50 Chic Tree Braids Hairstyles to Wear in 2022

tree braids

One of the main issues women encounter is dryness and brittleness. This, in time, leads to shortening because a dry and brittle head of hair does not lend itself to length. Therefore, ladies who suffer from this problem turn to hair extensions. But those can be damaging as well. So, is this a problem without a solution? Not at all. Tree Braids Hairstyles are a natural type of extension that will protect your own hair while adding the length and body to it you’ve always dreamed of. Here are 50 ideas you can use.

1. What Are Tree Braids Hairstyles?

Tree braids are quite easy to understand. Your stylist starts by creating very thin and small braids close to your scalp. They can be cornrows or any type of braid you feel comfortable with. As he or she progresses, they braid in the extension, which can be any length, style, or color you want.

2. Invisible Tree Braids Hairstyles

They are also called invisible braids because they are very small in length and thin and because they rest so close to the scalp. The braids also blend in really well with your hair. But you can choose to flaunt them if you want.

3. Curly Tree Braids

For example, when your extensions are curly, you almost can’t even spot the tree braids at the root, especially if you decide to get extensions in your own natural color. For a more relaxed feeling, get them in a neat row left and right of your parting.

4. 80s Tree Braids Hairstyles

Here’s a fantastic pic of a full-blown 80s curly hairstyle which was achieved with the help of tree braids and extensions. This is also the reason why this piece is a throwback one. Tree braids have taken a seat on the back burner for a while now, making room for other types of extensions, which are a little less visible.

5. Tree Braid Cornrows

Cornrows are a perfect choice as far as tree braids are concerned. They feel very comfortable being so close to your scalp, are very protective of your natural hair, and extremely low maintenance.

6. How Long Do Tree Braids Hairstyles Last

To put it simply, it depends on how fast your hair is growing. Generally, all tree braids last somewhere between one and two months. However, you will notice when you need some rebraiding done because of the hair growth.

7. What Kind of Hair Is Used for Tree Braids Hairstyles

These types of braids use both synthetic and human hair. It all depends on your budget. However, when you get them, make sure you discuss with your stylist tips on how to maintain them.

8. Top Knot Braids

Since the extensions act just like any other form of hair and blend in so well with your natural one, you can achieve any haircut or hairstyle you desire. Even a top knot is allowed since the braids are basically invisible.

9. Slick Back Braids

Here’s a lovely collage of hairstyles from the 2000s that were seamless thanks to the versatility of the braids. You could wear your hair slicked back or in all sorts of fancy knots. Plus, that wonderful powder blue makeup that we all remember so well.

10. Tree Braids Plaits Hairstyles

Now that you’ve added some length and body to your hair thanks to the extensions, you can finally hop on the braid trend everyone’s been talking about. Here are two simple three-stranded plaits.

11. 90s Messy Bun

Here’s another throwback pic of a hairstyle we know and love. This messy bun hairstyle full of artificial curls with two strands in the front used to be what our dad’s secretary wore and our deepest desire, wasn’t it?

12. Wet and Wavy Tree Braids Hairstyles

This is another look from back then, called the wet and wavy. Yes, these curls are actually called the wet and wavy thanks to the amount of gel it took to create them. Oh, the good, old 90s. We really missed you!

13. The Fake Straight

Don’t crimp your hair unless you mean it! The 90s deserve more than that, and you know it! This is a gorgeous shade of milk chocolate enriched with just a tinge of cinnamon which you can see in the light. The hair is slightly crimped but passes as straight.

14. Blonde and Toffee Ombre

Speaking of gorgeous colors, here’s a fantastic combination of lemony blonde that descends into toffee brown. The tree braids are blonde as well because they sit near the scalp. You can also see a bit of growth in the model’s natural color.

15. Romance Curl Tree Braids

This type of curls is called romance curls, and they work amazingly well for special occasions such as a wedding or your prom night. You can get them all puffed up with some volume or get a more demure version.

16. 2000s Prom Braids

Speaking of prom here’s what passed for fancy back in the 2000s. This is a half up half down messy style constructed out of tree braid extensions. Once again, the color is mesmerizing. It’s a coffee and caramel mix with a bit of bronze blonde on top.

17. Blonde Highlights

If you’re not a huge fan of the blonde but still want some highlights that will accentuate your eyes and complexion, we suggest you get some around your face. Wear a bright red or coral lip and nude eye makeup, and you have a winner look.

18. Loose Waves Tree Braids

The great thing about these extensions is that they behave exactly like normal hair. Therefore, you can use your hair curler on them as usual. Never miss out on an opportunity to style yourself ever again!

19. Wavy Curls

These wavy curls are accentuated by the chocolate highlights. They give a lot of dimension to the otherwise brunette hair. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to spot all the angles in a mass of curls of the same color.

20. Small Tree Braids

The smaller the tree braids, the easier it will be for you to conceal them in your natural hair. The front line will still be visible but you can get rid of it too if you braid them along the parting instead of along your forehead’s line.

21. Beyonce Tree Braids

Even Queen Beyonce sported this trend at one time. Here she is donning a very beachy-island look with blonde extensions and a yellow orchid in her hair. Her makeup is straight out of the 2000s as well, with black eyeliner underneath and brown lip gloss.

22. Short and Curly

Extensions come in all shapes and sizes. Not all ladies want long, Rapunzel tresses when they go for extensions. Some just want to add a bit more volume to their mane or maybe cover up some thinning hair or a bald patch.

23. Crimped Extensions

This is the 90s we’re talking about! Crimped hair was all the rage back then, and if you weren’t wearing it you simply weren’t cool enough. You needed a special type of hair straightener or a normal one that has a crimper tool.

24. Blonde Peekaboos

Peekaboos are a great nifty way to bring out the color of your hair. If you, for example, have cherry red hair like this one, you can also opt to put in one single strand of blonde. It will immediately pop out, and make the red seem even more intense.

25. The Curly Bob

As we all know, bobs have been the queens of all hairstyles in the past few seasons. Nobody has been able to dethrone them yet. They reign supreme as the coolest and most sought after haircut. Get one now!

26. Bottle Blonde Braids

Even though styling has evolved beyond belief and we now have an entire plethora of shades of blonde to choose from, you should never underestimate the power of the good, old bottle blonde. It can still work miracles.

27. Layered Hairstyles for Braids

Layered hairstyles add a lot of volume to any cut. It’s a trick in case you don’t want to put in too many extensions. Therefore, you can reduce the number and get a layered haircut instead. The effect will be the same.

28. Honey Bronde Tree Braids

Bronde has been one of the preferred colors of the past seasons. It’s a combination of blonde and brown, hence the name, which allows you to get the best of both worlds. But now you can also add a bit of honey to the mixture and sweeten it up.

29. Tree Braids Design

When getting the tree braids, you can get any design of cornrows you want. This is a very cool one, where the braids themselves are neatly arranged in parallel lines. It actually looks very real, like you don’t even have extensions.

30. Bohemian Extensions and Hairstyles

Like any other braid styles, tree braids lend themselves perfectly to the bohemian trend. To complete the look, you will need appropriate clothing and oversized earrings with feathers, beads, and dreamcatchers.

31. How to Wash Tree Braids

It all depends on the type of hair you have on. If it’s human hair, then you can wash it just as you do your own hair, as many times as you feel the need. If you used synthetic extensions, they only need to be cleaned once every two weeks. Use half a teaspoon of baby shampoo in one quart of room temperature or cold water. Pour it over the extension and rinse using cold water only. In between, spray some detangling spray and comb out the extensions so that they stay fresh.

32. Magenta Tree Braids

If you want to stay on top of trends, you can also get some extensions in non-conventional colors. This is magenta, from the purple family. You can dye your human hair extensions or get already colored synthetic ones.

33. Hot Red Extensions

Here’s another blast from the past in the shape of these moussed, hot red, curly extensions. We absolutely love the pairing with the glossy lilac makeup!

34. How to Do Tree Braids with Curly Hair

In style is the answer. Sometimes you just have to follow the old saying ‘go big or go home.’ Of course, the volume of this hairstyle is enhanced by the fact that there are so many highlights and lowlights which make it seems like she has even more hair than she does.

35. Side Swept Tree Braids

The opposite of shocked volume is this elegant and demure side parted straight hairstyle which is perfect for date night. It comes to us from the depths of the 90s, sure, thanks to the black turtleneck, razor eyebrows, and chalky purple lipstick, but it’s still wearable today.

36. Long and Wavy Coffee Highlights

Are you such a fan of coffee that you are willing to wear its color in your hair? We surely are. This brunette long, wavy hair with coffee-colored peekaboo highlights is too beautiful for words. Just enjoy it!

37. Retro Tree Braids

This retro hairstyle is another vision of crimped hair but much more loosely done. The crimps are looser but equally beautiful and they add a lot of volume to what would have otherwise been a simple and uncreative bob.

38. Tree Braids Tutorial

There are numerous three braid tutorials online which show you how to do it in detail. However, it can prove difficult to perform this protective hairstyle on yourself. Therefore, it’s better if you seek the help of a professional stylist.

39. Beach Waves

If you want a more contemporary approach to extensions and the tree braid, you can get beach waves. They are really fun and easy to do right at home. Not to mention how fresh and cool they make you look.

40. Mahogany Tree Braids

This is one of the most beautiful hair colors ever and it was rightfully celebrated a few seasons past. Everywhere you turned your head everyone seemed to be wearing it. And the trend is not gone yet. Burgundy is luxurious and scrumptious.

41. 2000s Curls

If you were a movie or TV star in the 2000s, this is what you would have looked like. Hence, all the rest of us wanted to copy this look as soon as possible too. Wet curls, a deep side part, dark brown lip contour, and that scowl! Drama queen!

42. Elegant Purple Peekaboos

Purple is such an elegant color. No wonder it has been the color of royalty for so long. If done correctly and in good taste, you can get away with a little bit of it anywhere, including within the office dress code.

43. Beehive Hairstyles

Remember when beehives were all the rage? We all had to learn how to do them, and it took a lot of time! They looked really good, though, and you might be thinking of reviving this trend now that you have some extensions.

44. Chocolate Highlights Tree Braids

The great thing about getting extensions is that you don’t have to worry about the damage that hair dye can have on your natural hair. In this way, you can try several colors at once. If they don’t work out, just replace them!

45. Blue Tree Braids

The same goes for non-traditional colors which are all the rage right now. You might want them but that doesn’t mean you look good with them. Extensions give you the chance to see what you would look like with blue hair.

46. Silver Gray Tree Braid

If you have gone naturally gray and want to fully embrace it with some longer hair extensions or if you haven’t yet but simply love the color, tree braids are here to support you on this journey. It’s an amazing shade.

47. Long Tree Braids

Here is an example of longer tree braids that clearly show out from between the strands of hair. We absolutely adore this kooky 90s style and support you one hundred percent if you want to revive it.

48. Styling Tree Braids

This is what long braids look like from behind. Of course, you can get the shorter version where the braids hide or blend in with your natural hair. It’s all up to you, really. Talk to your stylist and see what he or she advises.

49. The Ponytail

Even the ponytail is a throwback to the 90s with this set of highly gelled and wet stylized curls. They start with a handful of overly long tree braids and end in curls. It’s a cute and fun way to wear your hair when working out or doing chores.

50. The Solange Knowles

Now that we’ve seen Beyonce, it’s good to know that sister Solange had a love affair with tree braids as well. But she was way ahead of her time in terms of color. Just look at that mahogany spiked with blonde peekaboos in the front! Not to mention the metallic makeup which right now is having the biggest comeback of its life!


It is true that tree braids have now taken the back seat as far as hair extensions go. They have been slowly replaced by more sophisticated solutions that are far easier to put in, take a lot less time, and don’t show at all. However, we can still admire this collection of throwback pictures and keep them in mind. You know very well that fashion and styling trends always return. Give tree braids some time. Maybe they will be the next Instagram fad!


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