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50 Flattering Side Swept Bangs Ideas to Style in 2022

side swept bangs

Side swept bangs are extremely flirty and feminine.

They are also stylish, very versatile, seductive and quite convenient when it comes to wearing, seeing as they don’t require a lot of styling.

You might have noticed that many of the styles that grace the Red carpet these days are being paired up with a nice set of side swept bangs.

Therefore, we have decided to compile a list of 50 coquettish side swept bangs alongside a lot of the celebrities who wear them so that you can find your inspiration right here!

1. The Mary Kate Olsen Side Swept Bangs

This half of the Olsen twins made a smart move when she decided to wear side swept bangs. She has a round face with a bit of a pointed chin. The bangs cut across it essentially changing the geometry of the face and making appear longer.

2. The Emma Stone Side Swept Bangs

Actress Emma Stone did exactly the same thing. She too has a round face and benefits greatly from a good pair of bangs. Hers are longer, highlighting her cheekbones and making her jawline appears stronger than it is in reality.

3. The Jennifer Garner Side Swept Bangs

Here’s the opposite of the effect described above. Actress Jennifer Garner has a rather square face. Therefore, she is in much need of a pair of swept bangs that can cut some of that squareness away and make her visage look sweeter.

4. The Julianne Hough Side Swept Bangs

Have you got a heart-shaped face just like actress Julianne Hough does? No problem there because it’s side swept bangs to the rescue once more. Notice how she parted her hair directly down the middle so as to bring elegance and equilibrium to her facial features.

5. Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that can work perfectly well with your swept bangs, look no more. A fishtail is the answer to all your hopes and dreams. If you make it messy, you can work in the side fringe almost seamlessly.

6. The Emma Watson

How could such a little darling like Emma Watson miss out on the swept bangs trend? She has a beautiful and almost perfect oval face that is flawlessly contoured by the bangs as well as by the side fringe that makes her look young and girly.

7. The Rachel Green

‘I got off the plane.’ Remember back in the last season of Friends when Rachel sported that layered medium cut, super straight and matched with a pair of side swept bangs that covered one of her eyes like a pirate? Yeah, so do we…

8. The Chrissy Teigen

Her cheekbones are legendary by now in the world of fashion, styling, and modeling and so is her unusual beauty. Even though she has that killer set of cheekbones, she still has a round and plump face that needs to be elongated.

9. The Rose Byrne

Actress Rose Byrne is the definition of classy and elegant. Her voluminous shoulder-length bob in chestnut brown with caramel highlights is perfectly complemented by a set of glossy and well-manicured bangs.

10. The Miranda Kerr

Do you want supermodel hair? Well, who wouldn’t, honestly? Then Victoria’s Secret very own Miranda Kerr can be your inspiration. She wears a medium cut in a dark chocolate brown which she pairs with super-sized swept bangs.

11. Long Swept Side Bangs

If long bangs are your field of interest, then British singer Cheryl Cole has the look you need. She parts her down the middle of the forehead and pairs them off with a voluminous, luscious and deeply layered ponytail.

12. The Jessica Simpson

Remember back in the 2000s when Jessica Simpson was at the height of her singing and TV career and her look was really cool? She used to wear a very layered and feathered lob with swept bangs in a creamy caramel blonde.

13. Layers with Side Swept Bangs

A layered and messy bob paired with a side swept fringe works marvelously if you’re going for a grunge look. Make sure your stylist cuts your bangs long, but not long enough so as to surpass the length of your nose.

14. Soft Side Swept Bangs

If you keep the bangs at eyebrow length and you don’t layer or cut them asymmetrically, then you can say that you got yourself a pair of soft swept bangs. They work great if you want a casual and effortless look.

15. The Reese Witherspoon

We can probably call the bubbly actress the queen of bangs by now because she has been sporting them ever since we can remember. She has also been wearing more or less the same shade of blonde for which we have always kept her close to our hearts.

16. Big Side Swept Bangs

For this amazing 50s and 60s retro glam look, push the hairline back toward the center of the head and cut your bangs deeply. Sweep them over to one side and opt for a pair of posh glasses. Don’t forget about the cat eyeliner and pink lips.

17. One Side Bangs

If you have a typically round face, then it will greatly benefit from this combination. Choose a short bob with choppy ends, and a side swept set of bangs that are longer than the bridge of your nose. It will elongate your face.

18. The Lily Aldridge

Should it be a wonder that so many supermodels choose swept bangs? Perhaps not. No matter what kind of facial features they have, side fringes make their visages look slimmer, longer, and more oval, which is the ideal face shape.

19. Long Hair with Side Swept Bangs

Talking about supermodels, here’s Kate Upton presenting a lovely combo between side swept bangs and luscious, sandy blonde and layered beach waves. What could be more perfect than this mix for a summer hairstyle?

20. Straight Side Swept Bangs

If you decide to use the flat iron on your long bangs, then you’re in for a treat. You can pair them with a slick ponytail and get a very fancy wedding hairstyle that you can create by yourself right at home. Talk about a penny saver!

21. Medium Hairstyles with Side Swept Bangs

A medium hairstyle can, sometimes, be a bit ordinary and not too glamorous. However, if you decide to spruce it up with a pair of long side swept bangs, you will look a lot more feminine and flirty. Exactly what you need!

22. The Mena Suvari

Who doesn’t remember the sweet and lovely Mena Suvari from the American Pie movies? Since then, she has blossomed into a real vixen who wears a sexy and sultry piecey and layered bob with a very hot pair of side swept bangs.

23. The Jessica Alba

Another super foxy lady of the silver screen is none other than bombshell Jessica Alba. Here she is at the Golden Globe Awards wearing a pair of warm light chestnut side swept bangs that light up her coffee-colored eyes.

24. The Rosie Huntington-Whitely

We’re back to supermodels with another catwalk example of the best ways in which you can wear side swept bangs. Rosie Huntington-Whitely has a killer square face with a set of cheekbones and a jawline that makes us all as jealous as we’ve ever been.

25. The Olivia Wilde

Do you know why actress Olivia Wilde needs a good pair of side swept bangs? Because she has a very large forehead. In this way, she can partially hide it and she can also cut across it, making her face appear a bit rounder and sweeter.

26. The Kaley Cuoco

Here’s a throwback pic of sweetheart girl next door Kaley Cuoco way back when before she was the huge TV star she is today. She wore a rather gelled and scruffy, layered medium, bottle blonde cut. And just look at those thin eyebrows and pink lip gloss. Ouch!

27. The Carrie Underwood

You won’t see any of that with country singer Carrie Underwood. She is the picture of perfection with her nutmeg shade of blonde, layered and inverted medium hairstyle and, of course, heavy set of side swept bangs.

28. The Rachel McAdams

We fell in love with her when she played Allie in The Notebook and so did Ryan Gosling. Both on screen and in real life. And, admit it, you did too. Who wouldn’t? The actress has a square face, huge green eyes, and lovely beige hair.

29. The Jennifer Lopez

Ok, we have a question here. Is there any hairstyle in existence that Jenifer Lopez does not look good in? Literally. From cornrows to side swept bangs, the actress and singer has tried them all and rocked them all with the utmost success.

30. The Gwyneth Paltrow

Have you ever seen a lady fancier than Gwyneth Paltrow? Her entire persona and demeanor is just so elegant and put together that we cannot help but want to copy her. We’re not saying it’s the bangs but just look at her!

31. The Ashley Greene

Here’s Twilight’s very own Ashley Greene showing you a perfect hairstyle that you can wear at the office. It requires minimal maintenance and it transitions incredibly easy from day to night in case you want to go out after work.

32. The Lacey Chabert

If you don’t remember her real name, that’s fine. You surely remember her from all those teen movies you saw her in during the 90s and 2000s, culminating with Mean Girls. Here she is with a sweet sixteen or maybe even a prom-worthy hairstyle.

33. The Jennifer Lawrence

JLaw looks fierce in this one side messy bun with super cute and girly bangs as well as huge diamond earrings that just seem to be dripping from her ears. We love the smokey eye makeup that highlights her baby blue eyes.

34. The Eva Mendez

Here’s an interesting take on side swept bangs as presented by actress Eva Mendez. She decided to go for very long strands that curtain her square face and make it appear longer, slimmer, and much sweeter.

35. The Nicole Ritchie

You have to give it to Nicole Ritchie for sticking with her blonde, choppy bob for such a long time. She also has the side swept bangs as well as the brown smokey eye makeup that dresses her face nicely and gives her a bit of contour.

36. The Ciara

Leave it to Ciara to add fuel to the flame. As if she weren’t too hot to handle already, Ciara decided to get side swept bangs. She matched them perfectly with a great caramel and beige ombre that drips onto her dark brown hair.

37. The Kirsten Dunst

Here’s another case of a famous perfectly round face that benefitted greatly from a well-cut and designed pair of side swept bangs. Hers are very long and it looks as if she used her flat iron to curl them outwards a bit.

38. The Kim K

Remember when Kim K was blonde? So do we. Now, remember when she used to wear her hair all messy and with that idea of side swept bangs that elongated her face and made it look pointier? Good. Now you can copy her style.

39. The Hilary Duff

Although Hillary Duff is all grown up these days and quite changed, some say thanks to the many plastic surgeries she’s had, the actress and singer always kept her blonde hair and set of fringes. Therefore, she still looks young and sweet.

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40. The Keira Knightley

This lady of the British cinema is quite partial to bangs as well. She loves to look elegant and dapper with a touch of old-world class wherever she goes, and bangs play a huge part in that. Way to go, Keira!

41. The Taylor Swift

There’s no denying that Tay-Tay is definitely going through some changes, as we can clearly see in her music videos and albums. She is growing up and finding herself as a mature woman. Let’s just hope she doesn’t lose the side swept bangs because she looks so cute.

42. The Bella Hadid

Who looks better, Gigi or Bella? We honestly cannot decide. Even more so when the two sisters look so different. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. Well, it’s more like comparing a sweet blonde with a sultry brunette.

43. The Michelle Williams

Here is proof that you can wear side swept bangs when you have a pixie cut as well. And you can look like beauty queen too. Take it from the woman who was beautiful enough to play the one and only Marylin Monroe on screen in My Week with Marylin.

44. The Halle Berry Side Swept Bangs

Let’s continue with the pixie cuts since we’re already down that rabbit hole and take a look at a longer one, modeled here by none other than Catwoman herself, Halle Berry. The fringe has been brought to the exterior with the help of a flat iron.

45. The Amy Pohler Side Swept Bangs

Being funny as funny can be doesn’t mean that you cannot be one of the most beautiful women out there as well. Just look at Amy Pohler. Her heart-shaped face is sweetened by the side swept bangs while the sandy blonde highlights those magnificent blue peepers.

46. The Marion Cotillard Side Swept Bangs

This is the definition of effortless French beauty if we’ve ever seen one. Just look how easy and simple her hair and makeup are. A flat iron for your hair, a touch of coffee bronze and mascara for your eyes and autumn red lipstick in matte. Glorious!

47. Juliette Binoche Side Swept Bangs

Let’s just stay in France a little while longer because we have a date with Juliette Binoche. Her beauty is both angelic and ravissante, and her side swept bangs are there to enhance just that. Let’s just all take a break and rewatch Chocolat for the hundredth time, alright? Right now.

48. The Alexa Chung Side Swept Bangs

We love Alexa Chung so much because she is just an incredible breath of fresh air when it comes to style and beauty. She looks modern and poised, just like a girl should look like in this day and age.

49. The Selena Gomez Side Swept Bangs

Here’s a picture of Instagram queen Selena Gomez back when she was a lot younger. Just look how cute and sweet she was with her innocent bob, and long side swept bangs. Since then, she ditched the fringe and the bob but kept the color of her hair.

50. The Gemma Arterton Side Swept Bangs

British actress Gemma Arterton surely knows how to rock a set of bangs. Hers are barely long enough to sweep her brow, leaving us to stare longingly into her delicious toffee colored eyes. And just look at those 90s inspired curly strands that curtain the sides of her face!

Ready to Change Your Look?

Here are the 50 coquettish side swept bangs and the celebrities who wear them we promised.

Now that you have more than enough to inspire you, we say you choose your favorite and run to your stylist because you deserve a makeover!


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