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50 Photogenic Haircuts for Thick Hair to Style in 2022

haircuts for thick hair

There are a variety of ways in which you can deal with Thick Hair, one of them is opting for trendy Haircuts.

However, most girls chop it all off into slick bobs or cute pixies so that they can reduce the maintenance efforts to a minimum and the time spent preparing to as little as possible.

But what if we told you there are other hairstyles that can be both flattering and effortless? Here are 50 photogenic haircuts for thick hair that will inspire your next trip to the stylist.

1. The Lucy Hale

Let’s kick off our list of hairstyles for thick hair with actress Lucy Hale. She’s wearing a textured bob with a messy yet glamorous side part. The great thing about this hairstyle is that you can pull it off at home with minimal effort.

2. The Mila Jovovich

Speaking of bobs, actress Mila Jovovich is here to model a jaw-length one with loose vintage curls. We also love the makeup job on this one, with golden eyeshadow that highlight her green eyes and a bright red lip.

3. Blonde Layered Haircuts for Thick Hair

This asymmetrical bob will help you get rid of all that excess volume you have going on in the back. It’s a little trick that will help free the nape of your neck and keep you cool especially in summertime.

4. Textured Layers Haircuts

With a medium haircut, textured layers always thin out the thick hair toward its ends. In this way, it will look like you have less of it across your shoulders, making it easy to move and give the illusion of a much more fluid hairstyle.

5. 2000s Haircuts for Thick Hair

Who doesn’t remember this little gem from the 2000s? Back then, it seemed like every woman you met was wearing this haircut in different lengths and shades of blonde. The great thing was that it actually thinned out the hair in the middle.

6. Sleek Haircuts for Thick Hair

Sometimes, the easiest solution is also the best one. Sleek, straight hair helps get rid of excess volume in your mane much better than a hairstyle with curls does. It’s also a lot easier to manage if you decide to put it up in a bun or a ponytail.

7. Long Pixie Haircuts for Thick Hair

The pixie cut is a classic choice when it comes to dealing with a thick mane. This is the long version of the traditional pixie with side swept bangs and some layers. Discuss with your stylist your possibilities of wearing a pixie.

8. Curly Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair

Another common solution to the thick and curly hair problem is to go for the volumized bob. Here’s a trick. You can even trim it yourself at home when it’s getting a bit too long. Watch a few tutorials on YouTube to show you how to do it.

9. Asymmetrical Pixie Cuts for Thick Hair

Think about this haircut as a pixie with an attitude. The only difference between this version and the classic, short pixie cut is that this one has a longer side which you can use to your advantage.

10. Wavy Pixie Haircuts for Thick Hair

If you have wavy hair that’s also thick, then you already know you may be in some hot water hair-wise. This combination is not easy to tame. However, if you try this stylish pixie, you won’t regret it. Style it with some oversized earrings for added glamour points.

11. The Inverted Bob

We’re back to bobs with an all-time favorite. The inverted bob has been with us for decades, receiving an upgrade here and there. Sure, it may have seen a version 2.0 so to say in the past few years, but, essentially, it’s still the same.

12. Edgy Haircuts for Thick Hair

Since we’re on the topic of the past few years, we need to talk about taper haircuts. They have been all the rage since the world has discovered them and the good news is that you can use them as well if you have thick hair.

13. Long Haircuts for Thick Hair

If you have thick hair but are determined to keep its full length, then you will need to have a few tricks up your sleeve to give it some sort of shape. For example, try adding a few layers right at the bottom, to thin it out a bit.

14. The Thinned Out Bob

The same goes for this bob. It’s a lob or a long bob which has been thinned out by adding some layers. They start in the middle section and end with a choppy and rough finish that makes it seem as though the hair is thin rather than thick.

15. Medium Haircuts for Thick Hair

You can even get away with medium length hair if you know how to style it properly. It’s best to avoid curls altogether, if you can because they simply add more unnecessary body to your mane. Go for some relaxed beach waves.

16. The Vintage Bob

For special occasions, you can try this vintage bob that will add a bit of jazz to your everyday routine while still keeping your thick hair in check. This is when you can really put all that hair to work and create a retro masterpiece out of it.

17. Haircuts for Thick Hair with Bangs

Bangs are a solid idea when you have thick hair because they will take clear away some of the front strands. Here’s a tip. Go for wispy bangs rather than for heavy-set ones. Your goal is to thin out your hair, not to add more punch to it.

18. The Deep Side Part

If you need to attend a special event such as a wedding or your prom or if you’re simply taking some selfies, here’s a hairstyle you can pull off at home. Break out the old hair curler and put it to good use. Then use a comb to form a deep side part.

19. Choppy Haircuts for Thick Hair

A choppy finish to your haircut plus a sweet, light color will always make it look as if your hair is much thinner than it is in real life. To get that choppy finish, your stylist will use a razor applied to the ends of your hairs.

20. The Long Undone Bob

This is a textured, long, undone bob. You can wear it straight as you come out of the shower or you can use your hair curler to add some texture to it as well as some beach waves. For added depth some highlights might be advised.

21. Hip Haircuts for Thick Hair

This edgy and volumized haircut is perfect if you have a square face. The layers that have been teased up with the help of hairspray will take the focus off the angles of your face and highlight only your best features instead.

22. Natural Haircuts for Thick Hair

There are some ladies out there who have no fear when it comes to bushy hair and simply welcome it into their lives. We salute and congratulate them for the wonderful choice they made of embracing what nature gave them.

23. The Lob Haircut

If you’re planning on getting a lob and have thick hair, you need to pay attention to the type. It has to be thinned out in several places and a bit textured so that it doesn’t end up looking too bushy.

24. Boho Haircuts for Thick Hair

If you like this look, you can copy it and achieve this effect by using some sea water spray. It will add bit of texture and crunch to your locks. To finish off, blow dry the hair or go immediately outside and let the wind dry it out as if you were on the beach.

25. Volume Haircuts for Thick Hair

Pile on some volume using your hair dryer and a soft brush. Natural curls work best if you want to achieve this look. However, if you’re not naturally curly, you can always use some hair rollers and sleep on them over night.

26. Chic Haircuts for Thick Hair

This is as close to crimped hair as you can get without actually getting your hair crimped. It’s a look very reminiscent of the 90s but with a thoroughly modern spin on it. If you like it, there are tutorials on YouTube you can watch.

27. Sultry Haircuts for Thick Hair

This short bob is definitely one of the sexiest versions of this haircut which you can try. The super layers and curls with a side part will add a mysterious and glamorous side to your beauty which you can pair with a smoky eye makeup.

28. The Modern Marilyn

Who doesn’t recognize the iconic Marilyn Monroe haircut? It was a platinum blonde long pixie cut with vintage curls. The great news is that you can now wear it if you have thick hair but in a more modern version, of course.

29. The Inverted Bob

Here is a haircut that was all the rage during the 90s. It seemed that every woman you saw on TV had this haircut, as well as all your teachers and some of your favorite actresses. The inverted bob is now making a comeback.

30. Mature Haircuts for Thick Hair

Don’t let your fifties or sixties stop you from treating your hair like it’s still in its twenties. Even though the norm says you should go for the big chop right about now, you should actually choose the hairstyle that flatters you most.

31. Sweet Haircuts for Thick Hair

The color you choose when you have thick hair is also highly important for the outcome. Some colors, like the ones on the colder side of the spectrum can actually create the optical illusion of thinner hair.

32. Cool Haircuts for Thick Hair

We’re absolutely in love with this wintery color combination. It’s a plum blue mix that descends into mushroom brown toward the ends of the strands. The combo is a rare one but that only adds to its beauty.

33. Throwback Haircuts for Thick Hair

Say hello to the early 2000s with this one of a kind volumized look. Believe it or not this is considered a bob as well with side swept bangs a very high back. In fact, if you look closely you’ll notice it’s a version of the much more famous ‘Rachel.’

34. French Inspiration Haircuts

If there’s a country we want to try and find inspiration in hair wise, let it be France. Parisian girls are always effortlessly beautiful with their long bobs and heavy bangs. Try the French look this summer and you won’t regret it!

35. Fun Haircuts

Are you still looking for a fun style for Coachella? How about some fluffy ears? Pair them with your favorite outfit and your festival look is all ready to go.  The good news? These headbands are a dime a dozen, so you’ll have plenty to choose from.

36. The Katie Holmes

Here’s a fantastically sophisticated look from actress Katie Holmes that you can easily wear on your prom night. All you need are some high-quality hair care products that can hydrate your hair and make sure it stays in place the whole night through.

37. The Sunset Ombre

This ombre combination is called sunset for obvious reasons. It’s a blend of flaming red and orange that puts one in mind of sunsets on the beach. If you want a dramatic look, you can even create a makeup to match in the exact same shades.

38. Elegant Haircuts for Thick Hair

If you can pull of ginger hair and a beret, you can pull off anything in life. This should be your motto from now on. Just look how amazingly gorgeous this look is, not to mention sophisticated and elegant, putting us in mind of Jackie Kennedy.

39. Platinum Haircuts for Thick Hair

Here’s a perfect example of how you should approach a hairstyle if you have thick hair. The haircut is a very blunt bob with even blunter bangs that deletes any sign of bushiness while the platinum color evens everything out.

40. 90s Haircuts for Thick Hair

The 80s were all about the big hair, so the 90s tried to calm that down a bit. This means you can let that decade inspire you if you have thick hair of your own and find a hairstyle that suits you and your facial features best.

41. Salt and Pepper Haircuts

The salt and pepper name was given to this natural hair color because it imitates the condiments. It means that your hair is in the process of graying and has reached that state where it’s half dark and half white.

42. Peekaboo Highlights

If you don’t want to dye the whole of your hair in a certain color, you can always go for peekaboo highlights. Should you need more info on this, we’ve dedicated a special piece to the peekaboo, which you can find right here.

43. Purple Haircuts for Thick Hair

This purple balayage has everything it needs to become the focus of attention and distract people from the thickness of your hair. It’s a combination of violet and marsala with natural dark roots.

44. Blue Haircuts for Thick Hair

Here’s a color for the truly daring ladies out there. This shade is as edgy as is elegant. Notice how it seems to fit perfectly with the pearl necklace but without losing its rockability trait that we love so much in nontraditional colors.

45. Red Haircuts for Thick Hair

Another big hit with the ladies is this cherry red. The main attraction here is that it is so far removed from the natural color itself, which is where all its appeal lies. If you look closely you will see that the undercolor is black.

46. Green Haircuts for Thick Hair

Cherry red is your color for summertime and this fantastic artificial pine green is the one for winter. It’s going to be a huge hit at the Christmas party this year. Just think of all those amazing selfies you’ll take around the tree!

47. Pastel Pink Haircuts

Candy floss pink is not an easy color to wear. It requires commitment and maintenance as well as a great deal of courage. Tip – keep your makeup to a minimum while wearing it to avoid looking too theatrical.

48. The Gray and Pink Ombre

Pink and gray are not two colors you typically see put together. However, if the dye job is done correctly and the styling is done properly, the shades will compliment each other and become a true representation of ‘The Rose That Grew From Concrete.’

49. Afro Haircuts for Thick Hair

We could, probably, say that an afro is an unofficial definition of thick hair. the ringlets and curls which come with an afro can be quite daunting to keep in place or reign in most of the times. That’s why you need a well styled haircut.

50. Side Parted Haircuts for Thick Hair

The last entry on our list is such an easy choice that we don’t see how you could say no to it. All you need is your hair straightener and a comb so that you can create the side part. Don’t be afraid of a little volume for the big curl on top of your head.


The chief question that arises is this one. Is thick hair a blessing in disguise? No. It’s a blessing, full stop.

However, to be able to enjoy it thoroughly, you need to learn to control your hair. That’s where the haircuts for thick hair come it.

Comb through our list of 50 photogenic hairstyles and choose the one that is the most appropriate for you. Share with us in the comment section below what was your pick!


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