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50 Gorgeous Layered Haircuts and Hairstyles (in Categories)

long layered haircuts

Layered haircuts are hardly a passing trend that will go away in a season or two. Every decade has seen its fair share of beauties who have donned this particular hair style and, frankly, we can’t get enough of it!

It’s a very non-fussy and easy to style and maintain a look that women of all hair types will simply adore. Plus, it will work wonders for all gals with thin hair – to make their tresses seem thicker. It can also help thick-haired women control their locks.

Here is a selection of breathtaking layered haircuts that will inspire you next time you visit your hairstylist – or at least make you want to book an appointment.

I. Layered Haircuts by Hair Length & Type

1. Medium Length Layered Haircuts

Medium-length hair plus layers might just be the best choice for summertime. It’s short enough for you not to be hot but long enough to still be able to braid it or tye it up into a ponytail. Plus, the layers can help create the perfect beach waves!

2. Long Layered Haircuts

If you have long or super long hair, surely you don’t want it to hang listlessly. Adding some layers can help prevent that. Plus, if you happen to have highlights, lowlights or peekaboos, the layers will bring them out beautifully.

3. Layered Haircuts for Thick Hair

If you happen to have thick hair, then a good layered haircut can help keep it under control. Short layers can help you thin away the hair and make it look balanced rather than bushy. Confer with your stylist to see what works best!

4. Layered Haircuts for Thin Hair

Ladies with thin hair will also get all the help they need from a layered haircut. Layers add extra volume to the hair as well as some depth and architecture to the whole hairstyle. Tousle them around a bit for more body. The same applies to fine hair too!

5. Curly Layered Haircuts

Curly hair needs a lot of work and maintenance. Apart from that, more often than not, it needs a good hairstyle to give it a shape and prevent it from looking too disheveled. A layered cut, a professionally done one, can help with this.

6. Straight Layered Haircuts

If you just got an awesome layered cut and want to parade it around, then keeping things straight will do the trick. Straight hair is like the X-ray of a haircut. It shows off every bit and piece, every strand of hair, and where it’s all supposed to stand.

7. Bob Layered Haircuts

A voluminous bob can be easily obtained if you add some layers to it. It all depends on the type of hair you have as well as the face shape. Consult with a stylist to get the best results for both.

8. The Jaw Length Bob

The bob haircut has been a major fashion trend for years now – and it’s not showing any signs of relenting. Case in point, this chin-length bob with many choppy layers that adds volume and makes the look easier to style.

9. The Lob

Oh, we do love a good lob. This tanned blonde long bob with golden streaks and a straight, middle part is all that’s needed for a perfect year-round look. It can be perfect for the summer months and a reminder of the warm months in the cold season.

II. Cuts by Types of Layers

10. Shaggy Layered Haircuts

This other type of lob, a shag-style one, is a perfect example of a messy and so cute solution for thin hair. A shaggy layered cut will work great as an optical illusion for fuller and more voluminous hair.

11. Choppy Layered Haircuts

We’ve seen some other choppy ends, but how are they made? Well, the stylist will obtain these choppy ends with the help of a razor. Pro tip – it’s best if you don’t attempt this one at home by yourself. In this case, you ought to leave it to the professionals for a smooth finish like the one above.

12. Bohemian Layered Haircuts

A well-cut layered hairstyle can be easily transformed into a feathery boho cut with face-framing layers with the right styling. This way, you will be all ready for your favorite music festival look in a heartbeat – simply add a summery dress and accessories and leave the hair do its thing.

13. Shaggy Layered Haircuts

With wavy hair, you cannot possibly get a layered cut without going a bit shaggy on it too. That’s the whole beauty of the layers, after all. To fix the look, all you need to do is grab a handful of hair wax or hair mousse and start applying it to your hair and then tousle it around a bit.

14. Round Layers

Round layers are a modern style that loosely resembles the way women wore their hair back in the 2000s. To get it, all you need to do is pick some of the shorter strands that sit on top of the mane and use a curler to invert them.

15. Feathery Layered Haircuts

A feathery layered haircut is all you need if you’re looking for a hairstyle that will perfectly frame the face. Some of the shorter strands in the front will act as bangs and contour the facial features while also elongating and slimming them down. The feathered layers will also lighten up the hair.

16. The V Shape

In case you have very thick hair, a long V-shape will help shave some of that thickness right off. Its main attribute is that it thins away as it progresses down the back, making it seem like there is less hair than there actually is.

III. Different Layered Hairstyles

17. Layered Haircuts from the 2000s

Do you remember this little gem? The tip pointing outward, the platinum blonde streaked with some beige paired with the darker roots, even the medium-long length. This was a popular haircut in the 2000s.

18. Mature Layered Haircuts

Even women who have surpassed a certain age, should experiment and not be afraid to go for layers. Refer to a stylist and find the best haircut that will suit the age, the shape of the face, as well as personal preferences.

19. The Inverted Curls

Yet another hairstyle that was a bit forgotten but that can now be easily revived thanks to layered haircuts are these inverted curls. Either use a curling iron or simply tie up your hair and sleep on it until morning.

20. Adding Some Texture

Just imagine how amazing this layered hairstyle looks when in movement. The thickness of it all plus the multitude of blonde shades that are hidden in it make it a kinetic dream. The choppy ends don’t hurt one bit either!

21. The Top Knot

Another amazing way in which to show off the layers, as well as that stunning dye job, is by going for a top knot. Make it messy and casual and let a few strands fall out of it, especially some face-framing ones.

IV. Layered and Colored Hair

22. Diamond Layered Haircuts

This haircut gets its name from the color of the hair – this stunning shade of blonde called the diamond. Pair it with a bit of dramatic makeup, such as a matte red lip, some fake eyelashes, and sparkly silver eyeshadow, and make it the perfect look for a special occasion.

23. Beige Blonde Layered Haircuts

This beige blonde shoulder-length layered bob is truly the stuff of dreams. It was all the rage a few years ago when everyone seemed to either be wearing one or wanted to sport it. The beige blonde color play is stunning too!

24. Nutmeg Layered Haircuts

Speaking of fantastic hair colors, here’s a delicious and sweet-looking nutmeg that looks almost natural. The key is in the details here -if you’ll look closely, you can see the tiny strands of light blonde that run through it.

25. Autumn Copper

One of the biggest trends among fall hair colors is using various shades of copper. They are very shiny and offer layered haircuts that nice glossy finish they need. This is a classic layered cut that ends in a sharp V across the back.

26. Sweet Cinnamon Layered Haircuts

We remain in the spices section for a shade that resembles sweet cinnamon. It’s brown mixed with blonde and just a touch of strawberry red to give it an interesting and fiery vibe. It’s one of those colors that looks different in the shade and in the sun.

27. Dark Coffee Layered Haircuts

How much do you love coffee? As much as to make it your hair color inspiration? If yes, then get inspired by this natural-looking ombre spurred by the dark brew. It starts with black coffee at the roots and then slowly descends into latte toward the tips.

28. Shades of Pink

Layered haircuts are always best showcased by highlights. If you sport a solid block of color, the different lengths of the strands might not be that visible. However, distinct and strong shades will show them off perfectly.

29. Ombre Layered Haircuts

One way to highlight the layers in your hair is by mixing them with a bit of ombre, as mentioned above. This is a natural dark brown that melts away into a light cinnamon with sandy tips. Notice how every layered strand seems to have another shade?

30. Blueberries and Cream

The reason why this hairstyle is called blueberries and cream is pretty obvious. This magnificent color combination right here is made up of an entire plethora of purples, varying from blueberry dark to pastel lilac. They all resemble fruits and cream.

31. Sunflower Yellow Layered Haircuts

One of the top trends of these past few years is unconventional colors. You can rock the summer in this sunflower yellow which has just the right amount of brunette at the roots. Thanks to this, it looks a bit more natural – and it seems to replicate real sunflowers as well!

32. Gray Bangs

More often than not, layered haircuts also include a magnificent set of bangs. Add a killer unconventional color to them and there’s no way you won’t stand out from a crowd! Keep the makeup to a minimum with this one. Also, know there are several shades of gray to pick from.

V. Celebrity Layered Haircuts

33. The Rosie Huntington-Whitely

We start this section of celebrity-inspired layered haircuts is none other than Victoria’s Secret Angel and Jason Statham’s wife. The blonde beauty is very partial to layered haircuts since they help balance her deeply angular face and chiseled jaw.

34. The Selena Gomez

With such a long and luxurious mane, Selena Gomez seems to be a huge fan of layered haircuts. She also stayed true to that dark chocolate brown that matches her eyes and highlights her skin tone and, for that, we applaud her.

35. The Lily Collins

Another raven-haired Hollywood darling is Lily Collins. Her long, dark hair is almost always tousled a bit and here, she is sporting a great bedhead look. Copy her style with some help from a bit of texturing spray.

36. The Lily Aldridge

The second Lily on our list of layered haircuts is yet another Victoria’s Secret angel. And she is a real inspiration when it comes to supermodel’s hair. Just look at those chestnut beach waves and the blonde streaks in them!

37. The Kaley Cuoco

Do you remember when Kaley Cuoco was really young and she was just starting off as the pretty but ditzy neighbor on the Big Bang Theory? This is the hairstyle she used to sport back then. A cute, girl next door layered lob.

38. The Kendell Jenner

Supermodel and reality TV star Kendell Jenner has been through a few haircuts herself. However, we believe that she looked perfect with this medium length dark nut feathery layered cut, so there was no way it would miss from this list.

39. The Kim K

Kendell’s extremely famous sister, Kim Kardashian loves layered haircuts as well. Here she is in a honey blonde with burnt caramel roots. Her hair is all straightened out and the lovely blonde and pink lip accentuate her coffee-colored eyes.

40. The Chrissy Teigen

Family ties continue on our list of layered haircuts with Chrissy Teigen. Granted, the supermodel is not exactly related to Kendell and Kris, but they are BFFs. Chrissy’s mane is layered as well, highlighting those out of this world cheekbones of hers.

41. The Rachel Weisz

We jumped over the pond to visit the elegant and refined Rachel Weisz. Her layered haircuts are much more subtle but just as beautiful. Her makeup is on par as well, with a dark smoky eye and a matte natural lip.

42. The Emilia Clarke

It’s difficult to find a television actress that has been more worshipped in recent years than the Mother of Dragons herself, Danny the Unburnt. Emilia Clarke used to have chocolate brown hair in real life too – and it was medium length and layered to perfection.

43. The Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz is looking very elegant and put-together in this picture. She’s wearing a slight ombre to that milky almond dream that she calls hair – we simply adore her color and her cut.

44. The Catherine Zeta-Jones

Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has always sported the same color. It’s an ashy dark brown that highlights her caramel toffee eyes. As far as haircuts go, she’s been through a few, but we love this layered, shoulder-length cut.

45. The Phoebe Buffay

It’s almost impossible to separate actress Lisa Kudrow from her character as Phoebe Buffay on Friends, just as it is impossible to separate Phoebe from the layered bouffant haircut she used to wear in the early seasons of the show. Long live the 90s!

46. The Jennifer Aniston

Since we talked about Phoebe, it was impossible not to mention Rachel or Jennifer Aniston as well. Even though she grew out of the haircut that made her famous literally all over the world, Jennifer Aniston still loves to add layers to her hair.

47. The Leighton Meester

Thanks to her role in Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester was, for a significant period of time, a style icon to millions of young girls everywhere. And that includes the choices she made with her hair – she was always partial to beach waves and a natural bronde.

48. The Jane Fonda

Immortal goddess Jane Fonda is here to demonstrate that layered haircuts can look brilliant on mature women. Here, she is sporting a long pixie cut – something between a pixie and a short bob actually. The short hair is made all the livelier by the turned up layers.

49. The Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller’s sunny blonde is perfectly showcased by this medium-length cut. The beauty of such layered haircuts is that they require minimum maintenance. You will not need anything other than a bit of hair wax to keep everything in place or some sea salt spray to get that textured mermaid look.

50. The Charlize Theron

Officially recognized as one of the most beautiful actresses and women of all time, Charlize Theron has long been a fan of pixie cuts. She’s sported both the boyish type and this longer and wavy, layered kind.

Ready to Change Your Look?

Have we managed to inspire you with these breathtaking layered haircuts? From long layered hair with beach waves to short layered bobs, we presented you with an extensive list of options so that you’d find it easier to choose one that most fits your needs and personality.

So, what do you think? Which of these layered haircuts is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section!


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