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Ombre and Balayage Short Haircuts

45 Great Short Hair Ombre Ideas

short hair ombre

You really can’t go wrong with a wonderful combination between the good, old ombre and short hair.

It’s fresh, urban, sophisticated, cool, and, most of all, empowering to women everywhere.

But we have to ask one question because aesthetics do play an important part here.

Will short hair ombre look good or will it bomb?

Well, we here at MyNewHairstyles asked ourselves this very question and came to the conclusion that the very best way to answer it is with visual aids.

Here are 45 pics of the best short hair ombre options and even some celebrities who have tried the trend. We think they look absolutely amazing!

1. Blonde Ombre Short Hair

We’re starting off nice and easy with the basics. This is a blonde short hair ombre option on a shoulder-length bob with choppy ends and some textured beach waves.

We’re sure you’ve seen it on the street a thousand times and craved it yourself.

2. Auburn Short Hair Ombre

There’s no hair color for the fall like auburn. Once the summer has passed, and you can finally say goodbye to those sunny tresses, it’s time for auburn to shine.

We suggest an ombre finish to your hair, starting with the brunette that melts off into this lovely shade.

3. Evening Shadow Short Ombre

This combination of brown and blonde is called evening shadow. The reason is not hard to comprehend.

The ombre itself is so perfectly done here that it actually looks like a setting sun on a cold winter’s day when the white light mingles with the dark.

4. Caramel Ombre

If you’re not a huge fan of the blonde, but you still want some ombre in your dark hair, we suggest caramel.

It’s a sweet combination of blonde, brown, and red that results in a shade which greatly resembles the candy.

5. The Ashley Greene Ombre

The first celebrity on our list of short hair ombre options is Twilight star, Ashley Greene.

She went for the very classic brown melting into the bronde version of this trend along with some mermaid waves which she produced using a curling iron.

6. Vanilla Streak Short Hair Ombre

Here’s an interesting take on the old ombre concept which you can definitely use to blow some dust off this trend.

Instead of getting the lighter color on the bottom, place it in the front, near your face, so that it can enlighten your features and highlight your eyes.

7. The Emma Stone Ombre

Even though funny honey actress Emma Stone is a natural blonde, she actually prefers to dye her hair in this shade of fiery ginger.

Sometimes she goes darker but, occasionally, to our delight, she adds some blonde to it, making it an ombre lover’s dream.

8. The Rose Byrne Ombre

This is how you do short ombre if you want to keep the natural color of your hair or if you have a very strict dress code in your office to which you need to abide.

The dirty blonde streaks in Rose Byrne’s hair are actually lowlights which are there to sweeten up her entire visage.

9. The Rosie Huntington-Whitely Ombre

Is there anything better than being a blonde? Marylin did say that blondes have more fun. How about having blonde hair with blonde ombre?

Yes, this is short hair ombre, blonde in color with a light blonde as highlights. How crazy is that?

10. The Miley Cyrus Ombre

Back in the day when Miley could still be “tamed”, she had a long bob and sweetheart curls. She also had ombre hair which went from dark and natural brown to wet sand blonde.

We liked the look, especially when she paired it with those smokey eyes.

11. Brown to Blonde Ombre Hair

Here’s actress and singer Jennifer Lopez displaying a very sexy case of brown to blonde short hair ombre.

She wears it very tousled and messy, with feathery ends and asymmetrical strands. We are also fans of the metallic green makeup with nude lip gloss.

12. Short Wavy Ombre Hair

It’s incredible how many looks and styles the short hair ombre can cover. It goes perfectly well with this boho ensemble too, especially if you find the right accessories for it.

Think about it. This could be your new look for the following summer.

13. Black to Brown Ombre for Short Hair

Here’s another outstanding variation on the classic which is sure to put you light years ahead of everyone else who is wearing short hair ombre.

This is a dip dye job done to perfection. The bulk of the hair is black while only the ends are brown and just a tiny bit beige blonde.

14. Black to Blonde Ombre

Another celebrity who fell in love with short hair ombre is supermodel Kylie Jenner.

Here, she wears hers in a slick and straightened up bob which starts off with a brunette base and continues with a nutmeg blonde shade.

For the wet look, use some hair gel.

15. Rum and Raisin Short Hair

This ombre shade is called rum and raisin because it’s reminiscent of the ice cream flavor.

It has a brown rum base with reddish raisin hues that sparkle in the sunlight and creamy vanilla highlights that make it sweet and delicious.

16. Dark and Stormy Short Hair Ombre

Dark and Stormy is a cocktail made with rum and ginger which gave its name to this fantastic ombre hair color.

It too has a very dark rum base and some gingery bits and pieces on the sides and in the front. Talk about yummy!

17. Ombre on Short Dark Hair

We just love this shaggy haircut more than we could possibly say. It has a very grungy feel to it, given the fact that it has such choppy ends and long bangs.

It starts off with a dark base and melts into a pool of whiteish blonde.

18. The Jessica Alba Ombre

Here’s actress Jessica Alba showing us how to properly do the mommy short hair ombre. It’s a gorgeous and very low-maintenance bob with a simple side part and a slight curl to it.

It also has some blonde under lights that will sweeten up your features and save some extra time from going to the salon.

19. Ombre Short Hair with Bangs

Alexa Chung has some of the best bangs in the business and she knows it. That’s why she decided to highlight them by using some well-placed highlights in her hair.

They are both blonde and red, making her hair look a beautiful mahogany brown.

20. The Sarah Hyland Ombre

We’ve watched actress Sarah Hyland for years on Modern Family sporting the same short hair ombre combination and secretly wished we could get it too.

Well, now we can pluck up the courage and do it. Sarah is our hair muse.

21. Ombre on Short Bob

If you already have a short bob and you want to go for the ombre trend, don’t worry. You can still do it.

Here is an example of an asymmetrical bob on very fine hair which went from dark chocolate brown to caramel to light blonde near the tips.

22. Pixie Cut Ombre

Yes, you can even get ombre on a pixie cut. There, we have answered this burning question once and for all. Short ombre hair is available for tresses of all sizes.

This is a metallic blonde that goes from a darker shade in the back to beige blonde on the front and on the sides.

23. Golden Honey Short Ombre

This is one glamorous look that we suggest you copy entirely, moreover if you have a special occasion to attend.

This could be perfect for New Year’s Eve, the office Christmas party or a magnificent Oscar viewing event among friends.

24. The Scarlet Johansson Ombre

Not only has she been portraying one of the most badass feminine characters around, the Black Widow, for many years now, but Scarlet Johansson also has one of the most badass haircuts in Hollywood as well.

It’s a short hair ombre pixie in a brown and blonde combination.

25. The Kristen Stewart Ombre

Kristen Stewart’s physical transformation from the fragile and feminine teenager Bella in Twilight to the edgy and punk rock goddess with short hair ombre she is today was hard to swallow for some of the old twi-hards but we love it.

26. Short Brown Ombre Hair

Tyra Banks, the ‘mother of the supermodels’, as she’s now known, and a former supermodel herself, has been wearing this fabulous short hair ombre idea for quite a while now and, frankly, we cannot get enough of it.

We’re simply in love with the color.

27. Ombre on Short Curly Hair

Queen Beyonce opted for short hair ombre too when she decided to cut down the mane and go for a much simpler bob.

She went for a three-toned ombre that started off with an all-natural dark brunette, melted into nutmeg brown followed by white honey blonde.

28. Cute Ombre Colors

This is where we begin the cute and unconventional short hair ombre colors section of our article.

It’s good to know what colors you should actually wear to look your coolest and freshest.

29. Light Lavender Short Hair Ombre

This is a very light and pastel light lavender that has melted from the rainy-day gray on top.

Both colors are metallic, as an homage to the fashion and beauty trend that has been sweeping the nation these past months and replacing the matte.

30. Taffy Pink Short Hair Ombre

Who doesn’t like taffy? Now you can use it as an inspiration for your next ombre color.

Start off with a purple orchid as the basis of your roots and allow it to melt into taffy. Finish off near the tips with some plain, old iceberg blonde to keep things balanced.

31. Iris Hair Ombre

This might just be one of our favorite colors ever. It’s called Iris, and it’s a mixture of lavender and plum.

This particular ombre is actually obtained by using the same color. The only difference is that you use a darker shade on top and a lighter one on the bottom.

32. Cool Ombre Hairstyles

When it comes to fashionable hair colors, does it get any cooler and trendier than this?

Apart from the fact that it’s a mid-size bob with perfectly volumized beach waves, it has one of the most beautiful colors we’ve ever seen. It combines sweet rose with copper.

We don’t know whose idea was it to do it in the first place, but excuse us while we go to the salon.

33. Dirty Snow Short Ombre

Yes, we have found the perfect hair color for winter as well. Instead of the usual iceberg or platinum blonde, why don’t you try dirty snow blonde this year?

It’s still white but with a tinge of nutmeg and gray here and there to make it just a bit more interesting.

34. Red and Blonde Short Ombre Hair

Sure, this is red and blonde ombre short hair, but we prefer its more whimsical name: that is chocolate and strawberry ice cream ombre.

It adds a lot more fun to all the hours you have to spend at the salon getting it. Or are you doing it at home?

35. Winter Slate Short Ombre

Here’s another appropriate winter shade for your precious locks. This particular gray ombre is called winter slate and we can definitely see why.

We absolutely love the cut in itself, seeing as it is an angular bob with choppy and feathery ends.

36. Sonic Blue Ombre Hair

If you’re really bold or are simply looking for your next festival style, here’s an unconventional color for you.

It’s called sonic blue ombre and it’s made of coral blue on the base and sky blue on top. What do you think about it?

37. Marker Yellow Short Ombre Hair

Be honest. Have you ever tried coloring your hair with the yellow marker when you were four or five? We bet you have.

Now you can do it the professional way and get this fantastic shade of neon sunburst that starts off with a dark brunette base.

38. Tropical Blue Hair

The title for Miss Hawaiian Tropic is one step closer with this hairdo. It’s a typical shoulder length bob that has been beautifully styled into classic curls.

The catch? The color is this amazing tropic blue that will have all eyes on you faster than you can say Pina Colada.

39. Deep Sea Short Hair

This color is called deep sea and is presumed to be the next big trend as far as dyes are concerned.

It’s basically a mixture of pastels and you can get it in any combination you want, this being just an example, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

40. Fantasy Pastel Short Ombre

This color is a variation of the one described above. The colors are a bit more vibrant and well-defined, but the concept is the same.

Take a handful of pastel shades of your choosing and spread them out onto your hair creating a beautiful impressionist canvas.

41. Seafoam Blue Hair

What about the perfect summer color? We think we found that one as well. It’s a gorgeous seafoam blue mixed with just the right amount of mint green and a healthy dose of milk white for good measure.

The result? If you have blue eyes you won’t get enough of looking at yourself in the mirror, believe us.

42. Rain in the Night Short Hair Ombre

We’re back to autumn colors with this one. Is there anyone who doesn’t like the soothing sounds of rain falling in the night?

Channel that feeling and wear it in your hair with this amazing darkish gray color that descends toward the tips in a very light version of the same gray.

43. Coffee and Cream Ombre

Is coffee and cream your life partner without which you could not start a single day of your existence? Great!

Now you can take your union even further with this fantastic hair color. It starts off with a coffee bean brown, continues with a caramel foam middle, and ends on a note of milky blonde.

44. Light Ombre Short Hair

We also call this the tequila sunrise hair color because the fiery reds, oranges, and tangerines in it make it look like the famous cocktail.

It even looks delicious so why not give this special ombre idea a try this summer? You can wear it at the beach on your vacation.

45. Ombre on Short Layered Hair

Speaking of fiery reds and oranges, how about this ombre hair? It has much of the same shades, but the cut differs.

It’s an asymmetrical, almost A-line bob, with very choppy and feathery ends. Because of that, when it moves, it actually looks like it’s on fire.

Ready to Change Your Look?

Here are the 45 short hair ombre options we promised.

We’ve seen many variations on the classic bob and pixie cut and more colors than you could possibly imagine – brown to blonde ombre bob, dark to blonde pixie ombre, red and blonde ombre, unconventional colors, and so much more than that.

Write to us in the comment section below and let us know what experiences have you had so far with the ombre trend.


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