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30 Thanksgiving Hairstyles that Deserve Their Own Parade

Cute Easy Hairstyles For Thanksgiving with Feathers

No matter how you will be spending Thanksgiving, you will want to look your best for it. So, to make that much easier for you, we’ve put together a list of Thanksgiving hairstyles to give you all the inspo you need!

No need to thank us either, we’ve all been there. Spent all day on the road trying to get home, spent the day cooking, or you’re expecting relatives for dinner and want to look our best – and these are just some of the most common cases.

So spare some minutes, prepare a hot drink, and let yourself be inspired by these gorgeous and quick Thanksgiving hairstyles that will have you looking beautiful in no time!

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1. Thanksgiving Hairstyles For Short Hair

The easiest way to style short hair, especially when it is pixie haircut short (as above) is to add some well-placed hair accessories. Play around with barrettes, hair scarves, or fabric headbands.

2. Cute Thanksgiving Hairstyles For Short Hair

There are many cute ways to style your short hair, especially if it is about neck length. Get inspired by the braided half-up styles above and add a bow to it for a more festive touch.

3. Cute Thanksgiving Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Be on top of trends and wear your hair in a top knot. This half up, half down hairstyle works on all hair lengths, from short to long, but looks especially pretty on medium to shoulder-length hair.

4. Thanksgiving Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Another cool way to wear you medium hair and get it out of the way too is by going for an updo. Choose among one of the many types of buns – we’re loving this messy look with bangs and face-framing strands.

5. Thanksgiving Hairstyles For Long Hair

As expected, having long hair means you will have so many more possibilities in terms of hairstyling. However, sometimes, the best way to go is with a relaxed and comfy look, like the loose half up ponytail above.

6. Cute Thanksgiving Hairstyles for Little Girls

Give your little girl – be it a niece, little sister, or your own bundle of joy – a cute and fun hairstyle for Thanksgiving. Give a simple bun a festive mood by making it resemble a turkey. Great for school plays too!

7. Thanksgiving Hairstyles For Kids

Similar to the hairdo above, this too starts from a bun base, but this time around, a braided one. You can either leave it in the braids and bun combo or add a Thanksgiving touch, like in this photo.

8. Thanksgiving Hairstyles For Girls

This hairstyle will look great on girls of all ages! Start from a simple half up half down hairstyle and make it look special by going for not one but two fishtail braids on the sides of the head – leave them loose around mid-way.

9. Pumpkin Bun Look for Small and Big Girls Alike

Another sweet look that just channels fall and its holidays is this pumpkin bun. Gather the hair into a tighter bun and help it resemble a pumpkin by adding in some orange ribbons and a little “tail”.

10. Thanksgiving Hairstyles For Black Girls – A Slicked Back Look

Afro-American hair is usually characterized and easy to recognize thanks to its curly texture. So make the most of your curls and leave them hanging free and loose! For a more finished look, slick back the front.

11. Protective Hairstyle with Braids and Loose Ponytails

This is a great protective style for Afro hair that can be easily made to look as festive as you want it to. Here, the top of the head braids are gathered in a ponytail with loose ends while two face-framing braids are left free and decorated with beads.

12. Cute Easy Hairstyles For Thanksgiving with Feathers

Add a Native American touch and complete your Thanksgiving look by adding two feathers to your headband (and wear it on your forehead) – still, no cultural appropriation and do this only for a play or to celebrate your heritage.

13. The Half Bun Holiday Hairstyle

The half bun is one of the coolest trends of these past seasons, and also a very versatile hairstyle. It can easily be made to look more festive simply by braiding it, for example. The face-framing bangs are also a very pretty touch.

14. Easy Hairstyles For Thanksgiving – Half Ponytail with Hair Scarf

Hair scarves and hair accessories, in general, are very much in – so don’t hesitate to use them in a festive hairstyle. Depending on their patterns, hair scarves will help make for a cool and relaxed or simple but elegant look.

15. Relaxed Half Bun with Scrunchie

Another example to prove the versatility of the half bun. Looking forward to a relaxed evening or going out with friends? Simply style your bun by adding a scrunchie for a touch of nostalgia. Go for a dark or earthy colored scrunchie to reflect the season.

16. Easy Thanksgiving Hairstyles – Braid it Up

There’s no easier and prettier way to style your hair than by braiding it up. It makes for instant glam and a look that everyone will approve and love. Depending on your braiding skills, go for a simple 3-strand or elevate it to a fishtail, French braid or Dutch braid.

17. Thanksgiving Hairstyles Tutorials

Depending on the difficulty of the hairstyle you pick, it might also be a good idea to look for a tutorial online. You can find numerous Thanksgiving hairstyles tutorials on YouTube or Pinterest.

18. Hairstyles For Thanksgiving Dinner

Impress everyone at the Thanksgiving table with this seemingly complicated but actually quite simple hairstyle. It is a reversed hair bow bun that’s held together by an elegant black ribbon. Leave some loose strands in the front and you are all done.

19. Funky Braided Low Buns

Have some fun with your low buns and make them all the funkier by starting from a braided base. Alternatively, you can only braid one of them, or transform a waterfall braid into a two buns look.

20. Pretty Hairstyles For Thanksgiving with Simple Ribbon Bow

We’ve shown you a hair bow, but there is a much simpler way of sporting one: simply gather your hair into a lower ponytail and keep it in place with a pretty ribbon bow.

21. Thanksgiving Day Hairstyles – Braided Chignon

The chignon is one of the most elegant hairstyles out there and fit for all events. Take yours down a peg and make it more Thanksgiving friendly and ‘relaxed’ by braiding it.

22. Double Crown Braid Hairstyle Idea

Another very popular and fit for all occasions hairstyle is the crown braid. Be the belle of the ball by going for a double crown braid that you can wear all day – from the early Thanksgiving parade and even after the traditional family dinner. You will look stunning at all of them!

23. Pretty Hairstyles For Thanksgiving – Twist it Up

If braids are not your thing, but you would still like to style your hair someway, go for some twists! Take out the curling iron and twist two strands on opposite sides of the head. Tie them in the middle, and curls some two or three other strands for an all-out sweet and pretty look.

24. Pipe Braid with Loose Ends

We’ve shown you several types of braids already, but get ready to meet and admire the pipe bride. It is easy to see where its name comes from, and we just love that here, it only goes as far as neck-length and the hair is left loose and wild after that.

25. Cool Hairstyles For Thanksgiving – a Messy Half Bun

Long gone are the days when messy hair was frowned upon. You can now wear a messy bun (or a stylized version of it) and look gorgeous at any event. The messy bun above is made all the prettier by the fact that it is made on naturally wavy hair.

26. Loose Relaxed 3-Strand Braid

Just because it is braided hair, that doesn’t mean it has to be tight and fixed in place. Instead, go for a loose braid that starts at neck level. Ultra-long hair will make this style really stand out.

27. Best Thanksgiving Hairstyle – Elegant Low Bun

There was the messy bun, now we’re showing you the elegant bun. Gather your hair in a low bun – around neck level – and then use a strand of hair to hide the hair tie. The loose strands of hair are optional – but very cute.

28. Pretty Crown Braid with Hair Crown Accessory

You can go for a crown braid, or you can make your hair into a crown braid and accentuate it with a hair crown – go for one that fits the occasion. The crown above, for example, will look really pretty for both Thanksgiving and winter festivities alike.

29. Thanksgiving Hairstyles With Hair Accessories

Make the most of the hair accessories trend and play around with different ones. We’ve already shown you hair ribbons, scrunchies, and hair crowns, so now, we’ll let the barrette shine!

30. Hairstyles with Pretty Hair Accessories

For a simpler yet still accessorized look, choose hair clips. The ones above are just four examples of the many hair clips and accessories available nowadays. Use them to tie your hair at the back or to add a touch of something to any hairstyle.

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Ready to Change Your Look?

So there you have it, a list of the coolest Thanksgiving hairstyles that deserve a parade of their own for how pretty they are. As no one has that much time before Thanksgiving day, these dos are also easy to make, and quick.

They will also help you look stylish no matter how you will be spending your day – either at the parade, at the traditional game, out with friends, or however you’d like to!

So, which of these have made it on your shortlist of Thanksgiving hairstyles? Or are you already set on another hairdo (and if yes, which)? Leave a comment and let us know!

Victoria is a wavy-haired girl that loves wearing her tresses at around chin to shoulder-length. But she's also sported all the short haircuts you can think of and long hair too. She's also had straight and curly hair, so join her in her latest hair adventures.


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