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50 Most Popular Straight Hairstyles for Women in 2022

hairstyles for straight hair

Straight hair has the unworthy notoriety of being a bit ‘every day,’ so to say. It’s the easiest hairstyle in the world to pull off. Whether you come by it naturally or you use your hair straightener for a few minutes every morning, straight hair is the go-to option you see at every street turn. But not anymore! We have compiled a list of 50 Straight Hairstyles for Women that will take it out of the mundane and straight to the catwalk! Pun intended.

1. The Kendall Jenner Straight Hairstyles for Women

Speaking of catwalks, let’s begin with a huge advocate of straight hair, Kendall Jenner. Here she is at a red carpet event wearing the wet, slicked back look that has been all the rage in 2017. Straight hair, no parting, and a smoky eye. What a start for our list!

2. The Low Chignon

Straight hair is also perfect if you need to keep things elegant. Nothing says luxury and class like a side part ended in a low chignon. There are several ways to tie one, so we suggest you look up some tutorials online.

3. The High Ponytail

Ponytails are everyday hairstyles for straight hair. But you can glam them up with a pair of oversized earrings and make it look like you’re heading out for a session of shopping on Fifth Avenue. We also have the casual version of this down below.

4. The Undone Low Bun

You’ve seen the elegant low chignon. Now it’s time for its messy and casual brother, the undone low bun. These hairstyles for straight hair are perfect for bohemian girls who also love 90s looks and chokers.

5. The Low Ponytail

It’s a good idea to go in pairs when talking about hairstyles for straight hair so here’s the low ponytail. It’s a subdued and demure version of the high one. You can wear it in the office or for important meetings.

6. Braided Hairstyles for Straight Hair

One amazing thing about straight hair is that it lends itself naturally to braiding. This is an intricate example of that which includes a pull-apart three-strand braid and three, smaller fishtail braids.

7. The Jennifer Aniston

No list of hairstyles for straight hair could have possibly been complete without the Hollywood queen of straight hair, Jennifer Aniston. She’s so famous for her straight hair that she has haircuts named after her – the Rachel and the Jennifer Aniston.

8. The Gigi Hadid

Supermodel Gigi Hadid is extremely attached to her hair. She pulled a few pranks on her fans on Instagram about cutting it off that involved her wearing some wigs, but she wouldn’t actually do it.

9. The Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is the most followed person on Instagram, and we must say that her look and style might have a little bit to do with that. It’s not very seldom that she straightens her hair, but when she does, the results are spectacular.

10. Blue and Purple Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Deciding to go for an unconventional color is a fantastic thing. It’s really on trend right now. Getting highlights in another nontraditional color is even cooler. Straight hair is perfect for that because it will showcase both shades.

11. Dusty Purple Hairstyles for Straight Hair

The purple family of colors is huge, believe us, and all the shades are gorgeous. It seems as though you can get lost in shades of grape, lilac, lavender, orchid, marsala, wine, imperial purple, and so many more.

12. Edgy and Mature Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Who says that when you’re a grandma, you have to look like a traditional grandma? Instead, you can look like a grandma from the age we’re living in, who can teach her grandkids a thing or two about fashion and style.

13. Tangerine Hairstyles for Straight Hair

We have found the perfect color and hair accessory for Halloween. This color is called tangerine, and it’s mixed with a bit of orange to make it shine brighter. Of course, you can wear it all year long if you want.

14. Black and Blue Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Choosing a color for an urban look is not always easy, but we think that this combination of black and blue does the trick. If you look closely, you can see that there are also some light blue highlights to add a bit of luminosity to the color.

15. Pastel Pink

Pastel pink and brunette roots. What a combination! Undeniably, it’s not easy to pull off. However, you can do it. You will need to pair it with the appropriate makeup and accessories, so start learning your styling right now.

16. Indigo Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Not only is this inky blue color fabulous, but the hairstyle is awesome as well. The bulk of the straight hair cascades down the back while the upper strands have been braided into a messy half crown.

17. Peekaboo Highlights

Straight hair is perfect for peekaboos because it’s so sleek and fluid. It allows peekaboos to reveal themselves every time you move your head. For more info on this superb idea, here’s a whole article on peekaboo highlights.

18. White Silver Half Up Half Down

As you probably already know, the only shades of blonde that are fashionable this season are extreme blondes. This includes platinum, silver, arctic, white, milk, dawn, and everything in between. Here’s a gorgeous example of straight hair.

19. Silver Blue Hairstyles for Straight Hair

This is a perfect hair color for winter. It will allow you to blend in perfectly with the background and be a true ice queen. Here’s a tip – make sure you use a little bit more makeup, though, as this color needs to be balanced out.

20. The Zendaya

She may be young in years, but she has already had hairstyles to last her a lifetime. We’ve seen Zendaya go from pixie cuts to afros to extra long curly weaves to mullets. Yes, mullets. However, it’s still this straight hair look that we love best.

21. The Samurai Bun

Straight hair is also the perfect canvas for a number of contemporary hairstyles, such as the samurai bun. It’s a wonderful choice for ladies who want to elongate their face a little, sculpt it, and accentuate their cheekbones.

22. The Double Ponytail

Revisit your childhood even if it is just for an Instagram pic. It would be worth it for all the likes. Put your hair up in two ponytails like your mom used to do when you went to primary school. We promise you’ll have a blast.

23. Space Buns

Straight hair is also perfect for space buns as it’s a lot easier to manage than curly hair. This half up half down hairstyle is playful and funky, perfect for summertime or as part of your music festival lookbook.

24. 90s Hairstyles for Straight Hair

In case you haven’t noticed, although that’s not really possible, the 90s are back. And it seems as though they are here to stay. At least for a while. Everything is the 90s now – the clothes, the makeup, the accessories, the music, the movies, and TV show, so why not your hair?

25. Diva Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Get out the hair straightener, we’re making a diva! We simply cannot take our eyes off that hair color, the matte makeup, the diamond flower choker, and the corset bustier. Oh, are those pearl earrings? Forget it. We want to copy this entire look now!

26. The Long Bob

But straight hair is not for long hairstyles alone. You can also lend it to the number one haircut of the past few years, the bob. Here is a lob or long bob in the color nutmeg blonde proudly sitting atop a gorgeous oversized ethnic necklace.

27. Elegant Hairstyles for Straight Hair

This shade of coffee brown is absolute perfection. It ends in a very subtle mocha cream ombre, which we love even more. If you don’t want to wait until your straight hair is waist long, don’t worry. You can always get extensions.

28. Bohemian Accessories

Speaking of extensions, here’s another kind which you can use. If you’re into the bohemian trend, you can adorn your hair with clip in feather extensions. They start at the root of your chosen strand and drip down along your hair.

29. Half Braided Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Sometimes you want to both braid your hair because braids are so fashionable right now and flaunt it because it’s so gorgeous. So, what do you do? The answer is half braids. French braid until the nape and then stop and let it flow naturally.

30. The Red Jumbo Braid

As you probably already know, we here at MyNewHairstyles love to encourage natural hairstyles. In other words, if you got it, flaunt it. This gorgeous red hair color is showcased by an awesome jumbo braid.

31. The Rosie Huntington Whitely

Model Rosie Huntington Whitely might have found the perfect wedding hairstyle. It’s extremely simple and easy to wear but, at the same time, it glows with that timeless elegance of vintage Hollywood we all love. Plus, you can do it right at home.

32. The Blunt Cut

Another model and Victoria’s Secret Angel Doutzen Kroes, is here to display a gorgeous example of super long and blunt cut hair. She wears it with a middle part in a reddish brown color that really matches her blue eyes.

33. The Choppy Bob

One more type of bob that ladies can’t seem to get enough of is the shoulder-length one with choppy ends. But please don’t try this at home. Your stylist has to use a razor to give it to you, so it’s best you leave it to the pros.

34. Metallic Teal Hairstyles

Matte is out and metallic is in. That’s a fact. We all had a lovely romance with everything matte, but it’s time to say goodbye. It’s also time to open our arms wide and embrace metallic makeup and hair colors, such as this gorgeous teal.

35. Messy Straight Hairstyles for Women

This look has its roots in the grunge look book. It’s positively fabulous and we can’t get enough of it. If you want, you can look up some tutorials on how to do it online. However, be warned that it needs a lot of courage.

36. The Casual Ponytail

Since we’ve seen the couture ponytail as well as the low version, it’s time to take a gander at the casual one as well. You know it by heart since it is the bread and butter of every girl’s hairstyle and maintenance since the age of five.

37. Dark Gray Straight Hairstyles for Women

Dark gray is the perfect transitioning color from autumn to winter. It looks like a darkening silver waterfall that has frozen in mid-run across your back. For a more modern approach, you can try this half up half down messy style.

38. Sultry Hairstyles for Straight Hair

If you’re looking for a sultry look for a night out with your partner, then nothing says that quite like straight hair. Try this glossy raven brunette paired with chunky gold earrings and, of course, smoky dark as night eye makeup. Add a touch of powdery light plum matte lipstick.

39. Hippie Straight Hairstyles for Women

The hippie style was all about incredibly long locks flowing carelessly in the wind. For the first time ever, women were unleashing their femininity and all its power and ditching the corseting curls and rolls of the fifties and sixties.

40. Lemon Yellow Long Hair

A comic book or neon yellow has been extremely fashionable for the past few seasons. It’s a special kind of blonde, that pushes the edges of color to boundaries previously unchartered. It’s bold, daring, fun, and oh, so pretty!

41. Lime Hairstyles for Long Hair

Lemon hair has a sister called lime green hair, and it looks like this. This is a gorgeous ombre that starts with dark roots, flows into lime green, and ends in kiwi. Which one do you like best? Or would you rather have both?

42. Mint Straight Hairstyles for Women

Don’t worry if you can’t choose between the above because there’s always mint green. It’s refreshing and supple, perfect for hot summer days. Here’s a tip – if you add a bit more green you can easily transform it into sea foam.

43. Mango Color Palette

The fruit inspiration is not over because you need to meet mango. It’s an ombre combination between lemon yellow and hot peach pink which lead to this being called the mango combo. Tropical and sweet!

44. The Rihanna

It’s not very often that we get to see Rihanna with straight hair. But when she does go for it, she does it in style. Here she is with straight hair and extensions, all dyed in a superb shade of fiery red. Evidently, she paired everything with a matching red lip and statement gold jewelry.

45. Ginger Straight Hairstyles for Women

But there are more ways to wear red hair than that. This is a natural shade of ginger that you should nurture if you have it. If you want to enhance it or blow a bit of life into it, we suggest some copper or lemon yellow highlights. It will look as if the whole color is alight from the inside.

46. The Deep Side Part

If you’re in a rush and don’t know how to style your straight hair, we suggest a deep side part. It’s exactly like a traditional parting of your hair, only that you have to place it a lot closer to the ear than you normally would.

47. Holiday Straight Hairstyles for Women

Come holiday time, you can embellish your straight hair with anything you choose. This is one of our favorite styles. It’s a messy half braid with lots of winter-colored stars placed around the braid. It looks like you’re the Christmas tree this year!

48. Gold Hair Pins

For special occasions, you can use hairpins to embellish your sleek tresses. These, for example, are Grecian leaf gold pins that can sit atop your crown braid like laurels. It’s a splendid look for a wedding, a garden party, or your prom.

49. Bobby Pins in Straight Hairstyles for Women

Bobby pins don’t have to be the same old boring black ones you always used to wear. Welcome to the modern age where bobby pins look like this. For example, this is a half-moon hollow bobby pin made of silver.

50. Pearls in Straight Hairstyles for Women

You can also use a bobby pin that has been decorated with pearls for your own wedding. Pearls have always been a classic choice for brides, seeing as they are so elegant, innocent, and beautiful.


Without a doubt, we have achieved what we set out to do in the beginning. To prove that hairstyles for straight hair don’t have to be casual or just ‘every day.’ They can also be fun, inspiring, elegant, nonconventional, contemporary, and extremely personal. It all depends on the colors you choose as well as the haircut and the accessories you use every day. Let us know in the comment section below which one was your favorite!


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