50 Hottest Chocolate Brown Hair Color Ideas for 2022

ashley greene chocolate brown hair

Why do we all love Chocolate Brown Hair Color so much? Well, because it’s yummy, of course! The more serious and technical answer would be that it’s a shade that would basically blur or toes the line between brunette and brown hair, allowing you to wear both at the same time. Or to have the best of both worlds. It depends on how you want to look at it. We have gathered here 50 of the best looks that give a well-deserved nod to chocolate brown hair. Scroll down to the bottom and pick your favorite one!

1. Chocolate Brown Hair with Golden Peekaboos

One way in which you can blow some life into a solid block of matte chocolate hair is by adding a few tiny golden peekaboos here and there. They will barely be visible so as not to take away from the beauty of the chocolate brown, so they will only light it up.

golden peekaboo hairstyle


2. Chocolate Brown Hair with Caramel and Red

Another type of highlighting you can do to open your deep chocolaty hair a bit would be to add some caramel or red sunlights to it. Or, why not both? In the end, it will look like a delicious cinnamon and nutmeg chocolate bar.

chocolate brown hair with caramel and red highlights


3. Espresso Chocolate Brown Hair

Have you ever had an espresso into which you melted a cube of rich chocolate? This is exactly how this shade looks like. A dark shot of espresso mildly sweetened by a bit of milky chocolate. And try that drink. It’s really good.

Long Deep Espresso-Brown Hair with Short Chunky Layers chocolate brown hair


4. Cherry Chocolate Brown Hair

How about some chocolate with candied cherries in it? If you don’t eat it, then you can, at least let it inspire you for your next hair color because it looks amazing. You can wear it in the winter time and especially around Christmas.

cherry chocolate hairstyle


5. Iryna Shayk Chocolate Brown Hair

Without a doubt one of the most beautiful women in the world, supermodel Irina Shayk wears her chocolaty locks proudly. She pairs them off with golden eye makeup and a striking red lip that brings out the marvelous color of her eyes.

Mahogany chocolate brown hair


6. The Kate Middleton

Even the future queen of England decided that this is the best color to wear. She carries her royal tresses around and elegantly sports the color we all know and love. How can it be wrong when she says it’s right?

kate middleton hairstyle


7. Dark Chocolate Brown Hair

In the same way chocolate comes in many flavors and cocoa concentrations, so can your hair have different shades. This, for example, is dark chocolate brown hair, that resembles more a brunette than a brown, but with that cocoa aroma that we all love.

dark chocolate brown hair


8. The French Braid Crown

Braids have been incredibly in for the past seasons, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t pair them with your chocolate brown hair. This is a very loose crown French braid that goes all the way around your head.

french briad crown hairstyle


9. The Megan Fox

Here is the beautiful actress Megan Fox with a long and messy bob in, you’ve guessed it, a sexy and sultry chocolate brown. It goes perfectly well with her tanned skin and steely blue-gray eyes and, frankly, we cannot stop looking at her.

megan fox hairstyle


10. Bohemian Chocolate Brown Hair

Are you looking for the perfect boho summery look? Because you’ve just found it. Nothing will complement your tanned skin better than chocolate hair, a white, flowing, off the shoulder, shirt, and golden jewelry.

sauvage hairstyle


11. Violet Hints

What do the violets hint? That you should definitely get chocolate brown hair with some violet hints in it. Granted these are not two colors that one would immediately associate. However, if your stylist is skilled enough, you get to look like this.

hint of violet hairstyle


12. The Taylor Hill

Since supermodel Taylor Hill is one of the most loved Victoria’s Secret angels, we should probably take her advice on what hair color is best. She wears a very natural looking chocolate brown that accentuates her stunning green eyes.

taylor hil hairstyle


13. Classic Chocolate Brown Hair

This is the basic color, representing milk chocolate. You can get this one if you like it and want to keep things traditional or you can start working off it by using your creativity and see what kind of chocolate brown you can come up with.

classic chocolate brown hair


14. Copper Chocolate Brown Hair

A great example of using your creativity is this one. It’s the classic shade of chocolate hair mixed with just the right tones of copper. Therefore, it’s still the brown we know and love, but with a reddish metallic sheen to it.

copper hairstyle


15. Chocolate Brown Hair with Highlights

As far as highlights go, the sky really is the limit here. The amazing thing is that the chocolate shade is a very sufferable one, to which you can add basically any type of highlight you want, as long as it’s in good taste.

chocolate brown hair highlights


16. Messy Vintage Curls

Use some glossing agents on your chocolate brown hair and watch it become the perfect canvas for your vintage hairstyle. However, in order not to look too old-fashioned, keep your curls a bit on the messy side.

messy vintage curls chocolate brown hair


17. Chocolate and Brass

We’ve seen what copper highlights can do to chocolate brown hair. Now it’s time to take a look at brass shades. They are in the same family. Only that brass has a bit more of an edge to it. These peekaboos will look great as a fall hairstyle.

brass peekaboo hairstyle


18. Chocolate Hair in Braids

These are two sloppy and messy French braids that continue down the back and all their length as typical three-strands braids. They are perfect for a night in with the girls or with your boyfriend or for just chilling on the sofa watching a movie.

braid hairstyles


19. The Chocolate Bob

If you have chocolate brown hair during the summer, then it’s a must that you get this messy and choppy bob. It will give you an opportunity to show more skin and expose your beautiful tanned self wherever you go.

chocolate brown hair bob


20. Chocolate and Caramel Sunkisses

Let’s be honest for a moment. Does this sound like a chocolate-based dessert or what? But it’s not. In fact, it’s chocolate brown hair with caramel highlights called sunkisses in this case because they look like you spent some time in the sun.

chocolate brown hair with with dark caramel sunkisses


21. Straight Chocolate Brown Hair

If you want your hair to look like that flowing river of choco from Willy Wonka’s kid fantasy, then your best shot is to straighten it all up and then use a lot of glossing agent on it. Willy Wonka level hair? Achieved!

straight hairstyle


22. Glossy Chocolate Brown Hair

Speaking of glossy, here is another example of just how amazing this shade of brown looks when it’s all smoothened out and glosses all over. Ditch that curling iron and come back to the gloss because, ladies, it’s worth it!

glossy chocolate brown hair


23. The Emilia Clarke

Although she sports that long platinum wig on ‘Game of Thrones,’ seeing as she is a Targaryen, actress Emilia Clarke is actually a fellow chocolate brown hair colored girl in real life. She looks more mature and realistic like this and we love her.

emilia clarke chocolate brown hair


24. The Kylie Jenner

As we all know, when one of the Jenner-Kardashian clan does something, the others soon follow suit. This is why Kylie is only the first on our list to sport chocolate brown hair. We love it because it compliments her hazel eyes.

Chocolate brown hair. Kylie Jenner


25. Sweet Chocolate Brown Hair

If you want to stray a bit from the norm, you can mix your chocolate shade with a bit of honey so as to warm it up and prepare it for the summer. Chocolate brown is typically a cold tone, and you can make it all your own.

sweet chocolate brown hair


26. The Cheryl Cole

Here’s British singer Cheryl Cole with a lovely chocolate brown shade mixed with a touch of chestnut. We absolutely love how she went for the striking creamy red lip that simply pops out of the picture when you look at her.

cheryl cole chocolate brown hair


27. The Zooey Deschanel

Even though she has sported other hair colors, we simply cannot imagine actress Zooey Deschanel without her signature chocolate brown hair. Just like we cannot see her without her trademark bangs. How weird!

Zooey Deschanel chocolate brown hair


28. The Mila Kunis

When you have eyes the color of melted toffee and skin like a coffee goddess, what choice do you have but to go for chocolate brown hair? Mila Kunis is a walking lesson as to why this hair color is absolutely gorgeous.

mila kunis chocolate brown hair


29. The Beyonce

It would not have been possible for the Queen herself to miss out on an opportunity to jump on a trend as important as the chocolate brown hair. Here she is with her hair all straightened out in a beautiful layered haircut.

beyonce chocolate brown hair


30. The Kim Kardashian

The second member of the Jenner-Kardashian family on our list with chocolate brown hair is Kim herself. She went for this yummy color a few years ago and paired it off with gold statement earrings and a nude dress.

kim k chocolate brown hair


31. The Scarlet Johansson

Before she went for the blonde fade pixie she has been sporting for a few years now, actress Scarlet Johansson used to wear her hair in a medium cut and a dark chocolate brown that highlighted her green eyes and beautiful smile.

scarjo chocolate brown hair


32. The Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt is one of those actresses whose makeup and hair is always on par. We don’t actually know how she does it but we declare ourselves impressed. Here she is with chocolate brown hair and smoky eyes.

jennifer love hewitt chocolate brown hair


33. The Jessica Simpson

Yes, we were just as baffled as you were. One of the supreme blondes of the 2000s, Jessica Simpson wasn’t always a blonde. She also sported this chocolate hue for a while which made her look a lot more serious and mature.

jessica simpson chocolate brown hair


34. The Julia Roberts

Even though she ditched her famous curls as she got older, America’s sweetheart Julia Roberts stayed true to her chocolate brown hair mixed with a bit of red. She also kept her big smile which we all love so much.

julia roberts chocolate brown hair


35. The Emma Stone

Even though she is naturally blonde, Emma Stone played around with many colors along the years. She tried being a redhead, which she seems to enjoy the most, but she also went for this shade of chocolate brown hair, paired with a smoky green makeup.

emma stone chocolate brown hair


36. The Cameron Diaz

Here is another surprise for you. We have another actress famous for her blonde looks and, maybe, blonde persona, so to say. Yet she too went chocolate for a while. And we have to say, she really did look good. Just look at the way it highlighted her eyes!

cameron diaz chocolate brown hair


37. The Kendell Jenner

The third Jenner-Kardashian to go chocolate is Kendell. The supermodel also wears a medium length cut, feathery and with choppy ends that goes well with her slim and angular face. Her makeup is, as usual, highly contoured and matte.

kendall jenner chocolate brown hair


38. Chocolate and Plum Ombre

What if we told you that you can mix chocolate and plum in a smashing ombre and make it look good? Would you believe us? You should. Because you can totally do it and it looks absolutely fantastic as a November and December color. So, what are you waiting for? In the meantime, here are some more ombre ideas for you.

chocolate brown hair plum ombre


39. The Katie Holmes

As expected, actress Katie Holmes went for the well-behaved shade of the chocolate brown hair color. Her makeup is understated as well, with versions of the same brown which she wears on her lips, cheeks, and as eyeshadow.

katie holmes chocolate brown hair


40. The Michelle Keegan

You might know Michelle Keegan from such TV shows as ‘Coronation Street’ and ‘Ordinary Lies.’ Or you might know her as that actress with that amazing chocolate brown hair that you want to copy. Either way, we adore her and her sense of style and fashion.

Michelle Keegan chocolate brown hair


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41. The Jessica Alba

Back in the day when everybody wanted to copy Jessica Alba’s look, this is what it was all about. Sleek chocolate brown hair parted down the middle with a few caramel and vanilla highlights and lowlights to attract some light onto your lovely facial features.

jessica alba chocolate brown hair


42. The Ashley Greene

This ‘Twilight’ star has found the perfect color combination between hair, lips, and eyeshadow that you might want to remember. She’s got chocolate brown hair, light golden eye shadow, and a berry wine colored lipstick. Wowza!

Ashley Greene chocolate brown hair


43. The Chrissy Teigen Chocolate Brown Hair Color

The queen of sarcastic comments on the internet among celebrities, Chrissy Teigen is a world-class supermodel who knows a thing or two about fashion, style, and beauty. Her chocolate brown hair is an amazing way to highlight her coffee colored eyes.

chrissy teigen


44. The Selena Gomez Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Another chocolate haired goddess is none other than Instagram royalty Selena Gomez. We have to admit that she does have one amazing head of hair. Just look at those mermaid beach waves. They are absolute perfection and we want them too!

selena gomez chocolate brown hair


45. Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

Choose a lazy hairstyle for those lazy mornings when you really don’t want to get out of bed but you know you have to. It’s a half up half down messy bun that looks equally boho and chic. Skip the jewelry and keep the makeup to a minimum for a fresh look.

half up half down chocolate brown hair


46. The Elegant Ponytail on Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Chocolate brown hair lends itself beautifully to an elegant ponytail which you can wear to the office, for an important meeting or, why not to a regatta gala. Pair a white jacket with a camel shirt and make sure all your jewelry is golden for this occasion.

ponytail chocolate brown hair


47. Curly Chocolate Brown Hair

Go for the hipster look with this natural and pouffed up chocolate brown shoulder length bob. Add a denim shirt with fun pins and inscriptions just like they used to wear in the 90s, as well as the all mighty choker and you cannot possibly go wrong.

curly chocolate brown hair


48. Vertical Waves on Chocolate Brown Hair Color

There’s beach waves, there’s mermaid waves, and then there’s vertical waves. The latter create an illusion of volume and depth to your hair, giving it an architectural sense that few other types of curls can achieve.

vertical waves chocolate brown hair


49. The Courtney Cox Chocolate Brown Hair Color

The actress once declared that, even after she gained international recognition, she still dyed her hair using a drugstore brand. We don’t really know if that is true or not but we do know one thing. Could we be any crazier about Monica’s chocolate brown hair?

courtney cox chocolate brown hair


50. The Alexis Bledel Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Here is one face that totally ruled our life as teenage girls back in the 2000s. You could not have watched ‘Gilmore Girls’ and escape being a Rory fan. You wanted it all – her hair, her clothes, her books, her endless number of cups of coffee, her music collection, her Dean… Yes, those were the days…

alexis bledel chocolate brown hair



Which one of these superstars and their chocolate brown hair colors inspired you most? Was it Kim K and her chocolate and gold take? Was it Courtney Cox and her drugstore brand of hair dye or was it simply that you were mesmerized by the other ideas we offered? Write to us in the comment section below and let us know what shade of chocolate brown hair you will be choosing.


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