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50 Long Bob Haircuts We Adore

It’s not too long, it’s not too short, but it’s definitely way too hot to handle. The long bob or lob in the language of beauty and styling has been a total Hollywood darling in the past few years. Therefore, we have decided to compile a list of 50 of the most glamorous, sexy, and downright gorgeous looks right off the red carpet that include long bob haircuts. May they inspire you to your next cut!

1. The Kylie Jenner

We begin our list of long bob haircuts with supermodel and Kardashian clan representative, Kylie Jenner. She sports a long bob in a dark brunette color which matches her coffee-colored eyes perfectly, as well as her tanned skin.

2. The Charlize Theron

No stranger to short haircuts here is South African actress Charlize Theron sporting a lob, which perfectly frames her beautiful oval face. You can notice that she is also wearing her signature blonde hair, to which she has stayed true all her life.

3. The Cheryl Cole

The British singer and dancer is one of the most beautiful women across the pond. When it comes to hair, she adores long bob haircuts, and she loves them as puffy as they get. If you want to copy her looks, you will need a blow dryer and a lot of hairspray.

4. The Ciara

At the other end of the spectrum lies American singer Ciara who has opted for the effortless long bob haircuts. Here she is with a beautiful blonde balayage and just a hint of beach waves around her face that made her look like she just climbed out of bed.

5. The Heidi Klum

If Heidi Klum starts sporting a haircut, that’s cue enough for us that we should consider wearing it ourselves. Her long bob is sleek and straight with oversized side swept bangs and choppy ends. And just look at that red lipstick. Wouldn’t hurt to buy one of those either.

6. The Jennifer Aniston

She became internationally famous for two things. Playing the ditsy Rachel on Friends and wearing ‘the Rachel’ haircut on the same show. Nowadays, however, she sports long bob haircuts in a mix of platinum and honey blonde.

7. The Reese Witherspoon

This legally beautiful actress is here to demonstrate how to wear long bob haircuts with bangs. She does it in style, and with a lot of sultriness, we might add. Take notice of the dark smokey eye and nude lip.

8. The Emma Stone

Few people know this, but actress Emma Stone is actually a natural blonde. You can see her here transitioning from blonde to the red hair she typically wears in her day to day life. We have to say that we love her with both colors equally.

9. The Jessica Alba

There was a time when Jessica Alba was our teenage girl crush. Nowadays, she has transformed into a lovely, mature woman who wears a beautiful chestnut brown long bob. She still has those lovely coffee-colored eyes and that big smile.

10. The Rose Huntington-Whitley

When you get your first glimpse of this supermodel, you don’t know exactly what to rest your eyes on. Her piercing blue eyes? Her plump lips? Or her chiseled square face? We choose to focus on her long bob haircuts, which are absolute perfection.

11. The Jennifer Lawrence

It was virtually impossible for Hollywood’s darling and the best-paid actress in the world not to follow the same trend as everyone else when it comes to hair. Here she is sporting a long and angled bob in a chic platinum color.

12. The Rose Byrne

Another actress making the case for heavy bangs is the gorgeous Rose Byrne. She has come a long way from her days in Troy, turning into a sophisticated woman. Just look at that chocolate milk hair paired with a dark rose lip. Scrumptious!

13. The Olivia Palermo

Even though actress Olivia Palermo is giving us major cheekbone envy every time we see her, we shall focus on her hair. She too wears long bob haircuts in sweetheart curls. But really, does she even need to contour at this point?

14. The Keira Knightley

Keira loves shaggy long bob haircuts and you will too. They are just so easy to pull off and maintain! All you need to do is work a little mousse or wax into your hair to give it that bed head look, and you’re done. You can now safely walk out the door.

15. The Naomi Watts

A timeless beauty, actress Naomi Watts cannot go wrong no matter which hairstyle she chooses. This is a super straight white honey long bob with choppy ends and a down the middle parting line. It helps bring out the blue in her eyes.

16. The Anne Hathaway

Nothing says Anne Hathaway like a huge smile. How about long bob haircuts in a dark cocoa color? We love the 90s feel to this cut with the asymmetrical strands around the face and the long, sparkly earrings dangling about.

17. The Alexis Bledel

Rory grew up and transformed from the shy duckling into a fantastically gorgeous swan. The long bob haircuts she wears are complimented by a little ombre down at the bottom and, of course, a blunt fringe. And just look at those blue eyes.

18. The Kaley Cuoco

Back in the day when she was only a beginner actress on the small screen, everyone’s favorite neighbor Kaley Cuoco, used to wear long bob haircuts. They were shaggy and completely reminiscent of the 2000s, especially paired with those tank tops with the bra strap showing.

19. The Kate Beckinsale

Do you need to glam your look a little bit? Take a page out of Kate Beckinsale’s book and sport a huge pair of plum glasses. That’s on top of your already fabulous long bob haircuts, of course. Take notice of how shiny and glossy her hair is. Those are goals, right there.

20. The Rachel McAdams

Remember when Rachel McAdams was blonde? It was about the time when she starred as Regina George in Mean Girls. Her long bob haircuts are worth mentioning because they are cropped and feathery instead of being slicked like all the other ones.

21. The Jennifer Lopez

Now this is a sight to see. Jennifer Lopez sporting long bob haircuts. We all know that the diva loves her locks and doesn’t just cut them pell-mell. Therefore, she must have really been in love with this one to do it. So, we decided we’re going to copy it as well.

22. The Jenna Dewan Tatum

Apart from the long bob haircuts, you need to take a look at Jenna Dewan Tatum’s hair color. If you have similar eyes, this is the way to go because the dark brunette really sets them apart. We also love the cat eye and coral lip gloss she chose.

23. The Julianne Hough

Here is as classic a haircut as you can get. This iceberg blonde cascades softly onto her shoulders from a shaggy parting down the middle. It’s extremely easy to maintain as far as long bob haircuts are concerned because all you need is some leave in conditioner and a brush.

24. The Megan Fox

The sultry brunette actress loves long bob haircuts. And it’s a good thing that she does because they are a perfect fit for her beautiful face. This dark chocolate bob with caramel highlights makes her look mysterious and sexy.

25. The Chrissy Teigen

This is one supermodel who absolutely loves balayage and ombre no matter what she does. Teigen simply cannot get enough of it, just like she cannot get enough of long bob haircuts. The blonde strands near her face elongate it a little, since it’s so round and angular.

26. The Cara Delavigne

Are you wondering what one of the most famous supermodels in the world wears when she’s not the runway for the biggest fashion houses? She wears long bob haircuts, as proven by Cara Delavigne herself. Plus, take a look at the makeup. Smokey eye combined with a deep coral red lip? Yes, please!

chrissy teigen long bob haircuts


27. The Kerry Washington

Here is a perfect example of long bob haircuts on African American hair as displayed by actress Kerry Washington. She opted for wispy bangs and a set of gorgeous beach waves that go perfectly with the lace that sits on top of the neckline of her dress.

28. The Sandra Bullock

Although we are quite accustomed to seeing our girl Sandy B with her signature mane of long, slick black hair, she also donned the lob a few times. Here she is in the 2000s with an asymmetrical and choppy lob.

29. The Tessa Thompson

Actress Tessa Thompson has had quite a year, being credited in both Westworld and the critically acclaimed Thor Ragnarok. She decided to celebrate by sporting this amazing naturally curly long bob with a pin on one side, old Hollywood style.

30. The Gwyneth Paltrow

This Oscar-winning actress has not changed so much over the years. She’s still as young and vibrant as she was back in her Shakespeare in Love days and we admire her for that. One thing she did change, though. The length of her hair. She just fell in love with long bob haircuts.

31. The Salma Hayek

Was there ever a moment when Salma Hayek wasn’t the picture of sheer sexiness and sultriness? She will forever be our inspiration in this department. Here she is with a sleek long bob, smokey brown makeup, and a 90s spaghetti strap dress.

32. The Taylor Swift

Tay-Tay brings some much-needed girl next door sweetness and innocence to our list of long bob haircuts which was filled with supermodels and sultry actresses. The singer looks picture perfect for Sunday school in her flowery dress and signature red lipstick.

33. The Lily James

Yes, not even Cinderella could resist the lure of long bob haircuts. Actress Lily James, who portrayed Cinderella in the eponymous movie actually has strawberry ombre blonde hair in real life which she wears in a pretty lob.

34. The Lucy Hale

These might just be the most effortless beach waves we’ve ever seen in our lives. Therefore, we kindly ask Miss Lucy Hale to give us a hand and explain to us how it is that she gets them to be so right and so perfect every time.

35. The Olivia Munn

Apart from the long bob haircuts, another aspect we’re very keen on is Olivia Munn’s hair color. It’s a very deep and glossy brunette that goes extremely well with her tanned skin. She opted for nude makeup in the eye area so that she could wear that red and orange lipstick.

36. The Amanda Seyfried

We are absolutely in love with Amanda Seyfried’s blonde long bob haircuts. The color, in particular, is fantastic. It looks like a totally natural blonde, the kind you were born with or you get after you spent too much time sunbathing on your vacation.

37. The Adele

The British singer has been sporting long bob haircuts for so long that they have now become her signature cut. Here she is during her big night at the Grammys looking absolutely flawless. She was definitely one of the most beautiful women there that night.

38. The Elle Fanning

Dakota Fanning’s sister, Elle is taking the concept of nude beauty to a whole different level. She loves to make public appearances where she has very little makeup on, bar for some lip gloss and mascara. We completely support her idea of feminism and style.

39. The Rashida Jones

You might remember Rashida Jones from her roles in The Office and Parks and Recreation, in both of which she was flawless. Nowadays she wears long bob haircuts with wispy bangs that suit her really well and make her look like she just got back from a vacation in France.

40. The Katy Perry

Although he has tried many hairstyles and colors throughout her tumultuous career as a pop icon, we still love our Katy Perry best with this long, white bob. It highlights her gorgeous cobalt blue eyes, and makes her look like a fairy.

41. The Victoria Beckham

Another lady who hasn’t shied away from trying every single haircut known to man and beast is Posh Spice. The pop singer turned fashion designer has long since left behind the platinum beehives and has moved on to more elegant hairstyles, such as these long bob haircuts.

42. The Beyonce

The queen herself caved in and went for the cut. Even though she’s famous for her Sasha fierce long locks and mane of a hair, here she is with a long bob in two colors. The undergrowth is a dark chocolate, while the top color is a beige blonde.

43. The Eva Green

It’s impossible to take one glance at Eva Green and not fall in love with her. The actress has an indescribable mysterious quality which makes her looks like she just fell out of a fantasy movie. This is her with a very dark plum brunette long bob and a coral red lip.

44. The Jessica Chastain

Everyone’s favorite red-haired girl, actress Jessica Chastain is the perfect embodiment of vintage Hollywood with her long bob haircuts parted on the side. We love how she went for a deep smokey eye, reminiscent of the flapper girls of the roaring 20s.

45. The Tina Fey

When she’s not in costume imitating some celebrity, or portraying a very funny character, comedic genius Tina Fey cuts a dapper and beautiful figure on the red carpet. She too loves long bob haircuts in a light chestnut brown complete with drooping diamond earrings. Swoon…

46. The Viola Davis

Believe it or not, this is a wig. We included it on our list of long bob haircuts for two reasons. It’s absolutely fantastic and a wonderful haircut to copy. And second of all, Viola Davis made a statement a while back that she felt ready to ditch the wig and let people love her for who she really is because she has now reached a point in her life when she absolutely adores her natural self. We totally support that!

47. The Emilia Clarke

When it comes to beauty, it doesn’t really get better than Emilia Clarke, does it? Piercing green eyes, naturally full lips, thick eyebrows, and chiseled cheekbones. Therefore, if she says that long bob haircuts are in, we believe her completely. Long live Khaleesi!

48. The Ellie Kemper

The world fell in love with Ellie Kemper as the ditsy receptionist who made her way into everyone’s hearts in The Office. She too wears long bob haircuts in this gorgeous mahogany meets red hair color. This is her at a red carpet event.

49. The Claire Danes

Even though we adored the all-natural Claire Danes we saw in Romeo + Juliet and Little Women, where she wore long, brown hair, we also dig her sandy blonde. We love the fact that she still goes for nude makeup, even on the red carpet.

50. The Jame King

Model and actress Jame King is absolutely ravishing with her long bob haircuts in this fantastic shade of iceberg blonde. The color opens up to chai blonde toward the tips for a more natural feel.

Here are the 50 long bob haircuts we promised. As usual, Hollywood never fails to deliver when it comes to fashion, beauty, and style. The only thing left to do is to choose your favorite and book a day with your stylist so that you can upgrade your look.

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