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blonde highlighted side bangs
Hair Colors Highlights

50 Blonde Hair Highlights for All Types of Hair & Colors

Bring a bit of sunshine in your hair and go for some blonde hair highlights. To help you do so, we’ve compiled a…

black and blue hair
Hair Colors Unconventional Colors

Blue Hair: 50 Stunning Ways to Sport and Rule IT!

Unconventional hair colors have been one of the IT hairstyles for many seasons now, and you can actually find a way to wear…

Light Ash Blonde hair

50 Superb Ash Blonde Hair Color Ideas to Try Out!

A hair color coveted by fashionistas and hair stylists worldwide, ash blonde holds the promise of fabulous looks and we can’t remember a…

light blonde ombre on medium hair

50 Sweet Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas!

Strawberry blonde hair is a delicious blend of blonde shades and light red hair colors. Strawberry blonde became the signature look for many…

short blonde hair
Blonde Short Haircuts

60 Cool Ways to Wear Short Blonde Hair

They say blondes have more fun. Or that gentlemen prefer blondes. Do you think they’re right? We can’t say if that’s true or…

blue ombre hair
Ombre and Balayage

Blue Ombre Hair: 40 Gorgeous Ideas that Will Look Lovely On You!

If there were ever a must-try hairstyle, that would be the blue ombre hair. The last few years have seen the rise of…

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