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70 Grey Hair Styles, Ideas and Colors

grey hair messy pony tail

The past few years have given us a whole new obsession when it comes to hairstyles and colors: grey hair.

It’s a very uncanny and non-traditional hair color, but gorgeous and fetching nonetheless.

Why do we love it? Because it seems to work perfectly for any kind of hair imaginable.

It doesn’t matter if you have a pixie cut or Rapunzel hair, straight or curly locks, a bob or a Mohawk because grey hair is perfect for all of them.

With this idea in mind, we have gathered no less than 70 ideas, shades, and styles for grey hair which you can go ahead and try right now.

From whiteish grey hair to gunmetal and lavender pastel, we got it all.

1. Ombre Grey Hair

If you feel you can’t commit to a full grey mane or that it is too much of a change all of a sudden, you can always try the dark grey hair ombre style. Use your curling iron to highlight the grey and make it stand out.

2. The Choppy Bob

Grey hair can be messy too, especially if you go for this one-of-a-kind choppy bob. Ask your stylist to create some bangs which you can carelessly comb over your head for a shaggy look.

3. White and Grey and Braids

Here is a fantastic example of a white and grey hair styled into a perfect intricate braid. With the appropriate outfit, it can look bohemian, chic, and relaxed. It’s ideal for a weekend at the beach or a fun pajama party.

4. Hipster Grey Hair

It’s almost impossible to say grey hair without saying hipster. The combination is as spectacular as they come. Here is a version with ultra-short linear bangs, a messy top bun, and, evidently, gun metal grey hair.

5. Wavy Locks and Same Bangs

As a variation to the above, you can also opt to style your grey hair with bangs and wavy locks. Go for a heavy eye makeup in earthy tones and a nude matte lip. Don’t forget to contour your face into perfection.

6. Grey Hair and Messy Ponytails

Here is one of the easiest and fastest ways to style your hair and showcase its beautiful grey hue at the same time. Go for a very relaxed and messy ponytail. It’s perfect for those cold Monday mornings when you don’t have time or are not in the mood for anything.

7. Variations

If you want to spike up the grey hair messy ponytail combination from above, you can also make use of the old choppy minimal bangs we saw earlier. You will look trendy without a lot of effort.

8. Grey Tye Dye

Combining a very dark shade of brunette with striking grey ombres might just be the best thing you decide to do this winter. The pairing of the two colors is a very fortunate one. However, make sure to go for the tye dye version, so that you don’t end up looking like Cruella DeVil.

9. Curly Grey Hair

This lovely lady has decided to dye her naturally curly hair grey and add some highlights to it as well. The result is just stunning, with the hair enveloping her face wonderfully.

10. Bohemian Like You

Say hello to the most beautiful bohemian braid ever. The almost white grey hair has been braided into an uncomplicated and long French braid which was then tied up in a ponytail with a Senegalese twist. It might seem complicated but it looks exquisite.

11. Making the Most of It

Older women who already have grey hair can consider themselves fortunate because they can jump on this trend without having to do much. However, if you want to add a little jazz to it, you can always go brunette on your tips.

12. Top Knots and Grey Hair

Here is a lovely school girl example of how you can style your grey hair after you have dyed it. Braid your hair in the back and then use the remaining loose strands to make some oversized knots on top of your head.

13. Taking It to the Streets

Here is how you can obtain a fierce, street look starting from your grey hair. Straighten it and wear a baseball cap. Add a leather jacket and a scowl and you’re there.

14. The Festival Look

This simple way of styling your hair and dressing up is perfect for going to a festival. The large grey curls, hipster hat, and silver chain chokers make it cool and modern, while the makeup is simple and fresh.

15. Grey and White

Here is a white and grey hair combination and intricate braid that remind us of The Lord of the Rings. Channel the elvish grace and beauty by sporting this wondrous combination.

16. Grey Hair and Striking Makeup

The great thing about the silver hue is that you can mix it up with all sorts of wacky makeup colors. For example, here is a model who has classic grey hair and a fierce blue matte lip.

17. Grey Blunt Cuts

Sometimes, having such a striking hair color is quite enough. In other words, there’s no need to gild the lily. Therefore, why not opt for simple, blunt cut on a long, super straight hair? It might just do the trick and attraction all the attention.

18. Silver Grey Hair

This look combines modern and retro in a fabulous fashion. The scarlet red lips and vintage metallic sunglasses put a bygone era spin on the contemporary grey hair. How cool is that for a simple day in the city?

19. Ready for Action

This lovely lady is definitely ready for action is this fabulous ensemble. The cute messy ponytail and her grey hair, the high-definition makeup and leather jacket with spikes make her look as if she’s about to board a plane and travel the world.

20. Grey Hair and Princess Embellishments

Grey hair might just be the perfect color to which you can add sparkly or bejeweled embellishments. These 1920s silver, diamond, and sapphires headband speaks volumes. It’s all about luxury and class here.

21. The Supermodel Look

Having such good looks, supermodels are not afraid to jump on any trend that the fashion world happens to throw at them. It’s the exact same case with grey hair. And now you can get the supermodel look too.

22. Purple Grey Hair

Now we enter the realm of grey hair with all different types of highlights. The first stop on the list is purple. Choose a shade that you love most and create some fairy-like peekaboos in your already grey hair.

23. Shaggy Hair

If you’re in a hurry, the easiest way to style your grey hair is by pouring some mousse in your hands and simply arranging your locks until they are shaggy or wind-swept. Go for a nude makeup to complete this look.

24. Blonde Grey Hair

There are many shades of blonde which you can pair up with your grey tresses, but this sandy hue takes the cake. It melts so well into the grey parts that you can’t even tell it’s blonde, at first.

25. The Frozen Look

Take a cue from Elsa, the queen of ice, and dye your hair a very trendy whiteish grey color. Pair it with a heavy eye and lip makeup, especially if you have a fair skin, so that you don’t risk looking washed-out.

26. Grey Hair and Two Knots

Here is another great updo for grey hair. Part your hair in two halves on a horizontal line in the back of your head. Use the top half to create two loose knots. Consequently, leave the top half flowing freely on your back.

27. Ash Blonde Grey Hair

The Nordic look has never looked so fetching than it does with this amazing large side braid. A white dress and light fairy makeup will complete this Icelandic look for a truly snowy Christmas time.

28. Grey Hair and Green Tones

When you already have white or naturally grey hair, you can add a touch of color with some greenish hues. Go for a trashy grunge makeup, leather jacket, and large silver pieces of jewelry to set the tone.

29. The Grey Hair Bob

Here is a shoulder length bob dyed in a beautiful pale grey color. The roots are black, so that the updo looks as natural as possible. What sets this look apart is the very dramatic makeup, with a glossy plum lip and dark eye shadow.

30. Afro Grey Hair

If you have very curly hair, you can also opt for a traditional afro updo. Use a colorful scarf to tie it together and oversized earrings and nose ring as tribal accents. The model’s makeup is sheer perfection with a nude lip, false eyelashes, and cat eyeliner.

31. Rose Gold Grey

In case you need a more demure and elegant look but you still crave the grey shade in your hair, you can combine it with a rose gold tint. Minimal makeup will make it perfect for a day in the office.

32. Celtic Braids and Grey Hair

This Celtic inspired look will make all heads turn. The very intricate braid pattern at head level continues down on the back with three simple braids that add depth and dimension to the hairdo.

33. Metal and Charcoal

We live in the age of metal and charcoal so why not let that inspire your hair color as well? This is the perfect example of metallic charcoal grey hair, twisted in a simple, yet effective loose braid.

34. Holiday Sparkles

In case you are looking for some holiday inspiration for the upcoming Christmas or New Year’s Eve, look no further. Braid your hair and use the ends to make to simple knots. After that, you can sprinkle some fairy dust or small stars down the middle parting and you are ready for selfies.

35. The Simple Pony Tail

This is another idea for the working girl. Contain your wild grey hair in a very simple and elegant low ponytail in case you have a meeting or a presentation. Keep the makeup to a minimum and your outfit to demure and casual.

36. Platinum Silver Grey Hair

This shade looks like a river of molten silver flowing down your back. It’s perfect if you wear striking colors to showcase it even more. Don’t be afraid of a dramatic makeup. Once you’ve gone down the road of silver hair, you’re in it for the long run.

37. Long and Messy Braids

This very messy braid is extremely feminine and delicate. The length of the hair can be easily held under control if you decide to tie it at the back of your head. Moreover, you just know it’s perfect for those pesky windy days.

38. Grey Hair and Beach Waves

The contrast between the silver hair and golden earrings is bold and beautiful at the same time. Use your curling iron or simply braid your hair overnight to get these fantastic beach waves. Sirens are definitely in this year.

39. Gunmetal and Indigo

Does this sound like a weird combination? Because, as you can well see thanks to this lovely lady, it is not weird at all. In fact, dyeing your hair gunmetal grey and then adding some indigo peekaboos works into pastel perfection.

40. Grey and Turquoise

Continuing the countdown of all the shades you can pair with grey, it’s time for the turquoise to take center stage. This delicate lady looks like a Disney mermaid thanks to her gorgeous locks and perfect face.

41. The Rose Knots

In case you won’t be able to pull these off on your own, ask a friend or your stylist to rock your hair into these wonderful roses. It’s a perfect hairdo for a one-of-a-kind wedding, where you will truly be the queen of the day.

42. Sea Foam and Oceans

Another way in which you can pull off the mermaid look is by dyeing your hair grey and then adding some sea foam green peekaboos. Make sure your roots are darker than the rest of the hair for a more natural look.

43. Mother of Pearl

Our mermaid connections don’t stop there because we also have the mother of pearl idea. In fact, this is a favorite of ours. This hair has the most beautiful shades in it, from white to grey to icy blue and cold purples.

44. Natural Grey Hair

From mermaid queen, we go to the opposite side for a quick look at a natural grey hair color. Not only is the shade completely organic here, but the cut and length as well. The ends are a bit choppy and the waves are almost invisible.

45. Rock on in Grey Hair

Everything that this gorgeous lady has to offers simply screams grunge and punk rock. But what we love most about her look is her grey hair, of course. The haircut is superb as well, being a medium and very shaggy bob.

46. Grey Hair and Pastel Ice

Rock two colors at the same time by dyeing your roots silver grey and the rest of your hair this amazing pastel icy blue shade. It’s an extremely versatile combination, allowing you to wear it anywhere, from the office to a music festival in the desert.

47. Embellishments All Around

A great way of adding even more flair and personality to your already awesome grey hair is by studding it with some one-of-a-kind embellishments. Take a cue from this lady and choose some round diamond ones as well as spikes for a little bit of edge.

48. The Short Classic Bob

Nothing says class and elegance quite like this regal bob. The woolen coat in camel and grey tones and the warm earthy makeup have instantly transformed this stunning lady into a walking advertisement.

49. The Short Grey Pixie

Senior age comes with a lot of changes but they don’t have to mean your look or your style. Take advantage of the new grey hair trend and rock a minimal pixie, spikes included. Use lots of products and your hands to get the desired height and stability.

50. Grey Undercuts

Here is a truly edgy look. Not only do we love the metallic color, but we also fell for the one-sided short bob with the shaved undercut. All this lady needs now is a touch of lipstick and some matte eye shadow and she’s good to go.

51. The Most Beautiful Embellishments

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. There’s nothing quite like the combination between grey hair and golden accessories.

And these ones are simply too good to be true. They are shaped like little twigs which are about to break into leaves in the spring.

52. The Faux Braided Mohawk

Here is a truly fierce look. It’s an absolutely stunning faux mohawk. As you can see, instead of the usual spikes it has a large braid on top of the head, which is absolutely perfect. This is truly one of the most beautiful hairdos we’ve ever seen.

53. The Short Bob

When in need of a good selfie, find a tri-mirror and dye your hair grey. It won’t hurt if you opt for a short, shaggy, and asymmetrical bob. The Harry Potter t-shirt is a must since everyone is in caught up in the Fantastic Beasts frenzy. And voila! You have the winner selfie.

54. Natural Ponytails and Scarves

One way in which you can style your natural curly grey locks is opting for a simple low ponytail. Tie it with a black and white long scarf for a touch of elegance. Minimal makeup is a must as is very simple and demure jewelry.

55. Pixie and Peekaboos

Going through middle age can be all the more fun and games if you choose this hairstyle. It’s a very short pixie with black, white, and grey strands mixed in together. It’s incredibly easy to maintain and very natural looking.

56. Grey Hair and Honey Blonde Highlights

Pairing your ash grey hair with honey blonde highlights or undergrowth will result in a very feminine hairdo. We are sure you will absolutely adore how this combination will make you look like a doll.

57. Pastel Grey

If you want to look hipster and stylish, this is the way to go. Our idea is this blueish pastel gray hair, cut down to perfection into a short bob. Not only that, but the bob has been turned into some very retro large curls, messy and relaxed.

58. The Runway Ponytail

When you wear a statement dress, such as the one this model is sporting on the runway, it’s always best to keep your hair demurer. Our choice is this slick and simple low ponytail. Hide the elastic band you used to tie it with a few locks of your very own grey hair.

59. The Grey Cat Lady

We all know it. Cats are in. Moreover, cat ladies and cat lovers are all the rage right now. Opt for a grey hair color that will match your furry pet’s mane. And, why not, let him fix it for you every now and then.

60. Heidi Now Has Grey Braids

You can channel the beloved book and movie character Heidi by sporting these wonderful simple braids. However, don’t forget to make this an urban look by wearing a choker and a large brimmed hat.

61. The Perfect Bob Is a Bluish Grey

We do believe we have found the perfect bob. It’s a shoulder length cut, asymmetrical favoring the front side and, of course, grey in color. Don’t forget about the bluish hues, which you can get by washing your hair with a special shampoo a few times. It’s as easy as that!

62. Chop It All Off!

Don’t be afraid to ask your stylist to reach for the scissors. With a little bit of courage on your part and talent on his, it can result in a marvelous haircut like the one you see in this pic. It’s fun, fresh, funky, and, not the last on our list, young.

63. Lavender Grey Hair

If you want to go for a pixie haircut, you can try some pastel peekaboos as well. This lovely lady, for example, went for lavender, as her color of choice. The two shades create a wonderful mixture of natural and whimsical.

64. Graphite Grey and Barb Wire

This is one hairband which is bound to enthrall everyone. It’s made to look like barb wire, and it is made of silver. Consequently, it pairs up incredibly well with the model’s graphite shade of hair which we absolutely adore.

65. Lilac, Lavender, Grey, and Punk

A more wonderful combination we couldn’t possibly think of. Moreover, apart from all of this, the model has also gone for some spectacular pieces of statement jewelry. You can go ahead and copy this entire look because we know we will.

66. Grey Hair and Pink Poppies

Even though their red brothers are far more famous, the pink poppies are extremely delicate and feminine. Apart from that, grey hair will make for a perfect canvas in case you want to opt for the pink poppy hairband.

67. Silver Grey Hair on Dark Brunette

The model is pushing fashion and style to its edge by presenting a daring look. The lace crop top, golden fake tattoos, and jumbo sized jewelry could not have made such a huge impression had she not had the gorgeous silvery hair.

68. Meeting the Queen

Yes, this lovely lady and her astonishingly beautiful grey hair are quite ready to meet the Queen. It just goes to show that a good sense of style sticks with you through the years.

69. Matchy Matchy

If you can match your hair color to your sweater and make it work, then you can say that you have an unbeatable eye for fashion. This choppy grey bob is nothing short of fabulous, jersey included.

70. Metal All the Way

The punk rock attitude doesn’t have to stop with your clothes, even if they are the most fabulous thing in the world. Take a cue from this beautiful lady, go for grey hair and a few well-placed spikes.

Ready to Change Your Look?

Be bold, be strong! Choose a grey-hued hairstyle and tell us all about your favorites!


  1. Barb30dog@yahoo.ca'
    Barb Falica

    I really like some of the grey hair ideas. Which I would have never thought of before. If someone would have suggested grey hair to me before I would have thought they were crazy!! But not anymore. I really like it, and am starting to consider it for a possible hair colour idea of mine to choose from down the road. Thanks for some of the great ideas.

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