80 Most Popular Brown Hair Color Ideas in 2022

short caramel hair

Call it chocolate, rich brown, or honey tainted chestnut. Whatever you choose, a brown hair color is anything but boring or demure.

The most exciting thing about having any shade of brown hair is that it carries so much versatility. A light brown hair color can easily switch to a golden brown and a tern ash brown color can easily transform into a reddish brown.

If you suffer from a momentary lack of inspiration, check out these brown hair color shades ideas and get inspired!

They’re trendy, they’re easy to wear, and they certainly flatter anyone. Take a peek and find the right brown hair color for you! Or, just ask your hairstylist to work some magic and you will be amazed by the variety and versatility of brown hair shades.

1. Light Brown Hair

This sweet almost sun-kissed brown hair color is gorgeous and will complement all skin shades. Light brown hair has the extraordinary gift of bringing a youthful note to the overall look. Indulge in the creamy light tone of this brown hair shade!

2. Cute Short Brown Hair

For a natural brunette with midnight dark hair, adding soft chocolate tones to the dark brown hair color is the perfect way to lend it new energy. Notice the soft reddish overtones highlighted by the perfectly styled haircut?

3. Long Brown Hair with Highlights

Sunny highlights applied to straight long brown hair are ideal not just for a summer look, but to brighten your chillier days too. The dirty blonde highlights applied to the entire hair length ensure a smooth, eye-catching look.

4. Caramel Hair Color

Who says brown hair is limited to the well-known tamed natural shade? This caramel hair color stands as proof of the fact that brown hair color is, in fact, a wide category of delicious brown shades.

Even caramel comes in several shades, some bordering brownish ginger while others inching close to chocolate reddish.

5. Reddish Color

If you have long silky smooth hair like that, then these royal brown hair color shades must be on your top choice list. We guarantee that with every turn your hair will shine a different mesmerizing shade of brown.

6. Caramel Brown Short Curly Hair

The beauty of curls, especially tight curls is highlighted by brown shades, from darker hues to light ones. You can create an amazing play of brown hair colors that will show in every twist and curl.

Or, you can apply a deliciously brown hair color everywhere. This caramel hue looks beautiful on the tight, perfectly defined curls.

7. Light Ash Brown Hair Color

That’s right! Ash blonde may steal the spotlight, but you should be reminded there’s also a rich ash brown that looks just as beautiful. A light ash hue such as the one in this photo is the ideal warm brown hair color that flatters anyone.

8. Rich Golden Brown

The rich golden hues add shimmer to an already flawless look. It isn’t difficult to get these alluring honey undertones for yourself, especially if you flaunt a layered ‘do. Ask your stylist to add some lighter shades of golden between the layers for an added shimmering effect.

9. Shoulder Length Brown Red Hair

There’s a fine line between darker auburn shades and rich chocolate brown hair color. This brown hair color idea is the ultimate versatile choice. It may look like a swift ombre, yet it’s just the play of life that brings out the vivid shades.

10. Brown Hair with Highlights

While this qualifies as an exquisite balayage, the blonde highlights bring even more shine to the whole look. The long bangs frame the face perfectly while the golden hair tips contrast strongly with the brown hair color at the roots.

11. Light Ash Brown Hair

This is a flattering style for someone with a fair skin tone. The hairstyle is simple and tamed, but the light brown hair colors and the light ash brown hair give it a soft glam look.

12. Medium Brown Hair with Red Ombre

The cherry brown hair color is ideally complemented by the fully reddish tips. A daring women’s hairstyle for a strong personality.

13. Medium Brown Hair Colors

Of all the curly medium brown hair colors, this hue is the most flattering for any skin tone. Its softness and warmth are only matched by the youthful look that it is capable of creating.

14. Copper Brown Hair

Play out the warm tones of your complexion with this lovely copper brown hair color. It has an ounce of every hue, from brown to red to blonde. The best thing about this hair color is that it works with any hairstyle.

15. Brunette Hair

If it’s not raven black, then it’s a dark midnight hue, generally characterized as a brunette. We love these messy curls and how they frame the face. As a dark brown hair color, the brunette highlights a fair complexion.

16. Messy Medium Brown Hair

A messy lob hairstyle with unconventional bangs highlighted by the warm rich brown hair color is the way to go! Break the conventions and switch from blonde to soft brown hues. The light golden brown hair color looks extraordinarily flattering.

17. Light Brown Hair with Framing Blonde Highlights

The base is light brown but this play of brown hair colors is a skillful balayage that highlights its rich hues. The blonde highlights in the front give a polished look to the hairstyle while framing the face. Capture the sunlight with a similar hairstyle!

18. Pixie Cut Dark Brown Hair Color

Sometimes, one color is more of a statement than sporting several hues at the same time. Especially when your haircut and style work together to create a memorable envied look. A well-textured and layered pixie cut with styled bangs as this woman is flaunting is certainly the way to go.

19. Straight or Wavy Long Medium Brown Hair

If you long for that hair color that matches every staple in your wardrobe and makes a lasting impression, try out this stylish chocolate brown hair color. Turn the spotlight on your gorgeous brown color by wearing it styled in soft waves or perfectly straight.

20. Short Cropped Dark Brown Hair

Who would have thought dark brown hair color can be so attractive and eye-catching? This brown hair with colored tips hairstyle is exactly what you need to add personality to a short wavy haircut.

21. Golden Brown Hair Color

A flattering brown hair color for fair skin tones as well as an ideal hair color for caramel skin tones. You certainly remember the days when Beyonce flaunted this golden brown hair color.

A host of other celebrities took notice and famous venues everywhere were lighted by the soft and sunny overtones of this brown hair color. Notice the silky smooth styling of this Cara Delevingne look?

22. Warm Honey Brown Hair

Those perfectly defined curls certainly help the innocent look. Nonetheless, the warm brown hair with honey tints and golden lights plays a key role too.

This light honey brown color is definitely a must-try in any season but especially during summer. The sun-kissed hues will be naturally enhanced by sunlight.

23. Textured Pixie Cut on Auburn Brown Hair

Another lovely short haircut the beauty of which is pinned by the auburn brown hair color. The slightly lighter tips and barely noticeable highlights create a playful and vivid style that perfectly complements the brown hair color.

24. Chocolate Hair

The reddish hues of chocolate brown hair colors are simply delicious. From darker chocolate hues to milk chocolate, you have a wide color palette to choose from.

Don’t shy away from trying on these yummy hues. They complement every skin tone and look just as delicious on everyone.

25. Medium Brown Hair Colors

Try on a medium brown hair color for a refreshing look. The exciting allure of brown hair colors is rendered precisely by enhancing natural beauty, not by playing with extremes.

These rich hues remind us of dark copper. Don’t be fooled, though. This is just one example of a medium brown hair color and an astonishing one nonetheless.

26. Soft Brown Hair Ombre

We love how the brown hair color of the roots gradually fades into a sweet honey brown hair color only to be highlighted by the even sweeter light ash brown hair color visible on the tips. The lighter brown hair hues start just at the eye line, enhancing the brown color of the eyes.

27. Brown Hair Color Palette

If you’re feeling adventurous, try matching this exquisite display of brown hair colors. This is certainly the hairstyle to try for longer hair.

From the dark ash brown of the roots to the honey gold hair color to the red-brown hair color and the shimmering copper hues, this is certainly one of the most stunning ombre hairstyles we’ve discovered.

28. Short Textured Bob on Warm Brown Hair

This beautiful blend of brown hair colors has such an alluring warm tone. The brown highlights are beautifully accented by the textured bob. Worn messy or in a silky sleek hairdo, the brown hair shades are in the spotlight.

29. Dark Chocolate Brown Hair

Call it dark auburn or dark chocolate. One thing is for sure: this brown hair shade isn’t only flattering and delicious but fit for any season. It’s an elegant hue that will fit any style and outfit.

30. Brown Hair Colors Balayage

Since this hair dyeing technique has taken over the fashion scene, we’ve witnessed the most beautiful and natural blends of color. This brown hair balayage is certainly one of a kind.

The loose curls enhance each of the brown shades ranging from a cold shade of brown hair to sunny golden hues and red-brown hair color. It’s simply delightful to see so much natural elegance.

31. Dark Coffee Brown Hair Color

If you’re aiming for a natural brunette look, you’ll go crazy over this dark coffee tone. It looks especially charming on women with light eye colors, such as blue or green.

32. Honey Blonde and Wispy Brown Highlights

We’re all for highlights in all shapes and sizes, but some women prefer them as narrow as possible. In these situations, you can opt for some wispy brown highlights on a blonde base. Also, you can switch them around and get thin blonde streaks on chocolate-colored hair.

33. Ash Brown Hair Color

All versions of ash toned hair are still top trends in the beauty scene years after their first emergence. While ash blonde is a nice option, we believe that ash brown has a special glow to it. It’s a natural approach to your hair color, all while having a perfect ashy tint.

34. Brown Locks with Platinum Tips

You can always experiment with ombre, balayage, or highlights, or you can go against all odds with tips. Not just any tips – white platinum. It’s an amazing summer hairstyle that can also be rocked in any other season too!

35. Cocoa Brown Hair Color

We’re absolutely in love with this creamy shade of cocoa brown. It doesn’t matter what texture your hair is, the rich color will shine beautifully all the same. It’s particularly flattering for women with blue eyes.

36. Golden Bronze Hair Color

You can keep a bit of summer with you all year round, thanks to a hair color combo like this one. The medium brown base brilliantly comes to life with wide, golden bronze highlights. You should definitely keep this in mind if your skin is tanned.

37. Half Up Top Knot on Light Brown Hair

Light brown is a delightfully natural hair color, but what can you do to enhance your overall hairstyle? The half up, half down top knot is an effortless look that complements all women, regardless of their face shape.

38. Boho Bun for Brown Locks

Women with choco brown hair will adore this styling idea. It’s an ideal choice for bohemian weddings, semi-formal events, or even a walk in the park on a bright and sunny day. Make sure the bun is properly twisted and add some of your favorite flowers.

39. Sun Kissed Brown Hair Color

Speaking of sunny days, why not reflect them in your hair tone? This is a gorgeous example of scattered, sun-kissed highlights on natural brown roots. Similar to golden bronze, it’s primarily a summer hairstyle, but feel free to rock it whenever you like.

40. Golden Brown with Matching Accessory

If you’re lucky enough to have a delicate shade of golden brown in your hair, why not match it accordingly with accessories? Here, you can admire a gold and pearl inlaid metal tiara, which goes fabulously hand in hand with this color.

41. Cinnamon Brown Hair Color

Get inspired by the lovely undertones of cinnamon brown for a major eye candy hairstyle. Tanned women will look jaw-dropping with it, but it’s also an enchanting idea for pale-skinned ladies as well.

42. Hair Color and Skin Tone Match

If you are blessed with a darker skin tone, you shouldn’t hesitate to try out a similar hair color to complement it. This warm cocoa balayage looks nothing less than stunning against a skin tone part of the same palette.

43. Caramel Highlights and Lowlights on Brown Hair

Want a subtle approach to your hair colors? Then bring your dark base to life with a handful of highlights and lowlights in a slightly lighter color. Make sure the contrast isn’t too visible to get the results you desire.

44. Dark Auburn Brown Hair Color

All tones of reddish-brown are simply a pleasure to behold. In addition to the radiant color, this approach will make heads turn thanks to the unique styling. Essentially, this wide fishtail braid is created horizontally, in a back crown-like fashion.

45. Pumpkin Spice Brown Hair Color

We’ll keep the spices coming with this pumpkin-inspired look. Two neighboring shades of copper brown are gorgeously melted into this dreamy balayage. You can use the same method for other colors, but we encourage you to try out this combo too.

46. Milk Chocolate Brown Hair Color

One of the beauties of brown hair is that you can associate it with some of the most delicious ideas you have in mind. For instance, this is a prime example of chocolate brown as a hair color. It’s just what you need if you want a natural tone.

47. Funky Hairstyle for Choco Mauve Ombre

Now, this photo scores double points on our list for colors and styling. Firstly, it showcases a breathtaking choco mauve ombre melt. Secondly, the look is topped off with a super funky fresh half up messy bun with gold accessories.

48. Light Brown Hair with Babylights

Babylights are the best solution for ladies who want an ever so subtle tint to their base color. As you can clearly see, light brown hair looks stunning with babylights. It has just the right impact, with a bit of glow to shine all day.

49. Dark Red Brown Hair Color

Emma Stone is an everlasting inspiration, as far as hairstyles are concerned. Throughout the years, she has presented the most dazzling samples of auburn, copper, and all nuances in between. In this shot, she boasts an intense shade of dark red brown.

50. Natural Earth Brown

Nature is a genuine treasure of inspiration for beauty, regardless if we’re talking about makeup or hairstyles. Earth brown, in particular, is a magnificent hair color that maintains an all-around natural tone.

51. Dutch Pigtails on Chocolate Locks

Thinking about ways to accentuate your wonderful chocolate hair color? Never underestimate the impact of braids. You can pick any technique you like, but Dutch braiding is especially impressive. Braid two for a cute outcome.

52. Burgundy Brown Hair Color

Another deep tone from the reddish-brown palette is burgundy brunette. This is a vibrant dark hair color that will sparkle on any woman. The lively results are also thanks to the subtle red undertones throughout the hair.

53. Chocolate Cherry Brown Hair Color

Regardless if you call it chocolate cherry or cherry coke, this hair color is to die for. You can easily notice the dark brown base, but the main attraction is the velvety deep red coat that shrouds it. You can appreciate the masterful shade on all textures.

54. Copper Brown Undertones/ Lowlights

Ever since the good ol’ days of Gossip Girl, actress Leighton Meester has been making us fall in love over and over again with her look. In this pic, she flaunts the ideal melt of copper brown lowlights or undertones.

55. Eye and Hair Color Match

A phenomenal way to stand out from the crowd is to match the color of your hair with that of your eyes. The ravishing Julia Roberts undoubtedly knew the advantages when rocking chestnut hair that reflected her red-brown eyes.

56. Mahogany Brown Hair Color

If you’re not sure whether to get a red or purple tint for your brown hair, mahogany is the answer for you. This vivid tone is eye-catching, to say the least, especially when the sun shines on it. Also, it’s not exclusive for women with a particular skin tone, eye color, or hair texture.

57. Brown Hair Color with Pink Highlights

Channel your teen grunge years with this sassy hair color mixture. You can leave the base your natural brown color. All you have to do is to spread baby pink highlights throughout. You can also opt for hot pink, but pastels are all the rage.

58. Ribbon Highlights and Tiara Braid

Where do we start with a lavish hairstyle like this one? For starters, the chestnut brown hair color is outstanding with the sleek ribbon highlights. Afterward, the tiara braid will make you feel like a fairy dancing around the forest with fireflies all around.

59. Naturally Royal Hair

Now, this is a hairstyle fit for a duchess. Kate Middleton shows how rocking medium brown hair has an effortless royal charm to it. In the end, it’s all in the way you carry yourself, together with a broad smile.

60. Coke Brown Hair Color

Long before Ariana Grande was the caramel hair queen we now know, she was a Nickelodeon star that never shied away from reddish browns. In this specific example, she had a superb coke brown color that could make any gal envious.

61. Eye and Hair Color Contrast

Melissa McCarthy is yet another celeb that made our list of examples, with her classy hair-eye contrast. The Emmy-winning actress displays a sublime eye-hair contrast, with a dark cocoa base and extraordinary green eyes.

62. Chestnut Brown Hair Color

We’ve talked about chestnut brown here and there, but the shade is so marvelous that it deserves an entry of its own on our list. It can be sported by virtually any woman, no matter their age, face shape or other features.

63. Dark Hair, Ash Blonde Streaks

However, if you’re the type of person who loves a good contrast, this is the hairstyle for you. The ash blonde streaks make the look utterly remarkable, especially against the dark base. Also, consider the layered haircut too!

64. Reddish Brown Hair Color with Highlights

Another way to rock reddish-brown hair is to scatter a few highlights around. We recommend that you go for wispy highlights for your approach, just enough to boost that much-desired glow.

65. Bridal Hairstyle for Chocolate Brunettes

If you’re a natural brunette, you will adore this as a bridal hairstyle option for your big day. The well-contoured curls really accentuate the rich earth tone. Simultaneously, the swept-back top allows you to appreciate the color in its full glory.

66. Half Up Dutch Braids on Copper Brown Hair

Dutch braids make our list a second time, now with a half up half down approach. In addition, you can see here how copper brown hair looks with this braiding method.

67. Brown Hair Color with Pastel Blue Streaks

If you’re pondering the idea of highlights but you tend to think outside the box, think about unconventional shades. For instance, you can play around with tones of steel or pastel blue for an unforgettable look.

68. Plum Brown Hair Color

Just like red brown, plum or purple brown hair is ever-trending among popular hairstyles. It’s yet another excellent choice for women with light-colored eyes, whether they be green or blue. The contrast is spectacular.

69. Hippie Hairstyle for Earth Brown Hair

If you’re a genuine bohemian soul, this hairstyle will satisfy all your hippie needs. The messy half up top knot is the main feature, but the icing on the cake is the casual braid. Leave a few loose strands as a final touch.

70. Cappuccino Brown Balayage Hair Color

Balayage is undoubtedly one of the hottest hair trends – and with multiple references on our list as well. In this photo, you can feast your eyes on a cappuccino balayage with a subtle touch of ash blonde in the middle half.

71. Russet Brown Locks

Back to reddish brown, this time with the chic Drew Barrymore as our muse. Like plenty of other celebrities, she picked contrast as her weapon of choice. Her dreamy green eyes look terrific against her russet brown curls.

72. Beach Brown Hair Color

We’ve all fallen in love with beach hair at one point or another, but how about a browner version of it? Instead of going full-out blonde, think about adding just a honey tint to your brown locks for a summerish look.

73. Subtle Brown on Brown Ombre

Rose Byrne sports a brown on brown ombre just as delicate as her name. The key to this chic look is to choose a color that’s just one shade lighter than the base for the discrete ombre.

74. Black Hair with Brown Hair Color Streaks

What about our ladies with natural raven hair that want a bit of brown in their life? A flattering set of brown lowlights or highlights will do the trick. This look is picture-perfect for ladies with long hair, especially if it’s wavy.

75. Reddish Brown Ombre Updo

Any woman with ombre hair can rock this look. The elegant updo emphasizes both colors, by gracefully separating them in the twisted bun and top part. Use this for all formal events on your agenda.

76. Light Brown and Honey Melt

Honestly, we don’t know a soul that can get enough of Gigi Hadid. Not only is she a world-renowned model, but she’s also another muse we always keep our eyes on. A light brown honey balayage has never been so fashionable.

77. Charcoal Brown Hair Color

We’re all for the granny hair trend, but there’s something refined about charcoal gray that makes us endear it even more. For this look, keep your natural brown roots and melt into charcoal gray towards the tips.

78. Brown Hair Color with Honey and Lavender Highlights

Score huge originality points with an unexpected combination of lavender and honey highlights on a chocolate brown base. Feel free to use similar colors for the mixture, if preferred.

79. Choppy Bangs and Brown Hair

A woman with an attitude will always seek a hairstyle to reflect her strong personality. Aside from the intense medium brown hair color, this hairstyle stands out through the choppy cutting technique, bangs, and all.

80. Messy Low Ponytail with Brown Locks

Finally, we want to leave you with a bit of styling inspiration for your mocha locks. A low, messy ponytail is a hairstyle you can never go wrong with for a casual day. The longer the hair, the more impressive the look.

So, Ready to Change Your Look?

Brown hair color has long been understated as being demure and even boring. Yet these brown hair color shades prove that brunettes have just as much fun experimenting with their wide color palette.

Whether you’re looking for a complete makeover or just to refresh your style, there is a brown hair shade out there for you. Dare (and tell us what you went for)!


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