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50 Platinum Blonde Hair Color Ideas in 2022

50 Platinum Blonde Color Ideas in 2022 - a woman wearing a necklace

All women should be blonde at least once in their life, so they can find out if blondes do have more fun. Take it to the next level and try a platinum blonde look. Reese Witherspoon showed us all in Legally Blonde how beautiful the platinum blonde color is.

Platinum blonde hair color is so pretty in any season, but summer is where it shines. This color looks great on women of any age, and any type of hair. There are many ways to wear your platinum blonde hair, check out this list below to find out which one is best for you!

1. Straight Platinum Blonde for Medium Length

This first look the straight platinum blonde for medium-length hair is giving off such beautiful vibes. Wear it straight like in the photo above for a flawless look.

2. Shadow Root Platinum Blonde Bob Cut

Pair your new bob look with a fun shadow root, in the photo above they kept it all one length parted down the middle and it is so pretty.

3. Dimensional Wavy Platinum Blonde Balayage

Platinum blonde finished off with balayage will make you look and feel like such a goddess. Add some loose curls to show off the balayage.

4. Baby Bob Platinum Splice Blonde

The baby bob platinum splice blonde look pairs so well with a little trendy silver hue. Finish it off with a splice blonde color and you are all set to go.

5. Clean Blonde for Short Bob Cut

Try a clean blonde color on a short bob cut. In the photo above they kept it all one length and parted it on the side for such a beautiful style.

6. Long Straight Platinum Blonde

Long straight platinum blonde hair is always on-trend. This style gives off such a barbie vibe.

7. Soft Shag Platinum Blonde Hairstyle

A soft shag platinum blonde hairstyle is such a beautiful look. This style looks great with long hair like in the photo above, finish it off with loose shaggy curls for a natural look.

8. Bright and Butter Blonde Bob Hair

Bright and butter blonde bob hair is so much fun to say, but even more, fun to wear. This icy color would look great on women of any age.

9. Straight Ice Platinum Blonde

Turn on your inner ice queen with this straight ice platinum blonde. This look above is paired with two-sided bangs and a little longer length and it looks perfect.

10. Shaggy Short Blonde Hair

This shaggy short blonde hair is such a great summer look. You could wear it curly or straight either way would be gorgeous.

11. Wavy White Out Blonde Hair

For all the ladies with wavy hair try the white-out blonde hairstyle, for a beautiful way to show off your hair. Try using a curling iron to achieve the look above.

12. Light Silver Platinum Blonde

The silver trend is here to stay, why not mix it up with the light silver platinum blonde look. With both silver and blonde hues in your hair, it will shine.

13. Long Bob Cut Blonde Wavy Hair

This next look is a longer bob cut for wavy hair. This look would be so perfect for all those hot summer months.

14. Wavy Blonde Best for Summer

Show your platinum blonde hair off all summer with this wavy look. Keep it long and flowing with messy curls or throw it in a pony either way you will love it.

15. Platinum Blonde Hair

The classic platinum blonde hair look will always be in style. Try keeping your hair all one length to achieve this look.

16. Brown Roots Wavy Bob Blonde

Blonde hair looks great with you leaving some of your dark roots showing. It gives you the perfect natural girl look.

17. Wavy Bombshell Platinum Blonde

If you are into the blonde bombshell you will love this shade of platinum. Finish it off with beautiful beach waves and you are sure to love this look.

18. Warm Platinum Blonde Color

Warm platinum blonde is such a pretty shade for girls with a darker completion. Leave some of the natural roots showing and you are sure to love the way you look.

19. Medium Straight Cool Toned Platinum Blonde

Talk about a show stopper, the medium straight cool-toned platinum blonde look will make you stand out. This look is so pretty with the medium hues and tones throughout.

20. Wavy Winter Icy Blonde

For the winter months when you want to tone down your platinum locks a little try out this next look The wavy winter icy blonde is so gorgeous you won’t regret it.

21. Balayage Ombre Blonde Hairstyle

Platinum blonde is the perfect color to mix up your normal hair. Try a balayage ombre to keep your hair looking natural and healthy.

22. Dark Black Roots Blonde Hair

If you are on your way in or out of your platinum blonde look the dark black roots blonde hair is the perfect choice for you. Keep your hair long and add some big curls and you will have serious princess vibes.

23. Waves of Platinum Blonde Balayage

For wavy hair, this next look is a stunner. Try adding some big chunky waves of platinum blonde and add a balayage such a gorgeous finish.

24. Platinum Creamy Blonde Hair

The creamy platinum blonde color would be perfect in any season. In the photo above the kept her hair long, parted in the middle with loose curls for a flawless look.

25. Straight Bob Blonde Medium Length

Medium hairstyles can be so hard to pick, this pretty long bob with platinum color should be your next look.

26. Platinum Blonde Beach Ideas

Wow, the platinum blonde beach style color will have you looking your best all summer long. Try this look with straight or curly hair either way it is gorgeous,

27. Volume Waves Balayage Blonde

A great way to add some volume to your hair is to try a balayage blonde look. The way the balayage fades down your hair will help make it look fuller.

28. Icy Blonde with A Hint of Brunette

To add some texture to your platinum blonde try an icy blonde color with just a hint of brunette. The brunette color popping through will had so much life in your hair.

29. Icy Platinum Blonde for Short Hair

This short and sassy look is the icy platinum blonde for short hair. This look is so beautiful when left down and straight.

30. Lilac Silver Platinum Blonde Hairstyle

Lilac silver and platinum blonde is such a beautiful combo. Try adding some long layers and loose curls to let that lilac color pop out.

31. Platinum Dirty Blonde Hairstyle

The classic dirty blonde color with a twist, the platinum dirty blonde look is a great way to get your hair to the next level of blonde.

32. Ash Blonde Color Hairstyle

Ash-blonde hairstyle is a trendy way to wear your hair in 2022. The silver and blonde colors compliment each other so well and will leave your hair looking so silky smooth.

33. Icy Ash Platinum Blonde Color

This next look is the perfect combo of icy and ash platinum blonde color. Keep it long like in the photo above for a beautiful flawless look all season.

34. Brown Hair Platinum Blonde

Next up is a gorgeous look, the brown hair and platinum blonde is a great way to get your hair done. The brown hues will give your hair the definition you want. This is a great color for women of any age.

35. Short Wavy Ice Blonde Hairstyle

Short and sweet is this next look. Go bold and try this wavy ice blonde hairstyle, in the photo above they kept it shoulder length with pretty bangs, it looks beautiful.

36. Ash Grey Blonde with Edge Curls

For a fun mix of silver and platinum try the adorable color combo of blonde and ash grey hair. Finish your look off by curling the ends of your hair. This look is fun for short or long hair.

37. Platinum Blonde Wavy Hair

To always look on-trend try this new style out, the wavy platinum blonde style is such a gorgeous look for those long summer nights. The waves in the photo above really help to let her hair shine.

38. Vanilla Platinum Blonde Color

Vanilla ice has nothing on this color, vanilla platinum blonde. A beautiful solid color would be perfect for any type of hair. In the photo above they kept it short with side bangs and it looks flawless.

39. Blonde Bombshell with Large Curls

For all the beautiful bombshells out there, try the blonde bombshell with large curls this look gives off the Cali beach vibes.

40. Dark Metallic Blonde Hairstyle

Stand out in the crowd with this dark metallic blonde hairstyle. A two-toned look like in the photo above is so pretty with curls, worn straight or thrown up in a pony. You cannot go wrong with this gorgeous style.

41. Wavy Asymmetrical Blonde Bob Cut

A fun asymmetrical bob cut is the perfect place to start for a new style. Add beach waves and top it off with a platinum blonde color and be ready for all the compliments.

42. Balayage with Platinum Blonde

A nice balayage is what every girl needs, try this lookout with platinum blonde. In the photo above they kept her hair long with loose curls and it brings out the beautiful color.

43. Blonde Balayage Hairstyle

For a more natural look try out the beautiful blonde balayage hairstyle. This technique will make you look like a natural blonde, get ready for all the compliments to come rolling in.

44. Shoulder Length Curly Ash Blonde

This next gorgeous look is for all the wavy-haired girls out there. Try an ash blonde color for your next platinum blonde look. In the photo above they kept her hair at shoulder length and it brings out all the texture and color in this look.

45. Ice White Blonde Curls on End

Go bright or go home is this next look, the ice white blonde look would look gorgeous on hair type. Try this lookout with a nice curl at the bottom of your hair.

46. Caramel Blonde Balayage Hair

A warm-toned caramel blonde balayage is always a good idea. This look would be perfect with longer hair. In the photo above they gave her some long layers and loose curls and it looks perfect.

47. Blunt Blonde Bob Hairstyle

For your new bob hairstyle try out the blunt blonde look. With grey and blonde hues throughout this hairstyle is beautiful. Finish it off with a straightener to let your hair shine.

48. Straight Light Vanilla Blonde Hair

Wow, this next look is so dreamy. A light vanilla blonde is such a fun color for summer. This color would be so beautiful for women of any age. In the photo above they kept it long and straight, but any length would work.

49. Creamy Blonde with Dark Roots

When you decide to go blonde, sometimes it looks best to leave your roots dark. This look Creamy blonde with dark roots is a beautiful way to look natural, and you won’t have to back to the salon as often.

50. Light Foil Platinum Blonde Hair

For a flawless blonde look all over try the light foil platinum blonde hair. This technique of using the foil to lighten your hair is an oldie but goodie. It’s a sure way to make sure your hair comes out looking its best.


Going platinum blonde takes a lot more work than most people realize. Trips to the salon will take a lot of time, but it will be so worth it if you pick any of these top 50 platinum blonde colors. Let us know down below which one you picked for your big salon day!


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