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60 Trendy Pixie Cuts and Hairstyle Ideas Fit for all Hair Types

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There is a myth revolving around pixie cut hairstyles, one that claims that the pixie does not flatter everyone and that you must have a particular face shape or certain features. Well, we consider this to be highly inaccurate. Consequently, this is what we will be prooving today: everyone can sport a pixie.

To do so, we have rounded up some of the coolest pixie cut ideas for you to choose from and get inspired by!

1. The Simple Pixie Cut

The first idea is always the simplest. Here is a traditional pixie cut that leaves the whole of your neck exposed but that also keeps a tuft of hair in the front. Go for a tousled and messy look to style it.

2. The Slick Pixie Cut Hairstyle

At the other end of the messy pixie cut, we’ve shown above is this very slick and shiny one. This pixie cut is more of a very short bob as it borrows its trademark features. Go for a deep side part to create the illusion of bangs.

3. The Twiggy Pixie Cut Hairstyles

In case you want to go for a supermodel look the likes of Twiggy and her company then this is the pixie cut for you! It’s incredibly short, yet not short enough to make you look like a teenage boy. In other words, it’s perfection in a haircut!

4. The Pixie Cut with Bangs Hairstyle

You may also add a touch of flair to your short pixie by letting some bangs survive the scissors. Tousle them around with some mouse for a mess head effect.

5. The Textured Pixie Cut Hairstyle

This haircut is caught somewhere between a bob and a pixie cut. Ask your stylist to layer it for you to add volume. It will also make it easier to style on your own.

6. The Army-Style Pixie Cut

This lovely lady shows us what army glamour looks like with her metallic gray hair and super short pixie. If you want to replicate the look, you can get a buzz cut in the back and some short bangs in the front.

7. The Two-Toned Pixie Cut

Do you know what is a great way of showing off just how proud you are of your new pixie? Dyeing your hair in two separate colors. Add a darker tone for the backsides and under the hair and a lighter, fun one on top.

8. Volume on Top Pixie Cut Hairstyles

A pixie cut can also help add some inches if you’re not entirely satisfied with your height. When you get your hair cut, you can leave some longer strands on top of your head and then puff them up with some mousse.

9. Gun Metal Gray Pixie Cut

Go one step further and dye your hair a lovely gun-metal gray color. It will add depth and texture to your pixie cut. In addition, it will make it look even more fresh and more stylish than it already is.

10. The 2000s Pixie Hairstyles

Even though right now we are going through a revival of the 90s, that doesn’t mean you cannot borrow from the 2000s too. Here is a pic of Mandy Moore sporting her famous chocolate short choppy pixie cut.

11. Pixie Cut and Braid

One way of looking like a real fairy even with short haircuts is by braiding your bang. The lovely lady in the picture looks absolutely stunning in an icicle-blonde shade, a pixie cut, and a messy braid at the front.

12. The Long Pixie Haircut

Long-haired ladies looking shorter, say hello to the long pixie! This one was layered and straightened with an iron to give it a retro vibe but it can also be worn messy and free.

13. The Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut

Nothing says youth and fun like this asymmetrical pixie cut. It comes in a fantastic deep chestnut color, but you can dye yours any way you want. Put a comb through the bangs for a slick finish.

14. The Shaggy Pixie Haircut

Our use of words here is not accidental, as the lovely lady is holding the cutest dog. Take a cue from her and sport your very own shaggy pixie cut in a natural color.

15. Frozen to Perfection Pixie Hairstyle

Here is another lovely gal that turned to frozen white blondes as her color of choice. She is also donning a mesmerizing pixie cut complete with scruffy bangs and smoky eye makeup.

16. The Pixie Haircut for Thick Hair

A pixie cut is, in fact, perfect if you happen to have very thick hair. Not only will you lose all the length of the strands, but the haircut will also take away much of the hair’s body and volume.

17. The Ash Blonde Pixie Hairstyles

Blonde beauties can’t seem to get enough of the pixie cut. Therefore, here is one more sporting a very messy and relaxed short style colored in a lovely ash blonde.

18. The Layered Pixie Haircut

Pixie cuts of this sort are very alluring and becoming. They have sharp edges which frame the face perfectly leaving the length of your gracious neck exposed.

19. The Long and Stacked Pixie Hairstyle

In this context, stacked means layered and taken to the next level. In fact, you have a pixie cut, but with layers upon layers upon layers of your luscious locks. We’re loving the shades of red too!

20. Turquoise Pixie Hairstyles

This is the definition of fashionable and hip. A relaxed and beautiful young woman sporting a fantastically turquoise pixie cut, pretty dream catcher earrings, and spot-on makeup!

21. The Bourgeois Pixie Cut

Here is an example that the pixie cut truly does fit anyone. As you can see, it’s a lovely ash-blonde shade cut into a pixie, with a bit of volume on top and splendid pearl earrings. In addition, the makeup is demure and classy.

22. Wavy Hair and Shaved Sides Cut

How does this work? Firstly, you go for shaved sides (go as far as you’re comfortable). Secondly, you move all the hair to the other side. Finally, use a small length curling iron to get some beach waves in place.

23. Under the Sea Colors in Pixie Hairstyles

Nothing works better with a pixie haircut than bright, neon colors. Get inspired by this inky shade of blue which reminds us of the deep, blue sea on an icy morning.

24. Going Punk Rock with a Pixie Cut

We’ve already shown you what it’s like to shave off a little bit of hair on the sides. But here’s another idea: shave it all off! You’ll get a lot of hair on one side, none on the other, and a truly outstanding haircut. Dyeing your hair too is optional but recommended for a completely new look.

25. The Chunky Pixie Haircut

We called this the chunky one as this is how the edges of the hair appear. It’s also close to a bob, as far as haircuts go. Therefore, you can pass it off as one, in case you get tired of your pixie.

26. The Spiky Pixie Haircut

Moving on, we have yet another example of a spiky pixie. With this hairstyle, you get a lot of spikes on top of your head for a true messy bedhead situation. You’ll look relaxed and poised at the same time!

27. Chestnut Red Pixie Hairstyles

Lacking inspiration for your new look for a night out in town? Problem solved! Evidently, we have this super short and choppy pixie cut and the wonderful makeup to thank for this.

28. The Undercut Pixie with Long Bangs

Believe it or not, when it comes to the pixie cut hairstyle, the undercut is just as important as the strands on top. Pay special attention to it and choose a style that fits the shape of your head.

29. The Wavy Pixie Haircut

Leaving some longer strands of hair on top of your head when you get your pixie cut will allow you to curl it up with your iron. You’ll get the best of both worlds!

30. The Undercut Pixie Haircut 2.0

The rocking look may be obtained by cutting your hair very short in the back and on the sides and leaving the outer strands as long as you want them. Don’t forget about the undercut either!

31. The Icing on the Cake Pixie Hairstyles

We loved this do so much that we called it ‘the icing on the cake.’ It is very short on the sides and in the back. In addition, the top is longer and has been styled to look like a bit of delicious whipped cream.

32. The Mohawk Pixie Haircut

Who said mohawks are out? You can help bring them back into the mainstream by donning this fabulous mohawk haircut. Moreover, this lady added a lovely light copper hue to her locks too.

33. The Goth Pixie Haircut

Well, it’s not goth per se, but it surely does remind one of that style. As a matter of fact, what it does do is make us think of a gal that is fierce, proud of who she is, and bravest of them all.

34. The Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

This type of pixie cut is all about the bangs. They do say that one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. However, we cannot help but admire this young lady for her front locks and looks.

35. The Short and Blunt Pixie Haircut

Keep it short. Also, keep it blunt. Keep it messy. And, of course, keep it pixie! You will be the belle of the ball!

36. Snowy White Pixie

This lovely lady has such an amazing polar blonde hue to her locks that it looks almost natural. With it, you can start getting ready for winter (but you can also sport it in all the other seasons too).

37. Silver Pixie Hairstyles with Gray Undertones

When your hair color matches your silver earrings, you just know you’ve found a golden ticket. As a matter of fact, the many shades of gray in this pixie cut give it an almost regal look.

38. The Pixie Cut for Round Face

As we mentioned in the beginning, there is no face shape that the pixie cut cannot flatter. Part your hair sideways and create an illusion of long bangs. In addition, you may also sweep it across the head in a faux mohawk.

39. Boyish Charm Pixie Haircut

This is the type of pixie cut that will best highlight your cheekbones. Balance that boyish look by going for some cool accessories or with some daring makeup. It also looks air-dried and easy to maintain.

40. The Snow Queen Pixie Hairstyles

You’ve guessed it. We have chosen a lot of white-blonde examples because, as we all know, winter is coming. There’s just something about a pixie cut and blonde hair, isn’t it?

41. The Edgy Pixie Haircut

Its chunky pieces and straight lines make this quite the edgy pixie haircut. Apart from that, the angles of the cut are so sharp that they perfectly elongate the face.

42. Black and Red Pixie Style

Keeping the undergrowth in its natural hair color and dyeing the rest in a contrasting hue is a fantastic idea. It can help you easily get that fierce and cool look, which so many women covet for.

43. Ash, Blonde, and Black Pixie Hairstyles

Here is another spin on the idea above. Only that, in this case, you can see not two, but three colors in this pixie. There’s dark hair in the back, an ash blonde in the middle, and a light blonde in the front.

44. The Claw-Shaped Pixie Haircut

We endearingly called this one ‘the claw.’ The sharp edge of the cut takes on a whole new meaning with this pixie cut. In addition, you can follow the lines of your face and cut away at your bangs at will!

45. The Chic Shaved Side Pixie Haircut

As far as pixie cuts go, there’s nothing chicer than this. Apart from that, watch how chic turns downright cool when you side sweeps your bangs into perfection.

46. A Deep Brunette Pixie Hairstyles

This shade of intensely dark brunette will highlight just about anything! From your skin tone to your eyes, to your cheekbones and the earrings you wear.

47. The Feathered Pixie Haircut

Why is this one called ‘feathered?’ Because the upper strands of hair have been chopped off in such a way that they now look like feathers. Additionally, this will also give you an airy and fresh look.

48. The Michele Williams Pixie Style

Here is Michele Williams, one of the most famous ambassadors of the pixie haircut. Apart from the one above, she also sported a long and curly one when she notoriously portrayed diva Marilyn Monroe.

49. The Pastels Pixie Hairstyles

We’ve said this before, but it’s worth mentioning again. If you decide to go for the pixie cut, we see no reason why you shouldn’t go all the way and dye your hair too.

Here is an amazing example dyed rose gold hair color and combined with just a touch of lilac. You’ll look like an actual pixie with this one!

50. Curly Hair Pixie Style

Take a curling iron to your top locks to add some texture to your pixie cut. If you dye your hair ice blonde, make sure to leave the roots a bit darker for a more natural feel to it.

51. French-Style Pixie Hairstyles

You will now because this pixie cut can almost make you hear the crowds chattering away on Champs Elyse. In addition, the long faux bangs simply ask for a cute striped shirt to complete the look.

52. The Messy and Layered Pixie Cut

We’ve talked about messy before, but this one takes the cake. The very long sandy bangs drape over the face while the short brown back complements the length of the neck.

53. The Shades of Silver Pixie Cut Hairstyles

Silver and purple hair have a way of going together like nothing else. Dye your pixie cut silver and paint your lips purple. In fact, why not dye your hair purple and paint your lips silver too?

54. Pixie in the Front, Bob in the Back

This haircut is so well executed and such a great idea that it truly looks as if it’s a pixie from the front and sides and a bob from the back. You’ll get a truly unique look if you go this way!

55. The Really Short Curly Pixie Cut Hairstyle

Curly hair can be a joy and a pain to style. But when it comes to a pixie, the curlier, the better! Keep it short on the sides and in the back and let it run in wild curls on top of your head.

56. Tousled and Messy Wavy Pixie Cut Hairstyles

The styling here is impeccable. Her golden blonde hair pairs incredibly well with the flowery shirt. This combo makes it look like the sun came out from a field of blue flowers.

57. Black and White Classic Pixie Cut

This is as simple as simple gets. The magic of the pixie cut lies in the fact that it can make you look feminine beyond anything you’ve ever imagined. Who would have guessed you can get that even with such short hair?

58. Fauxhawk Pixie Style

Here is the faux mohawk we referenced a few examples ago. The ash-blonde cut into a rocking pixie pair off nicely with a powerful brow and a statement lip.

59. The Delicate Pixie Cut Hairstyles

Here is one type of pixie that will make you look elvish enough to fit into a fairytale. The dark color helps soften the features rather than harden them, and all is mainly thanks to the short haircut.

60. Curly Pixie with Undercut

curly hair with glasses

If you want to maintain your naturally curly hair, but still bring a modern touch to it, choose this simple pixie cut that will highlight your mane. Make it all the more interesting by cutting in a subtle undercut.

61. Dirty Pink Pixie Cut Hairstyles

Dirty pink

A colored pixie cut highlights your features while adding personality to your style. The dirty pink pixie haircut works perfectly on blonde or light brown hair.

62. Sea Foam Green and Messy Style Pixie Cut

If you want to make a statement during the fall seasons and you don’t know which of the examples above to choose, you can always go for a messy pixie cut in a pastel color. Here is an idea in seafoam green combined with just a little bit of turquoise to make you stand out from the crowd.

Ready to Change Your Look?

So there you have it, many of the best pixies cut ideas that will fit you no matter your style, face shape, hair color of choice, or way of life. But enough chit-chat from us.

Tells us, which one of these is your favorite and has you eager to chop off those locks? Leave a comment and let us know!


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