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50 Low Maintenance Medium Length Haircuts for 2022

50 Low Maintenance Medium Length Haircuts for 2022

Are you looking for a low-maintenance haircut for your medium-length? You have come to the right place; we have 50 stylish haircuts here that will keep your morning routine to a minimum. Because you are probably so busy taking care of a million other things before you head out in the morning, the last thing you need to worry about is if you have enough time to do your hair.

Medium-length hair is so versatile and looks fantastic on women of all ages. We have stylish looks here for all types of hair. It doesn’t matter if you have thin, straight, or curly hair. We have got you covered. Try out a new haircut with some layers, or add in beautiful side bangs; if that doesn’t sound like you, maybe keep it straight and all one length. Let’s take a look at all the best medium-length low-maintenance hairstyles for women in 2022.

1. Easy-care Long Bob with Side bangs

A beautiful choice for a new haircut is a long bob. This hairstyle has been around for so long because it is classy and sophisticated. They added in long side bangs that frame her face perfectly.

2. Low Maintenance Ombre Layered Long Bob Haircut

Ombre hair is never a bad idea and is a popular choice when getting new highlights. The photo above is another example of a long bob haircut for women, and she looks so flawless.

3. Low Maintenance Shag Bob Haircut

One way to go on the low-maintenance route is to get a shaggy look. She is wearing a shaggy bob with different lengths of layers; this look would be beautiful for women of all ages.

4. Low Maintenance Sleek Straight Haircut

Wow, if you are searching for a shiny new due, this hairstyle is perfect for you. The best way to achieve sleek straight hair is to add anti-frizz spray to your wet hair before you blow-dry or straighten it.

5. Flowy Layers on Natural Gray Hair

Hair with a little extra volume is a good idea for all women. Try out a haircut with flowy layers if you have naturally gray hair; it will help hide them throughout the layers.

6. Low Maintenance Fine Medium Straight Haircut

Fine hair can be so hard to find the right haircut for; look no further. This fine, medium straight haircut is going to bring your hair back to life. In this look, they kept the hair mostly at one long length and then added in some framing layers around her face; she looks beautiful.

7. Perfectly Blended Brunette

Summer is a great time to add blonde highlights to your brown hair. This hairstyle is the perfectly blended brunette look; it keeps the highlights a more golden color so that they appear natural. This is a low-maintenance hairstyle that women love.

8. Stunning Low Maintenance Angled Bob Haircut

Tired of your same old boring haircut? Try out an angled bob with bangs at your next salon appointment. The lines are this haircut are so beautiful and will be easy to take care of.

9. Low Maintenance Symmetrical Bob Haircut

An asymmetrical bob look would be beautiful for women of all ages. It keeps the hair at about shoulder length and can be worn straight like in the photo above, or you could add in some messy curls to finish off your look.

10. Long Bob Low Maintenance Haircut

Here is another long bob style for you to get; for this look, you will need to get some thick chunky highlights throughout. Try wearing the style straight like in the photo above, and you will love the way you look.

11. Incorporating Lowlights in Layers Haircut

Highlights and lowlights in layers are a popular hairstyle for women in 2022. Keep your hair short like in the photo above, and your morning routine will take you.

12. Low Maintenance Shag Medium Haircut

For a new twist on a shaggy style, try this haircut, the shag for a medium-length haircut. In the photo above, they flipped out the bottom pieces to give her hair some definition.

13. Styled Shoulder Length U-shape Cut

If you need a new style that is easy to take care of, the U-shaped haircut should be high up on your list. In the photo above, they kept her hair at around shoulder length and styled it to perfection.

14. Feather-Worthy Low Maintenance Haircut

This haircut, the feather-worthy look, would be a great idea for all the women out there that have naturally wavy hair. The different length of layers allows for your natural hair to take shape; maybe use a little bit of hairspray to keep the frizz down.

15. Low Maintenance Flowy Layered Haircut

If you are going for a more elegant hairstyle, try this flowly layered cut. You can wear your hair straight, curly, or even messy with this look, and the results will be gorgeous.

16. Wavy Long Bob

Women with wavy hair are already so blessed that they can choose just about any haircut and pull it off. A long wavy bob is no exception; in the photo above, they added in some loose messy waves, and it looks so beautiful.

17. Blunt Lob in Straight Low Maintenance Haircut

This hairstyle is classy and straight to the point. A blunt hairstyle for women is a haircut with no layers; this style looks best if you have hair on the thinner side.

18. Face Framing Low Maintenance Haircut

A great way to frame your face is to part your hair down the middle and add in curtain bangs as they did in the photo above.

19. Sophisticated Low Maintenance Lob Haircut

Lob haircuts are right on trend for 2022, and this is one of the more sophisticated styles. In the photo above, they added some color to the bottom half of her hair, and she looks so beautiful.

20. Styled Simple Layered Low Maintenace Haircut

A simple style for women in 2022 is this layered look. They parted her hair on the side, framed her face, and left it at about medium length. Try adding loose curls to achieve the look in the photo above.

21. Straight Chopped on Blonde hair

A straight chopped look is way more beautiful than it sounds. It is just a fancy way of saying that your hair is cut to different lengths. This style can be worn straight, curly, or even pulled back in a ponytail.

22. Dimensional Layers Low Maintenance Haircut

Dimensional layers have always been a popular choice for women’s haircuts. It is a great way to add texture and definition to your hair. In the photo above, they also added in some beautiful highlights; she looks flawless.

23. Hand Painted Low Maintenance Haircut

Hand-painted highlights are sometimes referred to as palming, which means your hairdresser will add color to your hair with only their hands. It does not follow any pattern and the results come out looking more natural.

24. Combed Shaggy Haircut Ends

This next look is the combed shaggy ends. In the photo above, they kept her hair at medium-length with just a few messy layers towards the bottom.

25. Classy Beach Waves Low Maintenance Haircut

Everyone loves a good beach wave hairstyle. There are many different ways to get beach waves without ever having to go to the beach. Finish this look off with a curling iron or wand. Add in some styling product, and you are all set.

26. Natural Pearl White Straight Haircut

This natural pearl white hair color is gorgeous for the more mature ladies. This low-maintenance style is so beautiful with straight hair.

27. Textured Shoulder Length Low Maintenance Haircut

When you need to add a little more texture to your hair, try keeping it at shoulder length and add in some long layers. In the photo above, they finished the look off with big curls and parted her hair down the middle.

28. Wavy Blowdry Layer Haircut

Low-maintenance hair can be achieved with a simple blow-dry in the morning. This style is the wavy blowdry layer haircut, all you need is a few layers towards the bottom, and you are all set.

29. Precise Shoulder Length Straight Cut

Wow, this next hairstyle is so flawless you will love the way you look. A precise shoulder-length due is achieved by keeping your hair all at one length and using your hair straightener in the morning.

30. Asymmetrical Layered Haircut with Side Bangs

Asymmetrical layered haircuts are right on trend in 2022, enhancing this hairstyle even more with side bangs. You will have such an easy morning styling your hair that you will wish that you got this look sooner.

31. Easy-care Textured Volume Lob

Easy care is what every girl wants to hear when she is getting her hair done. Try out a textured volume lob at your next salon day for a flawless look.

32. Styled Warm Chestnut Shaggy Hair

Styled shagged hair is always a good idea if you need a low-maintenance style. In the photo above, they added the hair color chestnut; the combo of the new style and color is so beautiful.

33. Feathered Layer Easy-care Haircut

Featured layered hairstyles look best on women with short, thin hair. For this look, try and keep your hair at about medium length with layers throughout and curtain bangs in the front.

34. Short Hair Wave Low Maintenance

This beautiful style is the short wave low, maintenance medium-length haircut look. You could wear your hair down straight in the photo above or pull it up into a high bun for an easy-on-to-the-go style.

35. Medium Length Haircut with Soft Brown Balayage

Soft brown balayage hair looks so beautiful for the fall or any time of the year. In the photo above, they added in some quick messy curls to bring out those highlights, and it looks so good.

36. Loose Curls Style Layered Haircut

If you need to search for an easy haircut for women to style, this should be your next look. Loose curls look perfect when you add layers to your hair. Try getting yourself a curling wand. They are perfect for beginners that are trying to learn to do their hair.

37. Side Swept Disconnected Haircut

Disconnected hair in a swept side style is a unique trend for 2022. To get this look keep most of the hair in the back in one long layer, then add short framing layers to the front. This look will make you stand out in the crowd and is super easy to care for.

38. Simple Choco Bob Cut

This next option for your next salon day is the simple choco bob cut. This look is elegant and classy, be ready for all the compliments at the next event you attend.

39. Low Maintenance Semi-V Haircut

One way to cut your hair is in a semi-V-shape style. As you can see in the photo above, the hair meets in a perfect V-shape, and it looks so beautiful. Try adding in beach waves like they did to enhance your style.

40. Beautiful Side Layer Straight Cut

Side parts are still a thing no matter what the younger generation says. This beautiful side layer straight cut frames the face perfectly. It looks like they added a fun pop of pink to the blonde hair to add a little spice to her hair.

41. Shiny Horizontal Haircut

Horizontal haircuts are so classy; you will feel like a movie star after getting one. To keep your hair shiny and healthy, find a good finishing spray that keeps your hair fresh and not frizzy.

42. Tousled Feathered Bob Haircut

This gorgeous short style is a tousled feather bob cut; try this look out for a hassle-free morning routine. You could wear it with messy curls like in the photo above or straighten it for a more uniform style.

43. Low Maintenance Neat Cut

This look is simple and straight to the point. Keep your straight and all at one layer; you are sure to love the way you look.

44. Curved Direct Haircut

One hot new style in 2022 is this curved direct haircut. This style looks best if you have naturally straight hair.

45. Right Slash Cut Easy-care

Slash haircuts are so easy to care for. For this look, you will not have to add any layers to your hair; try wearing it straight like in the photo above or pull it back into a ponytail if you are in a rush.

46. Bushy Caramel Tone Haircut

Caramel hair is the perfect accessory with brown tones during the summer months. Try out a bushy haircut and finish your style off with messy curls for a flawless finish.

47. Tousled Blonde Wave Easy-care

Tousled hair is one way to describe this next style. For this look, try adding big chunky uneven curls to your blonde hair; you will love how you look.

48. Low Maintenance Tassel Haircut

This short and sweet style for women is the low-maintenance tassel haircut. As you can see, the hair is about shoulder length, and they added bangs to the front; it is a gorgeous style that would be beautiful for women of all ages.

49. A-line Long Bob Haircut

Another long bob style that is popular for 2022 is the A-line bob haircut. To get this look, ask your hairdresser to cut the hair in a diagonal line, starting with the shortest part in the back.

50. Soft and Subtle Tone Medium Length

This is the perfect example of what a soft and subtle style for medium-length hair looks like. They have added a lighter tone to the front of her hair that reframes her face beautifully.


Most women need a hairstyle that is low-maintenance and easy to care for. Hopefully, you found your inspiration in this list of the 50 best medium-length haircuts for 2022 to bring with you to your next hair appointment. Let us know down below which one was your favorite!


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