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50 Cool Black Girl Hairstyles

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What does it take to be a black beauty? The answer to that question is definitely a tricky and convoluted one. But we can tell you one thing for sure. Black girl hairstyles are a contributing factor. They help you express your individuality as well as your creativity in a very unique and powerful way. With that thought in mind, we have put together a list of 50 cool black girl hairstyles that will provide you with a lot of inspiration and amazing ideas.

1. Box Braids

We’re starting off with simple and basic black girl hairstyles. Box braids have been a style staple in the past few years. What we love about them is that not only will they make you look cool and fresh, but they are a great protective hairstyle as well.

2. Updated Box Braids

Now that we’ve seen what the basic version looks like, here’s how you can build on that. These are blonde box braids, jumbo, not thin. They also have a lot of silver embellishments added to them, which you can match to the jewelry that you wear every day.

3. The Curly Bob

Black girl hairstyles don’t necessarily have to be traditional as some might believe. For example, this is a very beautiful curly bob painted in a cherry cola red that we absolutely adore. Pair it with some huge hoop earrings and you’ve got a winner look.

4. The Blonde Afro

There are many versions of the afro you can try when it comes to black girl hairstyles but this just happens to be one of our favorites. The color is absolutely amazing as well. It’s a dark honey blonde with burnt caramel streaks.

5. French Braids and Afro

The amazing thing about black girl hairstyles is that you can mix and match them. For example, you can start off with a few French braids at head level and them simply finish off with an all-natural afro. Perfect!

6. Colorful Space Buns

Space buns have been a very cool trend in the past couple of years. They started off as a festival hairstyle, mostly at Coachella but they were so loved that girls everywhere decided to take them to the streets. This is the colorful half up half down version.

7. Jumbo Goddess Braids

When it comes to goddess braids as black girl hairstyles, you have two options. You can either go the classical way and have multiple braids all over your head or you can just choose two jumbo ones. You will look like a diva no matter what option you go for.

8. Stone Gray Is Here to Stay

Speaking of divas, here is one hair color that is bound to transform you in the neighborhood diva overnight. It’s a matte stony gray complete with extensions. The extensions are highly important here as they will give you added volume and length.

9. Adorable Black Girl Hairstyles

It’s difficult to find black girl hairstyles that can make these little dolls even more adorable than they already are, but we believe that these braided buns can actually do the trick. They are also a great way to protect your daughter’s precious hair.

10. The Queen

These side cornrows mixed with some truly fantastic twists had us all gaping. They are truly perfection in a pic. Not to mention that we went nuts for the golden hair embellishments which serve only to enrich this amazing hairstyle.

11. Protective Black Girl Hairstyles

If you’re an Afro-American queen, you already know just how important protective hairstyles really are. Therefore, we suggest you try some old-fashion braids that will help keep your natural locks safe and sound.

12. The Woodland Fairy Queen

Don’t be afraid of non-conventional colors. The trick here is to discuss with your stylist and choose together a shade or color that will work best with your skin tone. For example, this shade of pastel pink seems to simply illuminate the skin from inside and provide a magnificent fairy glow.

13. Technicolor Black Girl Hairstyles

Have you ever dreamed in technicolor? This is what your hair will look like. An amazing dream of shades and hues that will mesmerize everyone. In this case, it’s a combination of blues and purples with just a touch of pink here and there.

14. Soft Waves

Beach waves are extremely easy to obtain if you happen to know a few tricks. The simplest way would be to invest in a high-quality sea salt spray and let your blow dry do the rest of the work. Otherwise, you can look up tutorials on YouTube.

15. Neon Buns

We love the traditional black girl hairstyles but we are crazy about the modern ones. These neon blue buns have a 90s nostalgia feel to them. At the same time, they are modern enough for you to pass as a regular hipster.

16. The Lob

Here is an idea for the business section of black girl hairstyles. It’s a straight lob or long bob with an asymmetrical set of long bangs parted to one side. The color is a warm cinnamon spiked with a few strands of caramel here and there.

17. Hair Accessories

Box braids and hair accessories go together like peanut butter and jelly. Everyone knows that. The amazing thing about it is the complete freedom you have when putting them on. There is no right or wrong. Simply use your imagination!

18. The Summer Child

If you are looking for you next festival look or simply for a special styling choice for your next night out, look no further. You cannot go wrong with flowers and naturally curly hair. Make sure your makeup and accessories match your new look.

19. The High Headwrap

One of the most elegant black girl hairstyles you can try out is the high headwrap. Granted, it will take a while before you properly learn how to tie it but it will all be worth it in the end. The sheer elegance of the style has no match.

20. The Blunt Cut Bob

Sometimes, black girl hairstyles can also mean a minimal look. This is what the blunt cut bob is all about. The main point of attraction with this cut is its choppy ends for which your stylist will use a razor to create. Don’t attempt this at home on your own.

21. Peacock Blue

A tip from the pros of styling says that you can create a splash not necessarily with the cut, but with the color. This is an amazing ombre that goes from a metallic light gray into a vibrant peacock blue. Watch how the colors melt seamlessly into one another.

22. Natural Black Girl Hairstyles

You know what they say. Nothing is easier than natural. Therefore, if you want a haircut or a hairstyle that is extremely easy to maintain, we suggest you go all natural, both in cut and in color. No headaches there and no extra money spent on grooming!

23. Black Girl Hairstyles with an Edge

Life is not worth living if it doesn’t have a little bit of edge. Think outside of the box and let go of your vanilla style. Go for an unconventional color for your hair and watch how your entire life turns on point. You can thank us later.

24. The Ballerina Bun

If it’s not broke, why change it? One of the most beloved and most practical hairstyles out there has to be the ballerina bun. Every girl knows how to do it in a heartbeat. Not to mention that it’s both beautiful and elegant.

25. Perfect Twirls

We’re back to the more traditional black girl hairstyles with these perfect twirls. They used to be all the rage in the 90s, and now they have witnessed a huge comeback thanks to that decade making a re-entrance as well in the fashion business.

26. The Head Scarf

If you’re in love with the head scarf but you don’t know exactly how to tie it, style it or wear it, don’t be afraid. There are tons of tutorials in designated places such as YouTube or Pinterest that will teach you in no time.

27. Long and Straight

Black girl hairstyles come with one big advantage. There isn’t one girl out there who hasn’t got one amazing head of hair. And this is what happens when you use a straightener on that head of hair. We’re getting major Rapunzel envy out of this one!

28. Ghana Braids

One of the most traditional black girl hairstyles are Ghana braids. This is an African hairstyle and the braids themselves are also known as banana braids, a variety of cornrows, and even pencil braids. Whatever you choose to call them, we agree they are gorgeous!

29. The Fauxhawk

If you happen to have short dreads, here’s a cool thing you can do with them. A fauxhawk. Since it’s fake, you won’t actually have to shave the sides of your head. Just make it look like a cool punk hairstyle from the 80s.

30. The Lupita Nyong’o

Actress Lupita Nyong’o burst onto the silver screen a few years ago with her role in ’12 Years a Slave’ for which she also won an Oscar. Besides her acting skills, we also love her boyish pixie cut, to which she has always remained faithful.

31. The Rihanna

As far as black girl hairstyles as concerned, good girl gone bad Rihanna has been through almost all of them. We decided to stop at Bantu knots because we think she looks absolutely wonderful, especially with her many tattoos and makeup choices.

32. The Beyonce

No black girl hairstyles list could have been possible without the queen herself, Beyonce. She too has sported almost every hairstyle known to man and beast. We have chosen this high and very slick braid for making her look so elegant and empowered.

33. Bombshell Black Girl Hairstyles

Let’s be honest for a moment. We all need some bombshell moments in our lives. Whether it’s for a special event or just a date with bae, this finger wave high ponytail will definitely do the trick and make you look like the queen of the night.

34. Yarn Braids

Braids come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. But did you know they also come in various fabrics? For example, if you don’t want to get traditional hair extensions, you can opt for braids made from yarn. They do look amazingly cool, right?

35. The Jumbo Pigtails

It’s all about teasing the hair with these black girl hairstyles. After you’ve combed everything out and teased it with a soft brush, you can create two jumbo bubble braids. Use hair colored elastics or all sorts of embellishments.

36. The Alicia Keys

When singer Alicia Keys swore off makeup, she decided to go all natural on her hair as well. Therefore, nowadays you can see her sporting her natural curly hair as well as a fresh and happy makeup free face.

37. The Flower Crown

Although it did start off as a festival fad, the flower crown slowly made its way into street style. As a result, these days you can see girls on every street corner dressed as casually as possible and wearing flower crowns on their heads. So pretty to watch!

38. Medusa Dreads

Although mythology pinpoints her as a monster, Medusa was actually a very beautiful woman who could lure men with her attractiveness. Medusa dreads mean a coil of long and thin dreadlocks perched on top of your head.

39. Bantu Knots

We continue our countdown of traditional black girl hairstyles with Bantu Knots. Also, the makeup and styling choices are absolutely stunning. The simplicity and light of the gold against the black is absolutely stunning.

40. The Blue Afro

Even though afros are a sight to behold all on their own, you might want to step up your game in the fast-paced world of fashion and style trends. One solution would be to choose a cooky color for your afro, such as this gorgeous blue.

41. The Pixie Cut

One of the simplest black girl hairstyles out there is the pixie cut. This example is a very high and teased out top with cropped sides and back. The secret here is that it will add a few inches to your height in case you need them.

42. The Lauryn Hill

Singer Lauryn Hill’s signature dreadlock hairstyle is just as famous as she is. It’s really difficult to imagine her in any other way. Her very beautiful face was perfectly framed by the medium sized thin dreads.

43. Purple Bantu Knots

Since we’ve seen the traditional Bantu knots, we can also take a peek at some colorful ones, as far as black girl hairstyles go. This is what indigo and purple Bantu knots look like, complete with makeup in shades that match.

44. The Iman

One of the most beautiful women of all time, Iman can really do no wrong when it comes to the realm of fashion and styling. Here she is sporting a natural, medium length afro, a proud supporter of black girl hairstyles.

45. The Buzz Cut

Since we’re talking about black girl hairstyles, it can’t just be any buzz cut. In fact, it’s a metallic blue buzz cut, with pearly white roots. You can also consider it a bit of ombre, if you like as much as it can be done on a buzz cut.

46. Finger Waves

The roaring 20s will never stop being a source of inspiration for us nor for black girl hairstyles, for that matter. Here is an idea of a long pixie cut, bright pink in color and styled with finger waves, just like they did in the 20s.

47. Blonde and Slick

A pro tip here would be that, if you’re planning on going platinum or ice blonde, to discuss this move with your stylist. It’s important to find a shade that matches your skin tone as well as the color of your eyes prior to making the big move.

48. Short, Blonde, and Afro

The thing that impressed us most about this hairstyle was the color. Many black girl hairstyles aren’t bold enough to go for color, but this creamy honey with cinnamon roots has us melting away.

49. Casual Waves

Beach waves are always a good idea whether you’re at the beach or not. They make you look cool and fresh. And if your hair is already somewhat curly and you have that basis to work with, we can honestly say we envy you.

50. Honey and Chestnut

Two toned black girl hairstyles are worthy of praise. These jumbo curls are half light honey blonde and half dark chestnut. This is what Cruella would have looked like if she were a good character instead of a villain.


What do you think about our choices for black girl hairstyles? Which one did you like best – the Bantu knots, the goddess braids, the Ghana braids, the afro or the simple and casual wavy hair? Let us know in the comment section down below because we would love to hear from you!

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