80 Hottest Caramel Hair Color Ideas to Wear in 2022

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Caramel hair comes in so many delicious hues that it’s difficult to pick just one. Nonetheless, with some expert advice and a whole lot of browsing through this amazing compilation of caramel hair color looks, we’re sure you can find exactly the shade you’ve unconsciously been waiting for!

Caramel hair isn’t just one shade of delicious golden brown. In fact, any hair color can be enhanced with just a pop of caramel. From neutral shades to dark brown and golden honey, you’ll be tempted to try them all on.

If you’re not sure which caramel hair color is the right one for you, check this selection of gorgeous caramel hair examples to discover the right oen for you.

1. The Perfect Caramel Hair Color

Or is it? Well, the rich hues are perfect in our eyes. This is the classic ‘caramelized’ look that’s flattering for any skin tone from fair to dark and every type of hair. If you have ever made caramel at home, you’ll know why this hair color reflects the delicious hues of the sugary delight.

2. Long Wavy Caramel Locks

The summer style scene may be hogged by the blonde beach waves, yet this caramel shade on beautiful long waves is a serious contender. A rich hue that’s timeless, sweet and stylish.

3. Delicious Caramel Streaks

Take a hue from this sassy lady and combine caramel shades for a truly mesmerizing look. The highlights are just two tones lighter than the base caramel hair color. Nonetheless, they create a light, summery look.

4. Light Brown Hair with Caramel Tones

Caramel or brown hair? We’d go for caramel taints that border a deep blonde shade rather than the red hues incumbent to a truly brown hair color. With medium skin tone, the looks are gorgeous with highlighting lighter colors.

5. Elegant Caramel Tresses

When you sport a caramel color this rich and vibrant, it’s a pity to hide it by creating an updo or other hairstyles. Let your tresses flow in a perfectly styled manner and enjoy the admiring looks around.

6. Light Gold Caramel

If this look seems inspired by the poignantly colorful ‘60s era, that’s because it is. A delightful caramel color with golden honey lights and a deep dark caramel undertone.

7. Blonde Ombre Highlights on Caramel Hair

The best way to enhance a toned down caramel hair color is to add highlights. A blonde hue that’s just two shades lighter than your caramel base color will work wonders in bringing out the shimmering notes of the caramel.

8. Chocolate Caramel with Blonde Overtones

This stylish look uses caramel and blonde in a gorgeous balayage leaving the roots to show. Unlike the highlights in the previous example, this blonde overhaul is meant to lighten up the base color and highlight the skin tone.

9. Honey Caramel Color for Long Straight Hair

This stunning example should prove that indeed every hair color can be enhanced with a splash of caramel. Leaning on the red ginger side, this hair color has rich caramel undertones.

10. Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Perfectly smooth hair? Yes, please. Only this time, let the tresses be a delicious caramel hue. You can achieve those sun-kissed beach waves with darker tones too.

11. Light Caramel Messy Hair

A studied mass of tresses somewhat organized in a bob haircut for women couldn’t look cuter. Except for those times when each of the strands shines a different caramel shade, making your look uniquely attractive.

12. Delicious Naturally Dark Hair Color

Dark caramel hues like this one are ideal to complement a fair skin tone. Yet, so as to avoid a duller look, use subtle gold caramel shades to balance the hair color and highlight your features.

13. Long Wavy Caramel Hair

Caramel hair comes in a wealth of rich hues. This golden caramel hair color is perfect for long wavy hair. This is due to the fact that each curl and wave brings out a different light of the intense hair color.

14. Blonde Caramel Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

This soft, feminine hair color was achieved with a wealth of blonde highlights for brown hair. A layered haircut like this one is a fantastic way to play with the different hues.

15. Hair Color Trio: Dark, Brown, Caramel

A stunning balayage that uses a beautiful blend of colors. From the dark top to the rich hazelnut middle and the golden caramel ends, the choice of colors is simply exquisite.

16. Caramel Balayage Hair

Silky smooth long hair can also showcase the beauty of caramel shades. If your hairstyle is also layered, then it’s an even better.

17. Layered Mid-Length Wavy Caramel Hair

Loose, well-styled waves are your ally if your plan is to showcase the wealth of caramel shades you are currently flaunting. Add in the fact that this is a layered long bob and you get a killer look.

18. Loose Waves in Light Caramel Color

Deep golden caramel is ideal to complement fair skin and blue or green eyes. We love this rich, luxurious hair color.

19. Caramel Brown Hair Color

This caramel brown hair color is one of our favorites. With rich chocolate tones and subtle honey notes, it looks simply stunning.

20. Light Brown with Wavy Caramel Highlights

The golden rule when it comes to highlights is to use a color that’s only two shades lighter than the base color. This example is certainly a winner.

21. Deep Caramel Gold Hair Color

Dark brown hair color may borrow hues from the red hair color spectrum or the blonde one. In this case, the golden shimmering of this delicious dark brown shade comes from the blonde spectrum.

22. Dark Caramel Hair

Sweeten up your look with this delicious velvety caramel hair. It’s ideal to highlight all skin tones, from fair to medium or dark.

23. Caramel Ends on Dark Brown Hair

A short haircut with an edgy note thanks to the golden caramel ends. They’re strongly contrasting, yet charming and stylish.

24. Sweet Honey Caramel Short Hair

Honey caramel short hair looks absolutely delicious, cute and chic. We love the hairstyle, the choice of caramel shades and the laid-back tone of this look.

25. Dark to Light Caramel Hair Color

The base color is a chocolate dark brown. Nonetheless, thanks to the skillful blend of caramel shades highlighting the warm notes, the result is a delightful light caramel color.

26. Delicious Caramel Highlights on Light Brown Hair

These subtle highlights work wonders in enhancing the warm tones of your skin, particularly if you flaunt a natural glowing tan.

27. Layered and Tousled Caramel Bob Hair

Each layer of this haircut reveals another delicious caramel shade. From neutral, almost ashy caramel to sweet chocolatey nuances, you’ve got it all. And they are all beautifully placed on this short and A-line bob.

28. Pixie Cut in Chocolate Caramel Hair

We’ve said it before: darker shades work wonderfully with lighter skin tones. Even if you sport a chic short haircut like this short pixie cut, choose a deep dark caramel shade and your style credits will go through the roof.

29. Caramel Balayage on Short Layered Hair

Caramel is a hair color for all types of hair and all hairstyles. We love this warm-toned caramel balayage enhanced by the perfect hair styling.

30. Rich Caramel Hair Shades

Bring out the caramel lights in your iris by dying your hair in this lovely caramel hair color.

31. Caramel Blonde Hair Color

The blonde shades aren’t particularly highlighted. Nonetheless, they blend with the chocolate caramel to create this luminous hair color.

32. Caramel-Colored Ends on Fine Long Hair

If your hair is thinner and yet you wish to don long, luscious tresses, take a cue from this photo. The layers help create an effortless voluminous look, while the caramel ends add depth.

33. Brown Hair Color, Caramel Highlights

Although the hair colors used here are part of the same chromatic family, you can still notice how well they blend together to create this luminous hair color.

34. Light Caramel Brown Hair Color

We are in love with the way this hair color naturally catches the light just to reflect the delicious caramel shades.

35. Romantic Caramel Shades on Golden Brown Hair

Penelope Cruz’s medium skin tone is perfectly complemented by the golden brown hair and caramel shades. Together, they make a cute romantic look while highlighting the bronze undertones of her skin.

36. Short Caramel on Lob Haircut

Add an elegant note to your short lob haircut by dying your hair a uniform bronze caramel color. You’re bound to catch everyone’s attention.

37. Honey Caramel Colors

Don’t you think this hair color is simply stunning? We believe it’s one of the best choices for medium complexions out there. The honey hues make the golden flecks in your iris glow.

38. Deep Caramel Color

Certainly, among our favorite hair colors, this deep caramel seems to have blended the best of blonde hair color, brown hair colors, and red hair colors. The result is magnificent, stylish and has a luxurious note.

39. Deep Caramel Notes on Dark Chocolate Hair

The mix of chocolate and caramel alone can make your mouth water. Well, the blend of caramel hair and dark chocolate hair colors is equally alluring. Particularly if your skin tone is medium to dark.

40. Messy Caramel Bob

This delicious hue may be more chocolate than caramel. Nonetheless, due to the subtle blonde tones, it’s warmer than chocolate and lacks the prevalent red shades.

41. Long Caramel Waves

Who could deny that caramel hair colors and curls are a match made in heaven? This lovely example comes to prove it.

42. Layered Caramel Hair with Bangs

Caramel hair is ideal to enhance your eye color. It’s one of the few hair colors that work as well with brown and dark eyes as with blue or green eyes.

43. Caramel Hair with Highlights

Highlights and a perfect ombre enhance the wealth of rich caramel hues. You can notice a different caramel color with each wavy lock.

44. Blonde Highlights on Caramel Hair

These subtle blonde highlights do more to enhance the base color than any other type of coloring technique. The final result is stunning.

45. Delicious Caramel Bronze Hair Color for Wavy Hair

A rusty bronze hair color is one of the most elegant hair colors we have ever seen. Add a subtle caramel note and the result is royal.

46. Hair Color Caramel

A deep, stunning caramel shade that’s uniquely fit for fair skin tones. Wear it throughout the year and enjoy a gorgeous look each day.

47. Light Caramel Highlights on Dark Hair

If you want to spruce up your dark hair color and give it a more energizing note, try caramel highlights. That’s a sure way to have a refreshed and beautiful color in no time.

48. Caramel Hair with Red Under Color

Caramel is typically associated with soft, feminine looks. The red spectrum of hair colors is far edgier. Blend caramel hair color and red and you get a daring yet balanced look that’s bound to turn some heads.

49. Caramel Hair Color with Blonde Highlights

A lovely feminine look thanks to the sun-kissed feeling of the caramel hair enhanced with blonde highlights.

50. Red, Caramel, and Blonde Highlights on Short Hair

If you’re feeling particularly daring, try this amazing blend of colors on a darker base. Red, blonde and caramel create the perfect chromatic blend.

51. Delicious Chocolate Caramel Hair

Chocolate caramel hair with a strong red overtone adds an extra luxurious note to your look.

52. Deep Caramel Color

A perfect boho look with wavy caramel hair. This deep shade of caramel reminiscent of autumn colors look absolutely stunning on long hair, whether straight or wavy.

53. Light Caramel to Dark Caramel Hair Color Shades

This blend of light caramel hues and dark caramel hues results in a beautiful summer look.

54. Warm Caramel Hair with Braided Half Do

The honey overtones of this warm caramel shade are reflected by each lovely wave. This luminous shade of caramel hair is perfect for girls with medium skin tones.

55. Caramel Ombre Hair Color

Start with a darker caramel shade on top and define the ombre look with delightful light honey caramel shades at the ends.

56. Red Caramel Shades for Loose Waves

A romantic look that’s perfectly defined by the loose waves in a subtle ombre. The dark reddish caramel is ideally complemented by the tangerine shades at the ends.

57. Layered Caramel Hair

An ashy, toned down caramel hair color, while elegant and chic, can always be enhanced with a lighter caramel shade used on highlights.

58. Deep Golden Caramel

Green eyes and a glowing tanned skin are ideally complemented by this deep golden caramel hair color.

59. Light Copper Caramel Hair for Rich Voluminous Hair

Leave dull, toned down hair colors behind. Opt for a mesmerizing copper caramel hair color like this one for a refreshed look.

60. Dark Caramel Shades

Choose these dark caramel shades to lighten up your fair complexion. Dark caramel is a more conservative hair color. Nonetheless, enhanced by some highlights and lowlights, it can look playful while retaining the sophisticated note.

61. Auburn Hair Color with Caramel Highlights

It’s time to spice up that luxurious auburn hair and add a caramelized note. Isn’t this look simply perfect for sunny days?

62. Dark Caramel Highlights on Dark Hair

Here’s a look change that really caught our interest. Although chromatically there’s no significant difference, the caramel highlights on the shorter hair render a whole new style note to the overall look.

63. Honey Caramel Highlights on Dark Caramel Hair

Thick straight hair in different caramel hair colors will shine beautifully with all the undertones and overtones of the different shades. Try it on for size.

64. Blonde Caramel Hair

The subtle caramel notes of this golden blonde hair color render the look even more feminine, beautiful and stylish.

65. Stylish Caramel Pixie Cut

As if the super cool pixie cut wasn’t style-forward enough, the sweet caramel hair color is simply the cherry on top. We love this look for short-haired beauties.

66. Red and Blonde Caramel Colors

Loose waves are the perfect means to display the beauty of several caramel hair colors at once.  Thumbs up.

67. Red Caramel Hair

Get the best of both the caramel hair color spectrum and red hair colors’ spectrum with this enchanting shade of red caramel.

68. Bob Cut on Caramel Hair

Reveal the beauty of your bob hair cut with these lovely caramel hues, spanning golden honey blonde to dark brown sugar. Every color accent is quite subtle. As such, the end result looks like a uniform hair color with playful lights.

69. Gold Highlights on Dark Caramel Straight Hair

Alright, maybe it’s not quite straight. Nonetheless, it’s not the hairstyle we’re biased toward, but this amazing hair color blending dark caramel and gold caramel.

70. Caramel Hair Color Dye

If you can get your hands on a blonde tint caramel hair dye, take it. It’s a delicious medium caramel hair color that’s quite difficult to achieve without the help of a professional and a mix of other hues.

71. Short Pixie Golden Caramel Hair

Make your pixie cut sparkle with golden caramel shades bound to get all eyes on you.

72. Blend of Colors: Blonde, Caramel, Violet

Blonde and caramel highlights are a good company for the violet highlights, as these colors are complementary. A rather edgy look for the style-forward ladies.

73. Caramel Ombre on Dark Chocolate Hair

We’re back to the mouthwatering combination of chocolate and caramel. However, this time, the shades are darker, almost ashy. A stylish look that can be worn anywhere from the office to weekend parties and club nights.

74. Red Hair and Caramel Hair Balayage

This chic balayage is what you should be after if you want to combine caramel hair and red hues. We love the subtle progression from one hair color to the other.

75. Deep Caramel Color

With almost the same color as a delicious chocolatey caramel spread, this hair color looks simply stunning on curls, waves or straight hair.

76. Straight Caramel Hair

Kissed by the mellow autumn sun, this caramel shade shines with a blend of hues that are just adorable.

77. Deep Gold Caramel Hair

Remember one of the previous photos where the hair color is almost ginger, yet the caramel overtone is quite prevalent? In this case, the caramel color is more subtle, adding more of a lowlight than a highlight.

78. Hazel Caramel on Long Hair

Blue eyes and a healthy tanned complexion go together perfectly with these delicious caramel hair colors.

79. Chocolate Caramel Hair

Chocolate eyes and chocolate caramel hair are a match made in heaven. Each of the two slightly different colors enhances the other in a beautiful play of color.

80. Blonde Caramel Hair

A sunny, delicious caramel hair color that will look perfect during vacation season, at the beach or at a party.Try it on for size if you haven’t indulged in the luxurious hues of caramel hair until now.

Ready to Change Your Look?

There’s a caramel shade for everyone out there! We hope you found yours with these amazing caramel hair color ideas!


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