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45 Best Braided Mohawk Hairstyles to Try in 2022

As we all know, fashion and styling trends always come back around after the right amount of time has passed. Mohawks are no different. They were a huge hit in the 70s and 80s, especially with the punk rock movement, and the past few years have brought them back to light. But what do you do when you want to appease the punk goddess in you without having to shave your head or gel your hair into spikes? You take a look at our list of braided mohawk hairstyles and get inspired.

1. How to Do a Mohawk Braid

Braided mohawks come in many shapes and sizes. However, the basis of the hairstyle is that you need to replicate the traditional mohawk by creating one, jumbo, elevated braid that runs horizontally from your forehead to your neck. The rest is up to you.

2. Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

You can pull out strands of hair from the sides and braid them as well into separate braids if you want to make the look fiercer. This is what we would normally call the warrior braided mohawk, and it’s one of the coolest around.

3. Red Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

This shade is called Rock’n’Roll Red and it’s one of our absolute favorites. It adds an extra bit of edge to the braided mohawk, in case you decided that having a punk rock hairstyle wasn’t enough to begin with.

4. The Modern Chignon

You can also use a braided mohawk to upgrade a classic chignon to a modern one. That’s in case you need to go to a wedding as a bride’s maid, if you’re the bride yourself, or if you’re going to prom.

5. Orchid Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

Braided mohawks become even more fascinating when your hair doesn’t have a traditional color. This is orchid purple and you can see how it adds much more depth and volume to the mohawk itself through all the swirls of color.

6. The Messy Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

If you’re a huge fan of the messy braid, then you’ll be happy to learn you can turn them into mohawks as well. In fact, they look spectacular, as some type of warrior lady off duty or who just got back from battle.

7. Mohawk Braiding Styles

You can choose the mohawk style you want. You can put all your hair up, do a half up half down or go for a mohawk and then let it continue down your back in a fishtail, a Dutch Braid, French braid or normal three strand braid.

8. Dreads into a Braided Mohawk

If you already have dreads, then you’re halfway down the road to a magnificent braided mohawk. You can twist them on the top of your head, braid them together, or you can use pins to create the illusion of a mohawk.

9. Crochet Braided Mohawk

This crisscross braid pattern is truly a work of art as far as hairstyles are concerned. The main part of the mohawk is an oversized fishtail braid. However, the main attraction are the crochet braids that adorn the sides.

10. Braided Mohawk Updo Hairstyles

This mohawk is part messy braid part bubble braid. You can achieve that look by inserting bobby pins all along the hairstyle in key places and then pulling at it using your fingers not a comb or a brush.

11. Gray Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

This is a fantastic hairdo for winter if we’ve ever seen one. This shade of gray has a slight metallic sheen to it, and we simply love how the French braid is a little bit elevated at the back. It allows the eye to see that there’s another, darker shade of gray under there.

12. The Selena Gomez

There are celebrities who love the braided mohawk as well and have embraced it on the red carpet. One of them is Instagram sweetheart Selena Gomez. Here she is rocking an outstanding dark chocolate brown hawk with a golden dress and golden earrings to match.

13. Peekaboo Highlights

Another way in which you can breathe some life and color into your already awesome braided mohawk is by sporting some peekaboo highlights. In case you’re interested, we’ve written a whole piece on this type of highlights which you can check out right here.

14. Hair Accessories

How cool would it be to wear this hairstyle on your wedding day? The selfies and Instagram photos would simply be lit. This is an elaborate braided mohawk in a coffee and cream brown with a silver forehead headpiece and earrings to match.

15. Box Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

You can only see the beginning of the box braids with this hairstyle, feeding up into the jumbo size three-strand braid serving as a fauxhawk. The result is spectacular. The combination of different kinds of braid is creative and truly inspiring.

16. The Janelle Monae

Another diva who loves a good braided mohawk to flaunt on the red carpet is singer and actress Janelle Monae. Here she is at the Met Gala looking absolutely stunning and imperial in a gown and cape, her signature black and white, and, of course, a mohawk.

17. Bohemian Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

A bohemian braided mohawk needs to be whimsical and messy. It has to reflect your creative and feminine side, so don’t be afraid to let your personality shine. It’s a perfect hairdo for a fun wedding or a summer party.

18. Iris Braided Mohawk

This color is called iris purple and it’s been in high demand in the past few seasons. If you want to get the real feel of a mohawk, you can always shave the sides of your head and braid the rest. The more authentic, the better!

19. Little Girl Braided Mohawk

Do you have a little warrior princess at home who is truly inspired by Belle, Moana, Mulan, and Pocahontas? Then maybe she would love to get a braided mohawk as a hairstyle. The golden hair accessories make this a fantastically adorable sight.

20. Braided Mohawk with Natural Hair

This color combination is actually the trendiest right now. Therefore, in true fashionista style, you should run to your stylist and get it. It’s a mix between ginger copper and lush burgundy, two of the hottest colors of the year.

21. Rainbow Braided Mohawk

Untraditional colors are still a huge hit as well, so don’t give up on them. This is rainbow hair, made up of pastel shades of all your favorite colors, expertly mixed and placed next to each other to get this wonderful Technicolor result.

22. Peacock Braided Mohawk

If you’re a fan of color but don’t want to go all out so as to get rainbow hair, there’s a more elegant solution. It’s called peacock hair. Start with a natural base such as brown, brunette or blonde and only use shades which one would find in a peacock’s tail, such as teal, blue, and a bit of purple.

23. Cherry Red Braided Mohawk

This is a dream come true for the unconventional bride. It’s a vibrant and powerful cherry red color which has been braided into a fauxhawk. The hairdo also sports an oversized hairpiece studded with white and golden crystals that bring out the color even more.

24. Ombre Braided Mohawk

It may be subtle, elegant, and office appropriate, but it’s still ombre. This is light grape melting into stony gray ombre hair that has been expertly turned into a mohawk. Wear it to emphasize both colors in your hair.

25. Mohawk with Braids on the Side

Everything about this hairstyle says warrior. The mohawk on top consists of three separate layers of braids holding to one another with pins. The sides have been turned into a simple but long and powerful three-strand braid that speak volumes.

26. Braided Mohawk Shaved Sides

Does it get any edgier than this? It’s a braided mohawk made up of white blonde dreads with shaved sides. We think you might have just found your next music festival look. We’re also in love with the makeup, which is an assortment of burgundy shades.

27. The V Neck

This is a special type of braided mohawk. It has shaved sides which descend to the nape of the neck in a clean-cut V shape. That portion has been braided in a French style. The mohawk is visible on top. Plus, you can see a little crystal embellishment on one side.

28. Undercut Braided Mohawk

These mohawks are a bit closer to the original seeing as they do actually have shaved sides, just like an actual mohawk is supposed to. However, this is a question of choice and possibility. Some women work in environments where shaving their heads is simply not possible.

29. The Kelly Osbourne

As you can see, this TV star has opted for the more realistic braided mohawk, with an undercut and a braid on top. She is also true to her favorite her color, which is an inky lavender. It highlights her blue eyes and matches her coral lipstick.

30. Ponytail Braided Mohawk

If you’re skilled enough, you can even do this hairstyle at home. Find some tutorials online that teach you all the steps. Here’s a tip. Finish it off with a simple ponytail to save you the extra effort and some time.

31. Jumbo Braid Mohawk

This might just be the most artistic and elegant braided mohawk on the list. In fact, this is the hawk you can wear at the office, for a meeting, and for the fanciest and dressiest dinner party you can think of. Just remember to wear the appropriate cocktail dress.

32. Mohawk Cornrow Braids

This is a fauxhawk made entirely out of cornrow braids. For an even more spectacular result, you can get cornrows in different sizes. Also, try to pin them up in the mohawk like a bubble braid or Bantu knots. That really makes the difference.

33. Braided Mohawk with Twists

Say hello to this impressive and massive braided mohawk designed out of Senegalese twists. It’s a great way both to wear your twists and protect them from fraying and decaying, especially in cold weather and wind.

34. The Bride’s Braided Mohawk

What would you say to a braided mohawk embellished with a flower crown made with natural flowers on your big day? The result is spectacular. That is why, according to the wedding industry, this styling trend is on the rise.

35. Cora Braided Mohawk

We continue our list of unconventional colors with coral. It’s a mix between pink and orange with just a few slight hints of tangerine and pearl for good measure. If you want to copy it, we suggest you leave this one to your stylist, because it’s not an easy color to pull off at home.

36. Copper Braided Mohawk

The day of the sunny blondes and rose gold tresses is coming to an end from a styling point of view. There are still a few nostalgics who are holding on, but it’s clear to see that the true kings are now copper and brass. Embrace the new colors!

37. The Crimped Braided Mohawk

How this takes us straight back to the 90s and early 2000s. Do you remember when we all wanted to crimp our hair like this? Back in the day, if your hair wasn’t zig-zagging, you just weren’t cool enough. You’ll be glad to hear that trend is making a slight comeback as well.

38. Bubble Braid Mohawk

As far as little girl’s braided mohawks go, you can go light on the braiding itself. The little ones typically don’t have as much patience as you do when it comes to intricate hairstyles. A good compromise is a bubble braid with some little braids on the side.

39. Unicorn Braided Mohawk

This is called the unicorn fauxhawk both because of the color and the hairstyle in itself. The color is a mixture of light pastel shades while the mohawk resemble the tail of a unicorn. Add a handful of hair glitter and the look is complete!

40. Mohawk Fishtail Braid

We can’t decide what we love more. This fishtail braid that is brilliant in its simplicity or this creamy color enhanced by the different types of highlight and lowlights the model is wearing. We also love the millennial pink earrings.

41. The Simple Braided Mohawk

It doesn’t really get much simpler than this when you go for a modern mohawk. You shave the sides of your head and leave one single strand of hair on top going all the way to the back. Braid it in a simple three-strand braid and you’re done!

42. Braided Mohawk and Locs

Here’s a very interesting take on the braided mohawk. It’s made of locs, to start with. It also has two Victory rolls at the front, a staple in women’s fashion back in the 50s. You can also notice the cinnamon highlights, which we simply love.

43. Bonbon Highlights

Sometimes, less really is more and these bonbon pink peekaboo highlights are here to prove just that. A simple dash of creamy color in a sea of toffee brown can highlight both shades and make them stand out even more.

44. Goddess Locs Braided Mohawk

You’ve already seen what a mohawk made of locs looks like, now it’s time to meet the one comprised of goddess locs. For an even more creative look, you can add golden hair embellishments and hair designs.

45. Braided Mohawk Bun

You can also opt to finish the mohawk in a bun low at the back of your head in case you don’t want or like the traditional long braid. This is more appropriate for fancy or elegant events, where buns or chignons are an expected styling choice.


Wearing a braided mohawk is clearly not for the traditional-minded girls and women out there. It takes a strong character and whimsical personality to pull off either one of the ideas we presented in our piece. It’s a style that will get you noticed out of a crowd and ensure that you receive many compliments wherever you go. How do you feel about the braided mohawk?


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