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Get Ready for Autumn with These 50 Gorgeous Fall Hair Color Ideas!

Shades of Red Hair Color for Fall

As the days grow shorter and your wardrobe and style is getting cozier, it’s also time to update your fall hair color!

How, you may ask? Easy! By changing your hair to match autumn’s beautiful colors. No other season has as many warm hues and shades as autumn. Just think of all the falling leaves and you’ll be hooked!

Get inspired by one of the most color diverse seasons there is, and take autumn as your source of inspiration for these absolutely gorgeous fall hair color ideas!

To make things even easier to follow, I’ve ordered this list according to the base hair color. We’ll start with blonde, continue to reds, browns, and then brunettes. We’ll also be talking ombre, balayage, and highlights and lowlights.

So let’s begin!

I. Blonde

1. Honey Blonde Fall Hair Color Ideas

We’ll start with a hair color idea that is reminiscent of those warm and hazy summer days when all things seemed honey-colored. Color your tresses in these gorgeous honey hues and show your nostalgia for those gorgeous days.

2. Bright Blonde Hues

Just because summer is gone doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t continue evoking it. For the sweet summer child, go with this bright blonde shade and style your tresses in loose waves, or even beach waves!

3. Ash Blonde Inspiration

You know it, ash blonde couldn’t miss from this list, even though it is usually associated with other seasons. While this shade may have peaked, it’s far from going out of style. Pair it with a very high and messy top knot and you are all good to go!

4. Blonde Orange

You know that pretty shade when the leaf goes from red to yellow but it’s still stuck in that really pretty orange? Well, now you can wear it in your hair too by blending some orange in your blonde tresses.

5. Golden Bronde

Us here at MyNewHairstyles are having a hard time deciding what we most love here: the beautiful golden bronde, or the lovely, wavy long bob.

6. Warm Blonde Autumn Highlights

You’ll usually find warm blonde highlights associated with spring hair colors. However, there shouldn’t be anything holding you back from using these lovely hues for spring’s colder twin as well.

7. Beautiful Fall Hair Colors for Blondes – Mushroom Hues

Taking another cue from nature, say hello! to mushroom blonde. One of the latest shades of blonde, this hair color is much prettier than it sounds. And no, it is not inspired by the traditional red and white polka dot mushrooms you might have been thinking of.

II. Red

8. Copper Red Fall Hair Color Ideas

Everything about this picture just screams autumn. From the lovely, warm light, to the yellow falling leaves and trees, to this superb copper red shade, of course. Let your hair hang loose and straight (or wavy) and you stand out and blend in, both in the loveliest way!

9. Fiery Red Hair

Keeping up with the redhead trends, I here propose a shade of red that won’t help you blend in, more like make you stand out, wherever you go. Fiery hair, feisty attitude!

10. Rusty Hues

While it might not have the prettiest of names, the shade itself is a delight! We love everything about this hairstyle, both the color, its waviness, and the cool fringe.

11. Cherry Red

Who here remembers climbing up a tree because those cherries were so much better when taken from the branch? Invoke those lovely fall memories by going for a head full of cherry red tresses.

Put them in a crown braid and get inspired by this makeup choice and you’ll get a brilliant look!

12. Coral Beauty

Ever since Pantone named “Living Coral” the color of 2019, you’ve started seeing it everywhere, and who could complain? The shade itself is stunning and you should feel more than free to continue paying tribute to Mother Nature even in the fall months.

13. Mulled Wine Hair for the Autumn Months

Whether you love or hate drinking mulled wine, one thing you can’t deny: this is a simply gorgeous fall hair color idea!

14. Fall Red Hair Color Ideas

Some call this seasonal red hair, others burnt red with orange. Whatever you choose to call it, I’m sure you won’t regret going for these shades.

15. Shades of Red Hair Color for Fall

This list of shades of red for fall will end with one of this color’s most easily recognizable children: copper. However, the lady in the picture decided to opt for medium-length hair with this stunning copper balayage stemming from a dark base. Simply beautiful!

III. Brown

16. Fall Brown Hair Colors

We’re now taking a closer look at the many earthy tones of brown you can use as inspiration for your hair. The first one up is this bright brown with natural highlights that is still reminiscent of warmer periods.

17. Bronde Hair

The second bronde entry in my list, but this time around, on a browner basis. This look is achieved by mixing a brown base with blonde highlights that become lighter as they reach the tip. The long hair was also left free to fall in some loosely styled waves.

18. Coffee Brew Tones

Coffee lover (addict) here! This beautiful shade of coffee brown hair resembles that sweet life-giving brew called coffee. Pour in some milk and add a bit of sugar and you’re done!

19. Caramel Highlights Inspiration

Another tasteful combination ahead! These caramel highlights are just as sweet (pun intended) as gooey goodness that names them. The hair is left loose and styled in big curly waves that perfectly accentuate the warm highlights in this dark brown hair.

20. Caramel Underlights

We’re still at caramel, but this time around, this lovely shade was applied as underlights, instead of highlights. The styling is somewhat similar, but all the better for you to notice the subtle yet very powerful differences.

21. Shades of Chocolate

Chocolate shades just couldn’t miss from this list of fall hair colors. With its equally wide range of shades and hues, it’s just up to you to decide which chocolate you like best – as a hair color and as a sweet treat!

22. Cinnamon Fall Hair Color Ideas

Spice and all things nice! Cinnamon is another couldn’t miss from this list. In the above, you can see this shade of brown applied as highlights and also mixed with some reddish and darker brown hues for a perfect autumn hair color.

23. Rich Brown Fall Hair Color Ideas

These past few years have been all about metallic, ash, or cool tones. But what can be more suited for a list of fall hair color ideas than a nice, rich brown hue that will bring life to your tresses and convey warmth no matter the weather!

24. Brown Fall Hair Colors for Short Hair

We’ve mostly shown you long-haired ladies so far, but don’t get me wrong, you can easily sport autumn in your hair if this short or medium-length. Just check out this beautiful example above. Add some red lips and round glasses for an effortlessly cool look!

IV. Brunette

25. Dark Cold Brew

We’re back with a brew, and an amped-up one, at that. Another of the season’s coolest colors dark cold brew hair is described as being the equivalent of that double espresso shoot that you put in your coffee to make it that much better.

26. Inky Black Tresses

Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold and strong colors! In the above, you can see just how lush inky black tresses can look like even when they are left to fall free and straight.

27. Jet Black Fall Hair Color Ideas

Another step in the strong and powerful hues of actually black hair. This time around, it’s made somewhat even stronger by the cut-straight perfectly angled bob cut of the hair. The red lip just serves to make it even prettier and bolder!

28. Halloween-Ready Space Buns

Call them Halloween-ready, wear them all season round, these cute and messy space buns are the perfect look to wear this season. Amp up or down the 90s nostalgia depending on where you’re wearing them or your mood.

29. Dark Fall Hair Colors

This dark brunette balayage is a perfect example of how you can style and color your past shoulder-length tresses. The shades are close enough that they almost blend in, but still different enough to give a smoky feel.

30. Cute Fall Hair Colors for Brunettes

Have some fun and add a touch of color to your brunette tresses, but a more unexpected one. Instead of fall’s usual hues, go for a shade of purple that is more in the cold colors family rather than plum, for example.

V. Ombre

31. Dark Roots

Dark roots or shadow roots are a variation on the classic ombre look, but nonetheless, one that will surely advantage you. Why? Because having darker roots means you won’t have to go in to the salon every month to touch up your hair. Fall ready and convenient!

32. Warm Bases

You can follow the darker roots and reaps its advantages even while going for a warmer base. Use this as inspiration for a brown to blonde ombre. The hair flawlessly transitions from a warm brown base to a caramel middle before finally ending in some beautiful and bright blonde tips!

33. Rose Gold Ombre

While not as common as at the peak of its trend (which some would say is a good thing) rose gold is still a beautiful hair color combination. You can go for an ombre version of the rose gold to make it more fall-friendly.

34. Muted Neon Ombre Tips

This might not be the first shade that comes to mind when you think fall, but it’s nonetheless very pretty. Also, several stylists predict that muted neon-colored tips will be among this season’s biggest hairstyling trends.

35. Ombre Fall Hair Colors for Black Women

Warmer toned ladies rejoice! Your beautifully colored skin will look all the lovelier if you pair it with this absolutely gorgeous fall ombre combination. The hair can be either long or short, this blend of dark brown to coppery blond will look stunning no matter the length of your tresses!

VI. Balayage

36. Blended Blonde Balayage

This blended blonde balayage might be more of a winter color (and you should keep it in mind for then too) but is nonetheless one of autumn’s coolest trend predictions!

37. Fall Hair Colors for Natural Hair

Have some fun with your natural hair! Keep it curly (or perm it to be) and then take a look at the falling red leaves and add them to your hair! We just love this mix of reddish-brown with fiery red and even some copper accents, but you can use any fall hues for inspiration.

38. Warm Brown Balayage Hair Color Ideas

So you want to change your hair, but not in a very obvious, exuberant manner. Then why not go for this muted brown balayage version? The dark brown base is elegantly accentuated with some caramel and honey hues.

39. Fall Balayage Hair Colors

Another fall balayage hair colors wonder! This mix expresses warmth through its use of warm brown tones mixed with caramel, honey, and even some subtle rose gold accents. Just lovely!

40. Pretty Fall Hair Colors in a Beautiful Balayage

This is yet another beautiful balayage blend for fall that you can wear anywhere, from the office to a night out with the girls. It uses stronger but also warmer tones than the mix presented two entries before, but it is equally lovely and just as effective!

VII. Unconventional Hair Colors

41. Go Plum!

Go plum! This lovely shade of purple looks stunning on shoulder-length hair and can look just as good on any hair length and texture! Don’t be afraid to wear it this fall!

42. Pastel Inspiration

Get inspired by this lovely orange peach pastel hues. They blend in perfectly together and you can wear them with confidence in the fall or any season, at that!

43. Green Grays

Bold and confident gals won’t shy away from more unconventional colors. One beautiful idea you can copy is this green-gray pastel color. The middle-part braid only serves to accentuate the lovely hair shade.

44. Fun Fall Hair Colors

Don’t know about you but I, for one, can’t get enough of orange and brunette, especially when combined! Have some fun this fall by sporting this charming orange ombre melt on brunette hair.

45. Trick or Treat!

I can’t be the only one that starts thinking about Halloween just as soon as October hits (or sooner). This year, create the perfect costume for trick-or-treating by also dyeing your hair in the perfect pumpkin orange color.

You can also use just semi-permanent dye, by the way. Also, the darker tones used by the makeup palette help complement and complete the look. Stunning!

46. Halloween Fall Hair Colors

Another Halloween-inspired look, this time around on am ombre basis. The sky’s your limit when it comes to it, but I think it resembles some wicked flames. Or a really great Jack-o-Lantern.

47. Fall Hair Colors with Highlights

The possibilities are endless when it comes to fall hair colors with highlights. So we’ll keep things simple and show you just one example. Get inspired by the lovely Kate Beckinsale’s brown hair with blonde highlights and mimic it this fall!

48. Blended Gray

The last shades on my list are here to help you get a head start on the really cold season. First things first, a beautifully blended, long and straight gray hairstyle.

49. Icy Platinum Blonde Fall Hair Color Ideas

Go for a chin-length, sort of messy and choppy straight haircut, and of course, icy platinum blonde for an ultra-cool look. The clip-on earrings are optional but fit exceptionally well!

50. Icy Silver Fall Hair Color

Winter is coming, right, so why not be an ice queen? No one said anything about being cold-hearted, just that your hair could take on that superb silvery ice color that will make you the undisputed queen of winter.

Ready to Change Your Look?

This is it, our list of fall hair color ideas that will make these colder autumn months that much cozier. We’ve shown you the picture, now the choice is yours: which one will you get?

Will you go for some summer nostalgia with warm golden hair or cozy brown hues? Or perhaps you’d rather spice things up with some fiery red ideas?

You can also keep things toned down with some somber brunettes, or go full silver in preparation for the upcoming winter months.

No matter which way you choose to go, remember this: choose the fall hair colors or hues that most fit you and which will make you stand out and feel confident in your skin!

And do tell us which of these make you feel all happy and cozy, your opinions matter a lot to us!

Victoria is a wavy-haired girl that loves wearing her tresses at around chin to shoulder-length. But she's also sported all the short haircuts you can think of and long hair too. She's also had straight and curly hair, so join her in her latest hair adventures.


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