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40 Captivating Wedding Updos

Wedding Updos Rock and Roll Bride

Wedding updos can make or break the big day. A wedding updo must be planned and chosen carefully. It needs to match your hair texture, your wedding gown, your theme/ style, makeup and the season.  A little piece of advice. Do a hair and makeup bridal pre-trial. There are so many wedding updos out there that will make want to cut your hair and dye it. Make sure you make a wise choice. Keep it real, keep it classy. Don’t loose yourself in this process. It’s YOU that needs to be amazing. Don’t go for a radical change unless you have that type of personality. People need to say “wow” when they see you walk down the aisle not “what is that hair all about?”

We’ve gathered 40 wedding updos that match every personality out there. 40-winning wedding updos that will make everyone’s heart to stop when you walk down the aisle.

1. Low Bun with Floral Headband

One of the most romantic things in this whole world: the flowers. You can never go wrong wearing it in your hair on your wedding day. Choose it wisely because it needs to work with the rest. This low bun crowned by the floral headband looks stunning. The choice of the green leaves in this red hair makes this look a whimsical dream. Dark or blond hair have the same effect with flowers. Make sure to choose the ones that contrast your color.

2. Chic and Pretty Bangs

Stiff wedding updos and big curls are not your type? Well, to be honest, everyone loves a bride that is utterly gorgeous and keeps an awesome version of her everyday style. After all, your style made your other half crazy enough to marry you. If you’ve always rocked your bangs why not do it on your wedding day too? Pair it with a one side braided fishtail, put a discreet jewelry headband to make it exquisite. Look at that. Simply heart stopping.

3. The Low Chignon Twist

It is a lot easier to do than to read. Is amazingly beautiful on long, highlighted hair and it does not give you that tight feeling. A loose and comfortable updo, and you can wear it with floral or jewelry pieces, as well. It brings out your shoulders so make sure your tan line does not exist. Elegant and tasteful, the Low Chignon Twist is a stunningly beautiful wedding updo.

4. Half Down Whimsical Curls

Textured flowing curls are heaven. It gives that angel look walking down the aisle. To make those curls more exuberant, make it a half up half down hairdo. The up half will give you volume and the down half will make your curls more bouncy as it has the exact volume to act free. Add a chic headpiece on the part where the halves meet. That will better define your whimsical look.

5. The Vintage Fabulous Chignon

Take the time to admire this fab hairdo. You will notice that it has the shape of the infinity sign. Leaving the subliminal messages aside, we find this wedding updo a vintage retro classic and a drop dead gorgeous wedding updo. Make sure your dress is showing your shoulders and don’t add anything flashy on your neck. It doesn’t worth the distraction. The hairdo is too beautiful not to be in the center of attention.

6. Crown Braided Wavy Bob

One year before the wedding or maybe more many brides decide to let their hair grow. They want it long and healthy. No mistake there but you really must know that short or medium hair can also make a gorgeous wedding hairstyle. Furthermore, we have this one to convince you. The Wavy Crown Braided Bob is absolutely and incredibly beautiful.

Wedding Updos Crown Braided Wavy Bob


7. The Short Red Wedding Updo

Short and red is a bold personality. However, brides can soften that look on the wedding day with a floral crown. Make sure to keep that sexy personality using red lipstick. Your future husband is probably crazy about that boldness of yours. Make sure you keep it. Short and red hair brides have that incredible confidence walking down the aisle. Who would NOT marry that?

8. The Rock and Roll Bride

A wedding with a theme is an unforgettable story. A 1950s Rock’n Roll and Rockabilly themed wedding is a crazy beautiful story. If you are inspired by the love for anything retro, then be the quirky bride and groom, just a little bit different! This wedding hairstyle is exactly what you need for this wedding.

9. The Romantic Waterfall

If a romantic summer wedding is everything, you wished for choose a vaporous dress and a wavy romantic wedding updo. Loose, free and beautiful just like a summer breeze, this hairstyle is soft and romantic. Add a hairpiece that flows exactly like the waves of your highlights. It will look precious and graceful.

10. Side Chic Afro

How do you style a natural, black, curly, medium length hair on the big day? The beautifulness of an Afro hair is its texture. Don’t go for straight hair. It would be such a waste. Instead, comb it on on side and add to that combed side a large headpiece. If you think that is not enough, go for some ends highlights. Remember. Brides to be, get through intensive hair programs to curl their hair. For you, it comes naturally. Wear it proudly.

11. The French Braid Bun

A French braid bun will always be an excellent choice for a wedding updo. Some say it is a ballet inspired hairdo; other say it is a perfect stand-alone hairdo, no veil, no headpiece. We say that is tres chic and it gives that princess look-alike. It goes well with dark hair too and with bangs, as well. If you want to be a tres chic bride, go for a French braid bun wedding updo and a shoulder revealing wedding gown.

12. Dreads Bride Updo

Your look should reflect who you are. Many brides want the polished, sophisticated look. However, you are not one of those many brides. There’s nothing wrong with stepping out of the crowd and being a dreads bride means you are a few steps away from the crowd. Dreads braid with flowers and beads is one way you can style your dreads for the big day. Keep in mind that if you want to be a dreads bride, you should go for it, despite the fact that everyone will advise you to lose it.

13. Serenity Wedding Updo

Speaking of stepping out of the crowd, we have more of that coming up. Next is this amazing Serenity theme. Undoubtedly, blue tones display soothing vibes.  This bride was convinced by this and pulled off a Serenity Wedding Updo. We are completely amazed by this appearance. It is breathtaking. The cool blue tones release peacefulness and tranquility, and these are wedding goals.

14. Wavy and Loose

Aspiring to be a laid back bride walking down the aisle? You’ll never be, but you may look like one. First of all, this moment has too much importance not to make a little nervous. Embraced it. It’s unique. However, act cool, look cooler. Start with this effortless wedding updo and continue with deep breaths. Add flowers. You’ll look straight out of a fairytale.

15. Elegant Low Bun

A classy low bun will never go out of style. With a few highlights, this wedding updo will not only look beautiful but stylish, as well. Choose your earrings wisely because you will need to complete the look accordingly. If you want to go for a high-class appearance, this is one of our wedding updos that we recommend.

16. Beach Waves Pink Flower Crown Updo

A beach wedding is like the ultimate dream.  Prepare for it properly. This beach waves pink half up, half down flower crown updo look exactly like a summer dream. It is the exact opposite of an elaborate hairstyle. It is spontaneous, light, much like the beach breeze. The flower crown makes this more whimsical, more fairy tale alike. Beach waves with pink flower crown is simply an enchanting wedding updo.

17. Platinum short Wedding Hairstyle

Short hair does not leave more room for creativity. Whoever said that had no idea what creativity is. Apart from the fact that you have so many colors to choose from, you can always turn it into a classic or a modern. Always. For a wedding updo, a short platinum hair can be glamorous. Add a thin jewelry headband. Crown inspired. Use a matching model around your neck. Ladies, short hair will always accentuate your face features. Don’t believe anything bad about it.

18. The Flower Crown

Leave the hair extensions behind. You can nevertheless look beautiful with your short natural hair. Raise and embellish all of your hair on the top with an oversized flower crown. The result is simply heart stopping. Choose your earrings and your necklace prudently. You can either choose contrast or a soft-hued equal tone pieces.

19. Winter Flower Bride

Who doesn’t love a flower crown? It is one of the sweetest, heavenly accessory. To find something that represents you, that quintessential you, you need to consider at least two things. Pick the flowers that suit your personality and style and the climate to preserve your flowers best.

20. Waves, Braids, and Highlights

A bride braid doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes adding a few tweaks to a classic, it’s enough. That, with a wavy half down hair, can make the perfect bride wedding updo. Summerish, whimsical and fancy, this hairdo, some highlights and a soft flower headpiece make a smooth, charming appearance.

21. French Braid

Pick a different kind of crown. A french braided hair crown. Make the braid fit your top head just like a precious crown, add some small, white flowers and get an utterly fab wedding updo. Tres chic bride. This one will give a breathtaking, fresh appearance.

22. Messy double Twisted Wedding Updo

We feel like we didn’t give enough credit to the brown hair. Don’t get us wrong. Blonde brides are enchanting. Dark hair, brown hair brides are bewitching as well. Take a look at this brown, messy double twisted updo sprinkled with small, white flowers. For a more precious style, you can also use small Swarovski Crystal pieces. No matter your choice it will look beautiful.

23. The Rad Bride

A bride should always look whatever makes her feel like the best version of herself.  If that means rocking icy hair, purple lips and skull tattoos we say “You go, girl!” Radical brides are one of the most eye-catching brides. You just literally can’t take your eyes off her. What an appearance. Stunning.

24. The Gothic Bride

Remaining in the rad brides’ corner, we have another that will make your jaw drop. The Gothic Bride. Look outside the box and dare to walk off the beaten aisle. Why? Why not? If this is something that makes you feel like yourself, dare to show your true color at least on your wedding day. If that color is black, but your heart jumps for joy, it’s a wedding.

25. Romantic Red

Someone once said that once in a lifetime you are entitled to madly fall in love with a gorgeous redhead, she’ll make a heart-stopping bride. We can’t argue that. Obviously. Look at this wedding hairstyle. It’s like we can’t find the words to described it. It’s just astonishing.

26. Mermaid Roses

Simple yet remarkable these silverish blue mermaid roses can make you look a sophisticated bride. Just divide the half of the top hair into three and twisted and swirls until you make it looks like a rose. Leave the other half down, making the ends wavy. Ok, so it’s not that easy but still. It’s totally worth the hassle. It’s not like you see a mermaid tightening the knot every day.

27. Short and Sassy

We said it before. If your hair is shorter, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your options are limited. Accessories make a great way to glam up your short locks. Your head shape can be beautifully completed by wearing a jewelry headband. Short wedding updos can look sassy and romantic if you choose the right accessory.

28. Veil and Bob

How can you tell the bride from the crowd? She’s wearing a veil. Some brides say that nowadays it’s not about the white gown anymore. That is because the white dresses are not so white, it can be pink, purple, greenery and so on. The trend is to change the color of the dress and wear the veil. That is how you know who’s the bride. We can’t argue with a bride’s choice but we can agree on the fact that a bride with a bob and a veil net is THE bride.

29. Highlighted Wavy Bob

A wavy medium bob can also make a stunning appearance on your wedding day. A bob is always a good idea when you want to cut your hair and make a change. Lots of brides choose this haircut after the wedding, and they call it “thejustmarriedbob”. Anyway, if your hairstyle is a bob, and you are about to tie the knot don’t jump on the hair extension solution. If you want a change, add some highlights and some little white flowers. It will look amazing. Check it out.

30. The Great Gatsby Wedding Updo

If you’ll go for a 1920 themed wedding, the perfect updo will be the Great Gatsby hairstyle. With some Charleston playing in the back, make your appearance like a Coco Chanel model. You will make one memorable bride. A vintage wedding updo is stylish, romantic and so out of the box. We adore it.

31. The Moon shape and the Cone Bun

Another heart stopping wedding updos that make our list is this Cosmo moon shaped cone bun. Particularly suited for thick Afro hair, this takes probably a couple of hours of work. Patiently blow dried, straighten and then styled. Not anyone could endure that. Brides are known for their lack of patience on their wedding day. Good luck, hairdresser. Still, it’s total worth it.

32. Upside down French Braid with a Top Twisted Bun

You’ll say that this is so 2012. Maybe. But this is still a fabulous updo. It’s the perfect choice for a hot summer wedding. All up, no hair left on the shoulder, so you won’t get bothered by anything when it’s getting all sweaty. Maybe it’s old but a wedding updo this sexy will always pass the time test. Let’s talk in a couple of years. A timeless choice from our list of wedding updos.

33. Old Hollywood Glam

Some Greta Garbo, some Marlene Dietrich and some old Hollywood glam and you’ll have one of the most captivating wedding updos. You know what they say. In hair and beauty, everything comes back around. The old glam bride is fabulous and classy. Charming blonde waves, a pinned bun and an absolute necessity, red lipstick.

34. Rainbow Bride

Next, on our list of heart-stopping wedding updos, we have the rainbow bride. An August crispy day needs a rainbow. Be that rainbow. Usually, brides are called rays of sunshine. This time play a little and let everyone get a glimpse of a radiant rainbow. It’s pretty daring, but hey, if you want uniqueness, make a bold choice.

35. Boho Chic

Boho may sound pretentious, but we assure you that is a really simple style. Short for bohemian, the boho chic style is freedom,  artistic, vivacious. If you want a wedding updo that is simple yet chic, try this boho wedding updo. Some curls or wave, leave your hair to flow naturally and pick a natural flower crown or a lark charm headpiece. Always natural. You’ll look like a goddess. Boho chic wedding updos are delightful.

36. One Side Rope Braid Wedding Updo

Looks really fancy but is so simple. Make it exquisite with some big white flowers hair pieces. Entirely appropriate for a Hawaii wedding. Don’t go dying your hair for this one. It looks amazing on dark hair, and red hair as well. Ask your hairstylist to braid it on one side. This way, the flowers will flow more beautifully.

37. Punk Elegant

Totally exclusive and full of personality. Keep your punk style on your wedding day. Don’t go changing just because you need to suit up. A punk hairstyle can turn into an elegant punk in no time with some creativity and class. Take a look.

38. The Side Updo

Many brides go for au naturel. Hair, makeup, dress, the flowers. They don’t choose complicated hair updos, a cut crease eye makeup, or a wedding dress with a train. They go for less is more, and it suits them like magic. Don’t take it literally, though. There is work behind: the eye shadow is carefully chosen, so is the lipstick, the nails are nude, the dress is almost always custom made. An ideal natural hair updo looks like this one. Simple, stylish and tasteful. Go for some light waves and highlights. The Side Updo is flawless if you want to go au naturel bride.

39. Ombre Low Braided Updo

Braided hair can seem like the ultimate solution. You braid your hair because you don’t have the time to do anything else with it. Nevertheless, braided hair can be stylish updo with some little professional help or some skills. Make it glamorous and chic adding some ombre. It will look so beautiful.

40. FishTail

Remaining at braided wedding updos, you’ll find that braids can really captivate. The simplicity of this fishtail makes you look romantic and carefree. One of our 40 wedding updos that is both sexy and simple. You can add flowers, highlights, beads but we suggest to keep it simple. Less is more.

There are many captivating wedding updos out there. Choose something that represents you. Something that will make you glow. Wedding updos are just the fine print. What matters the most is how you feel.

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