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blonde and brown two toned hairstyles Inspirational Two tone hair coloring with blonde top hair and brown
Unconventional Colors

50 Creative Two Tone Hairstyles

As far as hair coloring goes, two tone hairstyles are revolutionizing the entire world as we speak. They have taken the entire planet…

Unconventional Colors

50 Sweet Plum Hair Color Ideas

If you’ve decided to dye your hair plum, then you’re in luck. Unlike most colors in the spectrum, there is no shortage of…

jennifer aniston brown hair with blonde highlights

55 Fashionable Ideas for Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

If you happen to be a natural brown-haired girl or even have a gorgeous bottle brown, then you might have already considered dressing…

chestnut hair color

50 Lavish Chestnut Hair Color Ideas

Chestnut hair is a very flattering shade of reddish brown that works well on all types of skin tone. It essentially warms up…

burgundy hair

35 Burgundy Hair Ideas for Blonde, Red, and Brunette Hair

Burgundy hair is as flattering for long-time redheads as it is for natural brunettes and blondes. This bold red hair color features a…

highlights and lowlights chrissy

50 Creative Highlights and Lowlights Ideas

Many people often mistake highlights and lowlights for being the same thing. In fact, although they both have the same purpose, of making…

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