80 Great Box Braids Styles for Every Occasion

80 Gorgeous Box Braids Styles for Every Occasion

thick long box braids styles

Box braids styles aren’t just protective for black hair. They’re also super versatile, incredibly attractive and downright edgy with the right twists.

Fit for anyone from little girls to adult women, box braids are a true style statement no matter what your age is.

Here are 80 gorgeous box braids styles to inspire you.

Perhaps you’re already donning these intricate braids and you’re just looking for ways to spice up your look.

Perhaps you’ve always dreamt of flaunting a flawless box braids style but haven’t found the right one for you just yet.

Take a look through our collection of 80 box braids styles. We guarantee you’ll love them.

1. Box Braids Styles. Loose Updo

This is one of our favorite hairstyles. It’s relaxed, stylish and fit for all circumstances. Get these small box braids and twist them up in a loose updo. If your braids are sufficiently long, you can use them to tie the high bun in place.

2. High Bun

This high bun looks nothing short of stunning. Combining thick box braids and small box braids, it creates a visually compelling hairstyle that works for all situations.

3. Chic Casual Box Braids High in Bun

Another gorgeous example of a high bun, this time, more secure in place. Twist your perfectly styled box braids in a high bun. Twist the braids around until you have just the ends to secure in place. Use pins and natural hair color elastics to keep them in place.

4. How to Style Box Braids

Thick box braids were brought together to create this beautiful updo. Split your hair into three parts and start braiding from the base of your hair. Bring the box braids up towards the forehead to create this intricate updo.

5. Classic Style for Long Hair

Every time we stumble across long luscious box braids it’s a refreshing feeling. Although this is a classic hairstyle, the energy it inspires makes it worthwhile.

6. Fishtail Braid with Thin Box Braids

You can never have too many braids. Braiding box braids in a long thick fishtail create a visually compelling hairstyle that’s a must-try.

7. Box Braids in Faux Hawk

Thin box braids can be styled in a stunning, edgy hairstyle. Take a cue from this brilliantly styled faux hawk using no other style elements than the box braids.

8. Thick Box Braids

An elegant updo with thick box braids arranged in a beautiful high bun. Each of the box braids is used to create a pattern.

9. Box Braids Side Swept High Bun

The side-swept box braids are used to create braided bangs, a style element which complements the elegant high bun.

10. Long Braids Half Do

Long box braids offer a wealth of styling possibilities. If you’re looking for something uncomplicated that can get you out the door in five minutes, pull some of the braids up. An uncomplicated halfdo that rocks.

11. Box Braids in Low Bun

Another gorgeous halfdo where half the braids are twisted in a low bun. The rest are left flowing freely below the shoulder line.

12. High Oversized Box Braids Bun

If you’re one of the thick hair beauties, then you’ll be able to pull this look in no time. Thick box braids and an oversized high bun secured with a bandana make for an edgy look that’s worth trying at least once.

13. Knot Bun and Box Braids

This hairstyle is one of the easiest to achieve if you sport long box braids. It doesn’t matter if they’re small or thick, all you need to do is bring them up and knot them in a unique high bun.

14. Playful Colors for Box Braids

Contrasting colors are a must-try for even more appealing box braids styles. This vivid pink is one hair color idea you could try.

15. Classy Thin Box Braids

A layered haircut transformed with the help of thin, perfectly styled box braids. Wear them as such or create more complex hairstyles to suit your mood.

16. Braided Updos for Box Braids

When a halfdo meets a braided bun, you get this beautiful hairstyle for box braids. It’s easy to achieve and even easier to wear regardless of the environment.

17. Rainbow Box Braids

Having rich black hair is gorgeous. Nonetheless, when you feel the need for a change, try this playful look. Rainbow box braids twisted in a careless bun look stunning.

18. Pastel Colors Box Braids

Spice up your box braids styles with pastel colors. You’re bound to attract some envious looks.

19. Jumbo Box Braids

Jumbo box braids have a unique quality of creating a voluminous look in an effortless manner. Soften the look with hair accessories like this flower headband.

20. Playful Box Braids

playful box braids styles

This sassy lady shows the versatility of box braids with a dazzling hairstyle which looks nothing short of amazing. Pick your favorite and try it on for size.

21. High Ponytail Hairstyles for Box Braids

A high ponytail using the front box braids will take some of the weight off the scalp. At the same time, it will render an extra edgy note to your look.

22. Box Braid Hairstyles: Chic Thin Braids

Use an anti-frizz oil on your box braids and get this perfect finish look for your thin braids.

23. High Box Braids Bun Halfdo

We love this high bun halfdo and the caramel hair color flaunted in this photo. Pull half of your box braids up and twist them around the root to create one of the easiest yet most visually compelling box braids styles.

24. Exciting Colors for Box Braids

Sometimes, all you need to change to have a refreshed look is your hair color. Instead of your gorgeous dark hair, try dark purple. It suits medium to dark skin tones and looks perfect on both curly hair and straight hair.

25. High Double Bun

Janet Jackson used to sport this hairstyle some years ago. It remains one of the classic box braids styles, and for good reason.

26. Edgy Box Braids

A faux hawk style for long hair achieved with box braids is edgy, cool and stunning.

27. Thick Box Braids in Side Halfdo

A different approach to the classic halfdo, this hairstyle is simply gorgeous. From the hair color to the way each braid is arranged, this box braid style is enchanting.

28. Individual Braid Hairstyles

This hairstyle turns the spotlight on the natural looking box braids. Wear them if you’ve got them!

29. Medium-Length Auburn Box Braids

Who said box braids are just for long hair? This medium-length hairstyle proves that box braids are just as attractive on shoulder-length hair as on longer hair.

30. Golden Caramel Thick Box Braids Styles

If you have medium to dark skin tone, caramel is your hair color. Spice up your look by trying on this color for your box braids.

31. Hairstyles for Afro-American Girls. Long Box Braids

If you were to go back to the classic, long luscious box braids are your safest bet. They can be worn in casual and formal environments alike.

32. Box Braids Side Knot Bun Hairstyle

Another hairstyle for box braids that’s in our top five favorites. It looks edgy, cool and classy at the same time while keeping a soft feminine note.

33. Colorful Box Braids

This is one of the edgiest box braids styles we have stumbled upon. We can’t decide if it’s the style or the yarn braids-like colors that we like more.

34. Elegant Styles for Box Braids

Pull all the front box braids from the front toward the back to achieve this elegant hairstyle.

35. Natural Hairstyle for Box Braids

A relaxed box braids classic style which reminds of holidays and strolls in the great outdoors.

36. Casual Chic Bun Using Box Braids

Purple box braids simply enhance the beauty of this hairstyle for women. It’s more complicated to achieve this intricate side bun. Nonetheless, with a bit of patience, you can pull it off.

37. Updo Styles for Box Braids

Thin box braids are brought up in a simple yet alluring high bun. Elegant and styles, it’s a must try for your next party.

38. Long Thin Box Braids

If you sport naturally thick and voluminous hair, then this thin box braids style is for you. You’ll rock it wherever you go.

39. Modern Long Hairstyles for Box Braids

These gorgeous box braids have been split in two. One-half, comprising the front and top braids are pulled in a voluminous, well secured high bun, adding an extra attractive note to the hairstyle.

40. Curly Box Braids Styles

Untamed curly box braids? No problem. Here is a stunning styling idea, where the hair is braided close to the scalp in a mesmerizing pattern.

41. Box Braided Afro Style

It takes edge and style to pull off such an alluring hairstyle features jumbo box braids on medium-length hair.

42. Deep Side Part Box Braided Halfdo

A deep side part is the secret to any voluminous hair look. The same trick applies to box braids. Braids the box braids in one thick braid that heavily weighs on one side of the face.

43. Medium Box Braids

Medium hair is just as fit for box braids as longer hair. Add a few hair ornaments like these metallic cuffs and your hairstyle is ready.

44. Box Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

Add a few style elements to your long box braids to express your individuality. Yarn twist braids and metal cuffs work perfectly to add an extra edge to classic box braids styles.

45. High Box Braids Ponytail

Thin box braids, thick box braids, and jumbo box braids are brought up in a high, well-secured ponytail. If you want your ponytail to last, secure it well. The weight of the hair will pull it down otherwise.

46. African American Box Braids

It’s not just boxed braids that are a protective hairstyle for black hair. Senegalese twist braids are also a beautiful, visually-compelling braids style. Combine the two for exquisite results.

47. Wedding Box Braids Styles

Box braids can also be an exquisite wedding hairstyle. Just a few box braids and an intricate twist out style on the top meet to create this gorgeous wedding style.

48. Casual Double Buns with Thick Box Braids

Thick box braids can look bulky at times. Not in this case, where half of the braids are used for the buns hanging casually on each side of the head.

49. Boxer Braids

Boxer braids are back in style and they look as cool and edgy as ever. Just two simple box braids flowing freely on each shoulder.

50. Simple Long Box Braids

If you want to add some oomph to your simple long box braids style, create a deep side part, add a few metallic cuffs and a metallic headband and you’ve got it covered.

51. Thin Box Braids Styles

We love how delicate and feminine these box braids look. Try them on when you’re in need of a super versatile hairstyle.

52. Short Box Braids Styles

You have to admit this box braids hairstyle isn’t a common sight. The blunt knotted ends of the jumbo box braids are countered by the feminine hair accessories. A balanced look that’s nothing short of attractive.

53. Bandana Box Braids Hairstyle

It’s curious how a style staple such as a bandana can be used to create a multitude of hairstyles with attitude. This is one of them. The bandana is used as a headband to hold those beautiful locks in place.

54. Funky Hairstyle for Long Box Braids

This vibrant hair color isn’t just flattering for everyone, it’s also eye-catching. Used on long box braids, it’s bound to add a splash of energy and color, as well as to turn some heads.

55. Long Box Braids Styles: Silver Box Braids

Once deemed a hair color for the elderly, silver is quickly shaping up to be one of the most fashionable hair colors around. Box braids with shimmering silver accents look stunning.

56. New Box Braids Hairstyles

This intricate box braids style is one of our favorites. It may take longer to pull it off, but you’ll have a stunning hairstyle to flaunt every day for a long time to come.

57. Princess Crown Braid

No other type of hair is more suited for the princess crown than luscious, thick black hair. Two box braids, a thin one and a thicker one are used to create a visually appealing hairstyle that’s chic and elegant.

58. Box Braids Bun Styles

Another bun achieved with thin, elegant box braids. Hanging casually to one side, this bun can be both formal and casual. It’s certainly is a hairstyle with an attitude.

59. Thick Box Braids: High Bun

Reminiscent of stories of Nubian queens, this stylish bun features an intricate design thanks to the thin box braids arranged one by one.

60. Thin Braids High Bun Style

Create as many thin box braids as you wish and braid them close to the scalp. The free-flowing segments are brought up in a tight high bun.

61. Box Braids Pin up Styles

Remember the pin-up styles of the 50s? This exquisite high bun could well be among them thanks to its sheer size and perfect styling.

62. Luscious Long Box Braids

When you flaunt luscious long box braids like these, it’s easy to achieve any hairstyle for long hair you wish. From letting them flow freely to more intricate braids styles to gorgeous updos, you can try everything that suits your mood and personality.

63. Short Style Box Braids

Short box braids look cute and feminine. Don’t shy away from braiding your hair if it’s shorter. You will look gorgeous despite your hair’s length.

64. Bob Hairstyle with Box Braids

Are you currently sporting a bob cut a la carte? Spice it up a notch by adopting the box braids styles of your choice. Thin box braids certainly look better in this case. Nonetheless, who’s to say jumbo braids aren’t just as gorgeous?

65. Red Highlights

A contrasting hair color is always welcome to enhance your hair style. Take a cue from this lady who applied thin red highlights to her naturally gorgeous black hair. The results are amazing.

66. Twisted Senegal Braids and Box Braids Style

Mix various braiding styles with box braids to achieve this type of look. It’s enticing, to say the least.

67.  Halfdo Bun Hairstyle for Braids

A twisted high bun using all the weight of your box braids can be secured in place with a funky bandana used a hair accessory. It’s chic and cool.

68. Rainbow Box Braids Updo

This lady shows you how to achieve one of the most beautiful box braids styles we have seen. An undercut and colorful braids are all you need.

69. Blonde and Black Box Braids Updo

Blonde highlights on black hair may look tacky at times. Not in this lady’s case, where the two hair colors meet in an enchanting blend.

70. Thick Purple Box Braids

Pull up the box braids in the front. Create a thick rope and swipe it around your head. Secure it in place and let the braids flow freely in the back.

71. Thin Box Braids

Twist your braids in a loose, casual braids. This thin box braids style is quite casual. Nonetheless, it can also look quite classy and stylish if styled right.

72. Burgundy High Half Updo

Box braids seem to be made for visually compelling halfdos. High buns enhanced by free flowing box braids look astonishing.

73. Double Buns with Thin Box Braids

Working with thin box braids is almost as easy as working with twist out tresses.

74. Big Box Braids

Achieving this hairstyle is a process of trial and error, mainly due to the fact that the box braids are brought up in an intricate knot which doesn’t allow any loose ends to show. Classy and stunning.

75. Big Box Braids Hairstyle Idea

Reminiscent of goddess hairstyles ideas, this style is refreshing and stunning.

76. Box Braids High Bow Bun Style

This hairstyle is certainly one of our favorites. It’s daring, edgy and feminine and certainly exudes a load of personality. Try it one for size and enjoy the envious looks around.

77. Jumbo Box Braids

Thin or thick box braids, this vibrant hair color suits them all. Even you sport medium-length jumbo box braids styles, enhancing your hairstyle with an unusual color is a great idea.

78. Funky Box Braids

Get your new festival look ready by trying on this hairstyle for box braids. It’s both relaxed and funky, perfect for a laid-back environment.

79. Short and Cute Box Braids Hairstyle

Free flowing box braids may be the classics of box braids styles. Nonetheless, they look stunning, especially when your style is enhanced by accessories such as hats, headbands, bandanas and others.

80. Styles to Do with Box Braids: Double Buns

Another take on one of the previous box braids styles we showed you earlier, this hairstyle is among our top favorites. Perfectly finished double buns are style elements that can’t go unnoticed.

Ready to Change Your Look?

When you think of box braids styles, you’re mostly inclined to think of the classic free flowing box braids.

Hopefully, our collection of 80 box braids styles proved the versatility of these braids and the multitude of gorgeous styles you can achieve with minimum effort and patience.

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    Really beautiful styles and models, thank you for the well articulated captions as well. Most have no idea how versatile the box braid is . Clearly this author has much respect for the hairstyle. Well researched and sourced accurately. Needed some fresh ideas for myself, and this article helped me. I would make two suggestions , add some tips for those who are venturing into this arena. This world has become a lot more ‘do’s-it meself’ (my own colloquial), but we want help from anyone with similar interests. Yet, it’s hard to trust a tip from any one. Even worse , it’s harder to find a well-rounded article . I’m picky but what’s wrong with wanting the most and best? For instance , there are a million types of braiding hair , help a sistah out with a comparison chart. As in, which type would accommadate which style best. Also parting or braiding tips depending on hair texture. Black women have the most range when it comes to textures, and each type behaves differently. A chart demonstrating which hair type would be best for which style. Someone with a rough texture could easily do a senagalese twist without needing to texturize, or tease their hair; comparably to someone with finer hair doing tree braids, or micros because they don’t need to heat and press, or process their hair to make a neat hairstyle. Plus a diamond , or square or triangle etc geometric differences means difference in pressures on the scalp and hairline. Thank u for listing and listening ??

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