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55 Sensational Weave Styles You’ll Want to Try!

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The best argument in favor of trying out weaves is that they allow you to finally have the hairstyle you’ve always wanted, independently of how short, long, curly, straight or textured your hair is.

They add length, depth, and dimension to every set of locks out there, and for that, we can only thank them.

Moreover, in order to help you, we have put together a set of the best and most sensational weave styles that will surely inspire you. Here they are!

1. Wavy and Extra Long Weave Styles

This particular weave’s sole purpose is to give you some extra length. Basically, depending on your preferences, you can go as long as you want.

Think anything from shoulder length to full-on Rapunzel! Also, you can use your curling iron to create some beach waves as in the example above.

2. Luscious Cinnamon Weave Styles

Another amazing thing about weaves is that you can get them in absolutely any color and shade you can imagine.

We all know that, sometimes, when we dye our hair, given to natural circumstances, we don’t end up with the color we dreamed about. So thank God for the weave!

3. Long and Sleek Weave Styles

It’s time to bust out your hair straightener because this hairstyle will require a lot of power. Another pro tip here would be to use high quality hair care products as well as a glossing hair spray, to get that shine!

4. Messy Curls

We absolutely fell in love with these light nutmeg curls, and the fact that they are messy doesn’t hurt one bit! It just means that they’re so much easier to care for and maintain and that it won’t take so long to get ready.

5. Magenta Weave Styles

Unconventional colors are always tricky to get. Sometimes, they come out too strong but most of the time, they are way too watery and nothing like they looked on the box. Rejoice, as you won’t have that problem if you’re using a weave!

6. Inky Blue Weave Styles

Finding the right weave length and color can be tricky. However, once you’ve nailed it down, nothing can quite compare with the results. You can even change the shade whenever you want. Simply get a new one!

7. Ink and Silk

These two shades are called ink and silk, for fairly obvious reasons. It’s a blue ombre ‘do that starts off with matte gray and dark brunette roots and then melts down into a silky blue wrapped into perfect tubular curls.

8. Gun Metal Gray

Speaking of gray hair, here is a superb shade of gray you will love to try out! It’s known as gun metal gray and while it might be a bit tricky to maintain, it will go so well with basically anything!

9. Teased Weave Styles

We all saw that the 90s are back in both fashion and style. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t combine it with some 80s flair too, especially when it comes to your hair.

This is a teased up 80s curly hairdo in a yummy combination of beige and caramel.

10. Neon Yellow Weave

Unconventional colors go well beyond the magenta and inky blues we’ve shown so far. In fact, you can be a fully-fledged superhero and wear a neon yellow weave that will guarantee all eyes are on you!

11. Maximum Volume Weave Styles

Another way in which you can do your curls when you have a weave is to turn the volume to the max. Tease them out or create a complete set or corkscrew curls if you want to get this street fab Barbie look.

12. Jumbo Curls

We’re back to curls because we have so much to say about them when it comes to weave styles.

One of the fabulous things about a weave is that, if you have straight hair, you can finally get the curls you’ve always wanted! These, for example, are jumbo curls.

13. Deep Waves Weaves

If you’re not all sure about curly hair, though, you can always try some beach waves. A weave will add a lot of volume and depth to your hair, which means you will get a lovely mermaid look.

14. Corkscrew Curls

Weave styles can lend themselves to basically any hairstyle you can think of. Here, for example, they helped created corkscrew curls that are long and narrow, in a very shiny and glossy raven brunette.

15. Soft Curls

If you’re in need of a more elegant or business casual look, there are weave styles for that as well!

You can easily go for this soft curl style with a side part. It’s very vintage and classy and you can even wear it to a special event such as a wedding.

16. Weaves and Box Braids

Box braids are a type of hairstyle which typically requires extensions or a weave. This is because not everyone has the hair length or body to sustain this type of braids.

17. Shoulder Length Weave Styles

We’re once again turning our attention to the magnificent 80s. Draw some hair inspiration from that decade and combine it with today’s trends to get a trendy and hipster look that will make all heads turn!

18. The Blunt Bob Weave

Choppy and blunt bobs are still very much all the rage as the bob trend is likely here to stay for a long time. Talk to your stylist and decide together on the best length that will flatter your face.

19. Blonde Streaks

Here’s a pro tip. If you don’t want to change your dark hair color, but you want something that will illuminate your features a little bit as well, you can simply add blonde streaks to the front of your weave. It’s as easy as that!

20. Honey Blonde Weave Styles

Speaking of blonde, you can use a variety of weave styles to get that perfect shade of blonde you’ve always dream of! This is a honey blonde with sweet caramel tips, darker undertones, and chestnut roots for a natural look.

21. Red Copper Weave Styles

At the other end of the spectrum, we have red hair shades. Take a look at this fiery example of red mixed with a little bit of copper that makes it look slightly burnt, like the sunset at its peak point in the desert.

No way could you get that on your natural hair!

22. The Kim Kardashian

Yes, even Kim K. herself went through a phase where she loved a good weave. She used it to enhance the length of her natural raven hair and we simply adored the results.

23. The Voluminous Bob

As much as we love a good, old-fashioned bob, we have to say that we like to see it upgraded from time to time.

That is exactly what some good weave styles can do for you! Dust off that traditional bob and add new and exciting elements to it.

24. Bubble Gum Pink

Say Goodbye! to boring hair and Hello! to summery fun. Bubble gum pink hair can make every day of your life happier and brighter, all thanks to some help from these all-fantastic weave styles.

25. Dreads and Weave Styles

You can use the extra body and length that a weave gives you to create the dreads you’ve always wanted. You can go for the slim or for the jumbo kind and you can even get different colors too!

26. The Beyonce

Another superstar who fell in love with weaves is none other than Queen B herself. Here she is with a very high and intricate bun made out of differently sized goddess braids. It figures. She is a goddess, after all!

27. Space Buns

If you were wondering what hairstyle you should be wearing for your summer festivals, wonder no more. Space buns are the answer!

Typically, girls shy away from space buns because they don’t have enough hair to pull them off. That’s when it’s time for weaves to the rescue!

28. Glamorous Weave Styles

Date night has never been so easy thanks to weaves. Now you can have that amazing hairstyle you’ve always envisioned or you saw in music videos or in movies. You can even wear this superb cut to your Prom!

29. Purple Weaves

The fairy look is another major trend that has taken the world by storm these past few years. It’s a combination that requires you to dye both your hair and your eyebrows in the same unconventional color.

30. Feisty Red Weave Styles

This cherry red is all fierce and no playing around. If you style it correctly, you will look like a real bombshell. It’s the perfect color for Valentine’s Day or other similarly significant dates.

31. Indigo Weave Hairstyles

This is a great color for the colder months of the year (although you can wear it anytime, really).

Here’s a pro tip on styling it. Make sure you keep your roots a darker shade, to ensure this looks as natural as possible and less like a wig.

32. 90s Weave Hairstyles

This 90s inspired hairstyle is absolutely amazing and we cannot wait to try it out. Pair it with the right shades and you will look beach ready at any time.

33. Mermaid Weave Hairstyles

Mermaid hair one is all about the color! This one, for example, is meant to represent the sea itself and all its shades of blue and turquoise.

Find the right weave and go for it as a treat to yourself! Just think of how amazing you’ll look when you’ll be in perfect tune with the sea.

34. Blood Orange Weave Styles

Another color that will help you perfectly keep in tune with the elements and the weather is this blood orange!

It’s just a few shades down from red, and a fantastic representation of the Mediterranean citrus delight that we all know and love.

35. Platinum and Gold

Here is one astonishing hair color that you don’t get to see very often, even among weave styles, because it is rather difficult to pull off.

It’s a platinum shade with a slight golden tint running all the way through it. We can’t take our eyes off it!

36. The Sophisticated Bun

Once you get a weave, all that extra length will allow you to try on new hairdos and make them as simple or complex as you want them to be. One perfect example is this magnificent high bun.

37. Sour Cherry Weave

Red and green go together like Christmas and candy canes. If you decide to go for this amazing hair color, then you also need to learn how to style it properly.

38. Braids and Embellishments

Even though box braids are amazing by themselves, some embellishments won’t hurt one bit. Take these wooden beads as an example of what you can add to your braids.

39. Blonde Barbie Weave Styles

This a type of bottle blonde or Barbie Blonde that we could definitely get behind. The soft curls are the result of a lot of work with the iron curler and a liberal amount of hairspray.

40. The Perfect Curls

There are many types of curls in this world but not many come close to the perfect ones. Still, you will be surprised to find out just how easy it is to get them once you have found and added the perfect weave!

41. Blue Velvet Weave Styles

Blue velvet is an amazing color and not at all difficult to wear. The secret is in the styling – as is with so many of other unconventional colors.

It’s important to keep your makeup to a minimum to avoid looking too dramatic or theatrical, especially during your day-to-day errands.

42. The Classy Ponytail

A weave can also help you get that perfect long and wavy (or straight) ponytail you’ve always wanted. This particular ponytail will also offer a seamless transition from daytime to evening events.

43. Finger Waves

Finger waves have been a staple in women’s hairstyles since the 20s. That’s an almost 100 years history, and there’s a good reason for that. They look absolutely stunning and work for every single type of face out there.

44. Blue Bangs and Weaves

If you really want an unconventional color and also to frame your face, then you need to get some bangs. A weave can swoop in and save the day, especially if you are looking to get a fringe.

45. The Summer Look

In case you were looking for a simple, fast, and fresh look, then you needn’t search anymore!

These teased out and super relaxed beach waves have a few purple streaks in between and two cool French braids crowning the head.

46. The Samurai Bun

Here’s a weave hairstyle that girls borrowed from men hair fashion. It’s the long samurai bun and it is, in fact, a half up half down hairstyle that you can pull off if you have a long and straight weave.

47. Fall Colors

It’s never too early to start getting ready for fall – and that includes the hair color (or colors) you’ll be wearing that season.

Take for example this combination of cherry cola, red, burnt orange, beige, caramel, blonde, and platinum or get inspired by the combinations in this fall hair color ideas article.

48. The Gabrielle Union

Here’s another Hollywood sweetheart who is in love with weave hairstyles. She has naturally curly hair and she adores to add some more body to it by putting in a weave. We can all agree that she looks totally gorgeous!

49. The Sew-In Weave

You can combine two major protective hairstyle trends by also adding a sew-in to your weave styles. That means that you get to sew in the weave and make it as long and as thick as you could possibly want.

50. The Pink Afro

You could even get an afro with the right weave. Just think about those layers upon layers of small and tight curls arranging themselves naturally upon your shoulders.

And if you also add a shocking color such as this bonbon pink to it, you’ve got yourself a winner!

51. Twists and Weave Styles

Twists are a fantastic protective hairstyle. They help keep your own hair tucked away safely at the roots while the length of what you see is actually made of a weave. Choose the color and style you want and you’re all ready!

52. Ombre Weave Hairstyles

If you’re in love with the ombre trend, you have two options. You can either find a weave that’s already ombre in the shades that you like and have it sewn in or a weave the color of your own hair that you can then dye.

53. The Zendaya

Zendaya turned heads when she shows up at red carpet events, and for good reason. She looks spectacular. Still, it’s safe to assume that it’s not all her real hair, no matter how pretty it looks, but likely a weave.

54. Green Weave Hairstyles

It’s easy and safe to wear a weave in an unconventional hair color as that means that you don’t have to dye your actual hair and subject it to any of the chemicals in the dye.

55. The Rihanna

Rihanna has a gorgeous head of naturally curly hair but, in this instance, she opted for a weave that gave her extra length and volume. Her Rapunzel-like hair reached down to her waist and her volume was off the chart!

Ready to Change Your Look?

The only limit to weave styles is your own creativity or the time you’re willing to spend on arranging or changing your hair.

Unlike with natural hair, you can change your look as many times as you want or need, depending on your mood, current trend, or an event you have to attend.

Scroll through our exhaustive list and let us know in the comment section below which ones you will be trying out!


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