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45 Flattering Short Haircuts for Fine Hair with Styling Options

short haircuts for fine hair

The common belief is that fine hair is problematic and needs to be dealt with. Yet, there are plenty of Mind-Blowing Short Haircuts for Fine Hair.

However, if you choose the proper haircut and styling options, you will see that fine hair can, in fact, turn out to be a blessing in disguise and a fantastic look in every season.

We’ve put together a list of the best and most inventive 45 short haircuts for fine hair available out there, including celebrity inspired ones, which will make you want to rush to your stylist!

1. The Soft Pixie Bob

Sometimes, because of the deceiving length, it’s difficult to distinguish between a long pixie cut and a short bob. But that’s the beauty of these short haircuts for fine hair. The mid-size length is the main attraction, as is the beautiful color.

2. The Asymmetrical Long Pixie Cut

The asymmetrical strands which frame your face and are longer in the front will serve to create the illusion that your entire head of hair is this wealthy when, in reality, it’s just the front. The back can be cropped to a boyish pixie.

3. Boyish Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

Speaking of boyish pixie cuts, here’s what they look like. You can soften them up a little bit by dyeing your hair in a feminine color such as blonde or a cute shade of pastel. Pair it up with some dramatic earrings for a great result.

4. The Olivia Wilde Short Haircut

You will be surprised to find out just how many ladies in Hollywood actually have fine hair and need to turn to short haircuts for fine hair. We have listed a fair few of them in this article, so keep scrolling to see if your favorite one is on here.

5. The Cate Blanchett Hairstyle

She may be one of the most beautiful women in the world, but she’s never been known for her luscious locks. That’s why actress Cate Blanchett loves short haircuts for fine hair, namely a jaw-length bob with soft waves and side bangs.

6. The Blunt Bob

If you have fine hair, one solution is to embrace it completely with this amazing, straight, and glossy blunt bob. Thanks to its choppy finish and cropped, short bangs, it looks like it was inspired by the flapper girls of the 1920s.

7. The Rita Ora Short Haircut

Another celebrity who adores short haircuts for fine hair is Rita Ora. She went for a platinum long pixie spiked with a little beige blonde meant to bring out and mirror the color of her skin. The singer always pairs it up with dramatic makeup.

8. The Goth Pixie Cut

We cannot possibly talk about short haircuts for fine hair without mentioning the goth pixie cut. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t have to be a black-haired, spiky and messy do. It can also be an elegant haircut styled just right.

9. The Ruby Rose Haircut

Model and actress Ruby Rose never liked to stay within the lines. That’s why a fauxhawk has always been the perfect hairstyling choice for her. It can be for you, too, if you’re just as bold, fierce, and edgy as she is.

10. Cool Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

Don’t be afraid to express your creativity and personality even if you have fine hair. Talk to your stylist about your options when it comes to cut and color and choose the most appropriate one for your skin tone and face type.

11. Modern Short Haircuts

Having fine hair is nothing new. Women have been struggling with this situation for decades. But if the problem is old, that doesn’t mean that the solution has to be ancient. Modern haircuts do the job just fine.

12. The Michelle Dockery Hairstyle

Lady Mary has the same haircut in real life as she did for most of Downton Abbey. That means the 1920s-inspired elegant jaw-length bob, parted on one side, in a very natural-looking dark chestnut brown.

13. The Short Wedge Haircut

The wedge haircut garnered attention back in the 70s, and it quickly became a classic as more and more women started to wear it. You can get the modern version of this hairstyle and flaunt your fine hair along with it.

14. The Jennifer Hudson Pixie Cut

Being as pretty as she is, Jennifer Hudson has the perfect face for a pixie cut. She chose the boyish short haircuts for fine hair with a messy top and layered bangs that frame her face. We are also in love with her purple lipstick.

15. The Isabella Rossellini

Actress Isabella Rossellini is definitely a timeless beauty. No wonder she was the face of Lancome for such a long time. You can get inspired by this great lady on the big screen and copy her look any time you want.

16. The Judi Dench Haircut

Speaking of great ladies of the silver screen and their proclivity for short haircuts for fine hair, we must mention Dame Judi Dench and her iconic pixie cut. But did you know she has actually been rocking that pixie since she was a young girl?

17. The Modern Mullet

Believe it or not, the mullet is making a shy comeback within the ranks of short haircuts for fine hair. We’ve seen it on the runway at different fashion weeks. However, you should know we are referring to the contemporary versions rather than the ones you remember from your childhood.

18. Side Bangs and Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

This is a classic haircut that will compliment square and angular faces. The side-swept bangs are there to sweeten up the straight lines of the face and make it look a bit softer and more feminine. The blonde color helps as well with that.

19. Short Haircuts for Fine Hair with Bangs

Speaking of bangs, here’s a traditional pair. Did you know that the perfect length for a fringe means that they have to stop in the space between your eyebrows and your eyelids? No lower and no higher than that.

20. The Anne Hathaway Pixie Cut

We’ve seen this lovely actress sporting many a look on the big screen, but in real life, Anne Hathaway likes to wear a simple pixie cut in her natural hair color, ash brunette. The darker hues of her hair highlight her toffee-colored eyes.

21. Shaggy Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

This is a trick you should always remember. Shaggy means volume. Yes, if you have fine or thin hair, then you definitely need to get a shaggy haircut. The messy style will make it seem like you have a lot more hair than you actually do.

22. Short Haircuts with Beach Waves

Another trick which you can use is this. Add some curls to your hair if you don’t already have them. Tousled beach waves have the same effect as a shaggy haircut. They seem voluminous and textured, qualities that your straight hair might not possess otherwise.

23. The Carey Mulligan Short Hairstyle

British actress Carey Mulligan understood very well the power of styling tricks when it comes to short haircuts for fine hair. She opted for a long pixie cut that has a lot of layers to it. In this way, she made it look as if she had a luscious mane.

24. The Emma Watson Short Hairstyle

When she was done being Hermione for good, Emma Watson needed a change in her life. So, naturally, she got a haircut. However, to keep the spotlight away from her fine hair, she wore a bright and bejeweled hair accessory.

25. The Gwyneth Paltrow Hairstyle

Yes, even though it was a very long time ago, there was a period when Gwyneth had short hair. She was still faithful, however, to her platinum blonde color. This happened about the time when she dated Brad Pitt. Yes, that happened as well.

26. Messy Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

There might have been a time when messy was a derogative term, but those times are long forgotten. Nowadays, in the styling world, messy equates with bed head, and I woke up like this, which means sexy, sultry, and effortless.

27. The Sharon Stone Hairstyle

Here’s actress Sharon Stone and the bottle blonde long pixie cut that she turned into her signature look. Really, can you think of any other image or hairstyle for Sharon Stone? Copy this look using some hairspray to puff it up on top.

28. Short Haircuts for Fine Hair with Spikes

Take a trip down memory lane with this spiky haircut that’s a definite callback to the 2000s. You will need an extra quantity of hair gel, so stock up! Also, get ready to spend some extra minutes in front of the mirror because this won’t be easy to pull off.

29. The Jean Smart

This beautiful actress is here to show us how to do hairstyles for women over 60 the cool way. Layered and feathery, this sandy blonde pixie is all you need for your golden years. If you can rock it, you will shine like a star.

30. The Keira Knightley Hairstyle for Thin Hair

Here’s a hair color meant for summer. It has a rich toffee brown base and blonde lowlights so subtle you can barely see them. However, they bring out her tanned skin in a fantastic way.

31. The Buzz Cut

If we’re talking about short haircuts for fine hair, then we need to mention the buzz cut. It is by far the easiest hairstyle to pull off and the simplest one to maintain. In fact, with a bit of practice, you can learn to do it by yourself at home.

32. Gelled Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

It’s no secret that the world is slowly falling back in love with hair gel. It’s the key ingredient for the wet look everyone is wearing right now, from actresses to supermodels. Copy this look and wear it in your own way.

33. Short Haircuts for Fine Hair with Peekaboos

Peekaboo highlights are one of the main attractions of the past season because they are a fantastically easy solution to adding a bit of color to your hair without having to dye it completely. Try it and see!

34. Short Unicorn Haircuts for Thin Hair

The unicorn trend is still going strong, which means that you have to try it. There is no ‘one way of doing it. You have to choose the pastel colors that you like the most and combine them in a whimsical way. That’s the unicorn trend.

35. Edgy Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

We are absolutely in love with this edgy and asymmetrical bobbed pixie cut. The long side will elongate your face and make it look slimmer. We are also fans of the color which is a tarnished lilac mixed with a stronger set of purple peekaboo highlights.

36. The Brush Cut

The 2010s are also reviving the brush cut. You can see it in different photo shoots or on the runways of the biggest fashion houses. Evidently, just like the mullet, it won’t be the brush cut your little brother used to wear back in the 80s. This is the updated version.

37. Revolutionary Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

Sometimes, less really is more, and this haircut for fine hair goes to prove that you only need one element to make you stand out from the crowd as long as you know just how to style it. This bob fits perfectly with a white streak coming down through it.

38. Braided Short Haircuts

The world rediscovered the magic, beauty, and utility of braids a few years ago, and it doesn’t seem anywhere near to saying goodbye. This is a long pixie with a tapered side and a three-strand braid in a simple, beige blonde.

39. The Alyssa Milano Hairstyle for Fine Hair

Alyssa Milano has always been one of those actresses that are naturally and effortlessly beautiful no matter what. She can look just as stunning with a wealth of long hair as with a French pixie cut.

40. Textured Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

You can add some texture to your fine hair by using a bit of sea salt spray every time you style it. After each application, you can allow it to dry off naturally in the wind or use your hair dryer and give it the shape you want.

41. The Heidi Klum Short Hairstyle for Thin Hair

Model Heidi Klum is one of the most beautiful to have ever graced the world’s catwalks, but she also has fine hair. However, her signature hairstyle is a sleek and straight in varying lengths. She also consistently goes for blonde with dark roots.

42. The Demi Lovato Short Hairstyle for Fine Hair

When songstress Demi Lovato went from the cutesy blonde girl next door to the brunette femme fatale she is today, the whole world gasped. We approve of this change because this sultry brunette is Demi’s color.

43. The Victoria Beckham Hairstyle for Short Thin Hair

She might have it all now in terms of love life, family, and career, but there are two things Posh Spice never had. Good skin and luscious hair. As the strong woman that she is, she never failed to talk about these issues openly so as to inspire other girls and give them courage.

44. The Jane Fonda Hairstyle

On the other hand, one woman who seems to have had it all throughout her life, even short haircuts for fine hair, is Jane Fonda. Even now, when she’s in her 80s, the actress stuns on the red carpet looking better than she ever did.

45. The Julie Walters Hairstyle

Mrs. Weasley is another fierce silver lady of Tinsel Town who does not disappoint one bit. When out of her wizarding costume, Julie Walters is gorgeous in a beige blonde pixie cut with edgy spikes.

Ready to Change Your Look?

Even though it has a soft and silky feel and look to it, fine hair may be the subject of difficult manipulation and styling because of its less than desirable texture and volume.

Therefore, you will notice that most professional stylists recommend short haircuts for fine hair as opposed to medium or long ones.

The only thing that remains is for you to scroll through our inspirational list and choose your favorite (and tell us which one it was)!


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