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dawn blonde balayage
Ombre and Balayage

Go For an Out-of-the-Ordinary Blonde Balayage: 40+ Stunning Shades & Mixes

Blonde balayage is a uniquely interesting technique that stylists use to give you a hair color that looks extremely natural and that will…

fandango plum hair color
Unconventional Colors

Be Sweet as a Plum: 50 Plum Hair Color Shades & Ideas for You!

If you’ve decided to dye your hair plum, then you’re in luck! Unlike many other colors in the purple spectrum, there is no…

Red Brown Hair with Bangs

50 Red Brown Hair Ideas Perfect for Your Remarkable Style!

Are you looking for red brown hair ideas to spice up your style this year? You are, aren’t you? Then look no further…

short hair with highlights

Jazz Up Your Short Hair with These 45 Ultra-Cool Highlights Ideas

As we all know, highlights are the easiest, surest, and most carefree way of jazzing up a hairstyle or even a hair color.…

brown hair with blonde highlights messy bun

Light Up Your Brown Hair with these 55 Blonde Highlights Ideas!

If you happen to be a natural brown-haired girl or even have a gorgeous bottle brown, then you might have already considered dressing…

pink purple ombre hair
Ombre and Balayage

Fulfill Your Purple Dreams with These 50 Purple Ombre Hair Ideas

A few years ago, when you thought of purple hair, you usually associated it with teenagers who were going through their rebel phase,…

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