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30 Gorgeous Bun Hairstyles You’ll Just Want to Try

Different Types Of Bun Hairstyles

We are here to introduce you to the very versatile and absolutely gorgeous world of bun hairstyles and the many ways to wear your hair in a bun.

Why? Because we, I can bet that if you hear ‘hair in a bun’, you instantly think of a messy bun. Or perhaps an extremely fancy wedding bun updo. Or just the ballerina bun.

So without any further delays or talk, let’s start exploring these great bun hairstyle ideas fit for all hair lengths. types, and occasions!

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I. For Different Hair Lengths & Types

1. Bun Hairstyles for Short Hair

Our post on short hair updo ideas went to show that you can, in fact, wear even short hair in an updo. The photo above will further strengthen the idea as it presents a lovely messy low bun for short hair idea.

2. Bun Hairstyles for Medium-Length Hair 

You’ll find it increasingly easier to just throw your hair in a bun as it starts growing and reaches medium lengths.

Wear it with a hair accessory such as this colorful patterned hair type and leave two face-framing bangs for a lovely look.

3. Bun Hairstyles for Long Hair

Another gorgeous bun hairstyle and hair accessory mix. This time around, the long hair is pulled up in a high and more complex bun. The bangs are held back by a headscarf-style bandana, with just a few wispy strands left free.

4. Curly Bun Hairstyles

Curly hair, oh how we love you! Still, for days when you just don’t feel like letting those curls run wild and free, go for high and full bun hairstyles. The faux bangs are optional (and lovely).

5. Bun Hairstyles for Black Hair

African American ladies find it harder to style their locks, sometimes, because of their different, sometimes harder hair texture.

However, take the hairstyle above as an example of how you can beautifully style your hair in a bun – one fit for a more formal occasion too!

6. African American Hair Bun Hairstyle

Another example of how you can wear African American hair in a bun, this time around while also honoring your heritage. This high bun is made by first pulling the hair into twist braids and then giving them the bun shape.

7. Buns for Straight Hair 

Many times, you see messy, wavy hair buns. However, straight hair can look just as good when pulled in any of the many bun hairstyles.

We’d say this high sleek bun with blunt bangs looks very elegant and perfect for a date or a special occasion.

8. Wavy Hair in Buns 

This seemingly disheveled low bun is an actually very well put-together hairstyle that makes very good use of the well-defined waves and accentuates both the beautiful dye job and the face-framing bangs.

9. Blonde Curly Bun

We’d just like to once again point out the natural beauty of curly hair – it looks so good even simply caught in a slightly messy high bun. The blonde dye job also helps accentuate the tight and numerous curls.

10. Bun with Hair Accessories

Is there anything some well-placed hair accessories can’t do? Take this low bun, chin level hair bun, for example. The scarf hair tie band helps add the impression of volume and makes for a simple yet gorgeous hairstyle.

II. For Different Special Occasions

11. Prom Bun Hairstyles

Sometimes, an updo can be the best prom hairstyle you could go for as it will help draw attention to your gorgeous dress and makeup, and will also help keep you cool even as you are dancing the night away.

12. Bun Hairstyle For Wedding

Almost the same can be said about going for a bun updo as your wedding hairstyle (bride or bridesmaid alike). Make yours all the more elegant by adding some understated yet very effective hair accessories such as the pearl pins seen above.

13. Fancy Bun Hairstyles 

While you can always throw your hair in a messy bun and be done it with, sometimes, the situation might call for a more formal and elegant approach.

In such cases, consider going for a low bun with braided and twisted elements that will be easy to make and yet so stunning.

14. Cute Bun Hairstyles

As far as cute bun hairstyles go, it probably can’t get prettier than this. Still, you’ll have to practice a bit before you get this pull through high bun perfect from the first try.

14. Easy Bun Hairstyles

In contrast, this low bun is as easy as can be, and also fit for all ladies with longer short to medium or low hair.

Gather your hair as if for a ponytail, but instead of pulling the hair through the hair tie, leave it there. Simple yet efficient and pretty!

III. All the Buns You’ll Want to See

15. Low Bun Hairstyles

We’ve shown you several examples already, but now we’re also going to come with some explanations as to the different types of bun hairstyles.

First up, we have the low bun, which is basically a bun created anywhere between chin to neck level, and even lower.

16. High Bun Hairstyles

Next up we have the very famous and quite common but still lovely high bun. As opposed to the low one, you can call a high bun any such hairstyle situated above chin level and up to the top of your head.

17. Side Bun Hairstyles

You’ll recognize a side bun thanks to the fact that it is, of course, made somewhat more or less to the side of the head and is not perfectly centered. Usually, the more intricate and elegant, the more to the side the bun will be.

18. Half Bun Hairstyle

The half bun might look like the easiest thing in the world, but there’s actually a little secret to it: start with a high (or low) ponytail base and only then twist it into a half bun.

Half bun hairstyles are a good solution for those bad hair days or third no-wash periods when you don’t know what to do with your tresses.

19. Half Up Half Down Bun Hairstyles

Make way for half up half down hairstyles, ones made all the prettier by the addition of a bun as the half up element. Any such style will be great to accentuate your hair color and to keep your hair off your face.

20. Double Bun Hairstyles

Double buns or space buns went from being a festival favorite to becoming an everyday look, one that any gal can sport, not just very young ladies. And we must say, we are very glad this happened!

21. Braided Bun Hairstyles 

This is far from being the first (or likely the last) we talk about the beauty of braided updos. Twisting or braiding your hair will bring a touch of femininity and boho charm to any bun, but especially a low one.

22. Messy Bun Hairstyles

We just could not skip or pass over the messy bun. No list of bun hairstyles would be complete without the go-to style for those moments when you’re in a hurry, lacking inspiration, or when you’re channeling a relaxed ‘do.

23. Sleek Messy Bun Hairstyles

However, take note: a messy bun doesn’t have to be all over the place with strands flying out and what-not.

Instead, it can also look as the one above where a chunkier strand of hair was pulled over the low bun to create this messier effect. We’re loving the platinum blonde too!

24. Donut Bun Hairstyles

You’ll need a bit of help to create this perfectly-shaped bun. Usually, most go for a special store-bought donut hair bun, but you can also improvise a bit. Either way, it’s worth the effort.

25. Twist Bun Hairstyles

We’ve talked about twist buns, now we’re here with an example. Follow these simple steps and get the very pretty and actually quite fast hairstyle from the first picture. Are you up for it?

26. Cornrow Bun Hairstyles

Cornrows are a beauty to behold all on their own and also one of the best ways to protect your natural hair. Still, don’t hesitate to go for a cornrows bun in those days when you’re looking for a quick and effortless way to style your braids.

27. Messy Bun Hairstyle

Can you tell we love us a messy bun? No regrets though, as this might be the messy bun – that effortless and almost unconscious hairdo that you’ll go for when you’re more preoccupied with other things.

28. Buns With Bangs Hairstyles

While not the first bun hairstyle to feature bangs, this time around, the accent is put more specifically on them. The high bun is caught with a colorful and cute scrunchie, but the really defining element are the long frontal bangs.

29. Different Types Of Bun Hairstyles

There have been many gorgeous hair colors on this list of bun hairstyles, but this cool shade of gray pretty much tops them all. The fact that it is all caught in a beautiful mid-level bun and paired with statement earring makes it all the more stunning.

30. Bun And Braid Hairstyles

Last but definitely not least, we have another creative example of how you can integrate a braid into your bun.

Before making your bun, be sure to leave a section of hair free. Then, braid it with your technique of choice and circle it around the base of the bun for a unique look.

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Ready to Change Your Look?

There you have it, some of the prettiest ways to wear a bun and make the most of this simple yet so versatile updo hairstyle. After all, the picks above fit all hair lengths and hopefully offer something for all tastest too.

So, what do you say, which of these bun hairstyles is your favorite or which one will you go for next?

Victoria is a wavy-haired girl that loves wearing her tresses at around chin to shoulder-length. But she's also sported all the short haircuts you can think of and long hair too. She's also had straight and curly hair, so join her in her latest hair adventures.


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