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50 Creative Ombre Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2022

moroccan Blues and Greens ombre hair

Since it became popular back in 2010, the ombre hair color trend has inspired millions to change and play with their look.

Ombre comes from a French term that literary means ‘shade’ or ‘shadow.’ The idea behind it is that this is exactly what it does to your hair. You pick one or multiple colors and let them fade or blend into one another.

Still a bit unclear? Then slide down for our picks that range from traditional to uncanny colors, ombre hair ideas that you can rock for a fresh look!

1. Orange Ombre Hair Color

This lovely shade goes from a natural dark brown color to a fiery red, to a glowing orange at the tips. It’s also the type of color combo that works best if you have pale skin, as the tones might clash otherwise.

2. Cherry Cola to Yellow Ombre Hair Color

Let’s stay for a moment longer in the same color palette and admire this truly fabulous ombre job. It’s a perfect blend that goes from dark cherry cola to blood red-orange to orange to barely visible yellow. Wowza!

3. Electric Indigo Hair

Given what we’ve seen so far, this electric indigo actually looks demure!

It’s a very classy combination between a dark and cold indigo purple on top and a faded icy blue on the bottom. If you go for soft curls, the result will be even more spectacular.

4. Purple Ombre Hair Color

Since it’s been done to death ever since the trend has emerged, you might want to try a different approach to purple ombre hair.

This means a special combination and a different look. Try this natural hair plus purple combination for a change.

5. Black to Dark Grey Ombre Hair Color

Here is one color combination fit for an ice queen. Try some dark brunette on your roots that fades into steel gray in the middle and icy gray at the roots. Some lights beach waves will help give texture and depth to this lovely shade.

6. The Amber Heard

Actress Amber Heard is just one of the many celebrities who fell in love with the ombre hair trend.

She went for her natural blonde and added some pastels, in the form of pink and lavender. Evidently, she looks gorgeous with them!

7. Tones of Blue and Purple

Since blue and purple belong to the same base family, you can always use them both when going for ombre hair. Start and finish with shades of blue. You can use a darker color at the scalp level and a lighter one for your tips.

8. Punk Pastel Ombre Hair Color

In fact, to be completely accurate, this could be defined as Kawaii Grunge punk pastel ombre hair.

Kawaii is how one usually describes cuteness or loveliness in the Japanese culture and it has, of course, become a fashion and style trend. The nuances used here are lavender purple with some streaks of bubble gum pink.

9. Rose Red and Purple to Coral Hair

Here are a bunch of colors that might be a tad tricky to get if you’re not a professional. This is the reason we suggest you visit your salon if you’re in love with this particular look.

Also, take into account the fact that if you don’t get the coral, the rose red, or the purple just right, the shades might clash.

10. Dark Forest to Seam Foam Green Ombre Hair Color

If you have fair skin and love the color green, then this is definitely the ombre hair for you!

The richness of the moss green above combined with the refreshing sea foam at the bottom make this mane look endless and deep. Just like a forest!

11. Magenta to Peacock Green to Cobalt Blue Ombre

Remember that ombre hair doesn’t mean you have to pick two colors and stop there. Your hair can blend from one shade to the next endlessly, as long as they don’t clash and it’s all done in good taste.

12. Purple Lilac Shades

You can also choose one single color and then ask your stylist to melt that color into multiple of its variations.

This would be dark purple melted into lilac, burgundy, wine, lavender, and indigo. You get such a varied palette this way.

13. White to Pink Hair

Another subtrend you can go for is the reverse ombre.

This basically means that instead of going for a lighter shade at the bottom, you place it on top of your head. This is a perfect and mesmerizing example of an icy blonde with pink tips.

14. The Rihanna

Singer Rihanna is yet another major celebrity who has gone for this trend. But then again, what trend hasn’t she gone for, being such a cool girl? Here she is with cotton candy pink hair that lavishly melts into soft lavender.

15. Brown to Aqua Ombre Hair Color

A quite bold subtrend is to only dye the tips of your hair in an unconventional color. Here is a great example!

The combination is that of a natural honey brown color plus aqua tips, which will enrich your life and give you a little bit of an edge.

16. Vanilla and Strawberry Ice Cream

Don’t be afraid of unlikely color combinations. In other words, even if you’re going for the ombre trend, not all colors have to belong to the same family.

Here is a combo between a very light brown and soft pink. We think they work wonderfully well together.

17. Space Colors Hair

You can also try some cooky hair colors, if you’re feeling up to it. Comic book neon green and neon yellow are always a win, no matter what your natural hair color is.

18. Stone Gray to Neon Yellow to Peach Ombre Hair

This is the talk of the town when it comes to ombre hair! The color combination is simply outstanding, the gradation is remarkable, and the curls are just perfect!

And who would have thought that mixing grey and peach would have such a result?

19. Mermaid Hair

If mermaids went for ombre, this is what their hair would look like! Well, perhaps a bit more wet too. But still, this is what the color combo would be.

Some blonde, a bit of pink, definitely some sea blue in there, as well as some hints of coral and seafoam.

20. Moroccan Blues and Greens

If you don’t know what colors to use for your ombre, you can use almost anything as your inspiration.

For example, beautiful Morocco is a colorful experience that you can replicate in your hair. It’s full of blues and greens that can melt together in a stunning ombre.

21. Navy Blue to Grey Ombre Hair Color

Here is another example where the harder color is at the top. What we loved about this is that the separation line between the two shades, which actually have nothing to do with each other, is very clear.

22. Purple Ink to Ice Blonde Ombre

This head of hair looks like someone dipped their fountain pen in a glass of iced water and now all the ink is diffusing away. And we simply love it!

Hair can mean art when it’s done the right way and uses the appropriate colors.

23. Leaf Green to Rose Red Hair

Here is another example of what happens when hair meets art and creativity. This stylish do makes it look like you have a green garden or a meadow all the length of your hair, one which is full of lovely red roses.

24. Short Ombre Hair

If you thought that the ombre trend is for long hair alone, you were mistaken! With a little bit of help from a professional stylist, you can turn short hair into an ombre masterpiece as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Go pick the colors!

25. Mahogany Ombre Hair

Nothing says ombre like the dulcet tones of deep mahogany melting into chocolate browns.

It’s a very demure, classy, and elegant way to wear the ombre trend if, for example, you’re a businesswoman and have to respect a dress code.

26. Cinnamon to Blonde Hair

Here is another delicious combination that would be perfect for a long autumn or a seamlessly never-ending Indian summer.

The reason is that the colors in your hair would match the shades of the season outside, of course!

27. Copper to Blonde Ombre Hair

As options for the really fair-skinned girls out there go, here is another amazing one!

It’s an absolutely fantastic combination between copper and blonde that will highlight your pale skin. Don’t forget to use some makeup and contour those cheekbones.

28. The Ciara

We continue our list of ombre embracing celebrities with Ciara. The singer has been wearing ombre hair for years now and it’s a good thing too!

She looks absolutely stunning and she always pairs it with sultry smoky eyes and sexy outfits, giving it a bombshell spin.

29. Black to Blonde Ombre

Here are two shades from the opposite sides of the color spectrum. At first glance, one might not think they could go well together.

Still, with the help of a professional, you can pull it off, if this is the look that you have you heart set on.

30. Green to Neon Ombre

Take grunge hair to a whole new level with this color combination! It’s a swirl of green, turquoise, and purple at head level that ends in an acid yellow and green near the tips of the strands.

31. Floral Blue Green Hair

If your hair is long enough, you can also start adding some accessories to it. This will further the idea that your hair is a work of art.

Here is an example with white jasmine flowers strewn across a blue and green field of ombre hair.

32. Black to Neon Yellow Ombre Hair

It might seem that these two colors will clash. Still, if you manage to pull off just the right shades, you can truly call this a winner!

The dark brunette and the comic book neon yellow will bring each other out and mutually highlight their best features.

33. Icy Blue to Icy Blonde Ombre Hair

Another risky situation might be to go for two icy shades. ‘Might’ be. Not if you know how to do it and if you pair it off with the correct makeup and accessories.

34. White to Mint Green Ombre

Here’s a perfect look for that scorching weather in July and August. Be a breath of fresh air from head to toe with these two shades in your hair.

The white platinum blonde and minty green are a marvelous combo for anyone. You can, of course, wear them year-round too, of course.

35. The Jessie J

The Brit singer couldn’t keep away from the ombre hair trend for too long. She kept her signature haircut with long, heavy bangs and medium, straight hair and added some shocking pink to her tips.

36. Black to Tequila Sunrise Ombre Hair

After a dark night, you sometimes have a tequila sunrise. Especially on a summer holiday, right? This seems to have been the inspiration behind the color choice for this hair. Brunette roots followed by a melt of oranges.

37. Natural to Moss Green Ombre Hair

You know what they say. If you can’t see the forest for the trees, then dye your hair ombre!

This moss green shade might prove to be exactly what you need for the winter season. Just think how lovely it will look coming out of your winter cap.

38. Lilac to White Ombre

This is, probably, the most romantic ombre of all. It’s a soft combination of a pearly lilac tone that slowly descends into an icy blonde tone near the tips.

If you can get your makeup to match (in the same purple shades) you will look like a bohemian star.

39. Blue Grey to Golden Yellow Ombre Hair

Another crazy combo, but yet another win. We have a lovely steely blue-gray color at head level that descends into a metallic golden yellow down the back.

The undertones are demurrer, in an icy platinum. Show them off with a half up ballerina bun.

40. Bronde Ombre Hair

As the name suggests, bronde means a combination between blonde and brown. However, it cannot be just any kind of combination.

It has to be very natural, almost sun-kissed. Think something in the lines of ‘I woke up like this’ and you’ve got it.

41. Medium Length Ombre Hair

As mentioned before, ombre is not reserved solely for long hair. Any length will do. Here is an example of medium length hair ombre with Crayola blue with icy tips. Dark roots are optional for this look.

42. Miley Cyrus Ombre Hair

We don’t know if ombre was the start of Miley Cyrus’s big change into bad girl, but it sure helped her transition.

Here she is in an in-between stage. She still retained her good girl haircut and makeup but decided to add some blue to her hair.

43. The Drew Barrymore

There is little that Drew Barrymore might do that we don’t love. For example, we are obsessed with her entire look in this pic.

Her honey to blonde ombre hair, her dark champagne sparkly dress, her oversized earrings, we want it all!

44. Summer Ombre Hair

If you are looking for the perfect summer hair, look no further! Go for natural in the summer with just a few streaks of blonde in your locks. They will look like you spent a lot of time in the sun, all healthy and tanned.

45. Feathery Ombre Hair

This feathery ombre look works magically well with dark makeup. We suggest a dark matte plum lip, followed by a demure smoky eye with lots of mascara. Don’t forget to contour! Your cheekbones are very important here.

46. The Catwalk Ombre Hair

When looking for fashion and style inspiration, where better to get it from than right at the source? Turn to the catwalk for hair-spiration.

The biggest models in the world have the freshest faces and are adamant about the latest trends.

47. Candy Floss Ombre Hair

What do you think about the unicorn style? Or the fairy queen style? You can cross them both off your list if you go for this cotton candy miracle of a hair.

This is purple but you can literally use any color that goes through your hair. Pardon, head.

48. Black to Cherry Ombre

For the more serious of you out there, here is another version of the ombre. Black to cherry: it’s rich, deep, velvety, and just demure enough to be taken from the office to a date without having to change a thing about it!

49. Dramatic Red and Blonde Ombre Hair

What we most love about this ombre are the arctic blonde peekaboos showing from beneath all that red and orange.

You can see a mass of dark cherry, then some red and orange combined, and some blonde coming out to say hello. How awesome is that?

50. The Jessica Biel

One of the biggest celebrities and beauties in Hollywood, A-lister Jessica Biel gave a nod to the ombre hair trend herself.

She stayed true to her signature chestnut color and only added some golden highlights. How about you? What do you think of Jessica’s hair?

Ready to Change Your Look?

Ombre hair appeared as a trend several years ago and was almost instantly embraced by everyone all around. We also don’t think it will be going anywhere anytime soon.

With so many great combinations out there, why not give it a try too? Let us know in the comments below if you did pick it, and what color combo you went for!


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