50 Gorgeous Red Brown Hair Color Ideas for 2022

light red brown hair

Are you looking for red-brown hair ideas to spice up your style this year? You are, aren’t you? Then look no further because we gathered the hottest red-brown hair colors that will look remarkable on everyone!

One of the biggest advantages of wearing a brown hair color with just a pinch of red is that it will look natural regardless of the hair length or texture.

From light honey browns to deeper golden browns and red-brown hues, brown hair is uniquely fit for every season. There are so many red-brown shades in the brown hair palette, that the only problem will be picking just one shade!

Don’t worry if you can’t decide! We’ve got just the right red brown hair ideas for you – ones featuring simple mixes, or balayage, highlights, ombre, & many more!

What does hair color say about you?

In most cases, the natural color of the hair is the one that suits you perfectly, as it is the only one in full accordance with your skin and your physiognomy (it is only dictated by the same DNA that gives shape to the other features).

However, women often adopt a very different color from their natural hair. Studies show that the choice of hair color hides much more complex psychological underpinnings than the purely aesthetic preference for a certain shade.

In general, brunettes are perceived as friendly and tangible, blondes are considered vulnerable, and redheads seem restless and energetic.

But what do psychologists say about your hair color?

Red hair

Like natural blondes, redheads are a rarity at birth. Those who have this gene in their DNA usually have very light skin and freckles. These are often perceived as cold and distant, especially if the facial features are a little rougher. On the other hand, their innocence cannot be surpassed even by blondes.

Women who choose this hair color are bold and want to stand out, they are not afraid of anything and take everything as a toy. Redheads are also playful with a sense of humor, but they don’t take on a lot of responsibility.

Men prefer to have redhead adventures because they give them the impression of freedom and the non-existence of predefined limits and patterns.

Brown hair

Brunettes are sensual and often very voluptuous. Dark hair makes you think of a determined woman, who knows what she wants, knows where and how to get it and nothing stands in the way. The typical brunette is an Amazon, a fighter, a woman very in control of her.

Men perceive brunettes as either better than blondes or, on the contrary, sexier. It’s a matter of taste, though. However, most of the time, brunettes seem to be harder to approach than blondes and most men avoid taking this step for fear of being rejected.

Although it is the most common hair color, it will never cease to be a paradox: it exudes both good manners and stability, as well as intense sensuality and boldness.

1. Red Brown Hair

This is a remarkable classic red-brown shade. The healthy dose of red breaks through the medium brown shade in a lovely mix.

Is it cherry? Is it chocolate? With brown to red hair, you’ll have a hard time telling. What matters is that all these nuances shine bright and create a uniquely stylish look.

2. Copper Brown Hair

The cool thing about copper hair colors is that they’re undecidedly brown, red, and blonde, all at the same time.

Nonetheless, copper browns shine like no other in the summer sun. Pay attention to your skin tone though before deciding to try on this royal brown-red color.

3. The Ashlee Simpson

If you thought blondes can’t go for delicious chocolate tones, think again! Ashlee Simpson sported a dazzling auburn hair color with medium chocolate undertones. Notice how flattering this shade is when it comes to the color of her eyes.

4. Trend Alert: Light Red Hair

This light red-brown hair color is climbing up the trendy ladder – and with good reason! The gold and copper shades are summer material, while the reddish and brown undertones help add even more depth.

5. The Emma Stone

Emma is an adept of the red hair colors family. She has embraced and rocked them all. This is one of her soberer takes on red hair colors. Nonetheless, the green-eyed vixen looks as remarkable with a darker tone as with a lighter red hair shade.

6. The Lana Del Rey

Lana’s moody chocolate auburn hair is a powerful statement. Styled in these vintage waves, her luscious mane proves that a certain style comes with attitude. Then again, Lana is the queen of cinematic appearances. From dirty blondes to luxurious brunettes, we’ve seen her don every color.

7. Dark Brown Hair with Red Highlights

If you’re looking to ease your way into a stronger red-brown color, why not first go for highlights! Also, if your hair is naturally brown, then you’re in luck! Try on lighter red shades for the tips and overtones and reserve the darker reddish hues for the undertones.

8. Brown to Red Hair

When these two colors meet, they create a full rich hue that isn’t easy to wear but which looks absolutely dashing. If you feel you have what it takes, go for it! Dark brown and red hair has a way of attracting a lot of looks.

9. Red Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

The toned-down base orange with brown tints is brightened by red and blonde highlights. To achieve this look, ask your hairstylist for thin, barely noticeable highlights that run the length of the hair.

10. Red and Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

Since red-brown hair is already a splendid blend of colors and shades, enhancing it with a rainbow-like mix of highlights can’t hurt. Particularly if the colors of the highlights range from deep crimson red to toned down auburn and blonde.

11. Pixie Cut on Dark Brown Red Hair

You didn’t think red-brown colors can look so well on short pixie hair, did you? Far from being a tacky note, this hairstyle is edgy but chic and cute at the same time!

12. Short Hairstyle on Light Brown Red Hair

Reddish-brown hair with caramel tints perfectly highlighted by the short textured haircut. Although her hair is thin, both the hair color and cut build volume and depth.

13. Deep Mahogany Hair

Mahogany is one of the colors in the brown hair colors palette that look remarkably flattering on anyone. However, the deep red hues are a better fit to brighten and highlight fair and medium skin tones.

14. Auburn Hair Color

While auburn is considered to be part of the red hair colors family, we believe the creamy brown notes of auburn make it a suitable candidate for the brown hair colors palette as well. Here, we see auburn being enriched with fine blonde and copper highlights, for a brighter note.

15. Brown Hair with Red Tint

There are many ways by which you can achieve a red-brown hair color. We adore this hair color obtained by mixing golden tones of brown with lighter reds and copper.

16. Golden Brown Red

Notice the golden hues of the thick luscious locks. This natural-looking balayage plays with notes of golden, brown, and red.

17. Emma Stone Hair II

Another lovely example of Emma Stone’s elegant hair colors – ones picked to complement her skin tone. If you are looking for inspiration in women’s hairstyles and hair colors to complement a fair complexion, pay close attention to this Hollywood star.

18. Julia Roberts Hair

A vintage Julia Roberts look featuring a delicious chocolate brown hair color. An idol for women worldwide, Julia too has maintained a constant preference for red-brown and its lovely reddish hues.

19. Maroon Hair

Maroon hair color is sighted somewhere at the intersection between auburn and burgundy with just a hint of deep brown. Nonetheless, it’s sufficient to consider this stylish shade to be red-brown.

20. Brown Hair with Red Underneath

This is a skillfully done balayage where the red hair color isn’t present as a block under color. Instead, red highlights are inserted in the rich light brown mane, perfect as a women’s hairstyle for autumn.

21. Red Tips on Brown Hair

Another way to add just a tint of eye-catching red to your long wavy brown hair is to use red on the hair tips. For a more natural look, dye the hair in this lovely dark cherry shade and gradually lighten the color towards the tips.

22. Copper Brown Hair

This stylish hair color never goes out of fashion. A timeless trend, copper is flattering for all skin tones and complexions. That beautiful braided ‘do is to die for as well!

23. Short Pixie Cut: Red Overtones

A textured pixie cut works wonders in highlighting the red hues of the chocolate brown hair color. Each strand of hair seems to shine a different red shade.

24. Red Brown Blonde Hair

This isn’t the name of hair color. However, it is a hint about how to create a stunning look using these three hair colors. This is both a gorgeous hairstyle and a gorgeous blend of colors that looks almost natural.

25. Light Cherry Brown Hair

Can you tell the brown notes of this brown red hair color? It’s the light auburn shade that is based on a darker color like brown. This edgy hair color is among the coolest color trends of these past few years.

26. Dark Brown Hair with Burgundy Red Highlights

Flaunt your silky smooth dark brown hair enhanced by fine burgundy red highlights. This look isn’t just edgier. It is also a great way to ease into red-brown hair.

27. Dark Red Brown with Plum Overtones

Wear this color for an added note of elegance and style. Plum overtones, albeit colder, complement all complexions and skin tones. For a uniquely refined look, make sure the red-brown base is darker, but not as dark as to stump the reddish hues.

28. Chocolate Hair Color

Golden chocolate with just a tint of copper-red. This is a perfect summer color to be flaunted in the office or at the beach.

29. Curly Brown Red Hair

Another sophisticated red-brown shade, this time enhanced by the wealth of voluminous curls and coils. Each twist reveals more of the delicious red tones mixed with the luxurious brown tones.

30. Red Brown Blonde Hair

Red-brown can be worn by natural blondes too. If you don’t want to renounce your natural blonde, but would still like to try something different, go for red-brown highlights.

They work like a charm on blonde hair colors! Plus, if you don a hairstyle like this thick braid, each of the colors can shine in all its splendour.

31. Pale Red Brown

We could drool over Kat McNamara’s flawless look for days, starting with her hair and ending with her gorgeous facial features. We adore the dark strawberry blonde look she has going on here, complete with the crimson attire and makeup.

32. Red Brown and Bangs

Thinking about adding bangs to your makeover idea? Your red-brown will look adorable on all types of bangs. This picture above is a wonderful example to get you started!

33. Natural Redhead

Nothing can quite compare to the hypnotizing charm that natural redheads have. If you were born with ginger locks like these, we recommend leaving them in their natural color and just cutting to give them a shape.

34. Balayage with Red Brown Hair

One of the aspects we love the most about this sleek balayage is the choice of colors. All the browns have just enough red in them to enhance the tone. To top it all off, they are beautifully melted into one another.

35. Dark Cherry Hue

What makes this deep cherry shade so appealing is the splash of violet. We agree that it’s a bit more purple than your average cherry-inspired hair color, but that’s also the quality that makes it so eye-catching in the sun.

36. Long and Wavy Reddish Brown Locks

There’s no doubt that Megan Fox is a high-profile celeb that many beauty lovers admire. We’re accustomed to seeing her with raven locks, but we agree that this reddish-brown on her long and wavy hair suits her perfectly!

37. Red Brown and Blonde Balayage

This is a delightful balayage idea for women who want to explore the lighter options of brown hair. It starts with an intense shade of copper and transitions into a warm honey blonde at the tips.

38. Very Dark Burgundy Red Brown Hair

You would be surprised to see how marvelous this super deep tone looks on fair-skinned women. It’s a more original and flattering alternative for classic jet black hair with plenty of shine thanks to the dark burgundy undertones.

39. Deep Copper Lowlights

We are crazy in love with this vivid russet hair color. However, what impresses us, even more, is this choice of strategically placed lowlights. The rich copper choice for them results in a fabulous and alluring hairstyle.

40. Intense Mahogany Tint

Another dark shade you can play around with is this toned-down mahogany. As opposed to #13 on our list, this version is even more intense, thanks to the deep tones. The subtle play on colors scores huge points.

41. Natural Curls

Alexis Savage is a unique model you will fall in love with, from her freckles to her afro-textured curls. As far as her enormous, naturally curly auburn hair is concerned, we can easily admit that she is #hairgoals all around.

42. Cherry Cola Red Brown Hair

We’ve brought up cherry brown hair multiple times throughout this list, but why not turn things down a notch with cherry cola locks? Compared to our other examples, this one is more vibrant and darker, with a handful of wispy caramel highlights.

43. Reddish Chestnut

Rediscover the beauty of nature with this chestnut red-brown shade. It’s as natural as you can get with artificial coloring, and it boasts a delicate glow all around. We recommend it for women with long, straight hair.

44. Unique Platinum and Red Brown Hair Ombre

If you’re the rebellious type, who says you have to settle for a “normal” hairstyle? Funky gals should consider this out-of-the-box ombre, with a mixed highlighting technique for the transition from red-brown to platinum.

45. Chestnut Undertones

Yet another way to sport chestnut locks is by getting just undertones in this color. If you pick this method, we encourage you to consider a darker base color so the undertones will simultaneously act as lowlights.

46. Dark Cocoa with Mahogany Tint

We tend to associate certain hair colors with sweet references, such as chocolate or cherries. In this example, you can clearly understand why the dark cocoa description fits its name perfectly! It will also look exceptionally well on women with green eyes.

47. Copper and Caramel Highlights on Red Brown Hair

We’ve presented this red and blonde highlights combination at #10, but this is a more natural alternative for women who don’t want to come across as too flashy. Here, the bright blonde and red are toned down to caramel and copper hues.

48. Dark Red Brown Hair with Platinum Overlay

Whenever in doubt, think about adding blonde to spice up your hairstyle. As a rule of thumb, the lighter the blonde, the more head-turning the results will be. Therefore, a dark auburn base will come to life with an icy, platinum blonde top like this one.

49. Auburn with Pale Turquoise Under Color

If you’re truly fearless, you can jump over the blondes and go straight to unconventional colors. Regardless of whether you experiment with pastels, metallic tones, or directly rainbow colors, they are all fine choices for outgoing girls. Here’s some pale turquoise for inspiration with auburn hair.

50. Blonde, Red, and Brown Mix

Finally, we’ll leave you with another quirky combo that is sure to make you stand out from the crown. This highlights mix equally combines dark brown and light blonde highlights, with just a handful of discrete red streaks to make the look pop!

Ready to Change Your Look?

To conclude, red-brown hair combos are both playful and stylish, natural, and chic.

Did we convince you that red brown hair is a great choice for a fresh look this year? Let us know what you think!


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