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50 Best Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Hair Chic in 2022

hairstyle ideas for thin hair

Hairstyle ideas for thin hair generally have one main purpose – to fake the eye and give the impression of fuller hair.

In other words, they need to give the impression that you have volume and depth to your set of locks, hiding the fact that you have fine hair.

Luckily for all of us, there are a set of haircuts that can mimic that.

With that precise thought in mind, we have put together a selection on the best and most miraculous hairstyle ideas for thin hair!

Scroll down to the bottom and find the one that suits your tastes (and needs) best!

1. Weekend Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Hair

The half up top knot is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to fine hair. Tie a few strands on top of your head and use a comb or a brush to tease the rest of the hair a bit. The messy style will make it look like you have volume.

2. Half Up Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Hair

The half up ponytail works by the same logic as the half up knot, only this time you’re adding layers to your thin hair. And you know what layers mean. They represent depth and perspective, giving the appearance of rich hair.

3. The Lopsided Knot Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Hair

When it comes to hairstyle ideas for thin hair, messy is your friend. You do not need any hairstyle that is slick and taken care of. That just goes to show the amount of hair you have and nobody needs to know just that.

4. Fishtails in a Bun Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Hair

Normally, if you braid your hair it would look like a dread, right? Not this time. Braid it in a fishtail, pull and tease it out using your fingers and then tie it in a very loose bun. Voila! Now it looks like you actually got extra hair!

5. The Choppy Bob Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Hair

If you have thin hair and you want to get a bob, then you need to make sure your stylist gives you choppy ends. They give the illusion of a much wealthier head of hair, rather than a straight line ended bob.

6. The Fishtail Crown

This is a fishtail crown type of idea for hairstyle ideas for thin hair. It’s a half up half down braid with the bouffant top and an amazing balayage brown and blonde color enough to make it look like you’ve got more hair by itself.

7. The High Pompadour

A pompadour is a sleek and very modern haircut that will definitely give you the volume you need. After tying a low chignon, pull out a few strands and tease them using a soft brush. Apply copious amounts of hairspray to keep everything in place.

8. Shaggy Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Hair

If messy is your best friend when it comes to hairstyles for thin hair, then shaggy is your best friend forever. The reason is that not only will a shaggy haircut make it look like you have all the volume in the world, you won’t even have to style it all that much.

9. Long and Layered Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Thin hair can also be styled into a long haircut if Rapunzel is your soul sister. All you need to do is add some layers to it because this is the answer to giving it some much-needed volume and depth. Otherwise, it will look fine and limp.

10. The Asymmetrical Bob

Another type of bob that works if you really want to try hairstyle ideas for thin hair is the chic asymmetrical bob. Granted, this one is more about embracing the fact that you have fine hair than cloaking it, but we support it nonetheless.

11. Spiky Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Hair

Here’s a pixie cut worthy to make it into the history books. That’s because, unlike other pixies, it will mask the fact that you have thin hair by disguising it with some cleverly placed high spikes. You will need hair wax to pull this off.

12. The Metal Hair Tie

Here’s a tip from the pros. Whenever you want to distract someone from something that’s going on with your hair, use a hair accessory. In other words, if you have fine hair, you can always wear outstanding hair pieces that will have people looking at them rather than at your hair.

13. The Layered Bob

Here’s yet another bob that works as hairstyle ideas for thin hair. It’s a short and layered bob, what we would otherwise call a stacked bob or even a stacked long pixie cut. Notice how the cut seems to go on forever in the back.

14. The Shaved Undercut Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Hair

So you have fine hair? Shave it off! In a stylish way, of course. There is nothing better to hide the fact that one has thin hair than a good old shaved undercut. Leave some stylish and long, curly bangs on top, in the shape of a good girl fauxhawk.

15. Chic Bandana Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Hair

Here’s another trick from the pros that can help you disguise a thin head of hear. Wear a bandana or a headscarf. Evidently, we don’t mean one like you had when you were a kid. Look for inspiration in the great fashion magazines to help you out.

16. Infinity Layers

When you have layers in your hair, it won’t matter how fine it is. It will look like its volume can go on for miles. This is how amazing stylists can create great hairstyle ideas for thin hair. By taking a simple short bob and giving it infinity layers.

17. The Classic Braids Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Hair

As mentioned before, braids are amazing hairstyle ideas for thin hair. The reasons for that is that they can be pulled, teased, and decorated in fantastic ways so that it seems your hair stretches out to great lengths. Look for tutorials online!

18. The Blunt Bob Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Hair

Here’s an awesome way in which brave ladies can embrace the fact that they have thin hair. This is a chin length bob with a blunt finish. It’s a platinum blonde with sandy reflections and dark roots, as well as a crop twist in the front.

19. The Shaggy Bob Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Hair

As far as hairstyle ideas for thin hair go, the opposite of a blunt bob is the shaggy bob. Here is a gorgeous example in a light gun metal gray. It’s shorter in the back and longer in the front with asymmetrical bangs and complete with a theatrical plum makeup.

20. Artistic Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Hair

You won’t be able to pull off this one by yourself, we’ll give you that. However, if you’re looking for an ultra-modern look for a special event, this should definitely be it. The leather and other metallic accessories will make you forget you have thin hair.

21. The Simple Ponytail

Yes, even simple ponytails can become hairstyle ideas for thin hair if you know how to do them properly. All you need to do here is tease the hair. Brush it into a messy pompadour in the back and mess the ponytail itself as well.

22. Top Bun and Bangs

Bangs will make you look like you have more hair by default. That is a fact. Therefore, here is another pro tip. If you don’t like the messy or shaggy hairstyle ideas for thin hair, you can always go for long bangs that will frame your face nicely.

23. Rose Gold Hairstyle Ideas

Sometimes a hair color can mean just as much as a haircut when it comes to covering things up. In the case of thin hair, a nice pastel shade will go a long way. You can choose a color that has been all the rage in the past couple of years – rose gold.

24. Hair Scarf Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Hair

Not only will a hair scarf tie everything together, including your outfit, keep your hair in place, and hide the fact that you have thin hair, but it will also protect your hair in case there’s wind, rain, or even snow. Not to mention it’s a bold fashion statement!

25. The Purple Pixie

If you want to look like a purple fairy, you can always get a purple pixie. Pun intended. This is a quite long pixie cut, with the bangs swept over to one side, giving the cut a lot of volume and depth. The color is a rather chalky lilac.

26. Edgy Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Hair

Not for the faint of heart, these hairstyle ideas for thin hair will be the talk of the town once you decide to sport them. We especially love the mixture of colors here, the lovely shades of purple pastels, that soften the blow of the sharp cuts.

27. Thin Hair Styles with Extensions

Time for another pro tip. Here’s another by the book solution for thin hair. Get extensions. If you’re not happy with the natural length or body of your hair, get some artificial help. Just look at how pretty they can be when done right.

28. The Buzz Cut

Do you want another simple idea as far as hairstyle ideas for thin hair go? Go for the buzz cut. It’s typically a man’s haircut that originated in the army. However, if you have the right facial features to pull it off, you will look amazing.

29. The Fauxhawk

No list of hairstyle ideas for thin hair would have been complete with a fauxhawk. We’ve selected one that we simply adore. It’s a washed-out tangerine with platinum bangs and beige blonde undercut. What more can you want?

30. The Dirty Strands

Messy takes a whole new meaning when you come upon this supermodel look. The messy strands idea revolves around wearing some hair product so that your locks look a bit ‘dirty,’ disheveled, and sexy. Thin hair fits into this perfectly.

31. The Teased Low Bun

This one is extremely easy to pull off. Simply tie a low chignon at the back of your head and then use a soft hairbrush to tease all your hair out. It will look incredibly chic and sophisticated while having much more volume at the same time.

32. Huge Bangs for Limp Hair

Hairstyle ideas for thin hair can go a long way if you know all the tricks. Therefore, here’s one for you. Very long bangs make it seem like your hair is much more luxurious than it really is. Confer with your stylist to find a proper length for your face.

33. The Keira Knightley

Keira went for a very asymmetrical bob that hides away the fact that she too has thin hair. The various lengths of the strands build some architecture into the hair, pulling the eye away from the fact that it is so fine.

34. The Turned-Out Bob

A very big hit in the 90s, the turned-out bob can be modern if you give it a slick spin. To fit your hairstyle ideas for thin hair needs, you can wear it with bangs, as well as asymmetrical. We also love this honey blonde color and the smokey eye makeup.

35. Sun-Kissed Bangs

Speaking of beautiful colors, here is a lovely sun-kissed blonde that can transform all hairstyle ideas for thin hair. Pro tip – coloring your roots in a darker shade, such as a burnt caramel will give the impression of depth and volume.

36. Straight and Layered

If you have straight hair which is also thin and you’re wondering what to do, layering is the solution for you. All hairstyle ideas for thin hair start with a layering idea because this is what will add volume to your fine head of hair.

37. The Julianne Hough

Another Hollywood starlet who has this issue is actress Julianne Hough. She typically wears her hair in a shoulder length platinum, choppy bob, which she loves to pair up with a striking matte red lip and nude eyes.

38. The Sienna Miller

Britain’s darling Sienna Miller loves her beach waves. Whether she wears her thin hair long or in jaw length bobs, she always goes for soft curls that complement her natural beauty. She loves a creamy pink lip and dark eyes.

39. Rock’n’Roll Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Hair

You can also draw your inspiration from the rock’n’roll or grunge subcultures and their predominant fashion style choices. We’re talking about shaggy and choppy haircuts, with a lot of volume and body to them.

40. The Platinum Crop

One of our all-time favorite hairstyle ideas for thin hair is this amazing platinum crop. It’s a very minimal, summery, and fresh pixie cut that presents itself as a blank canvas for all your makeup and accessory ideas.

41. Undercut Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Hair

Another thing you can do if you have long and thin hair is to get a badass haircut. This is an undercut with hair designs and an ombre to match.

42. Rosy Hairstyle Ideas

Remember what we said about color? It can make or break a deal, especially when it comes to thin hair. This amazing rosy shade combined with a bit of tangerine here and there takes the focus away from the fine hair.

43. The Emily Blunt

Actress Emily Blunt surely loves her ombre hair, which, incidentally, is another pro tip in making your hair look a bit more voluminous than it is in reality. She opted for natural chestnut that melts away into a beige blonde, highlighting her lovely blue eyes.

44. The Alexa Chung

When it comes to hairstyle ideas for thin hair, Alexa Chung has basically done the same thing as Emily Blunt, only with a short bob. She also opted for some beach waves instead of straight hair. The effect is even more volume.

45. Double Braids

Optical hair illusions come in many shapes and sizes and braids are surely among the most popular ones. You can use double braids as miraculous hairstyle ideas for thin hair because they will mask the fact that you have fine hair and focus on embellishing it.

46. Heavy Set Bangs

Framing your face is yet another trick you can use. It will give the impression that you have more than enough hair to spare so that you can create a set of bangs without a problem. Combine it with a nice ombre and you’ve got yourself a winner!

47. Natural Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Embracing the real and fabulous you is a great thing and you shouldn’t be afraid of it. Going all natural is also an option and loving your thin hair can actually be a freeing experience in its own way. Why don’t you try it?

48. The Side Sweep Style

Do you know what could make it look like you have more hair than you normally do? Sweeping it all to one side. You can wear this type of hairstyle ideas for thin hair on an everyday basis or even for a special event such as a wedding or a date.

49. Short Cropped Bangs

This type of bangs are amazingly sweet and childish but can be very chic and fashionable at the same time. Therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid to go for the cut.

Moreover, if you pair them with a bold color such as this burnt orange, the results will be fabulous as far as hairstyle ideas for thin hair are concerned.

50. The Sleek Middle Parting

One of the easiest tricks in the book to looking elegant and chic is to part your hair down the middle, straighten it and go for a very bold makeup. Forget all thoughts about thin hair. Everyone will be wondering ‘how does she do it? How does she look so elegant?’

Ready to Change Your Look?

Did you learn any new tricks about styling your new hair from what we shared in this piece, or did you know them all already?

If you have any extra ones, we would love to hear all about them in the comment section below.


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