45 Blonde Highlights Ideas for All Hair Types and Colors

50 Blonde Highlights Ideas for All Hair Types and Colors

elegant brown hair with blonde highlights

Bring a bit of sunshine in your hair with blonde highlights. We’ve compiled 50 stunning blonde highlights looks so you can easily find your inspiration. Subtle blonde shades or chunky blonde lowlights and highlights are used to create a variety of beautiful looks. Add depth and luminosity to your hairstyle or enhance your hair color using shades of blonde.

1. Blonde Highlights and Chocolate Highlights on Wavy Hair

Ash blonde and spicy chocolate highlights meet in a perfect balayage. An inspiring hairstyle if you’re one to sport the summer-ready wavy tresses.

2. Blonde Ombre Highlights

The deep dark color of the roots fans out in a subtle blonde ombre. This is a great look for all those whose skin tone is medium or slightly tanned.

3. Blonde Highlights on Short Pixie Hair

If a well-trimmed pixie cut isn’t edgy enough for you, spice it up with a touch of golden blonde. A truly inspiring hairstyle for women.

4. Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Threads of blonde add shine and depth to this delicious caramel base. Wear your springy locks in a carefully studied mess and make sure the blonde highlights are perfectly framing the face.

5. Thick Light Blonde Hair with Blonde Balayage Highlights

Dirty blonde, baby blonde, sun-kissed blonde, ash blonde, platinum blonde. You can find all of these blonde shades in a perfectly executed balayage.

6. Caramel Blonde Highlights on Curly Hair

Add an extra dose of spice to an already spicy look. These caramel blonde highlights on the perfect springs are gorgeous. Moreover, the color blend is quite flattering for the bronze skin tone.

7. Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Soft highlights fanning out from the overgrown dark roots make a rocking look. Particularly when the haircut is a symmetric deep-angled bob on luscious straight hair.

8. Dark Brown to Blonde Balayage

Chunky blonde highlights on a note of dark chocolate brown look stunning and fit for a laid-back, rock’n’roll look with a twist.

9. Silver Blonde Highlights on Short Blonde Hair

Who said blonde hair color doesn’t pair well with a blonde base and blonde highlights? We love this sweet feminine look in which silver blonde highlights bring a fairytale note.

10. Blonde Hair Color Ideas: Blonde Lowlights and Highlights

Another exquisite example of how blonde lowlights ideally complement the blonde highlights on a brown base. We love the messy looks.

11. Feathered Pixie Cut with Blonde Ends

Bring depth and luminosity to your short haircut with blonde highlights. These streaks of gold on the short feathered pixie cut are tiny sparks of light.

12. Blonde Hair Red Hair Highlights

Blonde shades blend well with all other hair colors. Cherry red or auburn red included. This blend of red and blonde tones are ideal for enhancing a fair skin tone.

13. Sweet Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

Wispy streaks of blonde on brown hair add even more warmth and depth. Notice how the blonde tones soften the look and create structure.

14. Blonde Highlighted Bangs

This sophisticated hairstyle is based on an outgrown pixie cut. The front-swept bangs, highlighted in subtle shades of blonde add an extra elegant note.

15. Sweet Outgrown Pixie Cut with Blonde Highlights

Yet another one of the many pictures showing how versatile pixie cuts can be. This edgy and romantic hairstyle is one of our favorites.

16. Curly Dark Hair with Blonde Highlights

If you thought the typical African American hair can’t be mixed with enticing shades of blonde, here’s one of the many pics to prove that it can. The almost copper blonde shade goes amazingly well with the natural hair color. Not to mention that it creates a stunning visual effect on those tight curls.

17. Honey Blonde Highlights on Medium Blonde Hair

Perhaps one of the summer’s darling hair colors, honey blonde enhances the natural beauty of this darker shade of ash blonde. Medium hair in honey blonde tresses is a great laid-back summer look.

18. Brown Hair with Blonde Overtone Highlights

We couldn’t say that the blonde hair color was used sparsely in this example. Nonetheless, it doesn’t overwhelm the darker base. Instead, the blonde highlights enhance the chocolate color.

19. Red Hair with Blonde Highlights in Ombre

A dramatic look combining two strong hair colors for a stunning look. Fiery red transitions into copper and then sunlit blonde for a truly daring style.

20. Blonde Hair with Platinum Blonde Highlights

There’s a refined elegance to platinum blonde whether we look at highlights or a uniform hair color. With its icy shimmering, platinum blonde is ideally fit for the style-forward lady who wants a unique look. Moreover, it’s that hair color that complements all skin tones, from dark to fair.

21. Blonde Highlights on Bangs

Yes, that is another one of Rihanna’s looks. We must hand it to her: she knows how to rock every hairstyle and hair color she ever struts. These blonde highlighted bangs included.

22. Brown with Blonde Highlights

Soften the natural brown color of your hair with a mild sand blonde. We love the way these blonde streaks frame the face while flattering the bronze skin tone and dark eye color.

23. Ash Brown Hair with Dirty Blonde Highlights

A great way to add more structure and texture to a layered hairstyle is to apply highlights. When the base color is a lovely ash brown with soft blonde hues, dirty blonde highlights couldn’t be fitter for the job. This is a perfect summer look as it’s easy to maintain and refresh whenever you feel the need to do so.

24. Cute Blonde Subtle Highlights on Pixie Cut

Reveal the natural beauty of that rich and heavy hair with a luminous hair color. Even if you’re sporting a short haircut like this pixie cut, your hair’s texture has to show in all its beauty.

25. Dark Black Hair with Blonde Highlights

We never thought such a subtle and elegant hair color could be achieved by combining blond and jet black. Yet, it seems that with a serious set of skills and barely noticeable streaks of gold, it can be done. Refined and stylish.

26. Blonde and Caramel Highlights on Light Brown Hair

When all you’re after is to refresh your hair color, try a multitude of blonde highlights in different tones. The roots are still visible. Nonetheless, if you let them grow out, it won’t look like a poorly done dye job.

27. Blonde Inspiration: Highlights on Dark Auburn Hair

Every shade of red hair from strawberry to auburn can be thrown in a successful mix with blonde. In this case, auburn meets blonde and the result is an explosive color blend that’s bound to make you noticed.

28. Blonde Hair with Highlights

Honey blonde highlights and delicious caramel lowlights flowing from the root to the base make an exquisite look. For extra oomph, style your hair in effortlessly flowing waves.

29. Short Lob Cut with Blonde Highlights

Lob cuts are synonymous with a toned down, refined elegance. Spice things up a bit with dirty blonde streaks just a couple of shades lighter than your natural hair color.

30. Gorgeous Blonde Balayage Highlights

Subtle gold lights up the hair in a beautiful display of colors. Just a touch of blonde can reveal a wealth of colors that your natural hair color is hiding. Try this gorgeous balayage on for size.

31. Blonde Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Bands of blonde never fall short of delivering the expected results: adding a boost of radiance to any hairstyle or hair color. This is why blonde is the top recommended color when it comes to refreshing your style. You don’t have to bleach your hair. Just trust a good hairstylist.

32. Twist out Curls with Caramel Blonde Highlights

Curls, curls, curls and caramel blonde streaks. A stunning natural look donning all the right hair colors.

33. Blonde Highlights on Tangerine Red Hair

This hot look combines two gorgeous hair colors. While the blonde shades don’t play the leading role in this one, they’re doing an amazing job in their role as a color enhancer. Thanks to the blonde lights, the tangerine hair color looks even brighter.

34. Blonde Hair with Brown Highlights

This lovely look is truly timeless. In addition, it flatters all skin tones, all hair types, and all hair styles. Wear it with confidence and put its versatility to the test.

35. Light Brown Hair with Blonde Shade Highlights

If your hair is thinner, the first step that’s recommended is getting a layered haircut. Now that the first step is completed, try blonde highlights for added depth, structure, and luminosity. Your hair will never look lifeless again.

36. Balayage Ideas with Blonde Highlights

These beautiful blonde locks on a copper base color are super sweet. This is one of the many looks you can create with the balayage hair coloring technique. What we love about it is the natural transition between colors and the subtle hints of blonde.

37. Chunky Red and Blonde Highlights

A blend of hair colors reminiscent of autumn – auburn and chunky blonde highlights – is flattering for fair skin tones and blue or green eyes. A sophisticated and dramatic look.

38. Soft Brown Hair Color with Blonde Highlights

Honey-hued tresses weave through subtle chestnut lowlights for a colorful, pretty look. Highlighted hair offers a deep, vivid color.

39. Faded Blonde Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Redheads or brunettes can try this different look on for size. A subtle ombre that reveals the natural hair color to chin length only to fan out in a wealth of ash blonde to shoulder length.

40. Blonde Hair with Subtle Red Highlights

Heavy thick locks like these simply ask for highlighting for a deep, gorgeous color. Blonde is ideally complemented by burgundy or maroon highlights, provided they aren’t too chunky or dramatic.

41. Ash Blonde and Ash Brown Highlights Idea

It’s more difficult to use blonde as a low and highlight idea when it comes to a brunette. Nonetheless, this is a stunning example of how it can work out. Ash blonde in almost caramel tones looks amazing on a darker base.

42. Cute Side Bangs Blonde Highlights Idea

Get creative with your hair colors. Instead of following the more conventional blonde highlights ideas, try this on for size. The side-swept fringe bangs continue with the layered tresses. And they’re entirely highlighted in blonde.

43. Honey Blonde Highlights on Chocolate Hair

Honey-hued bands in chocolate-colored hair are ideally flattering for medium skin tone beauties as they’re warm and bring out the bronze reflections.

44. Red and Blonde Highlights

Red, almost brownish lowlights mixed with warm blonde highlights are ideal for covering up gray hairs. They leave a natural feel even after the color washes out a bit.

45. Blonde Highlights Idea for Brown Hair

Yes, ombre can be reversed. Instead of the darker hue being more prominent, the blonde takes over. Try this on for size if you want an unconventional look. However, keep in mind that it’s also more high maintenance.

45. Honey Highlights and Pink Tips

A little pink never hurt, especially when you combine it with a sublime set of honey gold highlights. This hairstyle idea stands out through the pastel pink tips, which melt from warm blonde streaks at the top. It’s a chic look that the girly girl in you will go crazy for.

46. All Pale Blonde: Base, Highlights and Lowlights

Yet another spectacular way to mix highlights and lowlights is to make them pale blonde. The base of this hairstyle is a deep, dirty blonde, and the lighting technique truly makes the look come to life. We recommend lighter tones, but you can adapt the idea to your favorite shades of blonde.

47. Black Hair and Wispy Blonde Highlights

Not all highlights are chunky or in your face. Quite the contrary, a well-applied handful of wispy highlights can be the perfect discrete touch for your hairstyle. Pair them with a jet black base and you have an eye-catching hairstyle indeed.

48. Frontal Blonde Highlights

What if you want to accentuate just a few specific parts of your hair? Adding some platinum blonde highlights to the front does an exceptional job of framing your face. The technique is even more flattering for women with bob haircuts.

49. Light Brown Lowlights, Platinum Highlights

Why not play around with browns and blondes? To boost the contrast of this idea, you can go for a light brown shade for your lowlights and keep the highlights platinum. The outcome is a gorgeous choice for summer hair, but it works just as well during any other time of the year too.

50. Platinum Blonde and Ash Blonde Mix

The way ash blonde and platinum blonde are harmoniously melted into this balayage with highlights is genuinely impressive. The primary technique used is balayage, but the additional highlights truly make the transition from one shade to the other a beauty to behold.

All in all, blonde highlights are a cute and chic way of bringing any classic hairstyle to life. We’re thrilled that they’re so versatile and can be applied on any type of hair while still looking glamorous. All textures and lengths shine with some blonde streaks, regardless if they’re wispy or chunky. But what’s your take on this evergreen trend? What kind of warm highlights would you get? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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