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8 Gorgeous Female Mohawk Hairstyles Trendy in 2022

a female mohawk hairstyle that is spiky and colored purple

Mohawks are a gender-neutral hairstyle that anyone can wear and look great in, even if most of the people you see wearing them are men. The funny thing is, mohawks look absolutely stunning on women when they’re done right. It’s not hard to do a female mohawk right when there are numerous styles of them.

a female mohawk hairstyle that is spiky and colored purple

So here starts our Guide featuring The History of Mohawk Hairstyles, followed by tips, tricks, and ideas for style combinations.

The History of the Mohawk

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From Ancient Ireland culture to Native Americans, Mohawks have been around for a long time. In the 70s, punks and anarchists adopted this haircut and style as a way to rebel. It was a controversial look, and they took it to the extreme – worn by both men and women.

You don’t have to be Irish, Native American, or Anarchist to wear a Mohawk – you just have to be willing to pull off a daring hairstyle.

Picking the Right Female Mohawk for You

If you’re tired of normal hairdos, it’s time to try something more dramatic. Mind you – mohawks are really only dramatic when you have them spiked up. When your hair is down, it’s business as usual.

Women are embracing the mohawk right now, and they are doing it in so many clever ways. Not all mohawks are created equal. It doesn’t matter if you have curly, wavy or straight hair, thick or thin hair, or even gray hair – there is a mohawk style for you.

There are many ways to wear a Mohawk. Here’s a look at what’s out there.

1. Spiky Female Mohawk

The spiky mohawk is the type of mohawk you see when you close your eyes. It stands straight in the air, maybe it has an even rounded top aligned with your head, or maybe it has a choppy look. Either way. It’s that big spiky look that is what people first think of when they hear the word mohawk.

This mohawk can be as tall or as short as you want it to be (or as your hair will allow). There are mohawks only an inch tall and some that are a foot tall. Of course, the taller it is, the more product you’ll need to hold it up.

The longer your hair, the more your shaved bits will be covered whenever you have your mohawk down. This may be ideal for someone that works in a setting where mohawks and shaved heads might be frowned upon.

2. Undercut Female Mohawk

You can go with an undercut in place of the fully shaved head and still get a female mohawk out of the deal. This will also allow for more hair left covering your head when you’re not wearing your mohawk up.

You can do a lot of other things with this look as well, instead of just wearing your ‘hawk spiked up and flat down. You can do a curled look that brings your hair toward your forehead. It’s a soft look that works great for any hair length (of course, shorter hair will be less likely to poke you in the eyes).

3. Curly Female Mohawk

You don’t have to have straight hair to enjoy the mohawk style, and you don’t ever have to spike up your mohawk. This mohawk style still allows you a great look, and a curly mohawk can give you a neat, yet tousled look.

Even if your hair isn’t naturally curly, you can get this look with the assistance of a curling iron. The curly mohawk has body and bounce.

4. Soft Female Mohawk

Like the idea of the Mohawk but not the idea of investing in a bunch of stick and hard hair products that will dry out and damage your hair (and maybe even clog your sinks)? You can have a female mohawk without the spiky high standing fin.

If you keep your hair cut a little shorter, a soft Mohawk works well. You want it at a length where you can still tell it’s a mohawk. Plus, you still have the option of putting it up if you ever get ambitious enough.

For women, curls can be an important key to pulling off the mohawk look. Curls should always fall forward.

5. Quiffed Female Mohawk

Not sure what this style is all about – look up some pictures of singer Pink. She dons the quiffed mohawk quite often – and looks rad doing it. Let pink be your hairstyle guru and get this soft looking mohawk.

It has kind of a vintage, pin-up girl look to it. It’s definitely more glam than punk rock.

6. Afro Female Mohawk

Love your curly lady locks? Want to go natural with your Afro, but also thinking a mohawk might be right for your style? You can easily combine these two bold and beautiful styles for a ‘fro-hawk, and look amazing doing it.

Your ‘fro-hawk won’t take any more work to maintain than an Afro, with less hair to deal with. This is also an excellent hairstyle to rock during those hot summer months.

7. Mullet Female Mohawk

Another time when you can combine two styles into one comes with the women mullet and the mohawk. Love them or hate them, the mullet is here to stay (even if it’s not as prominent in culture as it once was).

The two of these combined make a great hairstyle that looks as cool on ladies as it does on men. It will make you feel like a rock star, and look like one too.

This combination looks great with natural hair colors, but much like the traditional spiky mohawk, it looks amazing with wild colors in neon and more.

8. Faux Female Hawk

If you’re not ready to commit to even a little bit of hair shaved off the sides, you can still give the mohawk look a try. The faux hawk is no longer as passe as it once was. You won’t be mocked as you walk down the street for donning a faux hawk with a full head of hair.

If the look works for you and you start to feel comfortable in it, you just might go all the way to a full status mohawk. It’s like trying it before you buy it.

Add a Little Something Extra

If you really want to get into your female mohawk look, there are some extra things you can do to increase the “wow” factor of your look. The first is adding some color. Normally, you’ll add the color to the hawk itself, not the rest of your head.

You don’t have to stick with one solid color either. From rainbows to leopard print, the options are endless.

You can also add some designs into your undercut if you opted not to shave to bald. Anarchy symbols and skulls are traditional, but you can always opt for something more feminine – like a rose or a snowflake.

back of woman pulling off a female mohawk hairstyle

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Must-Have Mohawk Products

You definitely need the right products if you’re going to try to pull off a mohawk. That means the right styling aids and products. One thing that will really come in handy is a blow dryer – which will help you ensure your hair is absolutely dry before putting in products.

a woman holding a hairblower to help fix her mohawk hair

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Most mohawk wearers recommend TIGI Bed Head Hard Head Mohawk Gel for optimum Mohawk styling since it is made especially for mohawks, it makes sense that it’s a popular choice. It will make you forget that gravity even exists.

This product is also a fast-drying option, which is important when getting your female mohawk standing at attention. Volumizing products, like TONI&GUY Max Out Volume Whip, are ideal for creating mohawks that stand up straight and stay there.

You’ll also want a good shampoo and conditioner. You want a shampoo that cleanses your hair, removing all of that stiff product you’ve put in there. You want something that isn’t going to dry out your hair or your scalp.

You want a conditioner that isn’t going to over-soften your hair. You want it to stay a bit sturdy and voluminous so that it works with the products to stand into a Mohawk when it’s time to style it again.

Is a Mohawk Right for You?

Anyone can pull off a mohawk – but you want to ensure that it’s OK where you work and that you have the personality to make it work. If you don’t mind having some of your hair shaved off, possibly having people stare and point at you, and needing to put a little extra work into styling your hair for a night out, then this is a look that you’ll love.

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