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30 Shaved Hairstyles for Women with Styling Tips in 2022

Shaved Hairstyles For Women With Long Hair

Shaved Hairstyles for women come in wide varieties and lengths and are fit for more occasions than you might believe. You don’t necessarily have to shave all your head, so let’s discard that misconception and discover the many ways to wear a shave or an undercut.

Dare to be bold and daring (even if its mostly hidden under your hair) – go for any of these shaved hairstyles for women that you will just love playing around with!

1. Short Shaved Hairstyles For Women with Long Bangs

We’ll start short and pretty with this pixie haircut with long bangs and shaved sides idea. In the picture above, the hair on the shaved side is already growing; however, this only goes to create a nice contrast between the blonde hair dye and the natural brunette of the hair.

2. Short Sides with Mohawk Top

While the short hairstyle above was sweet and on the elegant side, this one is all about the edge. It is a short mohawk with both sides of the head to end into a complete shave.

3. Short Textured Bob with Undercut and Bangs

You will need a longer head of hair to achieve this hairstyle, but we say it is all worth it. Admire this short, textured bob that is long on top and fast on the sides and back.

4. Messy Pixie Cut with Undercut

You can consider this a mix of all the previous hairstyles as it takes elements from them. It is just as short as the first pixie, but the bangs are just as quick this time, and the top is textured and messy. The sides are also more prolonged, and only the back is a clear undercut.

5. Medium Bob with Hidden Undercut

This medium to shoulder-length bob is an exquisite and very deceiving look, at least until you gather up the hair. The back shows a beautifully shaved design, like a lotus, easily hidden away, should the situation demand it.

6. Long Shaved Hairstyles For Women

Just as with the medium hairstyle presented before this, all shaved hairstyles for long hair are effortless to mask – if you have to or want to. Still, not to pull the hair up in a high ponytail, primarily when the undercut is shaped in a linear design.

7. Shaved Hairstyles For Women With Long Hair

However, you can also go all out, even with long hair. Take the style above as an example of how you can wear long hair with long full frontal bangs and fully shaved sides and back. It is a very interesting, edgy, and undoubtedly cool look.

8. Long and Pink Sidecut

If you don’t want to care and shave both sides and the back of the head, but an undercut is not tempting you, consider opting for a side part. To make it even more undoubtedly you, dye it in an unconventional color like this pink hair shade, or any other hue, for that matter!

9. Long Ombre Hair with Side Shave

You can play around with long and shaved hairstyles for women – there are so many options. For example, shave both sides of the head, and choose to wear your tresses on whatever side of the chair you want. Also, play around with the locks by going for a balayage or ombre effect.

10. Side-Shaved Hairstyles For Women With Curly Hair

All the hairstyles presented above were done on straight or wavy hair, but you can wear shaved hairstyles just as quickly if you have curly hair too! This is an example of a pixie cut with long bangs, just as at no. 1, but with curls instead of straight locks.

11. Shaved Hairstyles For Black Women

There are so many great shaved hairstyles for black women that we will take it slow and start with a short one. We love the subtle shave that is almost faded and beautifully accentuates this natural brunette’s red dye job.

12. Short Curly Top with Undercut for Black Women

Are you feeling brave and daring and willing to go even shorter? Then try on for size this ultra-short haircut with a longer top and shaved sides. What makes the curly crown stand out, even more, is that its top was dyed in a bright yellow and unconventional color.

13. Shaved Undercut Hairstyles For Women

Let’s get creative and take the undercut to a whole new level! Instead of going for a simple cut, consider adding a design – you will see many ideas, but we particularly love how this geometrical design pairs with the neck tattoo. What a great look!

14. Shaved Undercut with Purple Top

Slide back up to no. 4, admire it, and then come back and see how you can further change a hairstyle that was already edgy and fun. Here, we’re showing you a purple with subtle blue hints look, but you can go for virtually anything.

15. Half Shaved Hairstyles For Women

Mix and match hairstyles and lengths until you get the ones that most fit your style and personality. You can pair a pixie cut with long bangs look and go for a half shave where the upper part of the head is longer while the second part close to the ear (and wave-lined) is cut closer to the scalp.

16. Shaved Back Of Head Hairstyles For Women

This is not an undercut, and this is a full-on shave that accentuates the short shortcut, the baby bangs, and the green hair color. This is one of the edgiest and boldest shaved hairstyles for women.

17. Subtle One Side Shaved Hairstyles For Women

Nonetheless, you don’t necessarily have to go for a highly daring shave – there are also subtle versions. Take this style, for example, in which just one side of the head was shaved, and the fade ends as it meets the ear.

18. Triangles Shaved Back Hairstyles For Women

Yet another example of a subtle shave-admire is the surgical lines that go beautifully accentuate the linear (almost triangular) designs cut into the back of the head. You can also use this idea as you are growing out your undercut, but without going all out as before.

19. Elegant Long Top with Colored Fade and Shaved Sides

This is a stunning example of hair fashion at its finest. The hair on top of the head is longer both on the crown and on the back of the head. At the same time, the sides feature a mix of fade with a shave. While this latter is blonde, the fade is dyed chocolate to beautifully accentuate it.

20. Hairstyles With Shaved Sides For Black Women

This is one of the coolest shaved hairstyles for women, no doubt about it. After all, besides the shape, the shave is all the cooler by the intriguing line cut into it. Call it a wave or a three-we’re calling it pretty.

21. Low Maintenance Shaved Hairstyles For Women

It might not look like it at first, but this is actually one of the best-shaved hairstyles if you are looking for a low-maintenance option. What makes it so easy to maintain, you may ask?

The fact that, besides being a side shave, it is also very easy to cover one. You can continue shaving a part as long as you like and then, when you decide to change your look, let it grow hidden away by your other locks.

22. Shaved Design Hairstyles For Women

There are so many cool things to highlight when looking at this haircut that we will focus on just two. The first thing we’ll draw attention to is the cool shade of blue on the mohawk. The other is the stunning shaved hair design with white dyed lines accentuating it.

23. Punk Mohawk with Long Hair and Shaved Sides

This is taking colored, shaved, and punk rock hairstyles to another level simply because it combines them. You have the punk hair that was colored in several shades of green and with yellow accents and also the shaved sides.

24. Shaved Hairstyles For Older Women

There is no age limit to wearing shaved or ultra-short hair. For example, you can start from a full head of hair that you style and shave in the ultra-short haircut of your choice – or chop it all off and go for a buzz cut that will later grow out and open the road to new hairstyles.

25. Short Natural Hair with Curved Lines Shaved Design

Don’t hesitate to wear natural hair short, especially if it is curly. Also, if you are going for a shaved hairstyle, play around with it and see if this style with a curved shaved line isn’t exactly what you were looking for.

26. Subtle Side Shave on Curly Black Hair

We’ve shown you a subtle way to wear a shave with straight to wavy hair; now it’s time to see what it would look like on curly tresses. This picture was taken at the perfect moment, but you might find those curls harder to tame as they start growing out.

27. Curly Top with Undercut and Shaved Designs

This curly top is held high and proud, and it’s got all the reasons. Also, a tall and curly updo exposes a beautifully undercut with both sides of the head shaved and linear designs cut on the back of the neck. Stunning!

28. Glamorous Braided Hawk with Undercut

This is a very bold look; there’s no mistake about it. It starts from a longer hair length and styles in a braid hawk style. This goes to accentuate both the sides of the head and the mix of blonde and red hair colors at the front.

29. Lotus Undercut under Long Hair

You’ve seen many ways you can wear an undercut under long hair, but there’s always one more great design to see, and we just couldn’t miss this one. It is lotus-shaped and simply gorgeous.

30. Flower Hair Tattoo Undercut Shaved Hairstyles for Women

We’ll end up this list of hairstyles for women, for now at least, with another gorgeous design for your undercut. You’ve seen linear and geometric ideas; now admire this flower-shaped beauty that will appeal even to more feminine-inclined gals.

Ready to Change Your Look?

There you have it, a list of the many ways in which you can wear shaved hairstyles for women! Have we convinced you yet that there are very many ways to wear one?

After all, you’ve seen options ranging from a subtle shave that you can hide away. You’ve also seen how you can make a shave pop with either the help of hair dye jobs or through unique shaved designs.

So, which of these shaved hairstyles are you gonna go for? Or are you already the proud owner of a shaved style? Drop a comment and let us know!

Victoria is a wavy-haired girl that loves wearing her tresses at around chin to shoulder-length. But she's also sported all the short haircuts you can think of and long hair too. She's also had straight and curly hair, so join her in her latest hair adventures.


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