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40 Captivating Wedding Updos for All Tastes & Styles

messy twisted updo wedding hairstyle with dainty hair accessories updos for long hair

Wedding updos must be carefully planned and chosen. That’s because it needs to match your hair texture, and also the makeup, the wedding gown, the theme/ style of the Big Day, and even the season. 

Also, a little piece of advice. Do a hair and makeup bridal pre-trial. There are so many wedding updos out there that will make you want to cut your hair and dye it that you must make sure you are making a wise choice.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of wedding updos that will match every style and personality! Any and all of them will make everyone’s heart stop in admiration as they see you walk down the aisle. So let’s begin!

1. Low Bun with Floral Headband

One of the most romantic things in the whole world: flowers. You can never go wrong wearing some in your hair on your wedding day. Still, choose them wisely because they need to work with the rest of the outfit.

This low bun crowned by the floral headband looks stunning. Adding green leaves in red hair makes for a whimsical look. Dark or blond hair will look just as good with flowers in contrasting colors.

2. Chic and Pretty Bangs with Headband

Stiff wedding updos and big curls not really your type? If you’ve always rocked bangs, why not incorporate them into your wedding hair too? Pair the bangs with a one-side braided fishtail and add a discreet jewelry headband for an exquisite look.

3. The Low Chignon Twist

A low chignon twist will look beautiful on long hair, especially one with highlights in it. It is a loose and comfortable updo – that keeps well away from that tight look. Elegant and tasteful, the low chignon twist will also look well if accessorized with floral and jewelry pieces.

4. Half Down Whimsical Curls

The picture above can give you double bridal hair inspiration. These textured curls will look amazing both if they’re left loose and if the hair is pulled up in a somewhat messy updo.

To be more exact, this is a half up, half down style that adds volume on the crown and makes the curly hair on the lower back more bouncy. A chic headpiece can help bring together the two parts while also working as a subtle division line.

5. A Vintage Fabulous Chignon

This wedding updo has a very vintage and classic touch to it thanks, in part, to the shape of the chignon itself. Some will consider it an infinity sign (very fitting), others will see a seashell. No matter the shape you see, this chignon style is surely one of the prettiest, most elegant bridal updo ideas out there.

6. Crown Braided Wavy Bob Style

While most wedding hair lists focus on showing updos for long hair, there are many diverse and beautiful ways to style short to medium hair too. Take this half up, half down in which the lower part reveals the wavy hair of the bride while the crown braid transforms it into one of the prettiest wedding updo hairstyles for short hair.

7. The Short Red Wedding Updo

Here we have yet another example of how you can beautifully style your hair on your wedding day even with short locks. The pixie haircut is to short for an updo so instead, the bride uses hair accessories – namely a flower crown – to draw attention to her hair.

The flowers perfectly complement the delicate, almost vintage look of the dress and also bring out the stunning shade of red of the hair.

8. The Rock and Roll Bride

A 1950s Rock’n’Roll and Rockabilly themed wedding can make for a crazy beautiful idea. Get inspired by this cool look that takes the classic Victory Roll and adapts it to fit the wedding. The hair is pushed over the shoulder and the bridal updo is completed by a flower added on the other side – one that matches the ones in the bouquet.

9. The Romantic Waterfall

If a romantic summer wedding is everything you wished for, choose a vaporous dress and a wavy, romantic, slightly messy wedding updo.

Loose and free, this hairstyle is soft and romantic and a play on half up hairstyles. Add a hairpiece that flows and accentuates the waves and brings out the blonde highlights on brown hair.

10. Side Chic Afro

How do you style a natural black, curly, medium length hair on the big day? Use and bring out the Afro texture by combing and pulling the hair to the side. Complete the look with a large headpiece – one that can also hold a veil, if you want one.

11. The French Braid Bun

A French braid bun will always be an excellent choice for a wedding updo. Some consider it is a ballet-inspired hairdo, in case you didn’t know.

No matter the case, it can make for the perfect stand-alone hairdo: no veil, no headpiece. This high bun with braided elements goes well with dark hair and with bangs, as well.

12. Dreads Bride Updo

Just because you are looking for a bridal look, that doesn’t mean you have to give up your everyday look. Take this bride, for example, who chose to incorporate her dreadlocks into her wedding hairstyle and did so beautifully!

The stunning effect was obtained by braiding in strings of pearls and adding flowers. The locks, just as the accessories, are light-colored, and yet the hair accessories still pop.

13. Serenity Wedding Style

Speaking of stepping out of the crowd, take a look at this beautiful blue-haired bride that also incorporates the Serenity theme.

There are several shades of blue in the hair (distinguishable if you look closely) and they are all accentuated by the loosely curled, wavy tips. Wear it with or without hair accessories.

14. Wavy and Loose

This could have been a French twist, but instead, the bride went for a loose and wavy and very Boho and delicate look. By pulling the hair up in key places, the hairstyle looks like an updo without technically being one. Also, the white flowers added in the locks make for a fairy-like look.

15. Elegant Low Bridal Bun

A classy low bun will never go out of style. Add some highlights, this wedding updo will not only look beautiful but stylish, as well. Choose your earrings wisely because they will be one of the elements that complete the look and which give the final touch – just like the face-framing locks of hair.

16. Beach Waves Pink Flower Crown Updo

The hairstyle above would be just perfect for a beach wedding. It uses a half up, half down base that beautifully accentuates all its various elements – like the beach waves lower part and the pink flower crown top. Together, they make for yet another almost fairy-like, free and loose wedding updo.

17. Platinum Short Wedding Hairstyle

A short, platinum pixie cut with long full bangs can be styled to look either very modern or very retro. The bride above went for a touch of both as while the styling and color are modern, the bejeweled, thin headband brings a classy touch to the look. The neckband is similar and goes to complete the look.

18. The Flower Crown

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s some major hair accessories love going around, and who wouldn’t love them when they can transform any updo?

Raise and embellish your locks – even this really short curly hair – by adding an oversized flower crown. It makes for an exotic look that can be either toned down or accentuated by the jewelry pieces you decide on.

19. Winter Flower Bride

As we’ve said, who doesn’t love a flower crown? It is one of the sweetest, most perfect accessories, and it can be worn year-round too. Yes, you can wear a bridal flower crown even in winter. Just be sure to pick flowers or even plants or nature’s elements that are in bloom and in abundance then.

20. Waves, Braids, and Highlights

Sometimes, adding a few tweaks to a classic, like a waterfall braid, is enough. Besides it, add another two-strand braid, and, when coupled with a wavy half down hair, it can make for the perfect bridal and bridesmaid wedding updo. The bride above also added a floral headpiece, and the waves in her hair also bring out her highlights and lowlights.

21. French Braid Wedding Updo

Most of the crowns you’ve seen so far were flower ones. But what about a braided one, like the French braid crown above? Make the braid fit on top of your head – just like an actual crown – entwine small, white flowers in it, and get an utterly beautiful wedding updo.

22. Messy Double Twisted Wedding Updo

Take a look at this brown, messy double twisted updo sprinkled with small, white flowers for another take on the beauty and versatility of a crown braid hairstyle.

For example, instead of flowers, you can use small stones. Also, the look above has a constructed messy hair vibe to it with the loose and escaping tresses – but you can make your tighter and more defined.

23. The Rad Bride

A bride should always look whatever makes her feel like the best version of herself.  If that means rocking icy white hair, purple lips, and skull tattoos we say “You go, girl!

24. The Gothic Bride

Keeping on with the unconventional brides, we present this gorgeous Gothic Bride. Go for a look outside the box and dare to walk off the beaten aisle. The two-tone black and magenta hair goes perfectly well with the makeup (or the other way around)

25. Romantic Twist

Someone once said that, once in a lifetime, you are entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead.

Whoever said it must have seen a lovely red-headed bride walking down the aisle. This copper to strawberry blonde beauty styled her hair in a loose twist that accentuates instead of hiding the hair color.

26. Mermaid Roses

Simple, yet remarkable! These silverish blue hair roses can make for a very sophisticated look. Just divide the half of the top hair into three and twists and swirl each section until you make it look like a rose.

Leave the other half down – either straight or wavy. This style is made all the more special by the mermaid hair colors.

27. Short and Sassy Wedding Updo

We said it before we’ll say it again. If your hair is on the short side, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your options are limited. Accessories make a great way to glam up your short locks. Just look how stunning a jewelry headband such as this one can make you look!

28. Veil and Bob Style

There are many ways to wear a veil nowadays – that is, if you even opt for wearing one, that is. Take the one above for example. Instead of wearing a long, classic veil, choose a short and above the forehead one that is held in place by a rose and which accentuates the well-cut bob hairstyle.

29. Highlighted Wavy Bob

A bob is always a good idea if you want to cut your hair and change your look. Also, if you are already sporting it, but want to change it up a bit for the big day, simply add some highlights. You can also use some hairpins to create a sort of half up style or to add little flowers, or both!

30. The Great Gatsby Wedding Updo

A Great Gatsby hairstyle can be the perfect choice if you’ll be attending or organizing a 1920s themed wedding. With some Charleston playing in the background, make your appearance and look like a Coco Chanel model. This vintage wedding updo is stylish, romantic and so out of the box.

31. The Moon Shape and the Cone Bun Look

Another heart-stopping wedding updo that made it on our list is this Cosmo moon-shaped cone bun. Particularly suited for thick Afro hair, it will likely require a couple of hours of work but will be so worth it in the end. It must be patiently blow-dried, straightened, and then styled.

32. Upside Down French Braid with a Top Twisted Bun

This is still a fabulous updo even so many years after it first started trending. A list of wedding updos would not be complete without this high bun, reverse braid underpart look. This is also an updo suitable for other special occasions besides weddings too!

33. Old Hollywood Glam

Some Greta Garbo, some Marlene Dietrich, and some old Hollywood glam and you’ll have one of the most captivating wedding updos. This old glam bride look is fabulous and classy. Charming blonde waves, a pinned bun of curly hair, and an absolute necessity, red lipstick or a nude lip.

34. Rainbow Bride

Brides are sometimes called rays of sunshine – so play around with this idea. Have some fun and let everyone get a glimpse of an actual radiant rainbow – but through your hair. The hair is tied in a twisted ponytail that goes to perfectly showcase the many shades of unconventional colors there.

35. Boho Chic

Short for bohemian, the boho chic style is artistic, vivacious, and meant to represent freedom. For a wedding updo that is very simple yet chic, try this boho wedding updo. Add some curls or waves, or simply leave your hair messy or flowing naturally and pick a flower crown or a charm headpiece. 

36. One Side Rope Braid Wedding Updo

This braided ponytail looks extremely complicated but it is, in fact, quite simple. It combines two braiding techniques though, so you would better ask for help with it.

Also, make it even more exquisite looking by adding big, white flower hairpieces. Leave some face-framing, free-flowing locks all pin everything in place.

37. Punk Elegant Wedding Updos

Totally exclusive and full of personality. Keep rocking your punk style even on your wedding day by going for this braided mohawk look. A punk hairstyle can turn into an elegant punk in no time – and how gorgeously it will showcase that hair dye play of red and blonde.

38. The Side Updo

A side updo can be the ideal all-natural hair updo for the big day. Simple, stylish, and tasteful, it will work wonders on straight, wavy, or curly hair alike.

Bring out those natural or made light waves by adding some subtle highlights to your locks. Pick a side and then remember to sweep your hair over the shoulder throughout the celebration.

39. Ombre Low Braided Updo

Braided hair can seem like the ultimate solution: you braid your hair because you don’t have the time to do anything else with it. Nevertheless, braided hair can be a stylish updo made out of love, not haste. Make it even more glamorous and chic by adding some ombre to it.

40. Fishtail Wedding Updo

There is still time for one last (at least for now) braided wedding updo. The simplicity of this fishtail braid will make anyone wearing it look romantic and carefree. You can add flowers, highlights, beads – whatever you like to it – but we suggest keeping it simple. Less is more, in this case.

So, Ready to Change Your Look?

There are many captivating wedding updos out there so we recommend picking something that really represents you. Keep it real, keep it classy. Don’t lose yourself in this process of choosing a wedding hairstyle.

It’s YOU that needs to be amazing. Also, don’t go for a radical change unless you have that type of personality and are willing to take that risk before the big day. People need to say “Wow!” when they see you walk down the aisle not “what is that hair all about?”

All in all, we hope this list has made it easier for you to pick your favorite wedding updos for your big day. SO which of these will it be? Or have you yet to find the hair one? Comment and let us know!


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