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Blue Hair: 50 Stunning Ways to Sport and Rule IT!

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Unconventional hair colors have been one of the IT hairstyles for many seasons now, and you can actually find a way to wear one, even blue hair, even if you are a more laid back person.

Don’t believe us? Then scroll or slide and discover the coolest way to sport blue hair. We’ve got ideas ready to inspire you whether you have short or long hair, if you’re laid back or the cool, edgy girl.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start discovering the coolest ways to rock blue hair in all shades, hues, combinations, and occassions!

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I. Shades of Blue

1. Dark Blue Hair

We’ll start off with a really bold shade that is bound to get you noticed! Wear your dark blue hair free or gather it in a small tail at the back for a very short half up look that will leave your face free of any stray hairs.

2. Blue Black Hair in Braid

A beautiful way to showcase your hair, be it blue and black or just blue or in any other color is by braiding it.

The lovely gal above went for a loose French braid that starts at around chin-length and which she wears over the shoulder.

3. Blue and Purple Hair

Why settle for just one color when you can go for two, or more? Get inspired by this blue and purple combo with dark blue roots and purple tips. The wavy hair and braid ‘do help further accentuate the color mix.

4. Pastel Blue Hair

As we’ve said, there’s a shade of blue for everyone out there. If strong, bold colors are not your thing, go for a pastel shade of blue that’s almost icy and stun everyone with your new look. The hat is a very cool touch too!

5. Blue Ombre Hair

We’ve already dedicated an article to the beauty of ombre blue hair, but it just couldn’t miss from this list either, especially when the ombre blends from a beautiful turquoise like above.

6. Light Blue Hair

Another beautiful and stunning alternative to those darker blues. You can go for this light blue hair color anytime, but it will likely look especially gorgeous in the cool winter months. Ice queen with a warm heart, anyone?

7. Blue Hair Color

In contrast, this shade of blue with green accents would look especially lovely in the hot summer months – partly due to its lively hues, partly because it will remind everyone of mermaid hair (a cool trend on its own).

8. Midnight Blue Hair

We’ve mentioned them, so here they are: this is the first of several darker shades of blue we’ll be discussing in this list.

This midnight blue hair color is bold, yet subtle – it almost seems as if light is falling in the right way on very dark brunette hair and creating waves.

9. Purple and Blue Hair in Top Knot

There’s quite a lot going on here, so we’ll start with the hair color. Namely, it’s a colors mix on a dark blue base that also has purple, green, and several shades of blue highlights.

To make them all te more obvious, the hair was curled at the tips and caught in a messy top knot. Stunning and a true show stopper!

10. Navy Blue Hair

This navy blue color is so dark, it once again looks as if the woman wearing it was a brunette. It can be the perfect shade for you if you want blue hair, but can’t be too showy with it.

11. Green Silver Blue Hair

This is yet another mix of colors, this time in cooler hues. Admire a combination of ice blue hair with green and gray highlights on wavy hair.

12. Black and Blue Hair

We just can’t get enough of this ultra-pretty look. The gal above went for an almost teal blue with greenish tips and brunette and visible looks. Her long hair is left wavy and free and so pretty.

13. Pink and Blue Hair with Purple

You’ll definitely want to leave your hair free and hanging if you have these many cool colors in it. Just look at this cool mix of blue with almost white highlights with lilac and a dark pink base.

14. Electric Blue Hair

Stand out, go electric! Only in matters of hair, of course, with this very cool electric blue color styled straight and free and long! The blue eyebrows are optional, of course.

15. Blue and Green Hair

Yet another very pretty example of blue green hair with dark roots. Bring all your hair to the front and over your shoulder and leave it wavy and wild. You’ll also get faux side swept bangs.

16. Blue Gray Hair

Another great example of a stunning ombre work. The blue hair starts off darker and then melts into a blue gray shade. Well defined curls serve to accentuate the color change for a water-like effect.

17. Blue Highlights on Black Hair with Blue Bangs

Most blue hair combos start from a dark base, and it’s easy to see why. Take the above, for example, you have a brunette base that’s been made cooler by the blue straight frontal bangs and the blue tips caught in a messy bun.

18. Black Hair with Blue Tips I

You can also go for just blue tips. Above, you can see an almost ombre-like example as the blue starts melting from about medium-length in the hair. The look has a boho feel thanks to the white flower crown and pretty dress.

19. Faded Icy Blue Hair

This shade of blue is so faded, it looks almost white or gray (depending on the lights). The roots are also visible but worn proudly in a half up half down hairstyle that ends in a messy, low-slung bun.

20. Blue and Blonde Hairstyles

Most blue hairstyles start off on a dark base, but that doesn’t mean you can’t combine it with blonde hair too, quite on the contrary! The blonde wit blue tips look is made all the prettier by the loose but complex half up braid.

21. Hairstyles with Blue Highlights

As you can easily see by now, there are so many ways to wear blue hair, and one of the easiest ones is by adding some blue highlights or lowlights. You can make them as rare or full as you want too.

22. Hairstyles with Blue Tips II

We couldn’t present just one dark hair idea with blue tips, not when there are so many pretty examples out there. This time around, the aqua blue starts past shoulder level and is styled in well-defined curls.

23. Pink and Blue Highlights in Fishtail Ponytail

Wear your hair in a fishtail to really bring out the colors in your hair. The lady above has both blue and pink highlights, and both are showcased beautifully by the braiding style.

24. Blue Mermaid Hair in Braided Crown

This blue mermaid hair idea is beautifully presented by the double crown-like double braids. It is a great hairstyle for a special occasion, such as a party or even a wedding.

25. Blue Hair with Icy Blue Tips

So you’ve seen dark hair with blue tips, but what about blue hair with even bluer tips.

Start off with a dark blue base and then play around with shades of blue until ending it all in icy blue tips. Perfect for winter and summer alike.

26. Blue Mermaid Hair

It’s not the first time we mention mermaid hair, but does it really matter when there are so many beautiful examples? Take this beautiful blue-green-gray balayage work as extra inspiration.

27. Royal Blue Hairstyle

Make this royal blue hairstyle look even more regal by pairing it with a crown braid and take the look to a whole new level!

28. Silver Gray Blue Ponytail

It might not seem like it at first look, but this is a great example of a more understated way of wearing blue hair.

Go for a silver gray, almost steel blue shade and wear it in a low ponytail with face-framing bangs for stunning effects.

29. Purple Blue Pastel Hair

Most blue hair shades have a green or gray undertone. However, above, you can see an almost purple blue color that looks straight out of a fairytale.

30. Blue Peekaboo Highlights

You want blue hair, but aren’t really allowed too, or you simply don’t want to see blue every day? Then go for blue peekaboo highlights that you can hide out of sights anytime you get bored with them (or have to).

II. Blue for Different Hair Lengths

31. Short Blue Hair – Pixie with Undercut and Hair Designs

This is as edgy as edgy gets! Not only do you have a strong shade of electric blue, but also a pixie cut paired with an undercut and geometric hair designs.

32. Blue Hairstyles for Short Hair

For longer short hair and a sweeter look, choose a pastel blue green hair color that you can style with bangs and messy wavy hair. Another look straight out of a fairytale!

33. Medium Length Hairstyles with Blue Highlights

Once your hair has grown to medium-length again, you’ll find it so much easier to add highlights. So get inspired by the image above as to how you can combine green and blue ones for a sea-like effect.

34. Shoulder Length Hair – Blue Lob

You have blue and black on a long bob base. The hair is also straightened to fall perfectly, but there’s another surprise element: a well-made, dyed undercut. See how easy it is to hide and reveal?

35. Blue Hairstyles for Long Hair

Sometimes, the easiest way to style up your hair is by leaving it fall free and adding a hair accessory. The cat ears above are just so cute, that you can wear them anytime!

III. Blue Hairstyles

36. Sky Blue Hair in Small Twisted Double Buns

Space buns require a lot of hair, and you might not have it, or just not be in the mood for them. So opt for the smaller alternative: small twisted double buns. They really make this sky blue shade of blue shine!

37. Space Buns in Blue-Green Hair

On the other hand, use twisted space buns to bring out the beautiful blue sea green ombre work. A gorgeous half up half down you’ll just love wearing.

38. Blue Fishtail on Medium Length Hair

You can sport a fishtail braid even if you have shorter hair. Take this half up fishtail on medium hair as an example! It goes perfectly with the sea-like shades of the hair.

39. Blue Half Up Bun

You could easily call this dusk blue – besides the pretty half up bun, the hair is gorgeously enhanced by the cutesy hair accessories.

40. Blue Green Pixie Ombre with Undercut

Another example of a pixie cut long bangs with undercut with blue hair combo, a tamer one, if you will, as there are fewer shaved hair designs.

41. Blue Braids Hairstyles

Ah, the beauty of braids! This is just another of many examples of how braids can bring out your hair color and, in this case, create stunning waves that almost animate the dye work.

42. Blue Weave Hairstyles

Dyeing your hair in a strong color can slightly damage it, especially if you do this many times over. In come weaves, which help you get as creative as you want with your hair color all the while also protecting your hair.

43. Blue Bob Hairstyles

We’ve dedicated a whole article to the many types of bob haircuts you can go for, but this shade of blue is so pretty, that it would have been a shame not to include this bob here as well.

44. Blue Hairstyles with Braid – Half Up

Braids are very common in terms of half up hairstyles, and it is easy to see why. Make two simple braids on the sides of your head, connect them in the back in a semi-braid, and let the rest of your hair give everyone the blues.

45. Girl with Blue Hair and Bun

This loose high bun hairstyle can be the perfect choice for when you are in a rush, having a bad hair day, or just want a more casual look that won’t require too much attention throughout the day.

IV. Celebrity Blue Hair

46. Katy Perry Blue Hair

Celebrities also joined the blue hair train and made this hair trend even bigger than it already was! One notable example is Katty Perry and her blue short and classy bob.

47. Maisie Williams Blue Highlights

Maisie Williams slayed us all with her many cool hair changes, and in case you forgot, before going full pink, she also sported blue highlights and blue hair.

48. Halsey Blue Hair

Long hair, really short one, curly or straight, Halsey has sported all times and lengths and colors of hair. Above, you can see her in blue long bob completed by a full-frontal fringe.

49. Hayley Williams Blue Hair

A true hair chameleon, Paramore’s Hayley Williams amazed us with her red, orange, black, blue, and every possible hair color combinations choices.

Here, she is also shown with reallt curly hair, as opposed to her more usual wavy or even straight tresses.

50. Kylie Jenner Blue Hair

Last but not least, take a look at Kylie Jenner in her younger days, before becoming the media mogul she is today.

She’s sported many hairstyles, haircuts, and unconventional hair colors, but here, she was wearing just a medium-length cut straight cut with blue tips.

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Ready to Change Your Look?

So there you have it, several of the coolest ways to wear blue hair if you have short to long tresses, or if you are looking for bolder or more laid back shades!

So what do you say, are you willing to give blue a chance and dye your hair in this really pretty color?

Victoria is a wavy-haired girl that loves wearing her tresses at around chin to shoulder-length. But she's also sported all the short haircuts you can think of and long hair too. She's also had straight and curly hair, so join her in her latest hair adventures.


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