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60 Shades of Red Hair that Look Great on Everyone

Mahogany Hair shades of red hair

Shades of red hair are extraordinarily enticing. Some may seem difficult to pull off yet do not fret! For each red shade, there are tons of sub-shades.

We’re sure you will find exactly what you’re looking for to achieve a stunning red hair look.

Find out which shade of red is best suited for your skin tone with these gorgeous examples of red hair!

1. Shades of Red Hair: Copper Red

Reminding of a summer sunset, this signature color is deep and rich. The full dimension of this red shade is enhanced by the soft romantic waves.

2. Short Maroon Hair

With delicious chocolate shimmering, this deep maroon is one of the richest shades of red hair color. It is ideal for both fair skin tones and medium skin tones.

3. Fiery Chocolate Red Hair Color

Drew Barrymore has experimented many shades of red hair. We think it’s safe to say this fiery chocolate hue fits her to perfection. Her lovely porcelain skin and blue eyes are highlighted thanks to the rich hues of this red nuance.

4. Dark Red Hair

This girl’s medium skin tone is under the spotlight thanks to the perfectly framing fiery ringlets. Among the wide variety of shades of red hair color, this one is coined as dark red or burgundy.

5. Blonde with a Tint of Red: Strawberry Blonde

A trendy and certainly unexpected red shade is strawberry blonde. Try on this red hair color if you have a porcelain skin tone. Chic and elegant, strawberry blonde is deemed a conservative hair color with a fashion forward twist.

6. Auburn Hair Color: Perfect Autumn Look

A darker auburn shade to brighten cloudy days, your complexion and your life. The best thing about choosing shades of red hair is that they’re always warm and rich, regardless of being at the darker or lighter end of the color spectrum.

7. Tangerine Fiery Waves with Highlighted Tips

These fiery red shades are masterfully blended in a creative balayage. Tangerine red looks sweet and chic. Yet, it’s a bold statement color bound to make some heads turn.

8. Brunette Meets Red Hair Shades

A powerful look achieved by creating dark auburn red highlights on brunette hair. Wear in a half up – half down hairdo for a sharp display of these strong hair colors.

9. Red Hair Ombre

There are infinite possibilities to play with shades of red hair when it comes to ombre. This is a tamed version that starts with a dark maroon and ends with warm copper hues.

10. Romantic Look: Ginger Hair

It’s a well-known fact that ginger hair is ideal for brightening and highlighting fair skin tones. This ginger look is complemented by the lighter peachy tones of the hair tips. They add an extra soft light to the overall look.

11. Romantic Ginger Waves

Among the shades of red hair, ginger is a unique blend of red and golden blond. The warm shimmer of this red hair color brightens blue and green eyes and porcelain skin.

12. Shades of Red Hair

This layered mid-length haircut acts as a canvas for a skillful display of all red color shades. The lightest strawberry blonde and copper-accented tangerine hues on the side-swept bangs add depth to the colorful mane.

13. Curly Auburn Hair Color

Shades of red hair suit any hair type. Just look at these beautiful light auburn ringlets. Take a cue for your next hair color idea.

14. Boho Jessica Rabbit

We know we just referenced a cartoon character. Yet that vivid fiery red shade deserves all the praise it can get. It has shaped up to be the desired standard for those who wish to add some flaming tones to their hair color.

15. Red Maroon Hair

A rich brown mixed with red streaks and a light golden brown towards the ends. Ideal to turn the spotlight on the beautiful brown eye color and flawless complexion.

16. Deep Red Hair

Wine-inspired reds ranging from plum shades of red hair to burgundy shades of red hair have been the rave for a few seasons now. They’re powerful statement hair colors so all you need to do is wear them in simple hairdos.

17. Dark Copper Short Wavy Bob

Dark copper hair that is thick and texture-rich. A perfect way to bring even more shine to the color is this short wavy bob.

18. Shades of Red Hair Color: Mahogany and Chestnut

These stunning ringlets bring out the light in every red shade there is. A playful mix of mahogany and chestnut in a rich but seemingly weightless wealth of curls.

19. Red Hair Colors Balayage

If you had 50 shades of red you could mix all of them in a perfect balayage as this image exemplifies. The base is a chocolate red, while the lowlights are auburn. The highlights range from strawberry blonde to light copper.

20. Auburn Hair with Highlights

Adding highlights in lighter tones on rich auburn hair adds extra bounce and volume by creating depth. Achieve this look by creating loose waves. Waves also add volume to an otherwise tamed hairstyle. Plus, they capture light differently, creating a beautiful display of shades of red hair.

21. Plum Red Highlights on Dark Hair

A refreshed look that features plum red hair color applied in such a way that it creates a perfectly framing structure. The haircut helps of course, yet the wine-inspired red shades are the key element to this stunning look.

22. Burgundy Red Pixie Cut

Is burgundy a shade of red? Yes, it is. Albeit colder, burgundy to mulberry shades of red hair are still part of the red hair color family. This gorgeous pixie cut is spiced up by the burgundy red hair color.

23. Copper Red Hair

Dark copper highlights complement the dark chocolate brown base. This overgrown pixie cut couldn’t be more attractive.

24. Short Copper Red Hair

Whoever thought shades of red hair are only suitable for long rich mane is about to witness the contrary. This entirely copper red pixie cut is remarkably flattering for the porcelain white skin and green eye color.

25. Shades of Red: Ginger, Orange, and Rust

Yet another instance where the shades of red hair color meet to recreate a stunning display of sunset-reminding hues. Summer is unfurling, so this is the perfect time to refresh your look with a similarly colorful mane.

26. Light Auburn Red Color

This classic shade of red is chic, elegant, but also style-forward. With such a beautiful hair color, who needs extra hair styling?

27. Long Red Hair

Of all the shades of red hair dye, this dark copper red represents the perfect balance between the warmth of golden blonde and the colder rich hues of brown. With a hint of red hair thrown in the mix.

28. Red Hair Shades – a Different Balayage

One of the strengths of balayage is that it doesn’t have to rely on conventional hair color to create spectacular looks. This is the perfect instance of an unconventional balayage, the result of which is nothing short of breathtaking.

29. Black and Red Hair: Ombre

This dramatic look uses two block colors which highlight each other. Black and red go together beautifully. Nonetheless, this type of ombre is a statement look which may not be too suitable for more conservative environments.

30. Strawberry Red Blonde

Another exquisite example of red shades balayage, this time with a soft note. Embrace the summer vibe of this strawberry red hair color.

31. Burgundy Red on Long Hair

A bewitching color from the shades of red hair palette. This color looks best on a thick rich mane styled in layers.

32. Reddish Brown Hair

The soft reddish hues of this maroon red shade are reminiscent of the warm autumn sun. This hair color is ideal to brighten fair skin tones. Nonetheless, it’s not recommended for medium and darker complexions.

33. Subtle Copper Red Hair

This is a worthy option to follow if you want a natural red hair look. Hair colors that emulate a natural look are easy to maintain. Plus, a light red shade as this one is ideally in sync with this summer’s tendencies.

34. Red Hair Color Shades: Auburn with Orange Highlights

We love how the dark red lowlights and light red highlights add depth and richness to the deep auburn base.

35. Different Shades of Red: Maroon Red

While it borders chestnut red, this dark maroon red hair color is colder and soberer. Nonetheless, it’s a shade of red hair with attitude. Emma Stone is the master of shades of red hair as we’ve seen her flaunting every hue from carrot to ginger to copper and mahogany.

36. Chocolate Red Hair

Mahogany or chocolate hair colors look flattering on everyone. Moreover, depending on your skin tone and preferences you can experiment with the rich variety of tones of each sub-shade of red hair. This chocolate red shade is stunningly highlighted by the golden overtones.

37. Cherry Red Hair

The subdued cherry notes of this beautiful red hair color soften the edgy look. We can’t help but notice the way the fiery notes are enhanced by the silky smooth styling.

38. Red Hair Dye Idea: Copper Red

Sometimes, one color can be more of a statement than color blend. When the color is this exquisite copper red shade, it couldn’t be truer. An inspiring look descended from a Raphaelite painting.

39. Fiery Red Alert

A wildfire captured in a unique blend of shades of red hair. Try recreating this look and surprise everyone with a vivid statement ombre. Summer vacation is just around the corner, so let your imagination run wild with one of the most amazing women’s hairstyles.

40. Vintage Copper Red Hair Look

It’s not just the hairstyle for women that has an elegant vintage vibe, but also the hair color. This polished and antiquated copper hue is absolutely stunning.

41. Shades of Natural Red Hair: Dark Ginger

Some women are born with it, others aspire to achieve it. This warm natural red hair color is nothing short of chic and elegant. If it’s not quite the right ginger shade for you, there are plenty of others you can try.

42. Strawberry Blonde on Long Wavy Hair

Since Nicole Kidman debuted this royal color on the red carpet, strawberry blonde has remained one of the preferred choices of celebrities. If a simple blonde hair color seems too commonplace for you, try this blonde hue with a strawberry twist.

43. Shades of Red Hair: Orange

A signature color that’s been on the trend charts for a while now. You can easily feel overwhelmed by a statement color like darker orange. You can, however, ease into it with toned down hairstyles or hairdos like this casual updo.

44. Mahogany Hair

Mahogany is a classic color. However, classic is not to be confused with demure. The rich red shades mixed with brown and golden render mahogany a timeless beautiful color.

45. Copper Rainbow

This look masterfully combines copper red hues. We love the smooth transition from darker copper to the light, almost blonde copper tints at the end. As copper red is quite a statement hair color, ease into it with a toned down hairstyle.

46. Different Shades of Red Hair: Rusty Red

rusty red balayage blonde hair

This balayage uses blonde for lowlights and highlights on a rusty red base. This way, the toned down red hues gain depth and structure.

47. Crimson Red

We love this shade of red highlighted by the deep orange undertones. Sometimes, all you need to draw even more attention to the beautiful shades of red hair is an equally gorgeous red lipstick.

48. Red Hair Balayage

Purple red, auburn red hair, orange, copper, and ginger mix to create a unique look. The layered wavy hair helps to bring out the best of each shade or red hair.

49. Copper Red Ombre

It is easy to pull off this look as these copper hues look so natural. A perfect way to spice up a mid-length cut.

50. Light Auburn Balayage: Shades of Red Hair

We adore this natural look using light auburn as a canvas to play with different shades of red hair such as strawberry blonde, ginger highlights, and copper lowlights.

51. Deep Crimson Red Bob

A deep shade of red hair is the easiest way to step up a medium-length haircut.

52. Mahogany Red and Blonde Ombre

A toned-down look with a chic twist. The warm soft mahogany runs to chin level, highlighting the fair skin tone and brown eye color. The swift transition to blonde brings a refreshing and energizing note.

53. Fifty Shades of Red: Stylish Short Bob Maroon Red

Is maroon a shade of red? The subtle red glimmer should be your clue to the answer. This stylish short bob mixes maroon with copper red and burgundy for added effect.

54. Rusty Red Ombre

Perhaps one of the most understated shades of red hair is rusty red. It too varies from deeper shades to almost pink notes as the ones used to create this gorgeous ombre. For layered long hair with overgrown bangs, create loose waves ideal for highlighting both the shades of red hair and your features.

55. Copper Red Hair

This eye-catching vintage style will certainly place you under the spotlight particularly if you flaunt a gorgeous copper red shade with deep orange notes. Try it on for a memorable gala appearance.

56. Shades of Red: Solar Orange

Another example of this strong statement red hair color. This solar orange-red shade is ideal for porcelain white skin to medium skin tones.

57. Red Hair Color: Mahogany

Sufficiently toned down to be considered suitable for more conservative work environments, mahogany can also shine bright provided it is highlighted with subtle lighter tones. We love the subtle framing auburn undertones.

58. Fiery Orange Updo

The key to choosing the right red color from the wealth of shades of red hair is knowing your complexion undertones. This fiery orange is suitable for warm complexions, while it may not work as well as auburn for cooler complexions.

59. Dark Auburn Hair Color

Neutral makeup and a rocking dark auburn red hair color for a sophisticated look. Those princess waves are a perfect match for a casual day look or evening outing.

60. Shades of Red Hair: Deep Crimson

A vibrant red shade like this is best complemented by darker overtones. They add color depth, make the red shade more bespoke and luxurious.

Ready to Change Your Look?

There are plenty of shades of red hair to experiment with. Yet, if you’re not sure what to choose, try on semi-permanent hair colors. This way you’ll be able to swap between the shades of red hair until you find the perfect match for you.

As is, this article offered you 60 amazing shades of red to choose from for your next change (be it a permanent one, or not)!


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