50 Strawberry Blonde Hair Ideas That Look Amazing

50 Strawberry Blonde Hair Ideas That Look Amazing

strawberry blonde hair

Strawberry blonde hair is a delicious blend of blonde shades and light red hair colors.

In time, strawberry blonde became a signature look for many celebrities. Thanks to strawberry blonde icons like Nicole Kidman, this hair color has become a must-have in the past couple of years.

Yet it’s not only during the sunny season that fashionistas around the world flaunt this astonishing hair color.

Strawberry blonde hair, with all its lovely hues, warms up every season. Darker, almost copper shades emulate the colors of autumn.

Who can try on this hair color? Anyone.

The key is to find the right shade for your skin tone and complexion.

Find the most flattering hairstyle that emphasizes the beauty of strawberry blonde hair and your features.

Here are 50 strawberry blonde hair ideas bound to inspire your next look change.

1. Delicious Strawberry Blonde Hair

This is one of the classic strawberry blonde hues. Astonishing, isn’t it?

The warm reddish overtones perfectly complement lightly tanned skin.

A natural-looking hairstyle like this one will draw even more attention to your hair color.

2. Nicole Kidman Signature Look: Light Strawberry Blonde Hair

This style icon has been among the first to bring the enchanting strawberry blonde to new heights of glory.

With her porcelain white skin tone, Nicole Kidman was right to choose this bright color for her tresses.

She returned to this look time and time again, each of these times looking as gorgeous as ever.

3. Julia Roberts Wavy Strawberry Blonde Hair

Once more, the hairstyle is uncomplicated.

Loose waves styled in layers emphasize the darker shades of strawberry blonde ideal to complement this diva’s eye color and medium skin tone.

4. Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye Idea: Medium Hue

It may not be as bright as others, but this toned down strawberry blonde shade looks gorgeous on everyone.

It’s a timeless hair color with a ripe strawberry overtone.

5. Strawberry Blonde Color with Copper Reflexes

This is a youthful hair color idea that’s easy to achieve nowadays. It’s bright and refreshing and looks great on everyone with skin tones between fair and medium.

This strawberry blonde shade is listed in the strawberry blonde hair color chart under different names, depending on the hair dye brand.

If you’re looking for a refined yet youthful hair color, this is one of your best choices.

6. Layered Straight Hair: Strawberry Blonde and Pastel Pink

This eye-catching hairstyle is perfect to try on this summer.

Ask your hairstylist for an ombre with a twist, featuring platinum blonde, strawberry blonde and pastel pink on the tips.

The layered hair colors are enhanced by the choppy layers of the haircut.

7. Subtle Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Strawberry blonde highlights on light copper red hair add depth to the color.

Strawberry blonde highlights render a soft, sophisticated note to the overall look.

8. Half up-Half down Hairstyle for Wavy Strawberry Blonde Hair

This sophisticated shade is indeed redder than the classic strawberry blonde that barely has reddish shimmers.

Nonetheless, the base blonde color may also be more intense.

A deep golden blonde with red shades yields this beautiful hair color.

9. Dark Strawberry Blonde to Light Strawberry Blonde Ombre

Certainly a daring and edgy hairstyle that looks stunning on curly hair.

The transition between the two shades of strawberry blonde in this reversed ombre looks natural and elegant.

However, this does not chip the edgy note of this look.

10. Strawberry Blonde Ombre on Silky Smooth Hair

This time, the shades inch closer to the classic strawberry blonde hair color.

Having silky smooth hair draws even more attention to the perfect blend of strawberry blonde shades ranging from darker red to light blonde.

11. Choppy Layers on Silky Strawberry Blonde Hair

This lovely pink overtone of the strawberry blonde hair is ideal to add depth to thin silky hair.

The choppy layers were created for the same reason. This hairstyle and hair color create the perfect look for those of us who have thinner hair.

12. Golden Strawberry Blonde on Long Wavy Hair

We’ve got to give it to Scarlett Johansson. She looks incredibly classy with any hair color she chooses.

This intense golden strawberry blonde makes no exception.

13. Long Wavy Dark Strawberry Blonde Hair

Perhaps most known for her role in the TV series True Blood, Deborah Ann Woll looks amazing with any hair color that has red overtones.

This dark strawberry blonde hair color isn’t just ideal to complement her fair skin tone. It also emphasizes the mesmerizing color of her eyes.

14. Loose Curls on Thick Dark Strawberry Blonde Hair

This dark shade of strawberry blonde looks amazing on the loose curly tresses that flow beyond the shoulder line.

The depth of the color is highlighted by the curls and voluminous hairstyle.

15. Short A-Line Bob for Light Strawberry Blonde Hair

A versatile creamy color that’s definitely worth considering this summer.

Light colors are generally a great idea for the sunny season.

This sweet strawberry blonde shade will look just as beautiful with sun-kissed tresses.

16. Outgrown Pixie Cut Light Strawberry Blonde Hair

Unlike the soft strawberry blonde shade before, this one has a stronger light red overtone.

Nonetheless, it makes the cute pixie cut look edgier yet sophisticated and playful.

17. Golden Blonde with Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Blonde hair with strawberry blonde highlights is a match made in heaven. It is a hairstyle that’s flattering to everyone and complements all skin tones.

18. Braided Ashy Strawberry Hair

When ash blonde hair meets strawberry blonde, you get this refined hair color with a pink tint. We love this braided hairstyle too.

19. Delicious Color Mix: Mango Hair Color and Strawberry Blonde

It may sound like a delicious fruit salad, yet this stunning balayage creates an edgy look that’s bound to receive some envy looks.

Try it on for size this summer!

20. Classy Strawberry Blonde Color on Curly Hair

Not only is this shade classy, but it’s also a classic. This is the strawberry blonde hair color made famous by Nicole Kidman and other celebrities.

The free-flowing soft curls shine brighter thanks to the warm hues of strawberry blonde.

21. Shoulder-length Strawberry Blonde Hair

Emma Stone is yet another celebrity that looks stunning with any shade of reddish hair.

It may be her fair complexion and light eye color, but this shade of strawberry blonde is another successful look change for the Hollywood icon.

22. Strawberry Blonde Hair with Highlights

A perfect hairstyle for classy ladies that blends dark strawberry blonde with lighter highlights for depth and volume.

We just love the natural transition between the different shades.

23. Intense Strawberry on Long Hair

This medium strawberry hair color is intense and eye-catching. The perfect silky smooth styling adds even more to the classy sophisticated look.

24. Vintage Glam Hairstyle for Strawberry Hair

We love this romantic look achieved with strawberry blonde hair colors. Everything about this women’s hairstyle is charming and alluring.

25. Copper Blonde with Strawberry Tints

This hair color is almost metallic copper. Nonetheless, it is sweetened by the strawberry blonde tints perfectly revealed by the fine layers.

26. Light Strawberry Blonde Hair with Pink Highlights

Do you want to refresh your look for this summer? Try this hairstyle and hair color on for size.

The length of this classic bob allows versatile hairstyles, while the light strawberry blonde shade enhanced by pink highlights is luminous, playful and ideal for long summer days.

27. Playful Mix of Strawberry Blonde Shades in Halfdo

You may have spotted this halfdo hairstyle for women in bridal magazines and photo shoots.

Well, this is certainly a playful twist for a classy hairstyle achieved by blending light strawberry blonde hair dye with darker shades and just a hint of pastel pink and golden blonde.

A delightful balayage mix.

28. Short Strawberry Blonde Hair in Layers

Strawberry blonde short hair looks as enticing and delightful as long, full tresses.

Although there is no play of colors here, the look remains a stylish yet edgy one.

29. Strawberry Blonde and Auburn Balayage

A delightful play of colors that combines soft red hues with dark blonde and a tint of brown for a remarkable hair color.

The layered bangs swept to the side add a flirty note to the overall look and display the unique color blend.

30. Romantic Strawberry Hairstyle

Gorgeous curled locks highlighted by the color palette. The warm romantic strawberry blonde tresses are highlighted here and there with pale blonde.

This adds luminosity and depth for a truly romantic hairstyle.

31. Strawberry Blonde Highlights on Blonde Hair

Recreate this stunning, almost bronze color by adding delicious strawberry blonde highlights to your shimmery brown mane.

This is a hairstyle that’s particularly suited if your natural or base hair color is a light shade of golden brown or just a couple of hues darker than a medium strawberry blonde shade.

32. Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Doesn’t Cara Delevingne look gorgeous with this expertly done balayage?

Albeit strawberry blonde hair rarely occurs naturally, this photo could make you believe this is the model’s natural mane.

33. Strawberry Blonde Balayage on Caramel Hair

Another stunning instance of shimmering honey brown beautifully complemented by strawberry blonde.

Whether it’s highlights, balayage or ombre, strawberry blonde looks just as natural and beautiful.

34. Gorgeous Long Strawberry Blonde Hair

Scarlett Johansson sports another shade of strawberry blonde. This time, the hue inches closer to dirty strawberry blonde hair.

35. Long Dark Strawberry Hair

Strawberry blonde natural hair is a rare sight.

Nonetheless, this almost ginger hair color is among the natural strawberry blonde shades, despite it being slightly darker.

36. Short Hairstyles for Fine Strawberry Hair

Blonde hair with strawberry highlights?

No need for a hairstyle that’s so difficult to maintain when you can have this natural-looking strawberry blonde hair color with pale ashy pink accents.

Not to mention that it is the best match for this short hairstyle. The color is easy to wear and cute, the haircut is easy to style.

37. Strawberry Blonde Bob

This may be a toned down shade of strawberry blonde. Nonetheless, the layered bob pairs beautifully with the warm hair color.

38. Strawberry Pixie Cut

Do you want a women’s hairstyle that’s easy to maintain and style this summer? Go for a pixie cut.

This haircut is flattering for almost everyone and gets you out of the house in no time.

Are you also looking for a hair color that’s in line with the summer’s trends? Try this classic shade of strawberry blonde.

Sweet and sassy.

39. Lob Haircut

Lob haircuts are versatile and chic despite the hair length.

They can be twisted in hairstyles ideal for a night out or styled perfectly for formal business meetings.

A lob cut on strawberry blonde hair simply doubles your style credits.

40. Shades of Strawberry

Blending fiery reds with the mildest strawberry blonde hair colors, this hairstyle is a definite wow factor for a daring look.

If you’re feeling courageous this summer, try it on for size.

41. Light Strawberry Blonde Hair

This sweet romantic look can be achieved by dying your hair in a mild strawberry blonde shade with light platinum tints.

Then, if you happen to have a versatile bob haircut, style it to achieve these stunning curls which perfectly frame the face.

42. Gorgeous Dark Strawberry Blonde Curls

Gorgeous natural waves and coils and the right hair color are all it takes for a stunning look.

This photo is truly inspiring as far as choosing the right shade of dark strawberry blonde goes.

This is definitely on our top ten list of preferred hair colors this summer.

43. Strawberry Blonde Hair with Lowlights

Choosing to darken your strawberry blonde hair is another way of refreshing your look.

It is best achieved not by renouncing the warm hair color completely, but by adding lowlights just a couple of shades darker than your base hue.

44. Strawberry Blonde and Rose Gold Blend

This stunning hair color is in line with this summer’s trends. If you have a fair skin tone, don’t hesitate to try it on. It’s sweet, flirty, and chic.

45. A Natural Shade of Strawberry Blonde Hair

An almost red shade of strawberry blonde that looks stunning with any occasion. It will make porcelain skin shine.

46. Another Natural Shade

Wear this stunning shade of strawberry blonde this summer and you won’t regret it.

Sun-kissed tresses make this hair color even more appealing.

Effortlessly flowing waves add even more charm to an already chic and romantic look.

47. Strawberry Blonde Hairstyle

Notice the skillful hair coloring that renders the perfect strawberry blonde hair color with pinks a pink overnote.

48. Short Strawberry Blonde Hairstyle

This short hairstyle for strawberry blonde hair is another stunning instance of how this warm hair color works wonders in bringing out the beauty of porcelain skin.

This intense hue isn’t too flattering for more tanned skin.

49. Strawberry Blonde Curly Hair

Are you looking for the ideal flirty hairstyle? Try perfectly styled layered curls in the softest strawberry blonde shade.

50. Strawberry Blonde Short Curly Bob

The light blonde highlights and the effortless voluminous curls enhance the beautiful strawberry blonde hair color.

Ready to Change Your Look?

So how about it, are you ready to take that one daring step and change your hair color to strawberry blonde?

As you’ve seen above, this is a very versatile color that you can change to make it trully yours.

What’s your favorite strawberry blonde hair color idea or haircut?

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