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50 Adorable Flower Girl Hairstyles to Try in 2022

50 Adorable Flower Girl Hairstyles in 2022

Have you or your daughter been given the honor of flower girl and need to find the best hairstyle? Look no further; here, we have 50 Flower Girl Hairstyles for you to choose from. These sweet looks will compliment your dress or any outfit perfectly.

We have flower girl looks here that have colorful flowers added in, beautiful updos, simple curls, twisted braids, pretty hair accessories, and big bows. No matter what kind of wedding your flower girl is in, there is a hairstyle here that will match the day. Let’s look at the list of 50 adorable flower girl hairstyles.

1. Half Braided Flower Crown Flower Girl Hairstyles

This first hairstyle is a half-up, half-down kind of look. They added big curls with a braided hairstyle section in the middle and big beautiful fake flowers in a halo. Try finding the flowers at your local craft store; they should have whatever you are looking for.

2. Fine Delicate Curl with Lace Bow Flower Girl Hairstyles

This is a sweet style for a younger flower girl; you could try this hairstyle for thin hair. They added delicate curls with a lace bow, which is so cute.

3. Pull-through Braids with Floweretes Flower Girl Hairstyles

This style is a pull-through braided look. This will be a wonderful choice if your flower girl has long hair. Start by curling all the hair and asking your hairdresser to add a pull-through braid to keep the hair pulled back out of her face.

4. Flower Girl Bow Hairstyle

This is such a cute style for little curls. She is wearing most of her hair long and curly, and the midsection is pulled back into a half-up look that looks like a bow.

5. Messy Bun Updo

A messy bun updo is such a pretty style for young girls. This messy bun is a great way to ensure that it will stay in place no matter how hard she plays before the ceremony.

6. Loose Dutch Braid Bun

Dutch braids are always a good idea for girls during a wedding party. They started her braid up high on the head and twisted it back into a bun in the back, and the results are so adorable.

7. Half Flower Braids with Curly Ends

This beautiful style is another great look for little girls with long hair. She is wearing her hair in a half flower braid with long curly ends. Make sure to add in some hairspray so that her style will last all day long.

8. Twisted Curly Braids Flower Girl Hairstyles

All little girls are sure to love this twisted curly braid hairstyle. They pulled half of her hair up into a braid and added colorful flowers; you can always pick the flowers for the hair based on the wedding colors.

9. Two-Strand Braid Bun

This elegant style is a two-strand braid bun. This hairstyle is perfect for brides and flower girls; try finding a pearl and diamond style hair clip for the perfect accessory as they did in the photo above.

10. Cute Full Dutch Braids

Wow, this hairstyle is so cute. This full dutch braid is a great solution if you are looking for a flower girl style for thick hair.

11. Elegant Flower Girl Braid Hairstyles

If your wedding party is going for an elegant vibe, this flower girl fishbone braid is perfect. They added big curls throughout and pulled the braid back using a pink lace bow, and the results are so beautiful.

12. Pull-through Ponytail Braid Flower Girl Hairstyles

If you have super long hair and need a flower girl hairstyle that will stay all day long, look no further; this pull-through ponytail braid is perfect. They kept the hair loose and pulled out a bit in the big braid, and it looks so perfect.

13. Braided Spring Curls Flower Girl Hairstyles

Spring curls are so tight and beautiful that they make you feel like a princess. It doesn’t matter if you have naturally curly hair; anyone can wear this style with the right curling iron. Don’t forget to use lots of hairsprays, so your curls stay in place all day long.

14. Messy High Bun Flower Girl Hairstyles

A messy bun is a great choice for young girls who love to play all day. This style will keep the hair up and out of her face for the whole party.

15. Mid Part Waterfall Braids Flower Girl Hairstyles

Waterfall braids are another amazing choice for your flower girl to look perfect. In the photo above, they parted her hair down the middle and left most of the hair long and curly.

16. Braided Half Up Half Down

It does not get much better than this style for a braided half-up half-down hairstyle. They added a beautiful braid holding all the hair across her head, and it looks so pretty.

17. Neat Twisted Bun Hairstyle

For a nice neat look, try this neat twisted bun hairstyle. This is a very elegant look that any flower girl would be lucky for. They added a nice hair bracket on top to define her style because her natural hair is so dark.

18. Shag Dutch Braid Knot

This hairdo is called a shag dutch braid knot. This hairstyle starts by curling all of your hair in big pretty curls and then adds in the most beautiful dutch braid in the back.

19. Simple Curly Ponytail

This sweet girl is wearing a simple curly ponytail for her flower girl hair. This would be a wonderful idea if your little girl cannot sit still for a while. Try adding in a fun headband as they did in the photo above.

20. Inter Twine Big Bun Flower Girl Hairstyles

Another great way to style your flower girl’s hair would be in this intertwine big bun look. They added pretty white flowers to give it a little extra color, and the results are pretty.

21. Slant Dutch Braid Bun Flower Girl Hairstyles

Try out this slant dutch braid bun to keep all the hair pulled back tight. They added a white bow, no doubt to match her dress for the day, but you could always try a bow that matches the wedding party.

22. Tight Curly Hair with Flower Crown

Try this tight curly hair with a flower crown lookout for an elegant style. They have braided the hair into the crown to make sure that the hairstyle stays in place all day long.

23. Tousled High Bun Flower Girl Hairstyles

For an easy and pretty style, try this tousled high bun hairstyle. This simple but adorable look would be wonderful for younger girls who have a lot of hair. A headband or hair bow would look fantastic on this simple wedding hairstyle.

24. Floral Ribbon Lace on Braided Half

Wow, if you can find a hairdresser that can pull this floral ribbon braided hair look off, never let them go. This beautiful style has a big braided bun in the back with the headband and lace running down the back.

25. Perfect Heart Shape Bun Flower Girl Hairstyles

A heart-shaped bun is always a good idea on wedding days. This sweet hairstyle has two braids from the look of a big heart on the back. Your flower girl will love the way she looks and will be so excited to walk down the aisle.

26. Side Bun Braids Flower Girl Hairstyles

This fun style is called the side bun braids. Start with a big dutch braid running down the side of the head and twist the rest of the hair into a big bun. This would be a good look for a summer wedding because it keeps her hair up and off her back.

27. Crown Flower Hidden Bun

All flower girls need flowers in their hair. This look is the crown flower hidden bun style, and it would be so amazing for your flower girl to wear. This simple style pulls her hair back into a twisted bun and adds a flower crown on top.

28. Twisted Easy Low Bun Flower Girl Hairstyles

A twisted easy low bun hairstyle for flower girls is a great pick for little girls who do not want to sit in the chair getting their hair down. It pulls the braids into a big beautiful bun in the back; they can add some flowers as they did above for a little extra style.

29. Messy Rapunzel Braids Flower Girl Hairstyles

If you tell your flower girl she will get to look like the princess Rapunzel she is sure to be in a great mood all day. In this look, they have the hair pulled back into a big loose fish braid with different types of flowers spread throughout.

30. Side Dutch Braid Accent Flower Girl Hairstyles

Try adding in a side dutch braid accent after adding some simple curls. This adorable hairstyle is sure to make any flower girl happy.

31. Spring Curl Twisted Flower Girl Hairstyles

Another spring curl hairstyle for you to try out. These beautiful curls are tight and flow down her back perfectly. They twisted the top into a half-up half-down look, and it was the perfect solution to keep the hair out of her face for the ceremony.

32. Half Curly Pigtail Flower Girl Hairstyles

This sweet girl is wearing a half curly pigtail style. This would be so easy to pull off; all you need to do is add in some looks curls and pull the front pieces back into a bow.

33. Textured Blunt Bun with Flowers

This would be a wonderful style for braids and flower girls alike. They have the most beautiful big textured curled pulled into a bun with pretty pink flowers as a headband.

34. Frontal Braid Accent Bun Flower Girl Hairstyles

This sweet style is a frontal braid accent pulled into a bun. Try this flower girl hair out if you need a fast and easy style that will last day long.

35. Twirled Half-up Highlights

If your flower girl has pretty natural blonde highlights as she does in the photo above, try out this twisted half-up highlight look. They have curled all the hair perfectly, twisted the front section, and pinned it up on top. This style is really pretty and sure to make any flower girl happy.

36. Beautiful Full Bun Flower Girl Hairstyles

A simple but elegant look is this beautiful full bun style. This will be a great look if you have a simple wedding with no hairdresser. All you need to do is brush the hair back into a bun and add a few flowers on top.

37. Well Define Dutch Braids Flower Girl Hairstyles

Dutch braids are so beautiful, even more so when you can get them to look like these well-defined ones in the photo above. Try adding some hair products with anti-frizz properties to get this style.

38. Braid Pigtail with Starfish Accent

These cuties are wearing braided pigtails with starfish accents on top. This look will be perfect if you plan to have a beach wedding in the summer.

39. Classic Braid Full Bun Flower Girl Hairstyles

This classic braid with a full bun for the more traditional wedding is just what you need. Start with a french braid down the middle and end it off with a bun and a big bow.

40. Lengthy Half Flower Updo

Try this lengthy half flower braided updo style if your flower girl has long, pretty hair. All you will need to do is curl the ends of the hair and then pull the front section back into a twisted bun, they have also added in some baby breath flowers, and it looks perfect.

41. Dutch and Fishtail Side Ponytail

This pretty style is a dutch and fishtail combo with a side ponytail. This flower girl hairstyle would be so pretty for little girls with a lot of hair. It will keep their hair in place all day long, and it looks so adorable.

42. Beautiful Soft Curls with Flower

This simple style has a few soft curls on the ends of the hair and a big flower crown on top. This hairstyle would perfectly match any wedding your flower girl is in.

43. Two Messy Bun Braids

If you have a flower girl who does not have a lot of hair, this would be a cute style. They have two french braids pulled back into cute messy buns with white bows.

44. Short Messy Twisted Ponytail

This messy twisted ponytail should be high up on the list of what hair to choose for your flower girl. This style would be beautiful on all hair types, and you can always change up the flowers to match the big day.

45. Simple Loose Updo

This simple loose updo for long hair is a classic wedding hair choice. Add a few big braids on the side and pull the rest up into a messy one. If you try this hairstyle out, you are sure to love it.

46. Tight Dutch Braid Updo

Here is a boho-chic hairstyle. They have the most beautiful hair accessories added throughout the braids, and it is such a beautiful way to wear your hair as a flower girl.

47. Curved Side Braid Pigtail

Here we have a curved side braid pigtail look. This style will keep your flower girls hair in place all day long, no matter what trouble she gets herself into.

48. Reverse Braided Messy Bun

Here is another wonderful flower girl hairstyle for the summertime. She is wearing a reverse braid up the back of her head that feeds into a big messy bun, and it looks perfect.

49. Long Curly Ends with Clip

If your flower girl has long hair, this should be the hairstyle she tries out. This style has long curly ends with a big clip and looks so good on any hair type.

50. Inter Twine Messy Flower Braids

If your flower girl has long, thick hair, this would be a great choice for her to wear. Try out the intertwine messy flower braids on your big day as a flower girl; you will look great.


If you have ever been to a wedding party, you know that one of the best parts about the day is when all the girls get together and get their hair done. Flower girls especially love being invited because it makes them feel like adults. So let us know which one of these styles you will pick out for your flower girl on her big day.


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