50 Flattering Ash Blonde Hair Color Ideas Trendy in 2022

Light Ash Blonde hair

A hair color coveted by fashionistas and hair stylists worldwide, Ash Blonde holds the promise of fabulous looks and we can’t remember a time when dark ash blonde or light ash blonde wasn’t in style.

Whether you’re a pixie haircut enthusiast or wear your hair in stunning long styles, ash blonde hair is a great option to highlight your natural beauty.

Here are our picks for the best ash blonde hair color ideas and styling options for all hair lengths!

1. Light Ash Blonde Short Messy Hairstyle

The beauty of this cropped edgy bob is highlighted by the stunning ash blonde hair dye.

Rest assured, the almost icy look of this short messy hairstyle is among the hottest and most daring hairstyles. A fringed look with flawless ash blonde hair.

2. Light Ash Blonde Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are youthful and edgy all on their own. But the almost silver ash blonde hair color adds an extra edgy notch. Easy to style, fabulous to wear, this is the way to go if you’re looking for en-vogue hairstyles.

3. Curly Short Ash Blonde Hair

Light ash blonde hair dye for short curly hair? Yes, please! Curly hair already has a reputation for its romantic and playful allure.

Add some ashy tones and it will look absolutely irresistible! We love the dark roots daringly showing with this hairstyle idea.

4. Ash Blonde Highlights on Short Bob

This look has a warm feeling to it and it’s all thanks to the natural blonde tones of the highlights.

The ash blonde highlights lighten up the bob haircut while those perfect beachy waves frame all these deliciously warm tones.

5. 70s Dark Ash Blonde Hair Color

Taylor Swift rocked this look in classy gala outfits, on the red carpet, in jeans and t-shirts, or in post-punk outfits. Do it too simply by choosing a uniquely gorgeous dark ash blonde hair dye.

6. Baby Blonde Look

The baby doll look continues to make waves. If blonde is your natural hair color, then take it up a notch with this light ash blonde hair color.

Notice how the dark blonde fades into light ash blonde to the tips? That’s what you’re after for the perfect baby blonde hues!

7. Light Ash Blonde for Long Hair

If you have long wavy locks, one of the best ways to highlight them is by adding a contrasting color. For darker hair colors, ash blonde highlights and tips are ideal to bring out the natural beauty of your dreamy wavy hair.

8. Natural Dark Ash Blonde Balayage

The balayage technique took the front stage for achieving beautiful natural looks. This creamy hair color is based on a natural mix of light brown and dark ashy blonde tones.

9. Long Ash Blonde Ombre Hair

We simply love the way the color fades from the natural light brown of the roots to the delightful tones of ash blonde hair.

It’s this perfectly natural look with a daring edge that got the ombre technique its good rep and applying it to ash blonde hair adds extra points.

10. Visible Dark Roots and Cool Ash Blonde Hair

Flaunting your dark roots is no longer a fashion faux-pas, especially when the naturally dark roots are outgrown and complemented by this beautiful light to medium ash blonde hair color applied middle-length to the tips.

11. Summer Blonde Ash Hair

This hairstyle right here is a summer style goal (or all seasons one, really). The ultra-light ash blonde tips and the barely noticeable blonde highlights add a playful note to otherwise beautiful long dark hair.

12. Ash Brown with Blonde Highlights

Chunky chocolate or brown highlights mix with delightful blonde tones and the ash blonde ombre just adds an extraordinary luminosity to this style.

13. Ash Blonde Hair with Highlights for Long Hair

This style goes perfectly for both wavy hair and silky smooth straight hair. The rich nuances highlight each other exquisitely.

The secret to this hairstyle? Is a mixture of natural ash blonde hair, a blonde base, and blonde highlights.

14. Golden Ash Blonde Ombre for Rapunzel

The natural blend of colors ranges from brown to golden blonde ash hair color to platinum ash blonde hair. The almost silver nuances lighten up the style and add extra shine to the hair.

15. Black to Ash Blonde Hair

Achieving this dramatic look requires master level skills. The gorgeous ombre is done flawlessly and you can wear your hair in perfectly defined curls and bring out the color gradient.

16. Lightest Ash Blonde in Highlights for a Dramatic Look

This ash blonde hairstyle is eye-catching and worthy of attention. Not everyone can pull it off, but if you’re one to dare when it comes to dramatic look changes, go for it! The highlights are well-defined while the dark base is clearly visible.

17. Black to Silver Ash Blonde

Were you always a fan of chrome silver? The good news is that you can try it out just on the tips of your hair or start at mid-length. Take this gorgeous photo of black to silver ash blonde hair as an example and let it inspire you!

18. Light Ash Blonde on Brown Hair

Ash blonde hues added to sweet brown hair to the point of an almost complete coverage isn’t a bad idea at all. Wear your hair in bouncy waves and emphasize the fabulous texture and hues of your hair.

19. Dark Brown Hair Highlighted by Medium Ash Blonde

Another match made in heaven for those looking to soften the sober dark brown color of their hair. Ask the hairstylist for medium ash blonde highlights and enjoy wearing this stylish look!

20. Light Ash Blonde on Orange Hair

Too often light brown or golden blonde turn to dreaded orange hues. But light ash blonde hair can save you the painstaking hours spent with your hairstylist trying to reduce those pesky orange hues.

21. Ash Blonde Dye for All Your Hair

Ash blonde hair can look absolutely romantic and playful even if it’s not highlighted or enhanced by lowlights. This cool toned, almost gray-looking ash blonde hair dye is simply stunning and all-seasons appropriate.

22. Ash Blonde Laid Back Bob Cut

Casual and daring, this is one of the best ways to style your short ash blonde bob. The light ash blonde hue transforms this cut into an edgy statement.

23. Ash Blonde with Pink Highlights

Pink, purple, violet – playful highlights fit for teens but not only. Women’s styles with an ash blonde base get beautifully complemented by these light-enhancing colors.

24. Ash Blonde Tips on Dark Hair

There is no better way to boost the hues of dark hair than to complement it with blonde hues. Naturally dark hair with ash blonde tips offers an eye-catching transition that can be as subtle or as blonde as you want it to be!

25. Layered Ash Blonde Hair

Remember how Rachel from Friends became famous for her layered cut highlighted by natural ash blonde hair? This look is pinned in the hall of fame for its beauty, its natural take, and the many compliments it attracts.

26. Silver Ash Blonde Pixie Cut

A pixie cut with an ultra-modern twist: the undercut. Ash blonde hair in silvery tones complemented by the strong violet color of the undercut is your way of embracing the edgy side.

27. Light Ash Blonde Color for Summer Romance

Sun-kissed hair never looked better! This ash blonde in light hues is ideal for soaking up the sun this summer. It’s the sheer embodiment of summer romance and evenings spent on the beach.

28. Ash Blonde with Lowlights

There are several different shades of blonde and they look great when skillfully combined. The ash blonde highlights and ash blonde lowlights complement each other perfectly in this fringed cut!

29. Ash Blonde Cut with a Twist

Take a look at this half updo with an ultrachic look. The dark roots aren’t purposely left undyed – they turn the spotlight on the perfectly executed ash blonde ombre. This style for women uses an under color  – dark in this case – to achieve this eye-catching style.

30. Silky Smooth Ash Blonde

Notice how balayage made it possible to blend medium ash blonde, light ash blonde, and soft brown and chestnut hues in a natural transition? This skillful play of hues is highlighted on this silky smooth rich hair.

31. Dramatic Ash Blonde Ombre

You need a serious dose of courage to ease into the idea of ash blonde ombre starting from entirely dark hair.

Yet this woman proves it’s possible, and with fantastic results! The transition from dark roots to the light ash blonde tips is simply stunning.

32. Ash Blonde Balayage on Waist-Long Hair

Medium, light, dark, and dirty ash blonde meet to create this stunning balayage. The naturally wavy locks look so healthy thanks to the light ash blonde hues while the dirty, dark ash blonde is enhanced by the braid.

33. Ash Blonde with Purple Tips

Fairy dust just got caught in these beautiful ash blonde locks. The platinum ash blonde hair complements the fair skin and lightens the features.

34. Medium Ash Blonde on Brown Hair

Ash blonde highlights have the power to offer a stylish boost to brown hair. This dark honey look right here is nothing short of delicious.

35. Ash Blonde Brown Hair Sweet Mix

This hairstyle can be either formal or – when styled right and with just a few hair accessories – casual and bright.

36. Silver Ash Blonde Hair

Silver ash blonde or platinum ash blonde isn’t a good fit for every skin tone. However, if you’re among the lucky ones who can experiment with these ash blonde hues, go ahead! Take it up a notch with ombre or balayage.

37. Nearly White Ash Blonde Hair

While it’s quite close to the ice queen look, the medium ash blonde hues in this balayage confer the look a sweet honey tone.

Notice the naturally beautiful transitions from golden ash blonde to the nearly white of the highlights.

38. Asian Ash Blonde Hair with Silver Overtones

The richness and health of her hair are the perfect bases for this silvery ash blonde style. What a stunning look!

39. Golden Ash Blonde Locks

A short cut highlighted by the charming blonde tones. Fringes and well-defined tips work wonders when it comes to easy styling.

40. Long Ash Blonde

An uniform hair color like this ash blonde shines in all its splendor when applied to beautiful, stylish long hair. This is one dazzling example!

41. Ash Blonde Reverse Ombre

This look entered the scene a few years ago and its audacious transition from light ash blonde roots to pitch-black tips helped it stick around.

42. Reinvented Baby Look

From the medium ash blonde hue of the roots to the light hues of the tips, this is a romantic reinvented baby doll look perfect that you an wear in summer and winter alike.

43. Ash Blonde Highlights Work with Red Hair

Some may find blonde highlights on red hair a tad tacky. Rest assured though, they’re anything but and this gorgeous example goes to prove it!

44. Light Ash Blonde on Dark Brown Hair

These perfect wavy tresses are the ideal base to experiment with light ash blonde. The look is eye-catching and complements darker complexions too.

45. Ash Blonde Hair with Lowlights

This messy and seemingly careless hairstyle wouldn’t have worked out as well hadn’t it been for the lowlights that enhance the ash blonde hues.

46. Reverse Ombre: Ash Blonde to Dark Brown

Not as dramatic as the reverse ombre we presented a few pictures above, but still exquisite. The gentle curls take off the edge out of this one.

47. Silver Ash Balayage

The blend of light ash blonde hues above is simply dazzling! It looks natural, and healthy, and adds a beautiful luminosity to the lovely gal sporting it.

48. Youthful Long Ash Blonde

Goldilocks or even Rapunzel would be jealous of this healthy hair in such an alluring tone of ash blonde.

49. Winter Ash Blonde Tones

It’s not just the hat and the warm clothing that gives her away. This ash blonde hair color will beautifully reflect those pleasant rays of winter light. Still, despite its name, you can also sport this shade in the hotter months and during fall too!

50. Medium Ash Blonde Hair

The medium ash blonde hues in this balayage are the most prominent tone and for a good reason.

The transition from dark Asian hair to Asian ash blonde is ideally achieved with these tones while light ash blonde hues serve to highlight the final result.

Ready to Change Your Look?

Ash Blonde hair has many hues, tones, and overtones – and this wealth of hues offers you the perfect opportunity to try on a new hair color!

Surprise yourself and others: go for an ash blonde hair color and completely change your look this season!


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