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50 Trendiest Two Tone Hair Color Ideas for 2022

blonde and brown two toned hairstyles Inspirational Two tone hair coloring with blonde top hair and brown

As far as hair coloring goes, two tone hair color ideas and hairstyles are revolutionizing the entire world as we speak. They have taken the entire planet by storm as a fascinating way to get creative with not one but two distinct colors in your hair. But, how do you choose the colors? Won’t they clash? And how is this trend different from an ombre? We answer all these questions and more below in our list of 50 creative two tone hairstyles.

1. Two Tone Hairstyles with Mahogany and Platinum Blonde

The two tone hairstyle trend allows you to combine literally any two colors that you can dream of. This is a rich and deep mahogany with a healthy streak of platinum blonde on one side that will highlight your eyes and skin tone.

2. Gray and Cherry Two Tone Hair Color Ideas

The amazing thing you can notice about this trend if you search for examples of it on Instagram or scroll through our article is that it allows you to put together even some colors that, at first, would not seem to go so well together.

3. Blue and Orange Two Tone Hairstyles

Blue and orange are opposing colors on the spectrum, which is what makes this choice so interesting, to begin with. Apart from that, one of them is considered to be a warm color while the blue is cold, so you get the best of both worlds.

4. Cotton Candy Pink and Gray Blue

Pastel is another trend that is still going strong in the world of hair coloring. As far as tone hairstyles go, you can combine cotton candy pink and gray-blue and score some major style points.

5. Blue and Green Two Tone Hair Color Ideas

If you’re going for the mermaid look this summer, there’s nothing better than combining blue and green. They are both considered sea colors, depending on the shades you choose. Use darker or lighter colors in accordance with your skin tone and the color of your eyes.

6. Blue Gray and Corn Yellow Two Tone Hair Color Ideas

This combination is highly reminiscent of a field of corn specked with bluebells in the summer. Therefore, it can be the perfect choice for your summer hairstyle or if you plan on having a rustic wedding.

7. Pastel Pink and Sea Foam Blue Two Tone Hairstyles

Here’s a hipster combination that we’re sure you’ll love. Nothing is more contemporary or goes better together than this pastel pink spiked with a tinge of tangerine and this seafoam blue that has been severely watered down.

8. Toxic Green and Blue Two Tone Hair Color Ideas

If your major inspiration comes from comic superheroines or super-villainesses, then make sure you give this blue plus toxic green a try. If you want to blend in these powerful colors a little bit, add some highlights to one side.

9. Butterbeer and Black Two Tone Hair Color Ideas

Butterbeer is a whimsical and non-natural shade of blonde that has been taking the world by storm lately. As the name suggests, it was inspired by the famous wizarding drink that the characters from Harry Potter used to have all the time.

10. Yellow and Purple Two Tone Hairstyles

Here is an interesting and novel way of doing two tone. Whereas the majority of examples will have you dye your hair half and half Cruella de Vil style, this one goes horizontal in its approach to the two colors.

11. Daffodil and Iris Two Tone Hairstyles

Even though we’re not supposed to be biased, we’re only human, and we will say that we absolutely love it when non-traditional hair colors are inspired straight from nature. For example, this is daffodil blonde and iris purple.

12. Mint and Lavender Two Tone Hairstyles

Continuing on the idea above, here are two more non-natural colors that come straight from nature and which might appeal to you this summer. This is a combination of mint green and lavender purple which also sounds really delicious.

13. Black and Orange Two Tone Hair Color Ideas

As expected, the two tone trend works amazingly well for Halloween as well. Especially when you take the traditional colors of this spooky holiday and use them in your hair. This is midnight black and pumpkin orange.

14. Red and Black Two Tone Hair Color Ideas

Another classic combination is the one between red and black. It’s a powerful one, designed for edgy ladies who are not afraid to show their true colors, pun intended. Dress it up for a special occasion using a red rose flower crown.

15. Natural Brown and Red

A clever way to follow the two tone trend is by dyeing your hair not two colors but one. This means that you can keep the natural color of your hair for one part and choose a distinct shade for the other.

16. Black and Pink Two Tone Hairstyles

No, we’re not talking about the girl band Black Pink, although we’re sure that a hairstyle like this would fit right into their aesthetic. This is silky brunette combined with magenta pink right down to the bangs.

17. Tangerine and Cherry Red

You can also find your inspiration in something as delicious as a bowl of fruit. They have the best colors which you can emulate when it comes to hairstyles. This is a watered down cherry red mixed with tangerine orange.

18. Purple and Blue Two Tone Hair Color Ideas

Blue and purple are very close on the spectrum. Therefore, it seems only natural to combine them as far as hair colors go. The result will be a fantastic mix of cold, but superb shades that will bring out the color of your eyes.

19. Rose and Orange Two Tone Hair Color Ideas

This combination is as whimsical as they come. It’s also very powerful and edgy, so think ahead before you get it. This is vibrant orange mixed with rose, two colors that you don’t normally see side by side.

20. Black and Green Two Tone Hair Color Ideas

Who would have known that the two tone trend is so versatile that you can even apply it to a modern type of pinup? Yet here it is in all its glory. Black and green Victory rolls with the iconic 1940s red lipstick and cat eyeliner.

21. Black and White Two Tone Hairstyles

Of course, we could not have possibly made this list of two tone hairstyles without including what is possibly the most traditional combination of all – the black and white. Add a dab of your favorite red lipstick for contrast, and you’re done.

22. Purple and Teal Two Tone Hairstyles

Teal in itself is not an easy tone to wear, depending on the color of your eyes and your skin tone. However, when you combine it with a fantastic shade of purple such as this luscious mauve, you have yourself a winner.

23. Light Pink and Satin Black

In fact, this shade of pink is called ballet shoes pink, but it loses a lot of its etherealness when put next to this strong, silky brunette, which is a fantastic thing. It means you get two looks all rolled into one.

24. Two Tone Hairstyles with Shades of Pink

Speaking of pink, let’s take a look at some other shades that you can use to create this awesome trend. These two are called blush and hot pink, and they go magnificently well together creating a color block type of situation.

25. Metallic Two Tone Hair Color Ideas

The metallics have slowly taken over the world, replacing the mattes. Therefore, there is no reason why you shouldn’t use them in the two tone trend as well. We’re in love with this metallic aqua blue and the natural brunette used as a base.

26. Natural Two Tone Hairstyles

Speaking of natural hair, you can use it to your advantage and create an awesome hairstyle out of it. If you have salt and pepper hair, then you can dye the top part iceberg blonde and rebrand the whole thing as part of a contemporary styling trend.

27. Honey Blonde and Chocolate Brown

Although it sounds like the perfect recipe for a cake, this lob with a major blowout has blown us off our feet. The dominant color is honey blonde with a major streak of chocolate brown going through it.

28. Two Tone Hair Colors with Highlights

This version of the two tone is so extra we can’t help but love it. The reason is that it takes the whole thing a step forward and adds some purple peekaboo highlights in the blue half of the hair. And did you notice the painted eyebrows? So extra!

29. Plum and Moss Green

Here are two colors that one does not think would go well together when you first hear about them. One side is plum, and the other side is moss green. But we just love how everything is so glossy and sleek!

30. Twisted Two Tone Hair Color Ideas

In case you were wondering, this is how it looks when you create a twist while sporting this trend. Here’s a tip – make sure to stock up on bobby pins because you will need as many as you can get to hold the twist in place.

31. Two Tones Hair Colors Crochet Braids

If you don’t want to put your hair through the stress of keeping up with two different hair dyes, you can always go for a protective hairstyle such as crochet braids. To get them, you can use a weave or even yarn braids.

32. The Gwen Steffani

There are even some celebrities who have adopted the two tone hairstyle once they saw just how cool it is. Singer Gwen Steffani is one of them. She kept her iconic platinum blonde but added a healthy dose of brunette to it.

33. The Prada Two Tone Hair Color Ideas

You can also spot this trend at the Prada show. They used it in one of their shows on the catwalk to enhance the clothes. The models wore a combination of ginger and brunette hair that was straight and sleek.

34. The Braided Bun

Here is an outstanding braided bun that looks absolutely spectacular given the fact that the hair has not one but two blocking colors. They are sandy blonde and glossy brunette, melting into one another like a giant scoop of ice cream.

35. The Two Tone Hair Color Bun Ideas

The same goes for when you try to put your hair in a simple bun. The two colors will look refreshing. In this case, the ginger blonde is an easy update on what would have otherwise been a traditional updo.

36. Mulberry and Turquoise Two Tone Hairstyles

The purple shade that you can see on the bottom of this hairdo is called mulberry. The top is a simple turquoise, and they go together like peanut butter and jelly. If your goal is to look like a fairy, these are the colors you need to choose.

37. Two Tone Space Buns

Space buns are still a favorite hairdo for music festivals every summer. However, they receive a makeover each year. This season, they saw the rise of the two tone trend which made them even cooler than they already were.

38. Mint and Rose Two Tone Hairstyles

Who would have thought that mint and rose would go so well together? But they do. This is a stony gray mint that develops into a rose pink reminding us of a rose garden surrounded by stone walls.

39. Silver and Neon Yellow Two Tone Hairstyles

In terms of hair color, this is as edgy as they get. On one side, you have a matte silver gray that looks almost traditional compared to the neon yellow on the other side. And just think how amazing your Instagram photos will look!

40. Magenta and Sunflower Two Tone Hairstyles

Welcome to Wonderland! This is what this color combination says. And we love it! It is undoubtedly a mix reserved for summertime when it replicates the colors around you. Go for different shades depending on your mood if you feel like it.

41. Yellow and White Two Tone Hairstyles

If you have crossed over the 50 or 60-year threshold, that doesn’t mean you can’t still try the contemporary trends. This is a fantastic example of how you can incorporate the two tone trend into your natural white hair.

42. Black and Candy Pink Two Tone Hairstyles

We absolutely love this mix, and we’re sure you’ll love it too once you try it. This candy cane pink is a gorgeous view against the rainy gray backdrop, which is why the combination is as close to perfection as you can get.

43. Black and Mint Dreadlocks

You can even mix the two tone trend with dreadlocks if you already have them. If not, get them anyway after you color your hair just because they look so cool. Try this messy hairdo and post the result on your Insta stories.

44. Shades of Green

Color blocking doesn’t necessarily have to mean two different hair colors. It can also mean one single color but in two separate shades. In this way, you will still be keeping with the two tone hairstyle but getting more of your favorite hair color.

45. Orange and Tangerine Two Tone Hairstyles

Keep it sunny and happy with a fantastic mix of orange and yellow that will light up every room you walk in. If you want to take it a step further, you can also wear your makeup in the same shades.

46. Marine Blue and Blonde

This summer wear your hair like a true aquatic princess with these two awesome shades. They are iceberg blonde and marine blue, and one of the best combinations we’ve seen so far. Plus, that braid looks absolutely fantastic.

47. Pink and Grape Victory Rolls Two Tone Hair Color Ideas

We utterly adore modern pinup! This pink and grape Victory roll is a two tone marvel that will look great if you pair it with oxblood lipstick and some purple eyeliner. Don’t forget to accentuate your eyebrows for a bolder look.

48. Red and Blonde Two Tone Hair Color Updo Ideas

When you sport two tone hairstyles, you can get as creative as you want with your updos, depending on your hair colors. This rose bun came into existence thanks to the platinum blonde and rose red hair colors.

49. Black and Orchid Two Tone Hairstyles

You can easily achieve the goth look of your dreams with the help of this trend. This is a combination of matte black and purple orchid, mirrored by the amazingly creative makeup.

50. Blonde and Opera Mauve Two Tone Hairstyles

The stacked bob has made a huge comeback this season. You can upgrade it by combining it with the two tone hair trend, and the results will be spectacular. Just take a look at this blonde and opera mauve bob!


Two tone hairstyles are based on one of the latest trends to emerge from Instagram. The best thing about it is that, with the progress of hair dyes and coloring, you can achieve it at home without spending too much money at the hairdresser. Let us know in the comment section below which one of these combinations was your favorite.


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