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Be Funky, Be Wild: 50 Curly Hair with Bangs Ideas

bandana curly hair with bangs

Welcome to one of the biggest style debate of our age! Or at least one of them.

SO, can girls with curly hair wear bangs as well?

One side of this dispute says nay. You will end up looking like you auditioned for Flashdance and failed.

However, luckily for all curly haired girls out there, we’re on the positive team and say you can absolutely wear curly hair with bangs.

We also have proof! So here are 50 curly hair with bangs ideas, including some examples from your favorite celebrities, that will convince you once and for all!

1. Curly Hair with Bangs and a Bandana

Styling is key when you have naturally curly hair as well as an equally curly set of bangs. In summertime, for example, you can go for a simple top bun kept in place with a flowery head scarf or bandana.

2. Natural Curly Hair with Bangs

While we are on your side and believe you can totally sport a fringe with your curly hair, we must warn you not to try and give yourself some curly bangs at home.

It doesn’t matter how many YouTube tutorials you watch. Visit your hairstylist instead!

3. The Imogen Poots

Starting off our extensive list of celebrities that have tried their hand in the curly hair with bangs look is British actress Imogen Poots.

Her wavy blonde locks tied up in a simple bun, super blue eyes, and black eyeliner make her look like she could have been a serious contender for the live-action Cinderella.

4. Top Knot Curly Style with Bangs

Speaking of buns and knots, here’s the best way to style them when you have curly bangs. Make sure to pull out a few longer strands as well and allow them to curtain your face as a natural continuation of the fringe.

5. Curly Bob with Bangs

This heavy set of bangs and round bob is not for the faint of heart. However, it’s a perfect solution for ladies with thick hair that need to keep it in check a little.

Make sure to use some makeup to make your features stand out.

6. Pink Curly Love with Bangs

Unconventional colors are the hottest trend right now. Whether you go for a permanent color or one that washes off with the first shower you take, you have to try this trend.

It’s so much fun! Choose the color you most wanted to have as a little girl.

7. Ash Blonde Curly Hair

When your hair is long and curly, the best thing to do is embrace it! Choose an outstanding hair color that will give it a life of its own, such as this ash blonde that actually goes darker around the face.

8. The Rihanna

Seeing as Rihanna has naturally curly hair and she is the absolute queen of trends, there was no way she was skipping this one.

Here she is with cinnamon red hair and a set of wispy curly bangs that reach down to her sunglasses.

9. The Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is the proud owner of what is, probably, the most famous curly hair is Hollywood history.

She is also one of the pioneers of curly hair with bangs. Julia used to wear her hair like this back in the 80s when no one else was doing it.

10. The Minnie Driver

You can also have curly hair with bangs if your locks are a little on the fine side, as proven here by actress Minnie Driver. For added depth and volume, go for some highlights that will create the optical illusion of more hair.

11. The Jennifer Beals

We’ve already mentioned Flashdance in the intro to our article, so it was only natural that we include Jennifer Beals on our list of curly hair with bangs ideas.

She did, after all, rock our world with her look, her dance moves, and that water-dropping scene.

12. The Rita Ora

Constantly trying to reinvent herself as most pop stars do, singer and actress Rita Ora has been through the curly hair with bangs mill as well.

We love the fact that she’s channeling 2000s Jennifer Lopez here with the Bronx earrings and the diva’s signature nude lipstick.

13. Easy Updos for Curly Hair with Bangs

If you want to pull off this look, you will need a doughnut. A hair one, evidently. Roll it in your hair and create this high bun that is a perfect solution for office days, meetings, or any other formal occasions.

14. Messy Curly Hair with Bangs

The opposite of formal, however, is messy. And we have an idea for that as well. A set of long and thin bangs that will frame your face and, depending on the color of your hair, will highlight your eyes and skin tone.

15. Magenta Curly Hair and Bangs

This is another way in which you can approach curly bangs if you’re not a fan of the traditional way.

These are 90’s parted bangs, which means they will follow the line of the middle part. In this version, they have also been dyed magenta.

16. Pixie Cut with Curly Bangs

If you’re feeling whimsical, you can always go for something like this platinum blonde long and curly pixie cut with a side of bangs to match.

Evidently, the rose face tattoo and Harry Potter glasses are entirely optional (but very cute).

17. Coachella Curly Hair with Flowers and Bangs

If you’re not wearing flowers in your hair, are you even going to Coachella?

It has been widely known that the music festival is now as famous for its stage appearances by renowned artists as it is for its fashion and style statements.

18. Sweet Curly Hair with Bangs

This style checks all the hipster boxes.

  • Gavroche-type hat? Check!
  • Curly hair with bangs? Check!
  • Tunic shirt with a strikingly colorful scarf? Check!
  • Finger tattoo? Check!
  • Showing the world that you’re reading Steinbeck? Check!

19. The Pink Afro with Bangs

Here’s another hairstyle that is definitely only for the bravest of ladies. This is a mega afro that has been dyed a shocking pink and that has been given a set of bangs to match.

If you like this idea, you need to keep the makeup to a minimum and let the hair do all the talking! It’s extraordinary!

20. Space Buns with Curly Hair

This hairstyle is incredibly versatile and sweet. You can wear it in school, at the office, at a music festival, and even in the evening on a date. That’s how many situations space buns can serve if you style them correctly.

21. The Mariah Carey

Along with Julia Roberts, Mariah Carey is another celebrity on our list of curly hair with bangs who was way ahead of everyone when it comes to this trend.

She was wearing curly bangs back in the 90s, around the time she came out with Without You.

22. The Beyonce

Moving on to more current songstresses, Queen Bey went for the curly fringe as well. It’s really no wonder.

She has had so many looks throughout her long career that it’s probably safe to say she has now tried almost everything.

23. Wavy Hair with Bangs

If you don’t have naturally curly hair but are in love with this trend, you can get it using your faithful hair curler. Remember to use some heat protection spray beforehand as well as some hairspray when you’re done.

24. The Zendaya

Zendaya is definitely one of the new queens of fashion and style. She is currently killing it on every red carpet she steps on, presenting a brand new look every time we see her.

This is Zendaya with curly hair with bangs. Just lovely!

25. Chic Curly Hair and Bangs

Here’s another option for you that follows today’s hottest trends. It’s a simple bob with curly bangs and tassel earrings, which are really big right now.

26. Blonde, Curly, and with Bangs

If you want to embrace this style, the best thing to do would be to discuss your options with your stylist and see what haircut and type of bangs would suit you best.

Everyone has a different facial type and you need to find your own haircut!

27. Long Curly Hair with Bangs

It’s a bold move to add bangs to very long and curly tresses. But fierce ladies with a strong styling game feel no fear when it comes to showing off their curls. Let them shine in all their glory!

28. The Beehive with Curly Hair

This is a throwback hairstyle to the ones our mothers or even grandmothers used to wear.

It’s a type of beehive that is obtained by pinning the hair up in a very high bun and then teasing it until you get this so-called beehive.

29. Red, Curly, and with Bangs

If you have red and curly hair, you can easily channel Merida from Brave. She’s the new and contemporary type of Disney princess who doesn’t focus so much on the way she looks but rather on what’s inside.

30. Cool Curly Hair and Bangs and Flowers

Adorning your hair with flowers is not a new thing. Women have been doing it for centuries. You can now channel this look for a wedding, a garden party, or even your prom if you plan on wearing a bohemian dress.

31. Honey Blonde Curly Hair

We’re absolutely in love with the idea behind this blonde ombre. It has deeply dark roots and the strands themselves have been dyed in a delicious honey blonde that will be perfect for both summer and autumn.

32. The Drew Barrymore

There’s no need to mention that the 90s are back. We are now living a full revival and if you’re looking for some inspiration, Drew Barrymore is the queen.

She had the perfect 90s bad girl look with grunge, blonde curly hair, distressed jeans, and bulky leather jackets.

33. Perfect Curly Hair with Bangs

We’ve put Julia Roberts on the list twice and, this time, it’s her look from the 90s. Her hair was bigger than ever and so were her bangs. It’s the perfect look and we had to admit that she had the locks we all wanted.

34. Orchid Curly Hair

Most people wrongly believe that orchid is a shade of pink. In fact, it belongs to the purple family.

Nonetheless, it looks stunning and we sincerely advise you to try it at least once if you’re planning on dyeing your hair in a nonconventional color.

35. Purple and Curly and with Bangs

Speaking of purple hair, here is a basic shade with a few lighter highlights. They add a lot of volume to the hair and sweeten it up because, after all, purple is considered a cold color.

But with some berry highlights, you can do no wrong.

36. Gray Curly Hair and Bangs

Is there anything that goes better together than gray hair and dark plum lipstick? This phenomenal pairing is dramatic enough to get you noticed wherever you go but classy enough not to be considered theatrical.

37. Wine Colored Curly Hair

Wine is yet another shade that comes from the extensive purple family. It will work fantastic with pink makeup and lipstick.

Plus, it can be your go-to color for autumn and winter, as it will look great among all the tree decorations and tinsel.

38. Sea Foam Hair with Bangs

Seafoam is a very light shade of teal that can easily pass for mint. You can pair it with glitter or metallic makeup and be all ready for a festival!

Think about glitter eyeliner and nude lipstick and you’ve got yourself a fantastic contemporary look.

39. Forest Green Curly Hair

Forest green hair and neon pink lipstick? Why not? Toss in a pair of clear aviator glasses and this is one look that will garner a lot of attention on Instagram. Notice how the curly bangs are very long, surpassing the eyes.

40. Peach Hair with Bangs

As a color, peach is a combination of pink and orange, sometimes with a bit of tangerine or yellow thrown in the mix. It depends on the shade of peach you want to obtain, the color of your eyes or your skin tone.

41. Butterscotch Blonde Curly Hair

There are many scrumptious shades of blonde out there. We’ve even seen a few on this list. But none makes the cut quite like butterscotch.

It’s caramel blonde mixed with honey, which results in a delicious shade that will have all heads turning.

42. Curly Hair with Bangs and Highlights

This is burgundy hair with highlights of the same color, only a little bit lighter.

It’s refreshing to see ladies that take this approach to highlights rather than the classic blonde on brown or platinum on blonde hair (which we still love, don’t get us wrong, but look how pretty this is!).

43. Neon Pink Curly Hair

Some women match the color of their purse to that of their shoes. Modern women match the color of their hair with that of their outfit. These are the women who have a higher understanding of the styling game.

44. Ombre Curly Hair

This dark brown and blonde ombre is the picture of perfection. The two colors are set one on top of each other, but the bangs are blonde so that they can highlight the eyes and make them pop out even more!

45. Cinnamon Curly Hair

This hair color is called cinnamon. It’s a mixture of brown, blonde, and red that resulted in this shade which closely resembles the spice we all know and love.

You can pair it with copper or golden makeup for phenomenal results.

46. Lilac Hair with Bangs

Here is a look that was used in a fashion show. It’s a theatrical lilac afro with bangs to match. But you can replicate it if you plan on going to a lavish party or even if you need to dress up in a costume.

47. Blue Curly Hair

This magnificent set of curls prides itself with some very long bangs.

They reach down to the nose and embellish the face so much that you won’t even need a lot of makeup after you try out this look, especially with that shade of blue.

48. Candy Curly Hair with Bangs

Do you remember the old Pez dispensers and those colorful little candies that used to pop out of them? That was the inspiration behind this look (probably).

It’s a summer-y hairdo with a makeup style to match that incorporates a creamy purple lipstick.

49. Aqua Curly Hair

Aqua is a shade of blue that shares some resemblances with teal.

However, given the fact that it has a healthy dose of green and seafoam in it, it’s the best color to wear on your summer vacation this year, especially if you’re going to the seaside.

50. Moss Green Curly Hair

There’s just something about green hair that makes it irresistible. This moss green curly afro goes perfectly well with a dark green lipstick.

Which means you can finally wear that shade of lipstick you’ve had in your cosmetic bag since Comic Con and didn’t know what to do with anymore.

Ready to Change Your Look?

Curly hair with bangs proves that the world is nowhere nearly done with the 80s and 90s.

The good thing is that it comes in a lot of versions, such as the chic French curly bangs, loose wavy ones, the bad girl locks that Rihanna always wears, and many, many more.

It’s up to you and your stylist to decide which one of these you would like to wear. But don’t forget us which one you ended up with (in a comment)!


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