanilla blonde, named thusly after the ice cream. It’s a creamy and delicious color that will highlight your skin tone.

7. Ombre A Line Bob Haircut

Ombre was a major trend around the middle of the 2010s, but women all around the world are still wearing it. Therefore, you can go for it as well if you’re feeling a little nostalgic for 2015 and its fashion choices.

8. Asymmetrical A Line Bob Haircut

You can create asymmetry only on one side if you part your hair on the left or the right. On the other hand, if you want the classic type of a line bob, you can part your hair down the middle.

9. Braided A Line Bob Haircut

Pull up the top part of your bob and braid it in a loose fishtail or French braid. It’s a very easy way to update your everyday look and make it seem as if you have your own, personal stylist.

10. A Line Bob Haircut with Braided Bangs

Braided bangs have been a huge trend this year. We’ve seen them cropping up everywhere on Instagram and Pinterest as the world seemed to fall back in love with the forgotten art of braiding your bangs.

11. Combining trends

Speaking of trends, here’s what it looks like when you combine several of them at once. This hairdo has braided bangs, a blonde and mahogany ombre, a beehive on top, and an a line bob. Too much?

12. A Line Bob Haircut for Wedding

If you’re already sporting an a line bob and wondering how you could style it on your big day, we’ve got the answer. Try braiding your bangs and then add a delicate and superb white lace band.

13. Double Thin Braids

Side braids are also called warrior braids and usually come in pairs of two or three. They are parallel and only adorn one side of your head. If you get them on both sides or the top of your head as well, then you cross into cornrow realm.

14. Beautiful A Line Bob Haircut

Here’s a combination of hairdo and makeup that is definitely worthy of as many Instagram selfies as you can take in a day. It’s a subtle yet outstanding brown ombre that is a little out of style now, but that you can still rock just because it looks this good.

15. Choppy A Line Bob Haircut

Chokers may not be what they were last year, but platinum blonde surely is the star of the season. This has been the year of extreme blondes. The best argument? All the red carpets have been teeming with platinum blondes.

16. Ash Blonde A Line Bob Haircut

Ash blonde was a hit in the 2000s, but it’s making a comeback now that we’re living in the year of extreme blondes. This shade actually means platinum or white blonde with a little bit of gray mixed into it.

17. The Victoria Beckham

The most famous celebrity promoter of the a line bob is Victoria Beckham. She wore this haircut so much years ago that now, whenever someone wears it, they are instantly referred to Posh Spice.

18. Soft Platinum A Line Bob Haircut

There’s platinum, and then there’s soft platinum. This delicate yet noticeable difference could mean the world to you depending on your skin tone and the color of your eyes, so think carefully before you color your hair.

19. Teased Up A Line Bob Haircut

Teasing up your haircut is also a thing of the 2000s. Maybe you remember your mom or an older sister doing it? Or, perhaps you might have done it yourself if you were old enough for this haircut during the early 2000s.

20. Angled A Line Bob Haircut

This is a deeply angled a line bob. In other words, you can see that the back is extremely short, almost reaching the lengths of a pixie cut, while the strands in the front go all the way to her collarbones.

21. The Inverted Bob

Another spectacularly angled haircut is this inverted bob that has even longer strands in the front. The great thing here is that you can see two ways in which you can wear it. Straight and glossy or wavy.

22. Shaggy A Line Bob Haircut

If you’re not into a neat and elegant appearance, you can always go for the shaggy look. All you have to do is take a little hair wax in the palm of your hands and then mess your hairdo in a creative and inspired way.

23. Grombre A Line Bob Haircut

Grombre is a relatively new term invented to describe the gray ombre. You can see it displayed here alongside a magnificent, long angled bob. We absolutely love the layers of this haircut that make it look so rich and volumized.

24. Rose Gold A Line Bob Haircut

Do you remember when rose gold was the ‘it’ color? We surely do. It happened a few seasons ago, and it absolutely took over the entire fashion world. It has now been replaced by copper, brass, and non-traditional colors.

25. Blue A Line Bob Haircut

Speaking of which, here’s a wonderful example of the non-traditional hair colors we mentioned above. This is neon aqua blue with dark roots. But keep scrolling because we have more of these non-natural colors for you.

26. Wine A Line Bob Haircut

Purple is one of the most beautiful colors you can choose for your hair. Plus, it has an entire plethora of shades that make sure you will never get bored of it. This, for instance, is wine, a rich and scrumptious shade.

27. Grape A Line Bob Haircut

Another purple shade you can try, and that is, in fact, closely related to wine, is grape. Both work very well in the cold seasons, especially during winter. They simply shine in an environment covered in snow.

28. Seafoam A Line Bob Haircut

However, if you are edgy enough and want to take it even further, why not try seafoam? This color belongs to the blue and green families. It is, in fact, a watered-down version of turquoise or aqua blue.

29. Gray and Green A Line Bob Haircut

This is not a combination that you can see very often, but when you do, you realize it’s definitely worth it to try it on your own. This is an angled bob that has different shades of gray as well as some acid green on the bottom.

30. Purple and Blue

Another combination of colors that always goes well together is purple and blue. They look classy and elegant as if they were always meant to be put together. We’re also huge fans of the outturned ends.

31. Sour Cherry A Line Bob Haircut

Do you want to be a redhead but not the traditional type? Then sour cherry is the shade for you. It’s dark and velvety, giving you that exact screen queen look you’ve been searching for for so long.

32. Gray Brown A Line Bob Haircut

Gray-brown is one of the most fascinating colors out there. The fascinating mixture between the two captivates the eye. Plus, it allows for a huge collection of makeup to be used with it, unlike most hair colors.

33. Peach A Line Bob Haircut

Peach was a major trend a few seasons back when everyone was in love with it. This light pastel is actually a combination of tangerine and pink, in case you want to try and color your hair at home.

34. Rosewood A Line Bob Haircut

Here’s another shade of red you can try in case you don’t want to go for the classic colors. This is rosewood red, a dark shade that goes well with smoky eyes and plum lipstick. Now you can finally wear that plum lipstick!

35. A Line Bob Haircut with a Weave

In case you don’t want to try this haircut on your own hair, you can always get a weave. In this way, you will protect your mane and will be able to get any kind of haircut you want without the risk of damage.

36. Feathery A Line Bob Haircut

How beautiful is this color combination? The blue and purple simply melt into each other into this one of a kind ombre that will have all heads turning wherever you go. Plus, the haircut is a feathery angled bob.

37. Sunflower Yellow A Line Bob Haircut

Sunflower yellow had a moment this year. It beat out other shades of yellow as we saw more and more of it on Instagram and Pinterest. Ladies everywhere took to this sunny shade of blonde.

38. Hot Pink A Line Bob Haircut

Still, nothing can take down pink as a favorite of girls around the world. Pink and red will always be the color of femininity and wearing them in your hair will only reassert your feminine power.

39. A Line Bob Haircut with Bangs

This is a very strong look, so you should check with your hairstylist to see if you have the right facial type to pull it off. The angled bob is already a powerful move hair-wise. Pairing with bangs only makes it edgier.

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40. Honey Blonde A Line Bob Haircut

If you don’t want to try your hand at any of the non-traditional colors, there’s nothing wrong with going for an all-time classic. This is honey blonde, a color that looks good on absolutely everyone.

41. Purple Highlights

Did you think that highlights only came in blonde or light colors? Think again. These are purple highlights in different shades of this color that can give new life to your brown or brunette hair without you having to color all your hair.

42. Orchid A Line Bob Haircut

Orchid is a vivid shade of pink that borrows its name from the eponymous exotic flower. And we can guarantee that’s exactly how you will feel once you start wearing it. Like an exotic and beautiful flower.

43. Mahogany A Line Bob Haircut

Mahogany was the color of the season a few years ago. Everyone started wearing it on all walks of life from the superstars of the red carpets to soccer moms, teachers, and accountants. That’s how big it was.

44. Short Ombre Bob

You don’t need long hair to get an ombre. If done correctly and professionally, it can look just as good on a short bob as it does if you were Rapunzel. Choose your favorite colors and go for it.

45. Hazelnut A Line Bob Haircut

If you want to color your hair but have it look as natural as possible at the same time, we can suggest hazelnut. It’s a shade of brown that looks as if you were born with it but has a little more shine and glamour to it.

46. Creamy Blonde A Line Bob Haircut

What’s the difference between simple platinum blonde and creamy blonde? Glossing agent. Lots and lots of it. Try some leave-in conditioner or hair cream based on argan or olive oil.

47. Chocolate Bob with Layers

This natural-looking brown is actually the color we call chocolate. It has a series of muted caramel highlights running through it to make it more interesting and attract some light to it.

48. A Line Bob Haircut with Beach Waves

There’s a very simple way to get beach waves. Braid your hair while it’s still wet after you take a shower and sleep on it. Cover it with a silk scarf so that you don’t damage it while you toss and turn in your sleep.

49. Long Brown A Line Bob Haircut

The long, angled bob is a bold look that not every woman dares to wear anymore. If you do, we suggest you get some layers in too, to add a bit of airiness and make the haircut seem lighter.

50. Extreme A Line Bob Haircut

The last bob on our list was saved especially for all the brave ladies out there who want a drastic change to their looks and are not afraid to go for it. Don’t forget that such a change can empower you to do great things.


The A line bob haircut was introduced as a way to bring more volume to depuffed hairstyles and make it look as if you have a lot of hair in the back. Now, it’s a surprisingly versatile haircut that ladies cannot get enough of. What do you think about it? Let us know down below!


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