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50 Lovely Little Girls Hairstyles

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One of the most important things about little girls hairstyles is that they have to be both easy to do and very cute.

There are two reasons for that. You want to cut all that morning hustle when you’re trying to get them ready for school but you want them to look their best as well, just so that you can send them off into the world as confident as possible.

With this idea in mind, we have compiled a list of lovely little girls hairstyles that is sure to inspire you. Here it is!

1. Little Girls Hairstyles with a Simple Knot

Remember what we just said about the hustle on school mornings? Well, it doesn’t get any easier than this. Tie a simple ponytail, create a parting in the middle and pull the ponytail through it. Voila! You have a French knot!

2. Little Girls Hairstyles with Bangs

Is there anything sweeter or cuter than a little baby girl with bangs? To complement the look, you can tie the rest of her hair in a messy top bun. Use a colorful head scarf to highlight the bangs and her doll-like face.

3. Triple Braids

Little girls love braids. We all know that. Or maybe we love to see them in braids because it makes them look even cuter. Even so, how about, instead of one braid, you go for three? These are triple braided half up little girl hairstyles.

4. Waterfall Little Girls Hairstyles

This is not just a simple waterfall. In fact, this is called a loop waterfall braid. Don’t worry, it’s not at all difficult to make and you can find tutorials online. However, you will need to practice a bit until you get it right.

5. Little Girls Hairstyles with Bows and Waves

This picture is the epitome of everything we associate with the loveliness of a little girl. Beautiful childish sun-kissed waves, two perfect French braids, and a big bow to tie it all up together.

6. Infinity Is Yours

Here is an idea for little girls hairstyles which we loved for its practicality and versatility. This means that your tiny miss can wear both to school and to a fancy event or a wedding afterward without you wasting more time prepping her.

7. The Starfish Braid

You can also choose a more whimsical path if the child is small enough and still up for whimsy in their hair. This little girls hairstyles idea is basically comprised of a series of differently sized braids, five of which converge into a starfish.

8. The Lace Braid Little Girls Hairstyles

This one is called the arrowhead lace braid. Even though it looks intricate and very complicated to do, once you see a tutorial or two, you’ll notice it is, in fact, quite easy to pull off. It will be trickier to get the little lady to stand still, believe us!

9. Waterfall Braids

There are some truly spectacular little girls hairstyles out there and this is definitely one of them. It consists of three waterfall braids, set diagonally across the length of the hair, with three ribbons tied to them. For maximum effect, choose different colored ribbons.

10. Princess Little Girls Hairstyles

If your tiny bundle of joy was a real-life princess belonging to one of the world’s ruling houses, this is how she would be wearing her hair. A very intricate set of braids, tied together at the back of her head, to make her feel like the special person that she really is.

11. Across the Forehead

If you want your little doll to truly stand out, you can always try this hairstyle. It’s a simple braid, but the twist is that it encircles her head almost all the way around like a headband. The most eye-catching part is at the front, right down to the hairline.

12. Five Strand Little Girls Hairstyles

Here’s another version of the waterfall braids only this time you will have to do it with five strands instead of three. This will take a bit of dexterity, which means you need to practice quite a lot before you can get the hang of it.

13. The Yellow Rose

Don’t be afraid of adding all sorts of embellishments in your daughter’s hair. She will absolutely love it. However, make sure you check with her first and see what she likes. Better yet, make it a fun mother-daughter experience and choose them together.

14. The Flower Girl

We could not have possibly made this little girls hairstyles list without including a few wedding flower girl ideas. Here’s the first one. It’s a simple knot with a few waves, tied back with two white roses. The flowers will, of course, depend on what the bride chooses.

15. The Messy Fishtail

Here’s the perfect little girls hairstyles ideas for those lazy Monday mornings when getting her ready for school just seems an impossible task. It’s a very messy fishtail braid with a little red ribbon that will bring it together and make it a tad more elegant.

16. Simplicity Times Three

Here’s another interesting entry on our little girls hairstyles list. It starts off as a slick and simple ponytail. However, you will soon notice that it turns into three double twists that cascade down the back in a glossy waterfall of shiny hair. Wow!

17. The Hair Bow Little Girls Hairstyles

If you can’t decide on which bow to add to your daughter’s hair, we’ve got the solution. How about you skip the accessory altogether and you make a bow right out of her hair? It will look absolutely fantastic and she will be envied by all the other little girls.

18. Darling Miss Little Girls Hairstyles

Oh, my darling Miss, how pretty you look! Going to a fancy event, such as a wedding is not always easy when you have a toddler. The least you can do is make sure her hair is perfect. This high-top chignon with messy sides will win everyone’s hearts.

19. Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Yes, kids do that. But, how about instead of your sleeve, it’s in her hair? When talking about little girls hairstyles, nothing seems better than hearts, does it? These are two simple braids that have been tied together in the back to give the appearance of a heart.

20. Four Strands and a Ribbon

There really seems to be no end to human imagination when it comes to little girls hairstyles and braids, does it? This is a gorgeous example of what some expert fingers and a bit of creativity can do. The gorgeous knots in the middle plus the sideways tilt of the braid make it look like something out of a fairytale.

21. The Wood Nymph

Every Missy is some sort of nymph, fairy or pixie before she grows up. Therefore, why not give them the little girls hairstyles they deserve while you still can? Some teased up tresses and a flower crown will do the trick on this one.

22. Roses Are Red

Violets are blue, guess how much mommy loves you? As much as to give you this exquisite take on little girls hairstyles. You can obtain the super sweet curls by using old-fashioned curlers instead of a curling iron, which can damage her fine hair.

23. Traditional Pigtails

Our list of little girls hairstyles had to have at least one reference to the traditional pigtails. A staple in young lasses’ way of wearing their hair for literally hundreds of years, this is one tradition that is not going away anytime soon.

24. Top Bun Little Girls Hairstyles

This one is great because it’s both stylish and just so easy to do. If her hair is long enough, you can attempt the top bun by itself, with just a hair elastic. If not, you can always use a doughnut or even one of her tiny socks. Look it up online!

25. Modelling the Big Flowers

A top bun can also be the perfect simple canvas for some grandeur. If you’re going to a big event that allows for such splendor, you can always opt for a jumbo-sized flower piece on her head. She will love it!

26. The Simple Hippie Little Girls Hairstyles

Sometimes, the tiniest of details make the biggest of differences. In this case, a simple, thin three strand braid will be enough to transform a straightforward hairdo into a hippie hairstyle. Your little princess will thank you.

27. Natural Waves

Don’t be afraid to embrace your sweetie’s natural curls or waves if she has them. Little girls hairstyles can be about that as well. Invest in high-quality hair care products and make sure those childish locks shine with health and beauty.

28. Simple Tiebacks

Take it back to the roots with these simple tiebacks little girls hairstyles. All you need to do is pick up a few strands in the front on both sides, braid them and interweave them as you pull them to the back. Simple yet efficient!

29. Little Girls Hairstyles with a Low Chignon

Your kiddo can look like a white swan even if she doesn’t actually take ballet lessons. You can always borrow some hairstyles from the beautiful ballerinas. This one has two French braids that you have to tie into a low chignon.

30. Fauxhawk Plus Bubble Braid

That’s right. This hairstyle incorporates both a faux mohawk and a rocking bubble braid. Paired off with a cute dress, your little sweetheart will turn heads everywhere she goes. Pro tip – go for invisible hair elastics.

31. Front Twist with a Messy Bun

If your tiny lady’s hair is too short to create a perfect hairstyle out of, then you will need to make do. For example, you can always combine two or more ideas. Here is a front twist held together with some bobby pins, a messy bun, and a big bow for good measure.

32. French and Ponytails

Another classic combination on our little girls hairstyles list is the French braid plus ponytail mix. You know you can’t go wrong with a tried and tested recipe. In fact, you can call this the chocolate chip recipe of hairstyles!

33. The Ballet Bun

Here’s one more take on the traditional ballet bun. You can opt for it if your daughter is taking gymnastics or a sport or even if she’s just outside playing and you need to keep her cool and take the hair out of her eyes.

34. The Mini Braids Little Girls Hairstyles

If she’s small enough not to be able to stand still so that you can do all of her hair, don’t fret. Some mini braids will do the job just fine. Use a big bow, such as this lovely mint one, in a color that will complement her eyes and you’re done!

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35. The Swirl

As far as little girls hairstyles go, you can never run out of imagination. Here is a beautiful underbraid in the French style that has been swirled into a big bun on top of her head. You can use a foam doughnut for the bun, to make sure it stays in place.

36. Little Girls Hairstyles and Princess Piggies

Every princess has to let her hair down in her own way every once in a while, doesn’t she? This is what the princess piggies mean. Little braided pigtails that would normally hang down her shoulders or her back and that are now neatly pinched in a top bun with a pink bow.

37. The Gymnastics Little Girls Hairstyles

If your sweetie pie is a gymnast then here is an awesome hairdo that you can always try out for her. It’s a very high bun with braids radiating from it. You can see that it also has a lot of ribbons used to decorate it.

38. The Butterfly Little Girls Hairstyles

Using a few hair elastics, in any color you want, create a butterfly effect at the back of your daughter’s head. Braid the remainder of the hair in two simple pigtails that will represent the butterfly’s own tails.

39. The Infinity Braid

Here’s another marvelous entry on our list of little girls hairstyles. It’s called the infinity braid and we absolutely adore it. Tie the hair up in a ponytail. Divide it in two. Twist one part and braid the other. Twist the two resulting braids in an infinity one.

40. Three Elastics and Two Curly Pigtails

This might be the cutest entry on our little girls hairstyles list. Using three elastics, create a triangle on the top of the head. This geometric pattern should then break into two curly and deliciously sweet pigtails, held together by pompom-like elastics.

41. The Mermaid Heart Braid

What do you do regarding little girls hairstyles for Valentine’s Day? The mermaid heart braid, of course. Once again, you will need to turn your attention to YouTube or Pinterest and find some good hair tutorials there. This one is quite complicated.

42. Wedding Inspiration for Little Girls Hairstyles

You can always base the hairdo on what the bride chooses or demands, of course. However, you can never go wrong with a sweet and shaggy ballerina bun complemented by a white satin bow.

43. The Viking Braid

Here’s an awesome thing you can try, inspired by the latest trends. A Viking braid on the top of the head, that continues into a simple ponytail. Platinum blonde is the color of choice here since the Vikings themselves were blonde, but it’s not a must, of course!

44. 4th of July Little Girls Hairstyles

What represents the 4th of July better than American stars? Recreate that with hair by twisting a few strands and using them to create one huge star at the back of her head. Tie the ends in two pigtails with our flag on them, naturally.

45. Star Struck Little Girls Hairstyles

This one is called the ladder, for obvious reasons. If you manage to acquire the skills to pull it off, everyone will admire the way it slowly snails its way diagonally across the back of the head, all the way down.

46. Halloween Little Girls Hairstyles

Don’t worry, it only looks intricate. In fact, it’s really easy. Part her hair down the middle in a zig-zag line. Tie it on both sides in bubble braids. For each “bubble” you create, add a specific Halloween hair accessory, such as plastic spiders, bats or skulls.

47. The Tower High Knot

When talking about little girls hairstyles, there’s the top knot and there’s the tower high knot. The latter goes right on the crown of the head and you can mark or embellish it by using a simple little bow of her choosing.

48. The Christmas Tree

We’ve also got a Christmas idea for our little girls hairstyles list. It’s a simple braid in which the strands have been pulled out backward and tied with green scrunchies so that it resembles a Christmas tree.

49. My Sweet Summer Child

Natural curly hair should be cared for and enjoyed as it is. You will need to buy a special shampoo, as well as a highly moisturizing conditioner, a detangling spray, and a mister, but it will be all worth it in the end.

50. Toddler Pigtails

Once you find the right accessories for the treasure that is your little girl, the rest should be cake, really. Just tie her precious hair up in two simple pigtails and let the accessories do all the talking.


How about you? If you have any daughters of your own, what kind of little girls hairstyles do you like to use? Are any of them already on our list? Let us know in the comment section below!


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