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50 Stunning Celebrity Long Curly Hairstyles to Try in 2022

long curly hairstyles

Some celebs go to strenuous lengths to straighten their hair, process it, keep it luscious, and keratin it all the time. Everything in the name of people never finding out they have naturally curly hair. Others, on the contrary, embrace what nature has given them, and flaunt it every chance they get on the red carpet. Which side are you on? Click through these 50 celebrity inspired long curly hairstyles to find out.

1. The Shakira Celebrity Long Curly Hairstyles

As famous for her curls as she is for her strong vocals and belly dancing, Latina singer Shakira may have changed hair colors from time to time, but she never ditched her natural ringlets. And prouder we could not be because she is a real inspiration to us all.

2. The Rihanna

After watching her reinvent herself countless times, we cannot help but feel that natural Rihanna is still the best Rihanna, right? Here she is with very little makeup and a head full of perfectly poised brown and blonde curls.

3. The Blake Lively Celebrity Long Curly Hairstyles

It’s impossible to talk about long curly hairstyle or just hair in general, really, and not discuss Blake Lively. This queen who was once described by her husband as ‘the Beyonce of the red carpet,’ knows how to flaunt it. Her golden tresses look best when she sports beach waves.

4. The Camila Alves

Speaking of beach waves, doesn’t Camila Alves always look so effortless to you? It’s almost like she just stepped off a yacht and happened to wander graciously onto a red carpet somewhere. How does one achieve this look?

5. The Beyonce Celebrity Long Curly Hairstyles

Queen Bey has a fierce mane. In her own words, she is a lioness, and she clearly has the mane to prove it. It’s true that to get to these long curly hairstyles we know and love, she gets some help from extensions, but we surely adore what we see.

6. The Alicia Keys

The moment she decided it was time to go makeup free, singer Alicia Keys also took a natural approach to her long curly hairstyles. We could not love her more. Also, we applaud the no makeup movement as one which is extremely empowering to women.

7. The Solange Knowles Celebrity Long Curly Hairstyles

The hipster sister of the Knowles duo, Solange loves to flaunt her large curly hair in true hipster fashion. If you find you need a little extra help to get to this level of body and volume, buy some extensions.

8. The Halle Berry

Here’s a sight you don’t get to see every day. Yes, actress Halle Berry has curly hair in real life, and this is how she looks with long curly hairstyles. The long, tamed curls bring out the soft and feminine side of her, especially when paired with subdued makeup and oversized earrings.

9. The Salma Hayek Celebrity Long Curly Hairstyles

Another actress whom you probably didn’t know has naturally curly hair is Salma Hayek. She typically puts an iron curler at work when stepping out in public and arranges every single one of those ringlets in a neat row.

10. The Zendaya

Probably the most beautiful head of hair on our long curly hairstyles, Zendaya flaunts her deep brunette shade and her arctic berry lipstick like no one else. Don’t fret though. It’s not all hers. This is the work of countless extensions, which means you can get the look as well.

11. The Kerri Russell Celebrity Long Curly Hairstyles

Here’s a throwback picture of Kerri Russell which is definitive proof that the actress owns a time machine. She looks exactly the same, save for the long curly hairstyles which are so 90s, and we demand to know how she does it.

12. The Lorde

Long curly hairstyles in that organic, tree bark brown color have become Lorde’s iconic look. In fact, if we were to see her without the mass of long ringlets, we probably wouldn’t recognize her. Like Ariana Grande without the ponytail!

13. The Kate Hudson Celebrity Long Curly Hairstyles

This is a candid and casual picture of the otherwise extremely poised and polished Kate Hudson. She has tousled bottle blonde hair, and she allows her naturally curly hair to rule free and of its own dominion.

14. The Taylor Swift

True fans know that the old Taylor, the one who can’t come to the phone anymore has naturally curly hair. Yes, she is a huge fan of long curly hairstyles even now, but in a much more polished way. Back in the day she used to sing country songs and had a mass of bushy ringlets.

15. The Rita Ora Celebrity Long Curly Hairstyles

Another famous songstress who could have fooled us with her vintage curls and retro looks whenever she’s on the red carpet is Rita Ora. In fact, she adores long curly hairstyles and lets her hair down whenever she can.

16. The Sarah Jessica Parker

So much of Sarah Jessica Parker’s persona has been infused with that of Carrie Bradshaw that, when you see a picture, you cannot tell which is which. The truth is they are both into long curly hairstyles, and both love New York. What more can you want?

17. The Vanessa Hudgens Celebrity Long Curly Hairstyles

This is it. This is what perfect long curly hairstyles look like. We have found the hair of our dreams, and it belongs to Vanessa Hudgens. The secret is a lot of moisture both when you wash it and after with lotions, creams, conditioner, and leave-in spray.

18. The Ariana Grande

Did you know Ariana Grande has curly hair? Neither did we until she posted a collage of Insta pics with the caption that she missed her healthy curls. Who would have known? She stubbornly wears the exact same straight-haired hairstyle every time.

19. The Hailee Steinfeld

This looks like a prom does for long curly hairstyles if we’ve ever seen one. Hailee Steinfeld looks like a huge porcelain doll with her big curls. And that dress is simply to die for. The sweetheart neckline is covered in sequins and has a dark mesh to make it more age-appropriate.

20. The Winnie Harlow Celebrity Long Curly Hairstyles

Nobody in the world owns it like Winnie Harlow so why should her long curly hairstyles be any different? The fantastically beautiful model proved that you can be whomever you want as long as you believe in yourself and work hard.

21. The Naomi Campbell

Speaking of models and long curly hairstyles, here’s Naomi Campbell showing us another way in which you can wear your curls. She’s sporting an asymmetrical and oversized afro with a 70s style turtleneck tank top. The silver and red makeup is reminiscent of the 70s as well.

22. The Nicole Scherzinger

Here’s another cool look that was obtained with the use of hair extensions. Former Pussycat Dolls lead singer Nicole Scherzinger opted for long curly hairstyle extensions in the matching color of her hair. In this way, it just seems like she has more body and volume.

23. The Amy Adams Celebrity Long Curly Hairstyles

Although not a natural curly haired girl, Amy Adams sported this fantastic example of long curly hairstyles in American Hustle, which made it worthy of mention. It’s a tapered look from the Disco Era in her signature flaming locks, complete with a silver sequin dress and crude black eyeliner makeup.

24. The Ciara

This is what we would call the girl next door look as far as long curly hairstyles go and singer Ciara has nailed it. She looks fantastic with this shade of dark cherry red hair, as well as with that defined set of mermaid curls.

25. The Lady Gaga Celebrity Long Curly Hairstyles

Lady Gaga has had so many looks over the years that we’re not sure we can remember all of them. However, she has come a long way since making an appearance in a giant egg or dressing in a meat gown. Nowadays, she’s a lot closer to natural and organic with these long curly hairstyles.

26. The Selena Gomez

You don’t get to be the most followed person on Instagram if you don’t have great hair. That’s a fact. Another fact is that Selena Gomez currently has 133 million followers. Another fact is that she loves long curly hairstyles. And so do we.

27. The Kelly Rowland Celebrity Long Curly Hairstyles

Singer Kelly Rowland’s hairstyle can actually be classified as extra-long, given the fact that it almost reaches her waist. If you like it, you can copy this look. However, you should know that it requires a lot of maintenance.

28. The Julia Roberts

Actress Julia Roberts is the owner of, presumably, the most famous long curly hairstyles of all time in Hollywood. If you were to name one curly haired actress, who would it be? Julia Roberts. Her huge curly mane in Pretty Woman is unforgettable.

29. The Jennifer Lopez

Another fierce lady who takes huge pride in her lioness mane is none other than Jennifer Lopez. She is famous for sticking with her long curly hairstyles even as she progressed in an age when most women typically go for the chop or what we call the mom bob.

30. The Katy Perry Celebrity Long Curly Hairstyles

She’s not a natural curly haired girl herself, but Katy Perry is definitely an inspiration for all of us who want curly hair on a daily basis but have to work for it. Here she is with a set of sweetheart curls, in her signature raven brunette.

31. The Christina Aguilera

Another songstress enamored with long curly hairstyles is Xtina. She tried all manner of curls herself but who can forget this look back from the early 2000s, when she sported white blonde hair with black peekaboo highlights? She was a modern-day Cruella DeVil. Here’s a whole article on peekaboo highlights for inspiration.

32. The Nicole Kidman

Yes, Nicolae Kidman too has very curly hair. She doesn’t wear it a lot, so this pic is a rare one indeed. In fact, the actress hasn’t been seen sporting long curly hairstyles in years. She always straightens her hair, both for movies and public appearances.

33. The Taylor Momsen Celebrity Long Curly Hairstyles

If modern grunge had a face, it would be Taylor Momsen’s. She embodies both grunge rock and femininity with her deeply smudged smokey eyes and gorgeous long curly hairstyles in a fantastic white platinum blonde.

34. The Leona Lewis

With hazel eyes that swim gently between green and brown and hair the color of smoked toffee, Leona Lewis is really a sight for sore eyes. Add to all that a gorgeous head of soft ringlets and you’ve got yourself long curly hairstyles to copy.

35. The Kerry Washington

This is another story of a Hollywood actress who used the hair straightener for a long time until she decided that it was actually an empowering move for her to start wearing her natural hair. This is what it looks like. A gorgeous afro.

36. The Taraji P. Henson Celebrity Long Curly Hairstyles

Can someone, please, direct us to the place where they take glamour shots such as these? Our Instagram is in need of some. Taraji P. Henson is gorgeousness personified and she knows it. Long curly hairstyles? Yes, please! Right now!

37. The Kendall Jenner Celebrity Long Curly Hairstyles

Kendall Jenner of the Kardashian clan does not have curly hair herself. However, she has sported curls many times when she walked for different designers in their shows. This is one of those times and look how cute she is.

38. The Sara Sampaio

Speaking of supermodels, here is Sara Sampaio looking flawless as ever. We cannot decide what we like best about her. Her gorgeous smile, her dazzling blue eyes, or the most perfect set of curls we’ve ever seen? She just makes it all look so easy.

39. The Gabrielle Union

If you want to copy this look and don’t have naturally curly hair, you will have to bring out the old hair curler. If you do have curly hair, then you’re in luck. See? Long curly hairstyles are indeed for everyone.

40. The Gigi Hadid Celebrity Long Curly Hairstyles

Our list of long curly hairstyles is abundant in supermodels because they typically have the best hair. Here is sweetheart Gigi Hadid flaunting her gorgeous blonde hair as well as her always bikini ready body.

41. The Janet Jackson

Another blast from the past in the form of inspiration as far as long curly hairstyles go comes from singer and actress Janet Jackson. We absolutely adore the color of her hair, which is a very warm and delicious milky hot chocolate brown.

42. The Emmy Rossum

The Phantom of the Opera’s Emmy Rossum is as fresh-faced now as she ever was back when she was starring in your favorite young adult movies. A true natural beauty, Emmy loves long curly hairstyles that allow her to flaunt her natural heavy curls.

43. The Mariah Carey

Although she is larger than life diva now who doesn’t leave the house without her makeup artists and stylists arranging every single strand of her hair, there was a time when Mariah Carey was just Mariah. She was a fan of long curly hairstyles and looked like your next-door neighbor who happened to sing really well.

44. The Madonna Celebrity Long Curly Hairstyles

Remember Madonna in the 80s? Of course, you do. She was a style and fashion icon who shaped an entire generation. Scores of young girls and women everywhere copied her clothes, accessories, and long curly hairstyles.

45. The Iman

One of the most beautiful supermodels in history, Iman is proud to display a round afro. You can see some blonde underlights in her dark chocolate hair. She paired the hairstyle with a golden dress with metallic straps, which we just love.

46. The Christina Aguilera Blonde Afro Celebrity Long Curly Hairstyles

Yes, we know we have Christina Aguilera on here twice. But the blonde afro had to make it on our list of long curly hairstyles. However, we have to point out that, even though absolutely everyone calls it a blonde afro, it is, in fact, just a massive heap of blonde crimped extensions. Still, she gets some points for trying to think outside the box.

47. The Gugu Mbatha-Raw

If Gugu sounds familiar to you, that’s because she voiced Plumette in the 2017 live-action version of Beauty and the Beast. In real life, the actress is drop-dead gorgeous with flowing long black hair and a set of curls we would give anything for.

48. The Janelle Monae

Here’s another singer turned actress overnight whom we had no idea was actually curly-haired. Janelle Monae loves long curly hairstyles and they love her back. She has the perfect pretty face for round afros, and she knows it.

49. The Sarah Hyland

Ok, this one was really a shock. Sarah Hyland has curly hair in real life. It came as a huge surprise because the actress grew right before our eyes during the seasons of Modern Family and not once did we see her with anything but straight hair. And now we find out that long curly hairstyles are actually her thing.

50. The Chrissy Teigen Celebrity Long Curly Hairstyles

We don’t really think that Chrissy Teigen can do something wrong style wise. Ever. Just look at this blonde 70s curly blowout. Ok, we’re going to visit our stylist and get this hairstyle right now because it’s simply too cool for words.


Most women who have curly hair will typically tell you that it’s incredibly difficult to maintain it. Celebrities included. A curly mane is usually disobedient, no matter how much product you use. Still, after seeing these 50 celebrity inspired long curly hairstyles, how cool is it to flaunt this organic quality that nature has given you and allow it to enhance your beauty? Let us know in the comment section below what you think.


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