55 Stunning Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights Ideas for 2022

brown hair with blonde highlights messy bun

If you happen to be a natural brown-haired girl or even have a gorgeous bottle brown, then you might have already considered dressing it up a little with the aid of some highlights. Brown hair with blonde highlights is the new trend!

Hair highlights are the latest trend to hit the catwalks. If you have brown hair, you are lucky, because there are many shades of blonde highlights for brown hair from which you can choose. However, one question remains: how do you choose the right shades? There are just so many!

Luckily for you, we delved into some extended research and discovered and brought together outstanding and fashionable ideas for brown hair with blonde highlights. Here they are!

Why You Should Opt for Highlights?

Do you want to do “something” with your hair, a change that is not radical, but that makes you feel good? A few highlights lighter than your base shade will give you a fresh look.

Highlights will give volume to your hair

If you have light brown hair to honey blonde, a few lighter highlights will catch the light, giving the feeling of richer hair.

Highlights will “hide” your white hair

If you have gray hairs and opt for highlights, you will be able to dye your hair less often because the highlights are intertwined with your grey hairs. This is only available for the shades of blonde, which it is preferable to adopt when the “snowdrops” from your hair multiply.

Highlights will make your greasy hair a lot dryer

Bleaching with peroxide (which is used to obtain highlights), dries the hair. This effect is beneficial to people whose hair becomes greasy overnight. However, in order to avoid, in the long run, the degradation of the hair, use a conditioner after each wash, avoiding the contact of the product with the scalp.

Your skin will look brighter if you opt for light highlights

If you opt for bright highlights you’ll obtain a youthful look. Highlights will soften the lines of the face. For this type of rejuvenation, however, strong contrasts should be avoided because they have the opposite effect and will sharpen the features.

1. Classic Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

The first thing you need to know about the combination of brown hair and blonde highlights is that it simply illuminates the base color.

Rather than changing it altogether, in the way other colors do, the blonde simply acts as a powerful source of light, attracting sun rays.

2. The Messy Bun Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

This is a great hairstyle if you want to show off your brown hair and blonde highlights. The swirl that the bun creates will look a little bit like a scoop of chocolate and vanilla ice cream. And who can resist that? Yum!

3. Light Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

In fact, besides blonde highlights, this light brown hair also has some lowlights.

This is why it appears to be illuminated from within as well as from without.

It creates a wonderful effect, especially if you straighten your hair and always keep it moving.

4. Balayage Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

There are highlights & lowlights, and there’s ombre, and then there’s balayage.

This latter is a process through which both highlights and lowlights are added to darker hair so as to make it look a lot more natural.

5. Brown Hair with Sandy Blonde Highlights

These are sandy beige highlights on natural-looking brown hair. You can also add a few platinum strands here and there to open up things even more and to really make it look like you’ve been to the beach.

6. Wavy Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

We are all familiar with beach waves or, as they are otherwise known, mermaid waves. However, here’s a little tip.

They work a lot better if you have a few highlights in your hair instead of a solid block of color. It helps create some depth and dimension.

7. The Wavy Bob Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Speaking of waves and how great they are, here is a shoulder-length bob, in brown with blonde highlights of course, which also has some beach waves.

You can use your hair curler to get them, or you can simply braid your hair and leave it like that overnight.

8. Brown Hair with Front Blonde Highlights

We’re not done with wavy locks because here is an incredibly easy and sweet haircut the revolves around the mermaid look.

It’s a medium cut with a few blonde tips on that reddish brown which will be very easy to maintain.

9. Mermaid Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Or, maybe, you would prefer to be a real siren and have super long locks and beach waves?

This is a long and wavy brown hair with blonde highlights. In fact, to be more specific, it’s a dark blonde brown with pale blonde balayage highlights.

10. Brown Hair with Graduated Blonde Highlights

No, this blonde hasn’t graduated from college or anything. Therefore, hold back the blonde jokes, please.

This type of brown hair with blonde highlights starts off with a light brown base that supports graduated blonde highlights as they progress toward the tips.

11. Dark Brown and Caramel Blonde Highlights

Think of this dark brown hair & caramel blonde highlights as the drink you order from your favorite coffee shop. It’s long, dark, rich, and has caramel in it.

Add a little bit of vanilla in there as well as some milk to lighten the whole thing, and here’s your next hair color!

12. Sunny Blonde Highlights

This is what we call blonde and caramel to toffee and honey brown hair with blonde highlights. You can see all of these colors and tones in her hair, just like a warm and sunny autumn Sunday you spend outside.

13. Coffee and Cream Brown and Blonde

We’re back to the coffee metaphors because brown hair coupled with blonde highlights resembles this beverage so much, we cannot help ourselves.

This time, we have a serious case of highlights and lowlights that make it look like a swirling nutmeg espresso.

14. Ice Blonde on a Brown Base

Here’s a stunning summer color for you as far as brown hair with blonde highlights goes. Both the highlights and lowlights are in an ice blonde, while the brown is visible only when the hair is in motion.

15. Ash Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

This is brown hair with some superb ash blonde highlights. It’s very matte and understated, looking almost gray in some places, which means that it will not overshadow the brown at all, leaving it to shine in all its glory!

16. Ombre Hair

Brown hair with blonde highlights can also mean ombre. You can start off with your natural brown hair (if it’s dark enough) or you can dye it and then let it melt into a pool of golden blonde right down the length of your back.

17. Nutmeg Brown with Blonde Highlights

This is a different type of ombre. It starts off much in the same way: with dark chocolate brown hair.

However, the difference lies in the shade of blonde that you use. This one is a deeper tone of nutmeg mixed with a bit of chestnut.

18. Autumn Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Let’s face it: brown with blonde highlights is one of the best colors you could wear during the fall months.

That’s why we suggest you let autumn inspire you and borrow some of the lovely colors of falling leaves.

19. Brassy Blondes

What else can you add to brown hair with blonde highlights? How about some nice brass tones?

Copper and brass have been very fashionable for the past few seasons and now it’s time you tried them too!

20. Beige and Bronde

Not only does this idea have bronde in it, a combination of brown and blonde, but it also proposes we mix bronde with a bit of beige blonde.

All on the canvas of the good, old-fashioned brown as a basis. How cool is that?

21. The Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights Lob

Lob stands for long bob, and what you can see here is the lob that was the absolute craze in the late 2000s.

The one we propose comes, of course, in brown with blonde highlights, which will be your way of revamping this hairstyle.

22. Copper Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Since we saw what brass can do to brown and blonde hair, let’s take a look at copper. Slightly lighter than brass but just as cute, copper blonde will give a metallic tint to your brown hair that is so in demand right now.

23. Baby Doll Brown Curls

These are baby doll curls for brown hair with blonde highlights. To copy this look, you will need to break out your iron curler.

Also, buy some high-quality hairspray because you will need a lot of it, especially if you have long hair.

24. Mocha Brown with Blonde Highlights

Aaand we’re back to coffee. There’s just no escaping it, is there?

This would be a mocha shade of brown with blonde highlights that look a lot like balayage, only it’s not.

These are, in fact, plain old highlights, just expertly made.

25. Braided Hairstyles with Highlights

As you have probably noticed by now, braids are very much in. We’ve been in love with the boho-chic look for quite a few years now, and it is loving us back.

Now you can braid your brown hair with blonde highlights in a romantic French crown braid.

26. Diamond White Highlights

If you happen to be sporting a shade of ashen brown, then you can easily sweeten it up with some amazing and fresh diamond white blonde highlights.

Make sure you have some in the facial region so that they can highlight your eyes too.

27. Gold Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

The name speaks for itself when it comes to this example of brown hair with blonde highlights.

The brown underneath is dark and matte while the highlights simply look like molten gold: shiny and luscious pouring down your back. Wowza!

28. Natural Blonde Hair with Blonde Highlights

If you don’t happen to like huge contrasts, then you can always go for a more subtle and demure look, such as this one.

You can still see the blonde highlights, but, in this case, they look more like natural sunkissed strands than like something that came out of a bottle.

29. Supermodel Brown Hair with Blonde

Among the many, many things we envy when it comes to supermodels and their good looks, there’s the matter of their hair.

Somehow, supermodels always have the best hair. This is natural nutmeg brown with an ice-cold beige blonde.

30. The Kristen Stewart

We also have a lot of celebrities that have donned brown hair and blonde highlights.

The first on our list is Kristen Stewart from back in her post-Twilight period. The color brings out her lovely blue eyes as well as her tanned skin.

31. The Kim K

Before she went all black hair-wise, and then blonde, Kim Kardashian liked it a little lighter, in the sense that she too wore brown hair, usually with blonde highlights as well.

She had really tanned skin, so it worked wonders for her at that level as well!

32. The Side Ponytail

If you were looking for a hairstyle that could freshen up your daily hair routine without taking too much of your time, then look no further.

Meet the side ponytail! It’s extremely easy to do and a superbly fresh take on the classic pony.

33. Neutral Pale Blonde Highlights

We’re back to ideas on what type of blonde you could wear as part of your brown hair with blonde highlights.

This has a chestnut brown base and both the lowlights and highlights here are a very beautiful neutral pale blonde.

34. Loose and Chunky Highlights

We absolutely fell in love with this haircut. It’s a combination of very loose curls and choppy ends.

Your hairstylist will obtain these by actually using a razor blade. (That’s a secret of the trade). The highlights are brassy and metallic.

35. The Kate Beckinsale

The world fell in love with her after seeing her play a beautiful nurse caught in a love triangle at Pearl Harbor.

We have to say we are still in love with her, especially when we see that adorable brown hair and pretty blonde highlights hairstyle.

36. The Jennifer Garner

Elektra went a little blonder as well over the years, but never quite altogether ditched the chestnut.

This is why Jennifer Garner too opted for blonde highlights. Her thin, French bangs and 90s spaghetti strap dress are to die for as well!

37. The Sarah Jessica Parker

Leave it to Carrie to know what the most fashionable hair color is.

Right from the streets of Manhattan, we introduce brown long hair with blonde highlights combination.

We love how she only did the ombre and a few front strands to highlight her eyes!

38. The Olivia Wilde

An uncanny beauty with steely gray eyes and an angular face, actress Olivia Wilde proves that brown and blonde hairstyles can complement absolutely anyone.

Or as long as it’s done right! She paired hers with smoky eye makeup and a pink lip.

39. The Khloe Kardashian

We’ve already seen Kim, now let’s take a look at another powerhouse of the Kardashian family, Khloe.

She went for chocolate brown with a reddish tint in the front, combined with a very pale, almost whiteish blonde ombre.

40. The Chrissy Teigen

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen surely knows what to do to look pretty. Those coffee-colored eyes are perfectly paired with brown hair and blonde highlights, so this is exactly what she does!

41. The Selena Gomez

Who is one of the most famous and loved people on Instagram? That’s right, Selena!

Her pictures are internationally appreciated by her millions of followers and that is, in part, due to her gorgeous hair.

42. The Emily Browning

We suddenly fell back in love with Emily Browning once she was cast in Neil Gaiman’s fantastic saga, American Gods, and we all noticed that she has never looked better.

Just look at that lovely updo with messy strands and beautiful eyes.

43. The Messy Lob

If you were wondering what type of haircut you should go for this summer, we have an answer for you all prepared.

It’s this messy and shaggy lob, perfect for both going to the office and Coachella. The brown and blonde combo is, of course, a must too!

44. Extra Volume Hair with Blonde Highlights

If you want to cheat in order to get extra volume in your hair, you can always use extensions. Find some natural ones that match your hair tone or get neutral ones and then dye it all at once for a fantastic result!

45. The Doutzen Kroes

After seeing her beautiful face in dozens of commercials and then parading down catwalks all over the world, we sincerely wondered what Doutzen Kroes could even do to step up her game.

And then we found the answer: get brown hair with blonde highlights. Which she did!

46. The Beyonce

Could Beyonce have stayed away from this massive trend that swept the nation? Of course not!

Did she look fabulous with brown and blonde highlights? Of course, she’s Beyonce! Take a cue from her, ladies.

47. The Cheryl Cole

British singer Cheryl Cole is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful women across the pond.

What more do we want when it comes to inspiration? Her gorgeously layered and messy hair with blonde highlights!

48. The Jessica Alba

Actress Jessica Alba surely knows how to play the game. She’s got perfectly tanned skin and dark coffee-colored eyes.

Therefore, what hair color would suit her best other than a miraculous combination of brown and blonde to tie it all together?

49. The Lea Seydoux

If you haven’t seen her version of Beauty and the Beast, we suggest you watch it, like right now!

She’s a regular Belle of the ball sporting brown hair with bangs and blonde highlights in a whimsical fairy tale.

It’s all set in an absolutely astonishing décor that also keeps true to the original story.

50. The Shakira

Brown hair with blonde highlights looks fabulous on singer Shakira’s natural curls. We love the fact that she went for minimal and nude makeup here, allowing her eyes and picture-perfect smile to do all the talking.

51. Elegant Hairstyle with Blonde Highlights

If you have your heart set on blonde highlights, you don’t have to pick just one shade of this lovely color.

Instead, try to mix a few, so that they can blend in a natural way with their brown base and look like a more innate color on your locks.

52. Summer Hair with Blonde Highlights

This classic color combination is perfect for the summertime. It requires very little maintenance so that you have plenty of time to go to the beach.

This also means that you can take an extended vacation without worrying about having to take another trip to the stylist.

53. Curly Brown Hair and Highlights

Adding some blonde highlights to your curly brown hair will be a fantastic way to style it and breathe new life into your tresses.

It’s also a perfect solution in case you don’t want to dye all your hair.

54. Blonde Baby Lights

If you love your brown hair and simply want a little blonde touch to lighten up your features, the answer to your problem is called baby lights.

They are barely visible to the naked eye, but they surely get the job done.

55. Faded Brown Hair with Blonde

We are absolutely in love with this faded blonde shade that simply seems to be dripping down from the brown base. It’s a soft, bohemian, and romantic style that you can even wear at a wedding.

Ready to Change Your Look?

So there you have it, we’ve shown you more shades and tones of brown hair with blonde highlights than you would have thought possible.

If that wasn’t enough, we’ve shown you a plethora of celebrity styles that can serve as inspiration as well.

It’s your turn to write to us in the comment section down below and let us know which one is your favorite!


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