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50 Iconic Jane Fonda Hairstyles to Wear in 2022

jane fonda hairstyles

It’s tough to watch screen legend Jane Fonda in action and not be mesmerized by her beauty and sense of style. Even now, when she has surpassed the 80 year-old mark, this iconic actress preserves the same impressive beauty that has made her famous all those years ago. If you are just as inspired by her as we are, here are 50 Jane Fonda hairstyles to prove that style and elegance are timeless.

1. Jane Fonda Hairstyles with Side Swept Bangs

Jane Fonda was born in 1937 and rose to prominence in the 1960s. Here she is with a signature 60s hairstyle with a puffed up back and side swept bangs. Not to mention the eyeliner and brown lipstick.

2. Jane Fonda Hairstyles with Pigtails

Before becoming interested in acting, Jane was a dancer and studied art at Vassar and, for a short while, in Paris. However, in 1958, she met the famous Lee Strasberg who convinced her she had talent and her career began.

3. The Jane Fonda Retro Bob

Proving that she looks good with absolutely any haircut, here is the actress with a jaw-length bob in her signature honey blonde color. This shade highlighted her blues eyes and would look just as good today.

4. The Jane Fonda Beach Hair

This is a picture of the actress from 1966. It’s part of a larger set or a photoshoot taken of her at the beach, which gives us the opportunity to see what beach hair looked like in the 60s. We’re loving it!

5. Off-Camera Jane Fonda Hairstyles

Here’s Jane in September 1963 photographed by Francois Pages while taking a break as she was filming in Auberge de la Colombe d’Or in Saint-Paul-de-Vence. The protective headscarf is a touch of elegance hard to match.

6. Messy Jane Fonda Hairstyles

When you’re this beautiful, you can pull off messy like nothing else. Take note from the young Jane Fonda whenever you’re too lazy or simply out of time to do anything else with your hair. This is how messy should look like.

7. Half Up Half Down Jane Fonda Hairstyles

Jane’s first movie role after a long while on Broadway was in the film called Tall Story where she played a cheerleader opposite Anthony Perkins who played her love interest, a basketball star. This happened in 1960.

8. Braided Jane Fonda Hairstyles

Soon enough, however, she proved she was much more than just a pretty face as just two years later, in 1962, she was nominated for her first Golden Globe, one of a very long list of awards and nominations, for the movie Walk on the Wild Side.

9. Contemporary Jane Fonda Hairstyles

This is Jane in 2015 at a red carpet event. Her long, feathery, and layered bob has come to represent her in the later years of her career. Many people now know this look as the Jane Fonda haircut.

10. Lovely Jane Fonda Hairstyles

Her movie breakthrough which turned her into a world-renowned star came in 1965 and was called Cat Ballou. It was a comedy Western that got five nominations for an Academy Award and brought a lot of attention to Jane.

11. Parisian Jane Fonda Hairstyles

Jane’s 1970s hairstyles are just as mesmerizing to watch as her 60s ones. This is the actress photographed in Paris in the 1970s wearing a high ponytail and the same type of makeup that has made her famous.

12. Medium Beach Waves

Who can look this good while shopping and wearing a casual shirt? Jane Fonda can. This medium, layered haircut with a middle part and beach waves is just as much at home at the end of the 2010s as it was back in the 70s.

13. Perfect Jane Fonda Hairstyles

Proving that she’s not afraid of a blowout, Jane poses for the camera like she has been doing since the 60s. This blown out bob with no parting and blonde highlights is the stuff of dreams as is the feather boa she’s wearing.

14. Sleek Jane Fonda Hairstyles

Now let’s take a look at another moment when the actress posed for the camera, this time back in 1959. She stood for photographer Henry Clarke as he took her photo for Vogue in what is a distinct Jackie Kennedy vibe.

15. Classic Jane Fonda Hairstyles

1968 brought Jane Fonda the opportunity to play the now very famous character of Barbarella in the eponymous movie. It’s a science fiction spoof that, thanks to the costumes, makeup, and hair, established her once and for all as an icon and sex symbol.

16. Jane Fonda Hairstyles with Ponytail

One year later, however, in 1969, she would move away from that image and star in the Depression-era drama titled They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? after the novel by the same name which won her the first Oscar nom of her career.

17. Workout Jane Fonda Hairstyles

Moving forward in time, this is Jane at the release of her workout video on October 2nd, 1990. Her workout routines on VHS were so popular that it is believed they single-handedly boosted people to buy VCRs in America just so that they could watch this video of her.

18. Jane Fonda Hairstyles with Loose Bun

Not only that, but her workout videos are, to this day, the best selling videotapes of all time. She went on to release 23 of them as well as well as five workout books that appealed greatly to baby boomers who were nearing middle age by that time.

19. The Vintage Bob

We’re getting major Marilyn Monroe vibes from this short and vintage bob that Jane is wearing in this retro picture. The only difference in that Jane is brown-haired while Marilyn was always the supreme blonde.

20. A Walk on the Wild Side Hairstyle

This movie came out in 1962 and had the actress embrace her diva status. Not to mention that she went full redhead. Jane plays Kitty Tristram in this one, hence the movie poster depicting her and a black cat.

21. Retro Jane Fonda Hairstyles

We can’t help but notice that all her earliest hairstyles look like they were inspired by the diva herself, Marylin Monroe, as we’ve mentioned before. As this was happening in the 50s, it’s safe to say her influence was still strong.

22. Edgy Jane Fonda

Here’s the actress stepping away from her comfort zone, meaning her soft, honey blonde look and trying on something a bit edgier. This is a sleek and quite boyish shoulder-length bob in a very natural brown.

23. Redhead Jane Fonda Hairstyles

If you’ve ever wondered what Jane Fonda might look like with red hair, we have got the answer. Even though it’s a departure from her soft and feminine blonde look, she still looks fierce and amazing.

24. The Nine to Five Hairstyle

When it first came out, the movie Nine to Five was a big critical and commercial success. It follows three women, Fonda, Dolly Parton, and Lily Tomlin take down their ultra-sexist boss. The film is now a cult piece.

25. Elegant Jane Fonda Hairstyles

Here’s Jane demonstrating how to wear a dress made of an oversized men’s shirt long before we had Pinterest and life hack videos on YouTube teaching us all about it. Everything really does come back into style if you wait long enough, doesn’t it?

26. Blowout Jane Fonda Hairstyles

We’ve already seen what a modern Jane Fonda blowout looks like. But did you know that she’s been sporting this hairstyle for a long time? Here she is back in the 60s with the same type of blowout comb over, only this time longer.

27. Jane Fonda Hairstyles with Curly Bangs

One of the major trends that we have seen this year was curly bangs. However, yet again Jane Fonda proves her style icon status by wearing it decades before we all did and simply knocking it out of the ballpark.

28. 80s Jane Fonda Hairstyles

We’ve reached the 80s as far as this actress’ hairstyles are concerned. Here she is with the same bob that she has always worn but slightly adapted to the decade she was in. Her makeup and earrings were 80s as well.

29. The Morning After Hairstyle

In The Morning After, Jane played Alex, a washed-up actress who loves to drink and is prone to blackouts. She wakes up one day next to a murdered man. Did she do it? Also, doesn’t this plot remind you a little of The Girl on the Train?

30. The Histoires Extraordinaires Hairstyle

Here is our beloved Jane photographed by Francois Gragnon in 1967 as she was on set filming Histoires Extraordinaires. Her intricate hairstyle is a lost gem of the 60s complete with golden headbands.

31. The Straight Blowout

We’re back to blowouts because it’s obvious this was and still is her ultimate favorite hairstyle. Time and time again and decade after decade Jane Fonda returned to the almighty blowout in different shapes and sizes.

32. Brown Jane Fonda Hairstyles

We’ve already seen blonde and red hair, now let’s take a look at another shade of brown. We can call this chestnut brown in a medium wavy haircut with nude makeup that still highlights her gorgeous blue eyes.

33. Curly Jane Fonda Hairstyles

Even though her natural hair is straight, Jane never shied away from curling it every chance she got. We can’t really blame her because curls make her look even softer and more feminine, and we simply love her.

34. The They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? Hairstyle

We’ve already mentioned this movie above, so let’s see how the actress looked in it. She wore a short bob haircut with finger waves reminiscent of the 1920s and 30s, seeing as this movie was set during the Great Depression.

35. Jane Fonda at Cannes

Whenever she’s attending a major award show or film festival such as the one at Cannes, Jane does not miss the opportunity to teach everyone a lesson about what true style really means. Here she is with bangs and a beaded choker.

36. Wavy Jane Fonda Hairstyles

Not a lot of women can pull off matching their lipstick to their outfit. But then again, not a lot of women are Jane Fonda. This extreme closeup of the actress has her color blocking with pink both on her lips and on her shirt.

37. Beautiful Jane Fonda Hairstyles

Here is the actress in all her glory sporting the features that made her the iconic sex symbol that is still celebrated today. Honey blonde hair in a classic 60s hairdo, baby blue eyes, and bright red lipstick.

38. Jane Fonda at 80

In 2017, the year she turned 80, Jane graced the cover of the November issue of Town & Country Magazine in a flawless comb over and blowout bob and an impeccable Ralph Lauren shirt.

39. The Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding Hairstyle

Here’s Jane like you’ve never seen her before. In the movie Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding, she played a hippie grandma named Grace. Therefore, her character had to look the part as well, with long, naturally graying hair and 60s clothes.

40. Jane Fonda Hairstyles with Finger Waves

This is a superb little bob with 1920s finger waves. In reality, the haircut is chin-length. However, the finger waves raise it a little making it look shorter. You can wear it at your wedding or your prom.

41. Jane Fonda for L’Oreal Paris Hairstyle

Jane was also the face of the L’Oreal Paris makeup brand in her later years. This is one of the official photos of the campaign in which she’s wearing her signature feathery hairstyle with blonde highlights all over.

42. Casual Jane Fonda Hairstyles

In this colorized photo from 1966, you get to see the color palette that inspired the actress back in the 60s. It’s obvious she had a thing for brown, wearing golden brown hair, brown lipstick, and that now vintage tan corduroy jacket.

43. Shaggy Jane Fonda Hairstyles

When she posed for Grazia Magazine, it was a departure from her usual mega blowout. Instead, she opted to style her hair in a shaggy bob which was much more demure for her usual self. The actress looked stunning nonetheless.

44. Jane Fonda Hairstyles with Straight Bangs

Bangs might not have been the best choice for her face, but she rocked them without batting an eye. This is what they mean when they say wear with confidence. Therefore, let Jane Fonda be your inspiration.

45. Classy Jane Fonda Hairstyles

Pictures such as these remind you that, even though we see her today walking the red carpet at the Oscars, Jane lived through the 50s and 60s and rocked every single hairstyle that came with those decades long ago passed.

46. Diva Jane Fonda Hairstyles

These throwback pictures also serve as a reminder that Jane Fonda is one of the biggest divas Hollywood has ever produced, alongside Marilyn, Audrey Hepburn, Jane Russell, and Vivien Leigh.

47. Strawberry Jane Fonda Hairstyles

Another hair color that Jane has tried over the years is strawberry blonde. It was a normal transition from the traditional blonde she always used to wear, seeing as she has a peachy complexion and baby blue eyes.

48. The Textured Bob

Here is the actress at the Cannes Film Festival attending the screening of the movie Sink or Swim. She’s wearing a textured and almost round bob with a blonde top and caramel underlayer.

49. The Barbarella Hairstyle

Since we’ve already mentioned her movie Barbarella, here’s what it looked like. Of course, she wore a blowout, complete with side swept bangs and light curls and layers. These were the 60s, after all!

50. Workout Hairstyles

Last, but not least, this is Jane in one of her mega-famous workout videos. You can still find some vintage recordings online if you want to get in shape retro style with the help of a Hollywood diva.


Although she has now lived through every significant decade of the 20th and 21st century, including the 50s, 60s, and 70s and had hairstyles that reflected this, Jane Fonda remained faithful to her blonde blowout. How do you feel about these Jane Fonda hairstyles? Let us know in the comment section below!


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