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50 Delightful Curly Pixie Cut Ideas

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A lot of times girls and women with curly and naturally textured hair feel like they are obliged to undergo something akin to a pixie cut just to be able to manage their unruly hair. And while it might be true that curly hair can be a lot to handle, we are also here to tell you that we have found 50 curly pixie cut ideas that will actually make you fall in love and wish you could get them, not feel obliged to. Take a look!

1. The Kinky Curly Pixie Cut

Kinky curly hair is so incredibly beautiful that we felt we had to place it first on our list. If you go for this haircut, it will be an overgrown pixie which you will absolutely adore for the sense of freedom it will give you.

2. The Spiral Curly Pixie Cut

If you have spiral curls, we advise you to leave a few longer strands in the front when you get the haircut. In this way, you can still enjoy this awesome gift you got from mother nature. You should know that spiral curls are, in fact, quite rare.

3. Pixie Cut for Thick Curly Hair

Embrace the thickness of your curly hair and give it new life with this overgrown blonde pixie cut. The darker base makes it look a lot slimmer thanks to the contrast between the brown and the golden honey blonde on top.

4. Short Curly Pixie Cut

Short pixies are the best pixies, aren’t they? This white chalk version is absolutely glamorous, especially when paired with bright red lipstick. It will make you look like you should be a complete movie star.

5. How to Style a Curly Pixie Cut

If you decided to get a super short curly pixie, that ear cuffs are surely the way to go as far as style is concerned. They are the absolute latest trend and, frankly, look how cool they are. You can go for something more demure or the full-on crystal studded piece.

6. Long Curly Pixie Cut

When you think of a long pixie cut, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean long strands hanging down your face. You can get a bit millennial about your cut and go for this awesome asymmetrical long pixie with a shaved side and shades of blue and green to it.

7. Curly Pixie Cut Black Hair

How romantic does this pixie look? And not just because of the Lolita sunglasses, but because of the hair as well. It’s a short crop with jumbo curls that sit on top of her head like a real, organic crown.

8. The Unicorn Curly Pixie Cut

It’s probably obvious why this is called the unicorn cut. The curly bangs have been styled into a hard, tri-dimensional V shape at the front, which also happens to be pearly blonde. The result? You are now a curly unicorn!

9. The Blue Curly Pixie Cut

Nothing goes better together than pixie cuts and unconventional colors. Maybe just PB and J. The idea here is that a touch of color can add depth and dimension to your unruly mane and make it a lot more fun to look at.

10. The Alicia Keys

Here’s a throwback picture of singer Alicia Keys back when she too was sporting a short and naturally curly pixie cut. We absolutely love that the front was longer, the bangs making her look soft and sweet.

11. Color Stripes Pixie Cuts

Can you create a fauxhawk just out of color? Apparently, you can. Evidently, we’re not sure you can even call it a fauxhawk in this case. Maybe a technicolor hawk. Either way, it’s a hairstyle that we love and would like to copy someday.

12. Growing Out a Curly Pixie Cut

If you already have a curly pixie cut and now you want to grow it out, we suggest you consult your stylist. He or she will be able to trim your mane a bit as you go and decide what looks best for your type of face.

13. The Indigo Curly Pixie Cut

We simply cannot get enough of nontraditional colors combined with pixies. Just look at this inky indigo and how fantastic it is poised against the gold of those huge hoop earrings. That’s what we would call major street style!

14. The Purple Curly Pixie Cut

Once you enter the realm of the purple, color-wise, you won’t ever be able to leave, believe us. You will fall in love. Purple has a way of hooking you, and then never ever letting you go. Look at this gorgeous shade mirrored by her lilac makeup.

15. The Autumn Curly Pixie

Pixies are perfect for autumn as far as hairstyles go because they allow you to wear as many thick scarves as you want without getting your hair caught in them. Here is a gorgeous shade of honey that’s bound to get you through the leafy season. Also, here is an entire article on honey brown hair. 

16. The Cool Curly Pixie Cut

However, come summertime, everyone is in search for their new music festival look. Here it is. We have to say that it doesn’t really get any cooler than this, does it? Copy this look from A to Z, and you are guaranteed to have the most fabulous Instagram pictures.

17. The Round Pixie Cut

Curly hair can do with a pixie cut what straight hair simply cannot pull off. Like this one of a kind round pixie. It’s a jumbo afro with a blue tinge that’s perfect for summertime and for showing off your awesome tats, of course.

18. The Ombre Curly Pixie Cut

Yes, even if you have a pixie cut, you can still jump on the ombre trend. Here’s one example that showcases not one, but three different colors. It starts off with a natural brunette and gradually descends into cherry red and blonde.

19. The Chocolate Brown Pixie Cut

We are absolutely in love with this pixie cut’s color. It’s a lovely chocolate brown with just a little bit of cinnamon mixed in there to give it a slight edge. The styling is amazing too with a nice pair of theatrical gold earrings.

20. Hair Designs

They are also called hair tattoos and come in every shape imaginable. This is just a basic line that a stylist creates with a razor. However, you can get anything you like, from the logo of a brand to your favorite Disney Princess.

21. The Hair Scarf

You can also style a superb curly pixie cut by using a headscarf. Use a thin, silk one which is easier to tie, and which won’t cause you to overheat. It’s also best to use a soft one that won’t do any damage to your hair in the long run.

22. The Cherry Red Curly Pixie Cut

Unconventional colors can also mean a new take on traditional shades. This, for example is a metallic cherry red. It’s clearly a few steps up from what we would normally consider red hair.

23. The Overgrown Curly Pixie Cut

If you’re in love with your curls but still want a short haircut, here’s a possible solution. Go for an overgrown pixie on the top of your head. Let your curls run wild and dye them in a kooky color such as this cobalt blue.

24. The Deep Part Pixie Cut

Not only is this pixie a gorgeous shade of blonde, but it also benefitted from a deep side part. This allowed it to style itself naturally and organically into a type of overgrown fauxhawk that you can wear every day.

25. The Blood Orange Pixie Cut

You know that blood oranges are delicious, but did you know you can also use them as inspiration for your next hair color? This one is perfect for the transition between summer and autumn, mainly between August and September.

26. Blonde Streaks

You can also spice up your color by adding just a dab of blonde into it. Dip a few of your front strands into beige blonde or even bleach and watch how your whole demeanor changes when you reveal the new hairstyle.

27. The Curly Pixie Cut Mohawk

Fauxhawks have been on trend for a long time. They serve as a contemporary replacement of the iconic punk rock hairstyle which required a lot of gel to create. This version is a lot more creative and relaxed.

28. The Half and Half Curly Pixie

If you are bold and whimsical by nature, you can always try a Cruella de Vil type of hairstyle and go for a half and half hair color. This one has a brunette base, half of it is brown and the other half is golden blonde.

29. The Salt and Pepper Curly Pixie Cut

This type of pixie is called this way because it’s a naturally mature gray color. When you reach a certain age and your hair starts to change color, it’s called ‘salt and pepper.’ There! That’s a thing you know now.

30. Hair Bands

If you need to go to a fancy event and want to make your short hair look a little bit smarter, you can always embellish it with a golden hair band. This one has small laurel leaves on it which you can pair with your jewelry.

31. The Viola Davis

Actress Viola Davis received unanimous praise a few years ago when she announced she decided never to wear her wigs again and, instead, simply go for her natural hair. This is what she looks like. Congratulations!

32. The Curly Sue Pixie Cut

This type of curls is called ‘the Curly Sue.’ You may have heard of it before but who was Curly Sue? She was a character who used to appear in old John Hues movies. Curly Sue was a homeless girl with a heart of gold but with her hair perfectly kept in seamless curls.

33. The Silver Curly Pixie Cut

This season is all about extreme blonde. That’s right. Say goodbye to your good girl blonde and hello to platinum, silver, iceberg, milk, and dawn shades of blonde. They will make you look like a true ice queen.

34. The Gorgeous Curly Pixie Cut

Sometimes, it’s all in the styling. If you have a simple, boyish haircut, you can definitely refine it via your styling choices. The combination between the matte red lipstick, the heavy gold choker, and the rose gold velvet shirt is absolutely fabulous.

35. The Rihanna

Even Ri-Ri went for the cut at some point during her long career. This is the singer with her naturally curly hair in a long pixie and very little makeup. We have to say that we are very onboard with this natural Rihanna look.

36. Loose Curls

If you don’t have any curls of your own or if you do but want to style them a bit, you can always bring out the old faithful hair curler. It will add some much-needed structure to your coils and make them look tamed.

37. The Sweet Curly Pixie Cut

Far from being boyish or manly as many might think about short hair, pixie cuts actually have the unique quality of making you look delicate, feminine, and sweet. Check with your stylist first to see if you have the facial structure for it.

38. The Rose Gold Curly Pixie Cut

You will be happy to find out that, as far as colors go, rose gold is still one of the best loved trends. However, you should hurry up if you want to get it, because one doesn’t know how much longer it will last with the metallics coming fast from behind.

39. The Permed Wedge Pixie

Here’s a blast from the past for you. This is a permed wedge pixie with a blonde on brunette twist. It used to be a preferred style back in the 2000s, hoop earrings included. But you can still wear it if you want.

40. The Meg Ryan

Speaking of blasts from the past, here’s actress Meg Ryan, the queen of romantic comedies from the 80s and 90s. With titles such as Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail, she ruled the silver screen.

41. Long Bangs

Another way of styling your pixie cut is by adopting a set of long bangs. It’s a very modern cut that works especially if you have a round face because it elongates it a little and makes it a bit more angular.

42. The Undercut Curly Pixie Cut

Speaking of very modern pixie cuts, here’s the undercut version. It’s perfect if you’re a lady with an edge who’s not afraid to push the boundaries, and who also doesn’t have a too strict of a dress code at the office.

43. The Wavy Pixie Cut

A wavy pixie is a bit simpler to style than a curly one. You can still use your curler if you want some more texture or even your hair straightener for some small beach waves. Look up some tutorials on YouTube.

44. The Naturally Curly Pixie Cut

All you will require to deal with this natural haircut will be a handful of mousse every day or a few blobs of hair wax. Rub them into your hair and arrange the locks and curls with your fingers in whichever way you see fit.

45. The Retro Curly Pixie Cut

Ask your stylist to give you an undercut along with your pixie so that you can style it into a retro hairstyle. Get a killer cat eye and some red lipstick and you will look like a modern version of a pinup girl.

46. The Asymmetrical Pixie

Asymmetrical cuts work best if you pair them up with some extravagant earrings. Make sure to keep your makeup to a low, though, especially during the daytime so as not to look too theatrical.

47. The Volumized Curly Pixie

If you’re a fan of volume in your curly hair, then discuss with your stylist the option of him or her leaving a bulk of your curls on top of your head when you receive the haircut. After that, you can style accordingly.

48. The Temple Fade Curly Pixie

Temple fades are very slimming and elongating as long as your facial structure goes. Once again, it’s an important decision that needs to be discussed with your stylist, especially if you already have an angular face.

49. Lowlights in a Pixie Cuts

Lowlights can add a bit of texture, volume, and depth in case you have thin hair. Sometimes, our hair can be so thin that not even curls can make it look too volumized. Try the lowlights trick instead.

50. Summer Highlights in a Pixie Cut

This is the modern version of the old blonde highlights we all used to wear back in the 2000s. it’s a lot more layered and feathery now, so you can go ahead and give it another go.


Our delightful curly pixie cut ideas range far and wide. Browse through them all because you are bound to find one that suits you, no matter what facial type you have, what kind of hair you are struggling with or what color you would like it to be. But remember to discuss this decision with your stylist first because a short crop is definitely a big change!


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