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grey hair messy pony tail
Unconventional Colors

70 Grey Hair Styles, Ideas and Colors

The past few years have given us a whole new obsession when it comes to hairstyles and colors: grey hair. It’s a very…

Mahogany Hair shades of red hair
Hair Colors Red

60 Shades of Red Hair that Look Great on Everyone

Shades of red hair are extraordinarily enticing. Some may seem difficult to pull off yet do not fret! For each red shade, there…

caramel hair color applied in highlights on dark hair

80 Caramel Hair Color Ideas for All Hair Types and Tastes

Caramel hair color comes in so many delicious hues that it’s difficult to pick just one. Nonetheless, with some expert advice and a…

peacock peekaboo highlights

50 Colorful Peekaboo Highlights

When it comes to peekaboo highlights, the main attraction is that they allow you to add a pop of color to your hair…

teal hair color
Unconventional Colors

50 Refreshing Teal Hair Color Ideas

Teal is a combination of blue and green mixed into a white base. The fun thing about it is that it gets its…

short hair ombre
Ombre and Balayage

45 Great Short Hair Ombre Ideas

You really can’t go wrong with a wonderful combination between the good, old ombre and short hair. It’s fresh, urban, sophisticated, cool, and,…

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