50 Most Spectacular Blonde Hair Color Ideas for 2022

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It is often said that blonde is more than just a color. It’s an attitude and a way of life. Apart from that, it’s a huge commitment. Once you decide to get blonde hair, there is little you can do to go back to your original color. There is a lot of bleaching involved, ladies tend to get dismayed since, sometimes, their blonde hue appears yellowish, and the shade itself has to be nurtured to continuously look like it did on day one.

Not to mention that your hair needs all the nourishment it can get. This is why we call blondes the bravest ladies out there. For them, we have created a list of 50 blonde hair shades, colors, and styles to give them a bit of inspo. Let’s get started!

1. Blonde Hair with Balayage and Curls

We’re starting off easy with a super quick and fun idea. It’s worth considering for those ladies who want a bit of Blonde Hair Color in their lives but are not ready to make a full commitment to bottle blonde. Balayage is the answer for you!

2. Blonde Hair Color Ideas with Lowlights and Highlights

Another way of making your blonde hair look as natural as possible is by including a few lowlights among your highlights as well. No natural blonde shade is a solid block of color. It has lighter and darker strands and so should yours.

3. Malibu Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Do you know what goes perfectly well with Malibu blonde hair? A fabulous pout. Therefore, we suggest you break out your curling iron for some awesome beach waves, as well as a peach or nude matte lip stain.

4. Paparazzi Highlighted Blonde Hair

Here’s another shade that we are absolutely in love with. It’s the paparazzi blonde. It goes perfectly well in all seasons. Plus, it’s gorgeous if you decide to straighten your hair. You will definitely look like a star in the spotlight.

5. The Shakira

Latina songstress Shakira is here to help us start our long list of celebrities with blonde hair. She is not only the definition of ‘voluptuous.’ Do you know what else is curvy about her? Her curls. That’s right. She has curvy curls.

6. Ombre Blonde Hair Color Ideas

An example of ombre blonde hair could not have possibly missed from our list. This trend has been going strong for a few years and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. Therefore, jump aboard the ombre train!

7. The Margot Robbie

One blonde bombshell that took the silver screen by storm in the past couple of years is none other than sweetheart Margot Robbie. Her blonde locks perfectly complement her tanned skin and her gorgeous blue eyes.

8. The Ariana Grande

That’s right, even hardcore brown hair lover Ariana Grande fell prey to the lure of the blonde hair. Although we do love her more in the deep chocolate she usually wears, we cannot say she didn’t do justice to the sandy shade.

9. Platinum Blonde Hair Color Ideas

One of the most beloved shades in the blonde spectrum is the platinum one. It quietly toes the line between silvery white and gray and we have been loving it for years. The color bears an extreme elegance that works both in the office and in the club.

10. Dirty Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Here is one shade of blonde hair that you will love for one simple reason. It’s very easy to maintain. It doesn’t actually have one particular nuance to it, which means you can even do it at home by yourself!

11. The Amber Heard

It’s a bit hard not to fall in love with Amber Heard’s bohemian chic overall appearance. Just look at that windswept mess of butterscotch blonde hair paired with a beautiful flowery dress. She is a style inspiration to us all.

12. Color Combinations

Sometimes a pretty shade of blonde is not one that comes out of a single bottle. Here is a gorgeous example of ice-blonde hair mixed with chocolate brown lowlights. The effect is spectacular, giving us the feeling that we’re looking at an easy, dirty blonde.

13. The Katy Perry

Is there a hair or wig color, for that matter, that Katy Perry hasn’t yet tried? It doesn’t really matter because she looks amazing in all of them. Even in this arctic blonde that highlights her green eyes.

14. The Rosamund Pike

The world took notice of actress Rosamund Pike when she played the very beautiful yet deranged ‘Gone Girl.’ Since then, she has blossomed with this amazing light copper shade of blonde that we absolutely adore.

15. Dark Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Some mistakenly believe that all blonde hair should be light and bright. That is incorrect. You can also go for darker versions if you want, as long as you feel they match your eye color and skin tone better.

16. St. Tropez Blonde Hair Color Ideas

In case you were searching for an expensive looking shade of blonde for the summer, search no further. St. Tropez looks like you should be on a millionaire’s yacht and it comes straight out of a bottle!

17. Russian Bleach Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Russian women are known far and wide for their beauty. The great thing about this is that you can now borrow a fraction of that beauty with the shade Russian bleach blonde hair. Thrown in icy blue eyes and perfect lips and you’re there.

18. Chocolate Frost Blonde Hair

As stated above, not all blonde shades are supposed to be light. Here is an amazing example of a chocolate frost color that is still considered as belonging to the blonde palette. If you’re shy of going full blonde, this is the shade for you.

19. Mocha Blonde Hair

One perfect hue for winter time is mocha blonde. The reason is that it easily blends in with the frosty outdoors, creating a lovely, artistic view between you and the surrounding nature. Keep your roots dark for a more natural feel.

20. Baby Blonde Hair

Remember when you were little, you had blonde hair and you parents wished it could stay like that forever? Well, now, to everyone’s delight, you can recreate that shade almost precisely with baby blonde. It’s a mixture of ombre and balayage.

21. The Jennifer Lawrence

Blonde hair softens Jen’s beautiful features and gives her a more feminine look. And, as much as we adore this queen of the silver screen, she does need it. We all know just how much of a tomboy she can be in real life.

22. The Kristen Stewart

Eager to leave her fragile Bella days as far behind her as possible, actress Kristen Stewart has become quite the rebel. She now sports a very light sandy blonde shade with very dark roots. Oh, and she loves to shave her head.

23. The Gigi Hadid

If there ever was anyone who looked good with blonde hair, that person is definitely Gigi Hadid. The supermodel has a round, full face, doll-like face whose features and sweetness are only accentuated by the softness of the blonde shades she wears.

24. Mochaccino Blonde Hair

How much do you love coffee? So much that you would be willing to use it as hair-spiration? And why not? The shade is very rich and creamy, just like a good coffee should be. You will like it best in sunlight when you can see all its highlights.

25. The Elle Fanning

Having already played Princess Aurora at a younger age, Elle Fanning knows a thing or two about blonde hair. After all, Aurora was hair goals, wasn’t she? Elle goes for a very light shade of arctic blonde, which she straightens out.

26. Beige Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Here’s a shade that was very popular back in the 2000s but that, with a little luck, might make a comeback. It’s a cream-colored beige blonde that goes well with a crop top and some low-cut jeans. Remember those?

27. Chai Cream Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Since we already had coffee as hair inspiration, it would only be fair to allow tea to act as such as well. Especially since it can come in these amazingly delicious nuances. This is chai cream blonde hair, perfect for a frosty autumn.

28. Ice Cold Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Did you ever ask yourself what shade of blonde Elsa from Frozen use? Well, it’s this one. Here’s a pro tip. To make this color look just a bit more natural and a little less cartoonish, try keeping your natural roots or dyeing them in a darker color.

29. Salt and Pepper Blonde Hair

This amazing shade is called salt and pepper and the reasons are fairly obvious. The way in which you can showcase it is by braiding your hair on one side in a very sloppy French braid. This will highlight both shades in your tresses.

30. The Lilly James

She played Cinderella so she is one more famous screen siren who happens to have learned a thing or two about blonde hair at the Disney school for princesses. Lilly James now dons caramel blonde hair to match her chestnut brown eyes.

31. The Britney Spears

Here is one celebrity who we simply could not image have any other hair color than blonde. It’s true she tried brunette and even red hair but nothing worked for her quite like butter batch. Oh, the power of the blonde!

32. Gray Blonde Hair

We feel that soon enough gray hair will have won enough space in the makeup and style world to be given a category of its own. For now, however, it’s still regarded as a shade of blonde. Pro tip – it’s best not to try this one at home. Go to your stylist instead.

33. Creamy Blonde Hair

What a bed head! It’s messy, it’s wavy, it’s creamy blonde, and it’s gorgeous all around. The secret is just the right shade of blonde and, of course, some high-quality hair care products to get this mess head impression.

34. The Taylor Swift

Another songstress who refuses to let go of her juvenile blonde tresses is Taylor Swift. Her signature look comprises different shades of blonde, her bright blue eyes, and the deep red lipstick without which she is never to be seen in public.

35. The Jennifer Aniston

Do you remember the Rachel? Those days are long gone. Some 20 years ago. Can you believe it? Yet Jen has retained all of her youthfulness, beauty, and the same hair color that made her famous. It’s a sweet honey shade that highlights both her tanned skin and her gorgeous blue eyes.

36. Sandy Blonde Hair

If you can’t make it to the beach this year, don’t fret. You can always make the beach come to you. Transform your normal hair color into this outstanding sandy beach shade. It works wonders for every eye color, not to mention skin tone.

37. Nutmeg Blonde Hair

This is truly a hair color inspired by the famous saying sugar, spice, and everything nice. The only thing is that you won’t be looking nice. You will be gorgeous. The darker undertones highlight the icy top giving some depth to your cut.

38. The Emma Stone

Few people know this, but Emma Stone is, in fact, a natural blonde. She had to dye her hair darker for ‘Superbad’ and she had a hard time coming back after that. Luckily for us, these days she is reconsidering her choices.

39. The Reese Witherspoon

Thanks to one little movie called ‘Legally Blonde’, Reese Witherspoon became one of the most famous blondes in the history of cinematography. She has never ditched her hair color since and happier we could not be. Just look at what it does for her eyes and skin. Wowza!

40. Vanilla Blonde Hair

In fact, the correct term for this hair color is vanilla ice cream blonde. It works even better if you decide to create a messy bun on top of your head that might resemble an ice cream swirl with a few strands of melting cream framing your face.

41. Halsey Frosted Blonde Hair

This shade, as well as this cut, are exactly what you need for the summer. A feathery pixie cut that needs very little maintenance, along with a frosty shade of blonde to keep you looking fresh and cool.

42. The Cara Delevigne

It is a known fact that, if you have blue eyes, the best thing you can do to highlight them is to dye your hair blonde. And Cara has blue eyes and then some. With her sultry smoky makeup, she literally silences the crowds everywhere she goes.

43. Barbie Blonde Hair

Another great source of inspiration you could use as far as blonde hair goes is none other than everyone’s darling, the Barbie doll. How many times did you wish you had hair like hers when you were little? Well, now you can.

44. The Ashley Olsen

This side of the Olsen twin powerhouse is famously blonde. Ragtag and bohemian chic, with beach waves and a sandy beach blonde that always showcases her enormous sea blue eyes. The girl has kept all her childish loveliness.

45. The Blake Lively

When actress Blake Lively steps onto a red carpet, everyone sits down. As her hubby Ryan Reynolds put it, ‘she’s the Beyonce of red carpets.’ And who wouldn’t be with hair as perfect as that. In fact, remember when we talked about Princess Aurora above? She is up for the part if they make a live action ‘Sleeping Beauty.’

46. The Jessica Simpson

Remember back in the 2000s when Jessica Simpson was ‘the other Britney Spears’ and you had major hair envy? Those blonde flowing locks seemed to go forever. Now you can totally copy that look. The color is icy beaches.

47. Ombre Berry on Blonde Hair

We return once more to ombre blonde hair for this scrumptious looking shade. If you decide to ombre it out, we suggest you have some fun with it. This is a berry shade thrown over a beige blonde nuance. Here are some more ombre hair ideas worthy of a try.

48. The Emilia Clarke

We all know Em Clarke’s blonde hair from “Game of Thrones.” Still, did you know that, in real life, her hair is chestnut brown? However, if you want to copy her Mother of Dragons look, nothing is easier. Go for icicle blonde.

49. The P!nk

This one might sound confusing but you know what we’re talking about. It’s rocking songstress P!nk and her amazing short blonde tresses. We’re happy to see she still rocks the fauxhawk with the victory rolls on top. Copy the look now!

50. The Rihanna

The “Good Girl Gone Bad” is at her best, we believe, when she tones it down and keeps it classy and elegant. Here she is with loose vintage Hollywood curls all swept to one side, and with honey blonde and caramel browns at the roots. Wow!


This was our list of spectacular blonde hair ideas. Did we inspire you for your next cut and shade? Do tell us down below in the comment section because we would love to hear what you think!


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