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45 Fabulous Hairstyles for Homecoming

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So Homecoming is coming up and you don’t know how to style your hair We’ve got you covered! Check out this list of hairstyles for Homecoming that you can also use every other day too!

Some of these Homecoming hairstyles are so pretty and easy to wear, that you will definitely want to wear them even after this high school social event is done and over.

With that in mind, we have compiled this list of celebrity inspired hairstyles for Homecoming that you can do at home by yourself too. Discover them all!

1. Bohemian Hairstyles for Homecoming

As you might already know, braids have been in for many seasons now. Add a few delicate and elegant flowers and you’ve got yourself one amazing Homecoming hairstyle that is also festival-inspired all the way.

2. Dirty Blonde Homecoming Hairstyles

They say that blondes have more fun and judging by this look, we tend to agree. Braid your hair in a simple fishtail and curl the rest of the strands in simple beach waves. It’s the perfect hairstyle for dancing the night away!

3. The Romantic Rose Braid Bun

If you are in a particularly romantic mood on the day of your Homecoming, you can easily channel it via your luscious locks. Have a go at this bohemian and elegant rose braided bun and make everyone gasp.

4. Wavy Hairstyles for Homecoming

Take advantage of your naturally wavy hair and let it run loose and free! Use your curling iron and lots of high-quality hair care products to copy this fierce lioness mane look.

5. The Messy Braid

We continue our countdown of fabulous braids with this messy fishtail look. See how well it pairs with this elegant silver and scarlet sequin dress. You can also go for a half fishtail braid and loosely curl the rest of your hair and let it run free.

6. Homecoming Hairstyles with Bows

Attract attention by going for a simple half up, half down hairstyle and adding a bow or a ribbon to the half up ponytail. It doesn’t have to be an oversized, Ariel-type bow; a simple and understated one will do the trick.

7. Natural Looking Hairstyles for Homecoming

When your natural hair is as thick, luscious, and gorgeous as this gal’s, then you needn’t bother too much about styling it for Homecoming. A simple messy knot on top of your head with some runaway strands will do.

8. Hair Bow Half Up Updo

If the simple ribbon bow we presented earlier doesn’t seem like a good fit for you, why not turn your own hair into a bow? There are many tutorials online or you can ask a friend or a stylist to do it for you.

9. The Elsa Homecoming Hairstyle

Copy the Ice Queen’s look if you’re on the look for some stunning braided hairstyles! We’re talking about Elsa from Frozen and you can easily copy her look, especially if you have platinum or icy blonde hair.

10. Vintage Curl Hairstyles

You cannot go wrong with some vintage Hollywood curls! These match any facial bone structure and even help elongate it, giving you a sense of elegance and class and making you feel like a diva!

11. The Classic Scarlet O’Hara Look

How would you feel if you could look like Scarlet O’Hara for one night? Achieve this look by going for some loose finger waves and, of course, a scarlet dress complete with faux fur boa.

12. Homecoming Hairstyles with Victory Rolls

Yet another classic retro look which you can channel for your Homecoming bash are the Victory Rolls. These were extremely popular in the 40s and they remained a staple of style and good taste ever since.

13. The Messy Top Knot

If you want to keep things simple, then go to your Homecoming dance with the same hairstyles you use for school. Follow the example above and simply gather up your hair in a high bun by using a knot doughnut.

Bring a touch of elegance to it by straightening the rest of your hair and leaving some face-framing strands.

14. Glamorous Hairstyles for Homecoming

Even though it looks like a highly intricate pompadour and something that Marie Antoinette might have worn, this hairstyle is surprisingly easy to pull off.

Start by curling your hair into some loose waves. Then use a handful of bobby pins to secure them in place all over your head and that is it!

15. The Charlize Theron

The face of Dior for many years now, there is little that Charlize Theron can do wrong, at least in our eyes. You can copy this adorable side bun hairstyle for your Homecoming dance, diamond headband included.

16. Victory Rolls Hairstyles

Here is a wonderful idea for those of you who have mid-length hair. Part it on one side, use the extra hair to create a Victory Roll, and add some pretty red roses on the opposing side.

17. The Intricate Top Bun

This one will not be that easy to pull off on your own. You will need at least some help if not a specialist to create this high bun that blends a French twist with a French braid. If your hair is not long enough, use a weave.

18. Ombre Fishtail Hairstyles for Homecoming

We love absolutely everything in this picture, starting with the hair, of course, which is an amazingly messy ombre oversized fishtail braid and ending with the copper sequin dress with the wide open back.

19. Pink Roses Hairstyles

Why not keep some of the youthful spirit and, instead of sequins and heavy makeup, go for some pink roses in your hair! This messy bun hairstyle works great for all hair colors and lengths.

20. Long and Sweet Homecoming Hairstyles

This is one of the best hairstyles for Homecoming if you have long hair and you really don’t want to pull it all up.

Apart from that, it’s incredibly easy to pull them off at home – just use your curling iron to create some messy curls and either go for a side-swept look or pin them back in a half up.

21. Homecoming Hairstyles with Soft Curls

This is a somewhat neater version of the look above as the curls are a lot more defined and put together – perfect if you want to look more tidied up. However, the essence of the hairstyle is the same.

22. The Elegant Low Bun

This elegant low bun hairstyle is perfect for an evening event. Pair it with some oversized earrings or a statement necklace and you get a winning look!

23. Vintage Curls in Half Buns

There are so many things you can do with vintage curls! Once you have them in place, you don’t need to let them flow down your shoulders. You can also pin them together so that they form this outstanding low bun.

24. The Medium Bob

These finger waves are perfect for gals with medium or shoulder-length hair. Apart from that, they will work perfectly if the dress you’ve selected has a sweetheart necklace. The retro matte makeup is fabulous too!

25. The Simple Ponytail

When it comes picking hairstyles for Homecoming, remember that these also have to be comfortable. Therefore, why not go for a straightforward ponytail, with perfect curls at the ends, and side-swept bangs?

26. Loose Updo Hairstyles for Homecoming

Continuing on the same note of being comfortable, yet looking glamorous, here is the messiest of messy buns which will have everyone turning their heads to take a better look at you. Use your curling iron to get those loose strands.

27. Homecoming Hairstyles with Tiaras

What better way to channel your inner princess than by wearing an actual tiara in your hair? Go for a side braid or a side-swept messy ponytail to focus the attention on the tiara. Keep your makeup to a minimum and make sure you have a dress to match.

28. Homecoming Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair

Here is a very easy way to wear your hair at your Homecoming dance, especially if it is long and straight.

Choose two medium-sized strands and twist them in a simple knot. Then all you have to do is secure it with some bobby pins and you are done!

29. The Rita Ora

Rita Ora has become a true fashion and beauty icon over the years. Here she is looking extremely glamorous with perfect wavy hair and glam makeup – all of which you can copy for your Homecoming bash.

30. Diamond Headband Hairstyles

If the tiara we suggested several pictures above just won’t do, then you can always go for a diamond studded headband. This hairstyle is inspired by the Flapper fashion and the makeup is kept soft and airy.

31. Wedding Bun Hairstyles

You can always cheat a little and borrow your Homecoming style from those usually worn at a wedding. Here is a gorgeous oversized top bun that is just waiting to be taken out for a spin on the dance floor.

32. Bohemian Hipster Hairstyles Inspiration

Another source of inspiration can come from the so-called ‘festival look.’ Take this hairstyle, for example – it was first spotted at Coachella and Burning Man and has since started appearing everywhere.

You can go for this look even if you have thin hair, and the braided crown looks even better with the added natural touch. Also, don’t be afraid to pair them with one or more unconventional hair colors.

33. The Katy Perry

We are absolutely in love with this golden headband on a Dutch milkmaid braid. It’s an amazing way to add a bit of pizzazz to an otherwise simple updo. Apart from that, make it as messy as you want!

34. Add Some Golden Stars

You will be the golden star of the evening if you choose to sport hair accessories such as these. No matter how simple and straightforward your hairstyle is, these hairpieces will make it look like you spent hours on it!

35. The Sophie Turner

Apart from her unconventional beauty, Sophie Turner is also known for her very luxurious and luscious locks.

Here she is sporting one of the simplest hairstyles, a high ponytail, and still looking stunning! Take a page from her book and do the same!

36. The Gigi Hadid

Gigi is sporting here a very loose, messy, and comfortable low bun. The look is completed by a few strands that loosely frame her face. But what we truly adore is her hair with those swoon-worthy blonde and caramel highlights.

37. The Alicia Vikander

The gorgeous Swedish actress won our hearts in The Danish Girl and now, she’s scoring some major fashion points with this simple hairstyle. The former ballet dancer is a true inspiration to us all!

38. The Faux Mohawk

If you’re looking for a bit of an edge, hair-wise, for your homecoming bash, we suggest going for a faux mohawk. It has all the punk rock attitude you can dream of, without you actually having to change your normal hair.

39. The Emma Watson

If anything, Emma Watson is a staple when it comes to elegance and good taste. Borrow this porcelain doll look, and do it in a few simple steps. Get out your curling iron and put it to good use!

40. The Blake Lively

You can’t go better with hairstyle for Homecoming than by creating a look similar to Blake Lively at the Met Gala. Not only did she wear an outstanding rose-colored gown, but her hair was perfection as well!

41. Straightforward Homecoming Hairstyles

Sometimes, less really is more. Therefore, if you’re wearing a statement dress, oversized jewelry, or dramatic makeup, you can simply straighten up your hair as a means of styling it. Don’t be afraid to go minimal!

42. Braids Galore

Like we said before, braids are trending as much as ever! These, for example, are simple French braids that were twisted upside down and pinned to the head using some bobby pins.

43. The Rose Byrne

If you have heavy set bangs, then actress Rose Byrne should be your go-to inspiration. This is her sporting a very retro beehive, complete with bangs that almost cover her eyes and a few loose strands that frame her face.

44. The Jennifer Aniston

This is an amazingly simple hairstyle with small braid bangs and the statement Rachel look for the rest of the hair and yet, Jennifer Aniston looks simply outstanding.

45. The Margo Robbie

If your celebration will be a formal and elegant one, then you have to turn to Margo Robbie as your source of inspiration. Here she is with a low chignon, side-parted hair, and nude makeup.

Ready to Change Your Look?

So there you have them, some of the prettiest, coolest, and easiest hairstyles for Homecoming you can wear and even do yourself (or with a bit of help).

Which of these will you wear for Homecoming? And how many will you adapt to wear on a day-to-day basis? Leave a comment and let’s discuss!


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