30 Sexy Ghana Braids Hairstyles for Women in 2022

black and blue ghana braids

If you have naturally curly hair, then you probably know that Ghana braids are considered to be one of the best styles to protect your precious hair.

They are also known as Banana cornrows and, believe it or not, they date back to 500 BC! In fact, Ghana braids can be easily seen in sculptures and hieroglyphs, as well as on a Sphinx.

Originally meant to honor women’s social status, ethnicity, age, religion, and race, Ghana braids are one hairstyle that has survived through the millennia.

If you are thinking about sporting this awesome style too, and honor our ancestors, then keep scrolling because we have some great ideas that will surely serve as inspiration for you!

1. Simple and Decorated Ghana Braids

If you are a newbie at this game, then the first type of Ghana braids you should try are, of course, the classic ones. However, to keep things spicy, you can decorate them with some straightforward hair elastics.

2. The Comb Over Ghana Braids

Here is another way to rock classic braids. Instead of braiding your hair from your forehead to the back of the head, you can always start on one side of your head and braid them diagonally.

3. Bohemian Braids

If you have thin hair, you can use Ghana braids to protect it. Moreover, you can also decorate them, to create the illusion of more voluminous hair.

Go for golden embellishments, as well as some blonde peekaboos on chocolate-colored hair.

4. Bejeweled Ghana Braids

Add a touch of luxury to your braids with some simple embellishments. It will make you look both classy and cool, at the same time. Ghana braids rock!

5. Zig Zag Braids

Divide your hair into strands of different thickness. The thicker ones are to be braided straight, from the front to the back while the thinner ones can be done in a zig zag pattern. The effect is so impressive!

6. Golden Ghana Braids

There is nothing that says luxury more than golden Ghana Braids. You can achieve this effect by dyeing your hair before you braid it or by using some golden weaves or hairpieces which go over your natural hair.

7. Black and White Braids

It looks simple enough to pull off, and it is, for that matter. But it is also an incredibly spectacular hairstyle.

Divide your hair into three or four large strands, start with some cornrows at skin level, and then add white or platinum blonde weaves.

8. Black and Purple Braids

Since most Ghana braids are done with extensions for added thickness, you can use that in your favor and flavor things up a bit.

For example, you can also go ombre on your hair. This lovely lady has black and bright purple hair styled in braids.

9. Black and Red Braids

To copy this look, you need to part your hair into five large strands. Braid them using red or scarlet extensions over your naturally dark hair.

Afterward, in the tiny space of your hair partings, braid four thin braids between the large ones.

10. Blonde Ghana Braids

This type of weave combines blonde extensions on dark hair and the comb over. The result is spectacular, looking like sun rays in the early morning.

Talk about style!

11. Fiery Red Ghana Braids

Take a cue from Rihanna and her legions of followers by donning these amazingly red and fiery Ghana braids. It takes a lady with a real edge to sport these beauties, but we know you have it in you, so go for it!

12. Mini and Maxi Ghana Braids

This one is a version of the style above where you had to intertwine big and small Ghana braids. However, the only difference is that, instead of one mini braid, you have to intertwine three.

13. Mermaid Braids

One way in which you can protect your hair and still jump on the latest trends is by combining your braids with mermaid hair. All you need are the right type of extensions and you’re good to go!

14. Back to the 90s

Everyone knows that 2016 was the year in which the 90s saw a major comeback.

Make that style your own by sporting some zig zag Ghana braids, combined with a denim jacket and large, golden earrings.

15. Braids in a Bun

Tie your braids neatly in a low chignon at the back of the head and use a small diamond embellishment for a touch of class.

16. Goddess (Golden) Ghana Braids

You’ve got golden Ghana braids and then you’ve got golden goddess. They will complement your skin and highlight your eyes as well as your cheekbones. Oversized jewelry is a must in this case.

17. Curvy Braids

If you’re curvy and you like it, raise your hand. If your Ghana braids are curvy and you like it, raise both hands! This type of braiding is a true architectural work of art, which you get to wear on your head every day.

18. Multicolored Braids

What does getting ready for the summer mean? Getting ready for music festivals, of course!

You can start with your hair. Use multiple colored extensions to make it look like you have a rainbow in your tresses!

19. The Faux Mohawk Ghana Braids

This is such a versatile hairstyle that you can even turn it into a faux mohawk, if you want to.

Use a handful of bobby pins as well as hairspray to keep everything in place and make sure you get the shape you want.

20. Milk Chocolate Braids

Another color which you can choose when thinking about your extensions is milk chocolate.

If you’re like this lady above, you don’t even need to dye your natural hair because this amazing brown shade will compliment it perfectly!

21. Roman Style Ghana Braids

Combine Ghana braids with the old Roman style to get a very interesting looking hairdo. All you need to do is choose the right golden embellishments.

If you can find some with laurel leaves, that’s even better!

22. Mixing It Up

This hairstyle brings together almost everything that we’ve pointed out in other ideas above. You have both thick and thin braids, multicolored extensions for some extra jazz, and golden embellishments.

23. Purple Braids

Here are some oversized Ghana braids, constructed using large batches of plum purple extensions.

The golden statement earrings are another great touch as they add a bit of luxury to the whole look.

24. Black and Blue Braids

When you’re in the mood for a little change to your hair but you don’t want to go overboard, you can definitely go for the style in the photo above!

While braiding your Ghanas, use brightly colored thin extensions. One example is this pretty blue.

25. Metallic Silver Braids

If you want to look like a heroine from a Sci-Fi movie, this is definitely the style for you.

These amazing cornrows have braids both from left to right and front to back.

Apart from that, the hanging tresses have been braided with silver extensions.

26. Stars and Ghana Braids

What a wonderful idea for a special holiday such as the 4th of July. Celebrate America’s most special day with a very distinctive hairdo of your own.

Wearing stars in your hair has taken a whole new meaning now!

27. Scarlet Braids

These wine-colored braids have an amazing way of coiling on top of the head.

To get that nice shine and to protect your locks, use some hair care products or some coconut or olive oil.

28. The Creative Vibe

If you want, you can always give your hair stylist free hand to do what he or she sees fit. We’re willing to bet that, once their creative juices get flowing, the result will be a spectacular one.

29. Intricate Braids

Even though it is a protective style more than anything else, Ghanas don’t have to be boring or overly simple. You can play around with length, sizes, and thickness until you get the result you desire!

30. Ghana Braids for Children

We saved the sweetest of them all for last. Ghana braids are a great way to give your little girl a cool hairstyle as well as protect her precious tresses. Don’t forget to ask her what kind of Ghana braids and embellishments she wants!

Don’t forget to ask her what kind of Ghana braids and embellishments she wants!

Ready to Change Your Look?

So, there you have it, some of the best ways you can wear your Ghana braids, be them simple, classy ones, or colored and multi-braided or styled options.

Which one of these is your favorite and what style are you most looking forward to wearing? Leave a comment and let us know!


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