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20 Different Styles of Hair Bangs for Every Face Shape and Hair Length in 2022

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There are so many different types of bangs out there, that it can be extremely hard to choose the ones for you, so we’re here to help!

Before going for bangs (or changing their style) take a look below and see all the different bangs, all categorized according to hair length and type of face. There’s also a list of the most common and prettiest bangs.

What more are we waiting for? Let’s discover the many beautiful and diverse types of bangs out there!

ATTENTION! Do not try and give yourself bangs at home, no matter how many tutorials you’ve seen so far. Instead, go to a professional hairstylist, especially if this is your first set of bangs. You can experiment later, but not with this first base.

I. 5 Types of Bangs Based on the Hair Length

1. Types of Bangs for Short Hair – Baby Bangs

As you’ll see throughout this article, you can wear bangs no matter your hair length. For this first example, we’re also showing you one of the latest trends in terms of bangs, the so-called “baby bangs”.

2. Short Hair with Bangs

We’ve dedicated a whole article to the many glorious ways in which you can wear short hair with bangs in a more, let’s call it artistic fashion. But if you want a more casual approach, go for the side-swept look above!

3. Curtain Bangs and Medium Length Hair

 As your tresses grow longer, so will the number of ways in which you can wear your bangs. Take this medium-length look, for example, and see how the longer curtain bangs perfectly accentuate the pretty brown to blonde balayage.

4. Types of Bangs for Long Hair – Side Bangs

Side bangs will look stunning no matter the hair length, but they will be especially gorgeous on longer tresses as you’ll find it easier to make them stand out. Throw your hair in a bun or a ponytail, and enjoy the results!

5. Long Hair with Bangs or Fringe

We just love how well the fringe goes to complete this long, wavy, and slightly disheveled look. Also, in case you were wondering, bangs and fringe are exactly the same things – their use varies according to which side of the great big pond you’re on!

II. 5 Types of Bangs Based on the Hair Type

6. Types of Bangs for Thin Hair – Bardot Bangs Idea

We’re now entering a category specially dedicated to choosing the best bangs for your hair type. The first example, and a beautiful one, is this simply gorgeous look from Lucy Boynton.

Make your thin hair looker thicker by adding Bardot bangs to your haircut. Their name comes, as expected, from the stunning Brigitte Bardot.

7. Types of Bangs for Thick Hair

In contrast, if you have thick hair, and a slightly uncontrollable one at that, you can always go for some layers to make it easier to manage. Take the photo above for inspiration and you’ll be all ready for a new set of bangs.

8. Types of Bangs for Curly Hair

There seems to be a common misconception that curly hair doesn’t look good with bangs. We are here to prove this wrong, and the best way to do so is by presenting you with a great example of how you can add a fringe to your curly hair and look stunning!

9. The Different Types of Straight Bangs

Ladies with straight hair don’t necessarily have an off-the-charts volume, so if you want bangs that won’t look like they’re falling flat, combat this by going for a full frontal fringe. A beautiful look, and an effortless one too!

10. Wispy Bangs for Wavy Hair

You can always go for straight bangs if you have wavy hair, but if you want to keep things all-natural, opt for some wispy bangs instead.

III. All Types of Bangs: A List

11. The Different Types of Bangs

As you’ve figured out by now, there are several (that is many) different types of bangs that you could go for, and we think this particular style looks just lovely! They are wispy front bangs that you can also style as curtain bangs.

12. Types of Front Bangs

Not everyone can pull off full frontal bangs, but those that do will likely look stunning. You can go for frontal bangs above or below the eye line.

13. The Different Types of Side Swept Bangs

The same can be said about side-swept bangs. Depending on the shape of your face and on your forehead, you can opt for shorter or longer ones, although we’d recommend the latter – it’s easier to brush them and fix them behind your ear.

14. Side Bangs

Side bangs are quite easy to confuse with side-swept bangs or even curtain bangs. However, you can easily tell them apart by the fact that side bangs are generally only on one side of the face, while the opposite portion will feature normal hair (that is, not bangs).

15. Side Swept Bangs

 There’s another way to wear side-swept hair, and that is by actually sweeping your bangs to your preferred side of the head.

16. Fringe Hair 

17. Long Types of Bangs 

18. Curtain Bangs 

As their name suggests, this type of bangs will curtain your face and, depending on their length, draw attention to one or more face features – longer ones will hide the eyes a bit, for example.

19. Short Types of Bangs 

While you might confuse them with the baby bangs we started the article with, short bangs are actually their graduated, longer version, and actually, the first type of short bangs.

20. Blunt Bangs

We’re ending this list of types of bangs with a pair that you just can’t mistake: blunt bangs. Similar to a fringe, in general, this particular type of bang is fuller, straighter, and generally very compact on the forehead.

Ready to Change Your Look?

So there you have it, a list of the many different types of bangs that you can wear based on your hair length, hair type, and preferences. Also, as we pointed out at the beginning of the article, talk to a specialist before getting any of these bangs.

That being said, which of these is your favorite and how many of these bangs styles would you like to wear?

Victoria is a wavy-haired girl that loves wearing her tresses at around chin to shoulder-length. But she's also sported all the short haircuts you can think of and long hair too. She's also had straight and curly hair, so join her in her latest hair adventures.

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