60 Outstanding Auburn Hair Color Ideas for Women in 2022

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If you’re not in the mood for red but you’re not in the mood for brown, either. The Auburn Hair Color might be the perfect fit for you. If you need inspiration for a hairstyle or a haircut that matches perfectly this color, check out the auburn hair color ideas below!

We’ve compiled a list of 60 outstanding ideas for auburn hair color which you can use to breathe some life into your hair and turn heads wherever you go!

1. Long Auburn Hair Color Ideas

For starters, keep it simple. A beautiful copper shade coupled with soft beach waves is all you need. Use your curling iron or braid your hair and leave it to sit for the night to get these curls.

2. Ombre Auburn Hair Color Ideas

If you don’t want to dye all your hair, then you can easily go for the ombre version. This look is so easy to pull off that you can even do it yourself at home and save the money on the stylist.

3. Cherry Cola Auburn Hair Color Ideas

There’s a reason why this shade is called Cherry Cola and that is because it looks positively delicious. It’s just a tall glass of a refreshing color that will put a spotlight on you and your gorgeous locks wherever you go.

4. Chocolate, Caramel, and Auburn Hair Mix

This is chocolate brown hair with caramel and red highlights on an auburn hair color base. The combination is outstanding. Plus, it looks incredibly natural, like you woke up like this, ladies.

5. Emma Stone Auburn Color Ideas

Even though she is a natural blonde, this Hollywood sweetheart looks absolutely amazing with this shade of dark auburn hair. It highlights her ivory skin as well as her immense, green eyes.

6. Sweet Auburn Hair Color Ideas

This is a lighter shade of the auburn hair color which works perfectly if you have fairer skin, green or blue eyes or some natural freckles. Embrace your femininity with this copper red hue.

7. Warm Auburn Hair Color Ideas

We love this shade because it looks like liquid fire oozing down your tresses. To accentuate this effect, you can straighten up your hair and let the sun blaze through it and light it on fire.

8. Chestnut and Brunette

This dark chestnut red hair has very subtle brunette peekaboos barely showing from underneath it. It’s a great way to add some depth and dimension to your hair.

9. The Lighter, The Better

Here are two sides of a gorgeous toffee inspired auburn hair color. It works great for both pale and darker skin, and your eye color doesn’t even matter. This is how great this shade is.

10. Julianne Moore’s Auburn Hair Color Ideas

The iconic red-haired actress has donned many shades over the years. However, none like this black cherry red that simply makes her look gorgeous and fierce. Pair it with a green dress and you’ve got a winner look.

11. Fishtails Style

An amazing way in which you can display your awesome auburn hair color is by braiding it. Braids have been very in for the past few seasons and you can easily jump on the trend as well.

12. Fiery Red Ponytail

Ponytails are a bit of a lazy girl’s go-to solution when there is nothing you can or want to do hair-wise. However, when your hair is this amazing auburn color, you will look like you just got back from the stylist.

13. Fairy Queen Auburn Hair Color Ideas

The great thing about the auburn hair is that it looks almost natural. This also means that you can get away with any shade of it you want, as well as with highlights, ombre hair, or balayage.

14. Back to Caramel

We decided to take one more look at the caramel shade of this color simply because it’s so gorgeous and because we need to talk about these lowlights. How amazing are they?

15. Sexy Auburn Hair

To copy this sultry look, you will need dramatic smoky eye makeup with shades of copper and brass. Of course, you will also need an untamed lioness mane in the sexiest auburn hair color you can find.

16. Messy Tails

This is a dark auburn hair color combined with a bit of glossy fresh chestnut on top. To copy this look, use a handful of high-quality hair product and braid your hair in a very messy fishtail.

17. Lindsay Lohan Auburn Hair Color Ideas

Remember when Lindsay Lohan still stood for young beauty and subtle sexiness? Well, part of her charm was due to the wonderful auburn hair color she used to sport.

18. Heavy Bangs

If you want your auburn color to highlight your eyes, then all you need to do is get yourself a pair of very long and heavy set bangs. They will cover your forehead and draw attention to your peepers.

19. Isla Fisher Auburn Hair Color Ideas

Even though in movies she goes completely for the redhead look, Isla Fisher likes to tone it down in her private life with a slightly more delicate and feminine auburn hair color.

20. Exotic Auburn

If you are already sporting this hair color, then here is a wonderful way to style it. A pristine white dress, complete with an oversized white bow in your hair, as well as a pair of long, coral earrings.

21. Wild in the Wind

To get this wildly natural look, you will need to get out your old curling iron. Construct a few curls out of some well-chosen strands and let the rest as they were. Use a handful of mousse to set everything into place.

22. Autumn in Your Face

If there ever was a picture to symbolize autumn, this is the one. The amazing fallen leaves color, the freckles, brown matte lipstick, and smoky green eyes remind us of a cold and windy day in mid-October.

23. The Drew Barrymore Auburn

It’s been a long time since her E.T. period and we have to say that the years have been kind with Drew Barrymore. This auburn hair color compliments her fair complexion as well as her gorgeous green eyes.

24. Lana del Rey Auburn Hair Color Ideas

The sultry vixen Lana del Rey knows how to work every hair color there is. However, we do believe that this is the one which makes her look most like the queen we all know and love.

25. Anna Kendrick’s Auburn Hair Color Ideas

The pint-size Oscar nominee has a stunning face. Her wide smile, blue eyes, and elongated facial bone structure are simply brought to life by this outstanding highlighted auburn hair color.

26. Dark Plum Auburn Hair Color Ideas

Delving deeper into the darker shades of auburn hair, we can find this luscious plum shade that will make you look like a diva. Part your hair on the side and create a few waves using your curling iron.

27. The Wood Elf

If elf maidens existed in real life, this is what they would look like. Simple, wood colored auburn hair, braided in a simple tress right at the front of the head completed by soft mother of pearl makeup.

28. Emma Stone Again

We simply cannot get enough of how marvelous the young actress looks with this auburn hair color. Here she is sporting a very stylish medium bob with choppy ends and soft beach waves.

29. Bryce Dallas Howard

Here is another iconic Hollywood beauty that simply steps out of the picture in her flawless auburn hair color. The combination between pale skin, icy eyes, and red hair is simply stunning.

30. Refined Auburn Hair Color Ideas

This is the perfect hairdo for a special event, a party, your wedding or even the red carpet. It’s a sleek cascade of dimmed embers falling evenly on her shoulders and back. Run a soft brush through it.

31. Jena Dewan Tatum Auburn Hair Color

She was a pretty teen in Step Up but she has blossomed since then into a magnificent classy and beautiful woman. Her chiseled face and square jaw are perfectly complemented by this wonderful auburn bob.

32. The Lily Tomlin Auburn Hair

She was chosen to play Snow White and we can definitely see why. Although she looked amazing with brunette hair, we love the auburn more. And those eyebrows could give Cara Delavigne a run for her money!

33. Cheryl Cole Auburn Hair Color

British singer Cheryl Cole opted for this melted chocolate of an auburn hair. This is her on the red carpet where she mixed the hair color with a dramatic eye makeup and heavy diamond earrings.

34. The Duchess of Cambridge

Women around the world look up to the Duchess of Cambridge as a style icon. And for good reason, too. Since she became the official consort of the future King of England, she also transformed into an elegant lady.

35. Julia Roberts’s Auburn Hair Color

America’s sweetheart and the highest paid actress of all time loves auburn hair. She has been proudly sporting it in one shade or another since the beginning of her career. Hats off to such loyalty to a hair color!

36. Selena Gomez Dark Auburn

She is the proud owner of the most liked photo on Instagram ever and here you can see why. Selena Gomez is a natural beauty. Moreover, we cannot imagine her in any other hair color than this one.

37. Penelope Cruz Auburn

Penelope Cruz has been named one of the most beautiful women in history. Her olive skin, piercing chocolate eyes and, of course, auburn ombre tresses make her the subject of everyone’s envy.

38. Eva Longoria Auburn Color

Here’s another Latina actress with smoldering good looks and auburn hair color. She has always played to her strengths and you should as well, if you want to try out her signature look.

39. Short Auburn Hair

This is a medium length bob, with choppy ends and a tousled look. If you want to copy it, ask your hair stylist to use a razor to finish off the tresses, for that messed up just woke up demeanor.

40. Auburn and Jeans

Nothing goes better with auburn hair color than blue. You can find it in a rough, old looking denim jacket. Take advantage of it while the 90s trend lasts and wear it all this spring season.

41. Balayage Auburn Hair Color

If you want your hair to look even more natural, you can always go for balayage. The reddish nuances will be extremely subtle and, possibly, only noticeable in bright sunlight.

42. Ashley Greene’s Auburn Hair Color

Gone are the days of her Twilight success, but not so her beauty. The young actress still sports wonderful red shades in her tresses, which go well with her steely blue eyes and pale skin. She was a vampire, after all!

43. Mandy Moore with Auburn Hair

When Mandy Moore went from her signature blonde to dark hair back in the day, the whole world and her fandom, for that matter, gasped. However, we think that it was the best decision she ever made, style wise.

44. Alexis Bledel and Her Auburn Hair

This list could not have been complete with one of the most famous brown-haired girls of all time, Rory Gilmore herself. Admit it. How badly did you want to be Rory when you were watching Gilmore Girls? Now you can.

45. Auburn Hair Color for Fair Skin

Far from washing you out, auburn actually illuminates your fair skin almost like from within. It also highlights the best features your face has to offer, no matter how little makeup you choose to wear.

46. The Long Bob

This medium length cut had us all swooning. It’s a cross between a classic bob and long hair, with shorter strands that give the haircut a shaggy appearance. The peekaboos in the front are something to look for.

47. Layers upon Layers

Long and straight hair doesn’t have to be dull as well. For example, you can go for this layered cut. It will give your hair volume and an architectural dimension. Also, it will look a lot thicker than it really is.

48. Honey Blonde in the Fall

This is a honey blonde auburn hair color, perfect for those long, sunny, hazy Indian summer days. Or for a never-ending autumn. The darker strands should always be underneath and the blonde ones on the top.

49. Rose Gold Auburn Hair Color

One of the latest trends in hair colors was Rose Quartz. However, we think it should have been rose gold. There is absolutely nothing this color cannot do. Here it is combined with our awesome auburn hair color.

50. In the Nude

Here is another shade of auburn hair color that looks extremely natural. Even though you know it comes from a bottle, you can’t help but wonder: is she born with it?

51. Scarlet Johansson’s Auburn Hair Color

It’s hard to imagine ScarJo in anything other than her signature blonde. However, look at how well she can pull off auburn. Her minimal makeup might be the key to an outstanding look here.

52. A Perfect Match

How awesome would it be to be able to match your hair color to your skin tone perfectly? Now you can. Use a natural looking foundation, a very matte lipstick that matches your lips and, of course, an auburn hair dye.

53. The Pixie Cut

Yes, the pixie cut is still in, if you were wondering about that. And, if you dye it a fiery auburn red, it will put you on the style map in no time at all. Go for it!

54. Elegant Auburn Hair Color

If you were looking for a hairdo for your special day, look no more, for you have found it. Although it looks very intricate, it’s actually a simple braid that has been twisted around the back of the head and loosened to look this perfect.

55. Junk Gipsy Style

Who doesn’t love the gipsy style? It’s perfect for those hot summer days when you want to lounge or for the festival season. The long headscarf is a must, as are the statement necklaces and bangles.

56. Your Hair Is Autumn

Autumn is so beautiful that you simply want to do your best and blend in with its amazing colors. If that is your dream as well, why not start with your hair and dye it an awesome shade of auburn?

57. Messy Updos

Just like the ponytail, a simple and messy high bun can be updated in no time if you dye your hair a fresh cherry red. The great thing is that you can go overboard with your statement earrings.

58. Miley Cyrus’s Auburn Days

We’re in love with this lazy hipster look, complete with felt hat and a striped loose shirt. The hair color is outstanding and it goes without saying: superb!

59. Victoria Beckham with Auburn Hair

Posh Spice had a time in her life when she went blonde. Seeing her this elegant and classy with smoky makeup and auburn hair, makes us wonder what was she really thinking when she did that?

60. Elizabeth Olsen’s Auburn Color

Normally, when you look at a picture of Elizabeth Olsen, her almost unreal smile is what draws your attention. But not when she’s wearing this outstanding auburn hair color. Well done, Elizabeth!

Ready to Change Your Look?

This was it, this wraps up our list of absolutely gorgeous auburn color ideas that will surely make you want to dye or at list tint your hair in this lovely shade.

Which one of them was your absolute favorite? Or at least the ones you liked the most? Comment and let us know!


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