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50 Flirty Hairstyles with Bangs

hairstyles with bangs featured

One of the most common style-related questions a woman will ask herself in this lifetime is this: should I get bangs?

We can answer that for you.

Yes, you should!

Heavy set, long, side-swept, baby fringe, blunt, the possibilities are endless.

In fact, there’s a shape and length for every face size.

We’ve gathered a massive collection of 50 hairstyles with bangs belonging to your favorite celebrities (and not only) that will surely inspire you. Take a look!

1. The Gwyneth Paltrow

First on our list is British actress Gwyneth Paltrow. She’s wearing a set of wispy, softly side-swept bangs in her signature sandy blonde color.

She paired it with an understated smoky eye makeup and a dusty pink lip.

2. Cute Hairstyles with Bangs

Reese Witherspoon has been wearing bangs ever since we can remember first seeing her.

She too is a life-long fan of the very feminine blonde, which brings out her baby blue eyes.

The bangs compliment her heart-shaped face, softening it.

3. The Jennifer Aniston

Another actress with a heart-shaped face is Jennifer Aniston.

Although she became famous for a haircut known simply as ‘the Rachel,’ Jennifer is a proud supporter of hairstyles with bangs.

Hers are very long and curtain the sides of her face.

4. The Taylor Swift

Tay-Tay has tried on many looks in her career, including this sweet strawberry blonde one with heavy set bangs.

Her fringe is asymmetrical, the longer strands grazing that magical part between the eyelid and the brow.

5. Cool Bangs Hairstyles

Does it get any cooler than Emma Stone with a redhead bob and a side-parted set of beautiful bangs?

Her shaggy bob is to die for as far as hairstyles with bangs are concerned and can we stop and look at what the color of her dress is doing for her hair and skin?

6. The Jessica Biel

Here’s a hairstyle we bet you haven’t seen in a while.

That’s because it borrows heavily from what our moms used to wear in the 70s.

Do you remember Farah Fawcett wearing these hairstyles with bangs back then? So do we.

7. Popular Hairstyles with Bangs

Jennifer Garner’s luscious milk chocolate bangs are really to die for.

She wears them parted to one side so as to soften her square face.

You can try that too, along with a pink blush and some red lipstick that will make you look more feminine.

8. Heavy and Dark

Now, these are bangs. They are very heavy set and long, swiping the eyelashes as they go.

They really are a handful.

Therefore, you need to wear them with all the confidence in the world.

Remember, these bangs require commitment.

9. The Natalie Imbruglia

These are what you would call asymmetrical girly bangs.

Natalie Imbruglia is a very sweet looking woman. Therefore, she needed a pair of bangs that would complement this idea.

Pair them with some messy waves and curls.

10. The Liv Tyler

The main idea about Liv Tyler’s bangs is to cut across her face, hide away a portion of it and make it look smaller.

The actress has a very long facial structure. Even though she is strikingly beautiful, the shape of her face might be difficult to style.

11. The Rose Byrne

When it comes to hairstyles with bangs, this beautiful actress loves to channel the 60s.

Here she is with a set of very heavy bangs in her signature dark cocoa bean color.

We love the fact that she opted to leave out the jewelry this time. The bangs are all she needs.

12. The Zooey Deschanel

Zooey might just be the proud owner of one of the most famous sets of bangs in Hollywood today.

She has a signature hairstyle, so much so that she is completely unrecognizable without it.

Seriously. Look her up without bangs.

13. Pretty Fringe Hairstyles

Although she doesn’t really wear a fringe in real life, Anne Hathaway did sport hairstyles with bangs a couple of times in movies.

Here is just one example but don’t you just love that vintage shade of red lipstick paired with that royal blue cape?

14. The Audrey Hepburn

Speaking of famous Hollywood bangs, we might have hit the jackpot here.

No hairstyles with bangs are more famous than the ones belonging to Miss Audrey Hepburn.

The high and intricate bun complete with baby fringe she wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s is absolutely iconic.

15. Latest Haircuts with Bangs

Straight hair and bangs go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Actress Kate Beckinsale surely agrees when it comes to hairstyles with bangs.

Her parted fringe in a deep coffee brown makes her look like a total badass.

16. The Katie Holmes

Here’s a sight we don’t get to enjoy a lot.

It’s a very sultry and sexy Katie Holmes with full-on smoky eye makeup and messy and tousled hair.

She has long and side-parted bangs that totally work with her look.

17. The Cameron Diaz

This pretty, bubbly blonde surely knows how to work a good set of bangs.

Her choppy, extra-long fringe is parted to one side just enough to reveal her stunning blue eyes as well as her striking red lips.


18. The Jennifer Lawrence

Does Jennifer Lawrence look good in absolutely every haircut she tries out?

Because that’s not fair. Here she is with long, bronde, beach waves and an outstanding set of wispy bangs that really bring out her hazel green eyes.

19. The Kim Kardashian

Yes, there was a time when even Kim K fell prey to the lure of the fringe.

She used to dye her hair a lot darker back then and wear a set of chocolate-colored see-through bangs that barely reached her fake eyelashes.

20. The Sandra Bullock

One of the actresses who has had a very long-standing romance with hairstyles with bangs is none other than America’s sweetheart Sandy B.

The interesting thing is that she can take her fringe from ‘girl next door’ to ‘smoky eyed bombshell’ in a millisecond.

21. The Alexis Bledel

How many times have you wished you could be Rory when you were growing up and avidly watching Gilmore Girls?

Now you can. All you have to do is get a set of choppy bangs like her and cut down your makeup to a bare minimum.

22. 1960s Hairstyles with Bangs

How about a haircut inspired by the 1960s? Bangs were really all the rage back then.

You can revive that style and modernize it a bit using current makeup techniques as well as styling products.

Don’t forget to add a personal touch to it all.

23. The Alexa Chung

Here is Alexa Chung crossing off the list all the things you need to be considered fashionable today.

  • Bangs? ✔️
  • Brown hair with blonde ombre? ✔️
  • Beach waves? ✔️
  • Long bob? ✔️
  • Natural looking makeup? ✔️
  • Hipster clothes? ✔️

24. The Penelope Cruz

Does it get any hotter than Penelope Cruz? We don’t really think so.

Her set of bangs is heavy yet shorter than one would expect. It only reaches her eyebrows.

That’s because the actress has a round face and her stylist didn’t want to cover any more of it.

25. Short Hair Cuts with Bangs

Not only is this haircut short but it has short bangs as well.

This jaw length bob is complimented by a pint-sized set of bangs.

They are called baby bangs and are the appendix of very creative and courageous ladies.

26. The Selena Gomez

One of the most beloved people on Instagram, Selena Gomez really has locked down hairstyles with bangs.

Here she is sporting a lighter shade of brown than she normally does.

This time it’s a milk chocolate brown with a few beige baby lights.

27. The Lea Michele

In case you were wondering what was going to be your hair color this autumn, you can stop wondering right now.

Lea Michele can explain.

She can also demonstrate what haircut we will all be wearing this fall. It’s hairstyles with bangs, of course.

28. Bang Hairstyles for Long Hair

Tiffani Thiessen was a huge star back in the 90s. Every girl wanted to be like her and copy her look and fashion style.

Now, since we are clearly witnessing a revival of the 90s, you can look back on the actress’s appearances and get inspired.

29. The Dakota Johnson

Although she had parts in other movies, Dakota Johnson will forever remain in our collective memory as 50 Shades of Gray’s Anastasia Steele.

As will her school girl set of bangs. Luckily for all of you, her hairstyles with bangs are not that difficult to copy.

30. The Brigitte Bardot

When it comes to hairstyles with bangs you simply cannot go wrong if you turn to the classics.

Evidently, Brigitte Bardot is one of them.

The iconic beauty had a very striking appearance with bottle blonde or bleach hair, a set of wispy bangs, and heavy black eyeliner.

31. The Sienna Miller

Here is an amazing example of how hairstyles with bangs can make you look younger, fresher, and sweeter at the same time.

If done correctly, the style can shave quite a few years off your roster and make you look like a teenager again.

32. The Gemma Arterton

Gemma is another British gem who has benefitted greatly from a great set of bangs.

Her chosen hairstyle helps cut her long and angled face and deemphasize those features.

Instead, it makes her look incredibly feminine and sweet.

33. The Gwen Stefani

After she matured a bit and let go of the glitzy bathing suit tops which she used to wear over her T-shirts, Gwen Stefani’s personal style changed a lot as well.

She adopted what we now call ‘the Marylin’ look, complete with that bleach platinum hair and side-parted bangs.

34. The Felicity Jones

The world fell in love once more with Felicity Jones when she teamed up with Eddie Redmayne to tell a beautiful love story in The Theory of Everything.

A beautiful lady herself, she wears a pair of 50s bangs in deep chocolate brown.

35. The Carrie Underwood

Here’s a simple hairstyle if there ever was one.

This is an easy beige blonde with darker caramel undertones and a set of side swept bangs that will make you look like the pretty girl next door.

36. The Keira Knightly

Sophistication, your name is Keira. Although not your classic hairstyles with bangs, these count as well.

The bangs here are very long and swept to the side so as to curtain her heart-shaped face and sweeten it up a little bit.

37. The Rachel McAdams

Miss McAdams has a quite similar problem as Keira as she also has a square face shape.

Luckily for her, you can achieve that with the help of your trustworthy hairstyles with bangs, both on the front and on the side.

38. The Cheryl Cole

Another huge supporter of hairstyles with bangs for having been sporting them for years, here is British singer Cheryl Cole channeling Twiggy for a photo shoot.

Her angled face is really set up by these 60s bangs. Just look at her cheekbones!

39. The Kylie Jenner

The supermodel of the Kardashian clan brings her sultry and sexy A-game to the red carpet with this one of a kind look.

Her overlong bangs reach the bridge of her nose while the top bun and gold snake earrings make her look like a geisha on vacation.

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40. The Eva Mendez

This would make a great look if you want to go to a wedding and are looking for wedding hairstyle inspiration.

Plus, it’s Eva Mendez approved. It’s a very soft and mature bun that has been teased into a small beehive in the back.

Talk about elegant hairstyles with bangs!

41. The Emma Watson

British actress Emma Watson is a little darling and it’s absolutely impossible not to love her.

She’s had quite a few hairstyles over the years, including a pixie cut but we adore her in this simple low ponytail with side bangs.

42. The Hannah Simone

The other feminine presence on the TV show New Girl alongside Zooey Deschanel is the gorgeous Hannah Simone.

And guess what? She has bangs too! Boy, that show should be called ‘hairstyles with bangs,’ right?

43. The Olivia Wilde

When she went on Jimmy Kimmel to read mean tweets, hers said she had a huge forehead.

Is that why actress Olivia Wilde opted for bangs? Not really, but she does look amazing with this caramel chocolate fringe.

44. The Shailene Woodley

Ever since The Fault in Our Stars, the world has not stopped adoring Shailene Woodley.

We especially like her fresh, almost teenager-like look.

Just look at that cute set of bangs that has an almost 90s vibe thanks to the longer strands in front and the spaghetti strap dress.

45. The Sarah Hyland

Maybe you thought someone so petite with such a doll-like face couldn’t pull off heavy hairstyles with bangs?

You were wrong! Sarah Hyland can pull off anything because she is a beauty queen!

46. The Kerry Washington

Bangs and beach waves. We love it and you will love it too, as soon as you try it for the first time.

Do you know what the best thing is? All you need is your flat iron.

Straighten out the bangs and then use it to create those beach waves.

47. The Mary-Kate Olsen

If you have a round face, you can use this type of hairstyles with bangs to elongate your face.

The ideal fringe length here should always reach that area between your eyelids and your eyebrows.

Ask your stylists to also cut some side bangs.

48. The Isla Fisher

The style actress Isla Fisher is wearing is pretty much the same, given that she too has a round face.

The only difference is that Isla has a much heavier set of bangs, parted down the middle, which are also a lot longer than Mary Kate’s.

This works for a more mature, almost matronly look.

(see below too!)

49. The Jennifer Lopez

Exactly as Jennifer Lopez exemplifies in this pic.

This is a great hairstyle if you’re planning on going to a wedding or a special corporate event where you have to be elegant but demure as well.

Pair the style with some teardrop diamond earrings, and you cannot go wrong.

50. The Nina Dobrev

The opposite of that matronly cut is what Nina Dobrev has chosen as her favorite hairstyles with bangs.

She looks incredibly fresh and young especially with that black dress with paint splashes on and those star-shaped earrings.

Ready to Change Your Look?

Here are the best 50 hairstyles with bangs that range from wispy to heavy and sultry, from the 60s inspired to blunt cuts and baby fringes.

Write to us in the comment section below and let us know which one was your favorite and which of these Hollywood divas you’d love to look like the most.


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