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50 Flattering Purple Ombre Hair Color Ideas for 2022

pink purple ombre hair

A few years ago, when you thought of purple ombre hair color ideas, you usually associated it with teenagers who were going through their rebel phase, or perhaps with Halloween costumes.

But not anymore!

Over the past few years, purple ombre hair has become an amazing way to be creative with your hair color, show your whimsical side, and make a big change that will get you noticed.

In case you feel the need to go for purple ombre hair right now (as we did) here are 50 amazing ideas that will inspire you for this big and wonderful change!

1. Brunette to Purple Ombre Hair Color

We’re starting you easy with this black to purple ombre hair. It’s perfect in case you don’t want to make such a significant change to your hair or if your job doesn’t allow for unconventional colors.

2. Neon Tips

As if having purple hair was not whacky enough, creative folks out there also came up with neon tips, and we have to say we’re in love with this trend. It gives the hair a certain luminescence as if enlightened from within.

3. Violet Purple Ombre Hair Color

There are many shades of purple out there, and we have decided to try and list them all for you here. First stop is violet. It starts off with a basic dark hue at the roots and ends in a perfect pastel lilac at the bottom.

4. Life in Pink

In case you felt like something was missing from your life, and you just didn’t know what it was, we’ve got the answer:

It’s pink hair.

This is an outstanding example because it mixes both the pink that we love so much and the cool purple.

5. Purple Ombre Hair Color Perfect for the Cold Season

Just because it’s cold outside and you have to hide it under a hat, that doesn’t mean your hair has to be boring. To get this lovely combination of shades, you must first bleach your hair thoroughly.

6. Cotton Candy Purple Ombre Hair Color

If you were looking for some whimsy to add to your life, you have found it. Cotton candy purple hair is the ingredient you never knew you were missing.

Pair it off with dramatic makeup, and you just found the perfect summer look!

7. Purple and Turquoise Ombre Hair Color

The beauty of purple ombre hair is that it can be paired off with almost anything. Take, for example, this outstanding messy and curly chignon, which is held in place by a wonderfully stylized butterfly hairpin.

8. Mermaid Purple Ombre Hair Color

Seeing as it is so versatile, you can easily use your purple ombre hair to embrace the mermaid style. With this indigo and dark seafoam highlights, as well as those plastic 90s seashell earrings, you know you want to.

9. Between the Light and the Dark

Contrast is an amazing idea when it comes to unconventional hair colors. This is platinum blonde hair that has been dyed half a very subtle shade of purple and half a very dark and velvety one.

10. Pastel Goth Purple Hair

Yes, you can do Goth with pastels and purples as well, as long as you style it appropriately. This half steely gray half pastel lilac with very dramatic matte lip makeup has definitely won our hearts.

11. Purple Ombre Alternative Hairstyles

Thinking of joining the indie trend? This is what you have to do. Dye your hair this amazing shade of purple ombre, complete with indigo peekaboos, and add some knockout hairpieces, such as this feather and beads one.

12. Mermaids and Fishtails

Since we spoke about the mermaid style, here is another way in which you can channel it.

Gray hair with silver and seafoam blue highlights, braided neatly in a side-swept fishtail.

Start on one side of your head and work your way diagonally to the other.

13. Purple Ombre Hair Color with Forest Green

This hairdo has not one, but four colors in it. The madness starts at the roots with forest green, continues the length of the hair with green, then light turquoise, and lastly, of course, a gorgeous shade of indigo purple.

14. Forget Me Not Blue

You can also combine your purple ombre hair with whatever colors you fancy. This is a combination between a shade of violet and a watery forge- me-not blue.

15. Burgundy to Purple Ombre Hair Color

We fell in love with this color combination, as well as with these perfect curls. You’ve got everything here, from ripe plum to burgundy and shades of wine. Don’t forget your curling iron!

16. Unicorn Purple Ombre Hair Color

There’s mermaid, and then there’s unicorn. Because if the sea had its representative in the realm of the unconventional colors, so must the land.

Therefore, meet unicorn hair! A unique blend of platinum and yummy pastel colors, leading with purple, of course.

17. Hipster Beauty

Here is a hipster lioness mane, in three colors – pink, purple, and turquoise. The easy way to get those curls is by braiding your hair and let it sit overnight. When you release it in the morning, you will have instant curls.

18. Bright Lilac Purple Ombre Hair Color

Neon color is hard to pull off, we know. However, it’s totally worth it for that moment when you know you have succeeded. It’s an awesome and fierce look that will make you resemble a fairy queen.

19. The Peekaboo Braid

This is an emo-inspired hairstyle which we love and absolutely want to try. The very deep indigo hair color is beautifully framed by a very heavy set of side bangs, as well as by a thin but very stylish braid.

20. Romantic Purple Ombre Hair Color

This is a gorgeous festival hairstyle and color which we recommend for the warm season. Pair it with very light makeup as well as a breezy shirt, to truly feel summer is here, and the festivals are upon us.

21. Magenta to Purple Ombre Hair Color

If you want, you can take matters into your own hands and try this lovely color combination at home. If not, then you can easily describe it to your hairstylist and watch it come true out of his skilled hands.

22. Purple Fire Hair Color

Hair so purple it almost looks like red. How does that sound? We found this amazing shade of wine purple that simply looks reddish when you pay closer attention. Say goodbye to Purple Rain and welcome the purple fire.

23. Strong Pink and Purple Ombre Hair Color

This is a very bold and drastic combination between a strong pink and violet purple hair. Curl the tips of your hair so that you can give some depth and dimension to this amazing intertwining of shades.

24. Braids Done Right

One of the greatest ways in which you can showcase your purple hair is by braiding it. This works especially well if you have more than one shade in your hair. Braids will bring forward all the underneath locks.

25. I Am Titanium

This lady means it. As you can well see, this is an amazing blend of titanium, hot pink, amethyst purple, and black pearl purple ombre hair which you absolutely need to try if you are a lady with an edge.

26. Ink and Violets

When it comes to purple ombre hair, the sky is really the limit. Mix and match all the shades you want because there is no right or wrong here. For example, this is a combination of inky blue, violet purple, and icy lilac.

27. Long and Straight

To copy this look, you will need to bring out your old hair straightener from the closet. Make sure to use high-quality hair care products, as well as something to protect your tresses from the heat.

28. The Retro Ponytail

Go for a Brigitte Bardot retro look with a twist. The blonde actress was one of the most attractive ladies ever to grace the silver screen. However, we’re sure you can top that if you choose a lovely purple color.

29. Dark as the Night

Contrary to popular belief, midnight is not dark black. In fact, it’s a witching hour that is colored in an amazing dark violet. As a consequence, this is the cue for your inspiration.

30. Royal Purple Ombre Hair?

Mona Lisa? No. Beautiful hipster with royal purple hair? Yes, please!

You can go for a nude makeup, as the lovely model in the pic or for a more dramatic one, in matte shades of violet or scarlet.

31. Comb It!

Very straight hair was a staple of the 90s and early 2000s. We all remember the Rachel, don’t we? Now, after so many years, it’s making a comeback.

All you need to do is straighten it up, and use a lot of coconut oil to hydrate it.

32. The Katy Perry

When it comes to purple ombre hair, Katy Perry is our forever inspiration. She was one of the first celebrities ever to wear it and inspire us, for that matter, in her famous video for California Gurls.

33. Queen of the Dessert

If you’re going to, let’s say, Burning Man this year and you want to fit right in, then purple hair is a must.

Pair it with a scruffy gray tank top and oversized jewelry with a tribal inspiration, and it’s like you’re already there!

34. Forever Rock On

Does it really get any more beautiful than this? The cartoon purple to green ombre will highlight both the color of your eyes as well as your skin tone. Cat eye makeup is a must here, ladies!

35. Lavender Purple Ombre

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t like lavender? The sunny fields of Provence have been the inspiration for everything, from paintings to perfumes. Therefore, now they can be your hair color inspiration.

36. Jaw Dropping Beauty

Out of all the color combinations we’ve seen so far, this one is bound to give you an entrance. It’s a mix of matte gunmetal gray and very light lilac. Uncanny, but mesmerizingly beautiful.

37. The Short Bob Purple Ombre

You don’t have to have long hair to sport one or more of these amazing hair colors. This is a jawline short bob, sandy blonde with blunt pink and lavender ombre tips.

38. Ready for the Big Day!

If you want to make your big day even more special than it already was, then you can go for an unconventional color.

Should you not want to make the change permanent, then you can color a few strands using some highlighters.

39. Braids, Silver, and Purple

To copy this look, you will need to dye your hair a dark and silky purple at the roots, lavender for the length of the locks, and silver at the bottom. Don’t forget about the Viking inspired braids.

40. Wine, Anyone?

Continuing our countdown of unexpected yet fabulous color pairings, here is a fascinating combination of platinum or icy white and wine or burgundy. We simply cannot look away!

41. Fairies, Assemble!

Having purple ombre hair might be the best way to describe a fairy. Style your hair into some perfectly balanced curls with inky blue on top and soft purple on the bottom. The silver metallic flowery headband is a must!

42. Glamorous Purple Ombre Hair

Ready for a night out on the town? Then this look is everything you need. Messy beach waves in a gorgeous purple ombre hair color and dramatic makeup with long eyeliner lines and purple lipstick.

43. Gray and Purple Hair

The advantage of this color combination is that it will elongate your face, no matter what type of facial bone structure you might have.

Use it to your best interest, especially if you want to sprinkle some magic on everyone.

44. The Classic Purple Ombre Hair

Here is an example of the classic purple ombre done to perfection. If you don’t think you can pull this off at home by yourself, then go to your favorite salon.

45. Icy Lavender Purple Ombre

We imagine that, if Elsa wanted to go hipster, this is what she would have looked like. The silver chain headband is optional, of course, but this hair color and style are a total must for this season.

46. Short and Curly Purple Hair

Curly hair can be quite dull sometimes. Therefore, to breathe some life into it, you can always go to purple ombre hair as a safe choice. You can even mix and match the colors, for a wilder look.

47. Bohemian Purple

The bohemian look is not hard to pull off at all. What you need to do is dip the tips of your hair in purple or pink dye and sport those impressive oversized woolen knitted sweaters.

48. The Simple Purple Ombre Braid

Here is a look which you can try at home, on a busy Monday morning when you woke up late. Besides from looking effortless and relaxed, it takes a very short time to do.

49. The Amber Heard

A style icon and accomplished actress, Johnny Depp’s former wife knows how to bring it. Here she is sporting a fantastic shade of purple hair, mixed with her signature blonde and some pink, for good luck.

50. Neon All Over

No purple ombre hair list would be complete with the idea of dying your hair in full neon shades.

We’ve had the tips, of course, but the whole of the hair is something completely different. Remember that this is a style you need to commit to!

Ready to Change Your Look?

So there you have it, our list of stunning and practical purple ombre hair ideas that we, for one, just love.

Which of these has been giving you some major hair inspo and got you itching for a change? Leave a comment and let us know!

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